This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 464

Different from the middle-aged man, when the other three figures are condensed, they are still vague and unreal.

“hmph…, we have gathered so many times over the years, do we need to be so concealed?”

The middle-aged man curled his mouth, coldly snorted disdainfully, and stretched out his hand He took a chair, sat down, and poured a cup of tea, each minding their own business and drank.

Such a scene, just like in reality, makes it difficult to distinguish reality from illusion.

If professionals are present, they will understand that this is a kind of Holographic Truth Simulating video communication, and it is an extremely high-end technology on the continent.

It’s not that this kind of technology is difficult to study, but that few people are willing to study this aspect. After all, such Holographic Truth Simulating remote communication is really useless in some respects. .

Continent has been fighting for years. Mechanics’ research direction is more practical. Holographic Truth Simulating technology is applied to video communication. There are few talents in this area.

However, this also shows in disguise that the technology that Lady Yu holds in her hand is far more terrifying than what is revealed.

The other three figures sat down and ignored the middle-aged man’s frigid irony and scorching satire.

These three people are different from the middle-aged man. They acted very cautiously. Lady Yu did not speak, and none of the three people spoke first.

“The three of you are still the same as before…, so cautious…”

Lady Yu smiled lightly and waved her hand, and a recliner appeared. She lay down casually, the lovable body shrouded in light gauze could not hide it, every part was faintly discernible, full of a sultry wild beauty.

gu lu ……

The middle-aged man, and another fuzzy figure swallowed saliva at the same time, the two immediately reacted, converging their expressions, and pretending to be nonchalant.

“Lady Yu, you suddenly opened an emergency meeting. Is there anything important? Just tell me…” The vague figure of swallowed saliva spoke, but his voice was very old, like an old man.

Lady Yu “ge ge” laughed twice, and pupil light rolled over, “What’s wrong? Old Guy, you have a new favorite, and you are impatient with me?”

hearing this, the old man coughed embarrassingly twice, not even that, explaining that he did have important things and could not delay it for too long.

Seeing Lady Yu’s jealousy, the other three men are more or less jealous.

Even if they are all aware, Lady Yu’s lovers don’t know how many, they are just one of this woman’s lovers.

However, seeing this beautiful and alluring woman in person and flirting with an Old Guy, these three men felt jealous.

“Yu’er, if you have any difficulties, just talk about it. Unlike these three unruly guys, I will do my best to help you, except that I am in Western Continent and I need a little help in the past. Time.” The third figure said.

The voice of the third figure is very soft, revealing a kind of majesty, and is clearly a high-ranking person for a long time.

For this, before Lady Yu could speak, the other three snort disdainfully. This guy is usually very simple and has never left the territory. Is he in Western Continent now? This excuse is too perfunctory.

At this time, the 4th figure spoke, with a gloomy tone, and said: “I heard that you represent the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture on your mission to Foca Tower. Have you encountered any trouble? I’m in the The vicinity has some power and can be transferred at any time.”

The other three were surprised. Lady Yu was actually in Foca Tower at this time, where a storm that shook the continent just broke out, but it was real. In the place of right and wrong!

Lady Yu pupil light circulated, swept a circle, and said softly: “Don’t worry. I am looking for your help, not to deal with Foca Tower, nor to target Lieutenant General Phillon. I represent Mysterious Star Empire. If there is a conflict with the official Foca Tower, isn’t it just asking for hardship?”

The four men present are simultaneously relaxed and not having a conflict with Foca Tower, so it’s much easier. .

It is true that with the strength of the four people, if they join forces, it is absolutely no problem to run into Foca Tower.

However, if you bump into it without any reason, it is completely unnecessary.

Although getting angry for a woman, if Lady Yu only fell in love with one of them, there would be such a wavering.

Now…, everyone is just a close collaborator. Go through water and tread on fire for the collaborator. Do your best. It seems that there is no such reason…

When the four people’s thoughts fluctuated, Lady Yu showed a coquettish smile and said softly: “I am looking for you, not to send military force, but to rely on the strength of your respective fields.”

Suddenly , The four were refreshed, and when it comes to their respective abilities, they have confidence.

Immediately, the four people said that they would help if Lady Yu had any request.


Lady Yu raised her hand, pointed slightly, and a road map appeared with the division of labor marked on it.

“In a few days, I will transport a batch of things from Foca Tower, and you will help me transport it to this place smoothly. I believe this kind of thing is with no difficulty for you… …” Lady Yu laughed.

The four people present did not speak, and all kinds of brains were swiftly turning. Was it difficult for Lady Yu to ask for help? On the contrary, this request is too simple.

With the strength of the four of them in their respective fields, in the case of mutual cooperation, let alone transporting a batch of goods, even if it is quietly transporting the living people in a town, there is no problem. .

However, if it is only to deliver things, such a simple matter, does Lady Yu need to ask them for help?

The relationship between this woman and them is not only a bed partner, a lover, but also a very powerful collaborator above this level of intimacy.

The four of them all know only a part of Lady Yu’s details, but only this part that is revealed shows the energy that this woman possesses, which is not inferior to them.

“Lady Yu, it’s okay to ship a batch of things. We want to know what exactly is this thing?” the middle-aged man asked in a low voice.

The other three people are nodded. This is the key. With their power, Lady Yu can naturally transport things that are not trivial, and they are likely to take great risks.

“Of course, to be honest, this batch of things is really unusual, so I want to use your strength.”

Lady Yu turned over on the recliner , Showing his towering upper body, and seeing the eyes of all four people looking over, he said softly: “This batch of things is a group of prisoners! The group of Western Continents captured during the storm in Foca Tower not long ago ‘Blood Spirit Race’ captives, corpses, and captives of Sea Beast, corpses…”

As soon as these words came out, the four people present were simultaneously silent, unable to say a word for a long time.

For a long time…

The old man spoke, his voice a little astringent, “Lady Yu, the batch of things you transported is not ordinary hot!”

“Yu’er, do you know how much trouble we will face if this matter is exposed? It is okay to do you this favor, but if you do this, it is very likely to get burned…” The third man said, persuaded .

The other two people did not speak. Regarding the Foca Tower turmoil, these two people knew more about the inside story than the outside world.

The identities of those invading “Blood Spirit Race” experts are very problematic. They are suspected of being a peerless expert sent by a certain country from Eastern Continent, which involves the high-level struggle of Foca Tower.

Now, Lady Yu suddenly summoned them and said that they would transport these prisoners and corpses. The meaning of this is too intriguing.

These “Blood Spirit Race” experts are actually from Mysterious Star Empire, Great Mysterious Star Prefecture…, this is the instruction of the Mysterious Star Empire royal family, or a certain influence.

One by one question, in the middle-aged man, the fourth man’s mind circled, neither of them spoke.

Lady Yu smiled and looked at the four people, lightly sighed, and said: “Since you are embarrassed, then I will not embarrass you. Let’s do it, the four of you will take action to help carry away those Sea Beast captives and corpses. , This is always okay?”

“You four guys, aren’t all solemnly vowed usually. Once the war with Sea Beast Regiment breaks out, will you definitely join the war?”

“I need this batch of Sea Beast to do some experiments, the purpose is to develop a weapon against Sea Beast Regiment, don’t worry, don’t you worry, other influences on the continent will trouble you?”

, Lady Yu pupil light was cool, with a hint of disappointment, looked at the four people, and sighed: “I know that men always say one thing, but they do it differently. Forget it, today’s matter, just treat it as if I didn’t say anything. Come on, we won’t need to contact us anymore.”

hearing this, the four men couldn’t help but rushed and expressed their willingness to help, and they would give all their support to transport the Sea Beast captives away.

“Then I will have many thanks to you. After the matter is done, I will visit you one after another personally, and I will give you a generous gift. I will never let you down.” Lady Yu smiled. With a touch of sweet and coquettish.

Even in the video communication of Holographic Truth Simulating, the four men felt uneasy. Some parts of their bodies moved uncontrollably, and they cursed this fairy secretly!

The four people secretly sighed, and they are helpless with Lady Yu’s method. They all know how much the relationship is involved in transporting these Sea Beast captives.

Of course, although it is very involved, it is only Sea Beast Regiment that offends. These four people don’t care.

As long as you don’t guilty of that many influence on the continent, everything is okay. Even if these Sea Beast captives and corpses were taken away, even if they are brought in for investigation, the influence behind the four is not enough to be feared.

Lady Yu has always been generous. She said that she offered a generous gift, which would definitely satisfy the four of them.

Furthermore, this is to come to the door in person, send thousands of miles, and give extra money, so that the hearts of the four men have been greatly satisfied. Thinking of the feeling of this woman in bed, the heart is full of fire.

Lady Yu smiled, talked with the four, and lured the four men to begin to stir, so that the video communication was shut down so steeply.

“hehe…, these males have too obvious weaknesses, it is not difficult to control…”

In the living room, Lady Yu sat on a chair, squinted her eyes, and laughed softly. Then, pupil light was circulating, and I thought of Fowler inexplicably.

For so many years, only this man has given her completely different feelings.


Suddenly, there was a noise in her lovable body, Lady Yu’s complexion slightly condensed, she got up and opened the box again. There is a compartment inside, and enter the password. Afterwards, kacha bounced, and inside was a one by one jar, which was soaked with a one by one heart-like object…


Raising his hand in the air with a wave, a jar opens, and a halo spreads out…

At the same time.

In the distance, in a tall building, an entire floor was transformed into a combat command room.

Lin Chuan, Fei Yu, Tai Gu, etc. are all among them, all staring at the Light Screen, monitoring the luxurious hotel where Lady Yu is.

“This woman is in Foca Tower, can something really cause trouble…” Fei Yu frowned.

She knows about Lady Yu and knows that this woman in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture has an extraordinary influence and possesses amazing energy.

However, outside of the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, intelligence shows that Lady Yu has no close contact with who or any influence.

After all, this woman is less than thirty years old, and she is the descendant of the down-and-out nobles near Great Mysterious Star Prefecture. Her family background is clear, and her fortune was when she was sixteen or seventeen… …

“I also hope that this woman can’t cause any disturbance in Foca Tower, but…”

Lin Chuan looked at the Light Screen, the monitoring data displayed on it, Prompt that there is nothing unusual about the hotel.

However, Lin Chuan’s face changed, and the words that came to his lips stopped abruptly. At the moment, his forehead eyeball pattern suddenly appeared, and a long-lost pain came… …

speech paused, Lin Chuan sighed, “This is the way things are in the world. Sometimes, things always go against your wishes…”

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