This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 466

Late night.

On the outskirts of Foca Tower, a base of the headquarters army, a floating vehicle drove in quietly in the small door beside it.

This small gate is exclusively for the base commander, and its level of security is stricter than that of the base gate.

This Floating Vehicle was not equipped with a military license, but it drove straight in, drove all the way to a small building in the base, and stopped.

An old man walked down and walked straight into this small building. There were no guards in it. Only Lieutenant General Phillon was sitting at the table in the lobby, looking at one of the light screens. All information, frowned from time to time.

Seeing the old man coming in, Lieutenant General Phillon frowned, got up with a big laugh, opened his arms, and embraced the old man warmly.

“Old Guy, why did you come to Foca Tower when your students just left? Are you going to live here for a long time and join hands with me to fight the Sea Beast Regiment?”

Lieutenant General Phillon laughed, palms the size of a fan, and kept patting the old man’s back, causing the latter to scream with pain.

“Stop it! Phillon, you kid, since you have a boundary breakthrough, you dare to offend Senior. I told you at the beginning, did you treat half a teacher like this?”

The old man yelled in anger, his figure shook, and he got out of Lieutenant General Phillon’s hug without seeing how he acted. He sat at the table, poured a cup of tea, took a sip, and said in intoxication: “The sea brick tea produced by Foca Tower It’s still the same as before, it’s really good!”

Lieutenant General Phillon’s complexion changed, originally thought to be among the seventh boundary, and the strength of this old man should not be much different. Didn’t expect even him. How to move is not clear.

I’m afraid this guy’s strength is not going to be on the eighth boundary…

Muttering like this in secret, Lieutenant General Phillon sat down, lit a cigar, and vomited Smoke, grinned: “Elderly Feng, you Old Guy is not a student in Eastglass City, why did you rush to Foca Tower? The storm that night a week ago, I didn’t see you here, now I came here, what do you want to do?”

“How did I know that such a big thing would happen to Foca Tower, if I knew, would I send my proud students over?”

This old man is not someone else, he is the teacher of Youngster King Zhuang Chen , Sword Grandmaster · Heng Feng of Eastern Continent.

Lieutenant General Phillon spent some time in Eastern Continent’s famous Martial City · Eastglass City when he was young. During the period, he was guided by Heng Feng. The relationship between the two has always been good. Otherwise, Heng Feng Nor will Zhuang Chen be sent to Foca Tower.

“hmph hum…”

Lieutenant General Phillon chuckled twice and said: “You Old Guy don’t want to be so close, you will leave Eastglass City, absolutely not for Me. As for what you have to do when you come to Foca Tower, don’t find me, you can cover food and accommodation, but don’t find me if you have something…”


Look With the look of Lieutenant General Phillon looking to see off the guests, Heng Feng raised his hand and pointed, “I didn’t say anything, you just treat the guests like this? Fortunately, I pointed you at the beginning, so I did my best!”

“Elderly Feng, these are two things. Let’s put one code into one code. You know, during the period of Foca Tower, there are so many things that I can’t handle. You are a guest at Foca Tower and need to What, even if you speak to my guards, it will satisfy you. As for other things, don’t look for me…”

Lieutenant General Phillon patted his chest and said generously, as if it was exhausted. To the greatest friendship of landlords.

“You smelly brat!?”

Heng Feng was so angry that he wanted to jump his feet. He traveled all the way from Eastern Continent to Eastglass City. Of course, there is something to find Lieutenant. General Phillon, who knows this guy is so evasive.

sighed, Heng Feng said: “Okay! Starting this year, Eastglass City graduates, I will give you 20 places! This is the head office…”

“20 Too few, 100!” Lieutenant General Phillon raised his index finger and smiled.

“get lost!? Do you know these 20 places, how much do I need to clear before I can squeeze out?!”

Heng Feng really wants to draw his sword, this is Eastglass The graduate of City, the Martial City of Eastern Continent, and the young expert who graduated from here, are the targets of influence from all parties.

Cities like Foca Tower are too far away from Eastglass City, and it is impossible to have a quota.

After all, the influence of Eastglass City, the country, there is no lack of influence of Eastern Continent Peak, and the relationship with Eastglass City has always been close. There is no reason why the fertile water flows into the fields.

About the quota, Lieutenant General Phillon mentioned it more than once, and Heng Feng did not agree. It is really the graduate quota of Eastglass City. It was already divided up and it was difficult to squeeze one.


Lieutenant General Phillon extended five more fingers, “Half, 50!?”

“You should buy What about the food, is there such a bargain?”

Heng Feng blew his beard and stared, and finally the two discussed it and reached an agreement with 30 places.

Immediately, Lieutenant General Phillon patted, and immediately a guard pushed the dining trolley, and filled a portion of delicious food.

“Come, come, Teacher Feng, you are a guest from afar, student Phillon has prepared these things you love most, you taste it or not…” Lieutenant General Phillon, a student gesture , Warmly entertain Heng Feng.

“You kid, it really hasn’t changed at all…”

Heng Feng shook his head helplessly, Phillon is more sophisticated than before, depending on the ability of people to order food.

I took a look at Phillon and felt the converged violent aura of this student. Heng Feng’s eyes moved slightly. Taking the breakthrough seventh boundary as an example, the power of the Lieutenant General Phillon at this time came to the seventh. Among the great experts of boundary, it is extremely outstanding.

If we talk about battle strength again, Lieutenant General Phillon has a terrifying fighting intent, and the power of this stimulus is far better than those experts in the early stage of the seventh boundary.

Heng Feng also secretly nodded. Among the students he has taught, there are also a few geniuses who have reached the seventh boundary.

But, like Phillon, he has not only made it into the seventh boundary on Martial Way, but also became the legendary star of Eastern Continent, he is the only one.

“Among my students, you are the most outstanding one…, although Zhuang Chen’s Little Brat innate talent is outstanding, it will be hard to compare to you in the future…”

Heng Feng’s comment was inexplicable and a little emotional. He taught students that it was like this. Sometimes he planted a towering tree instead of planting willows.

Zhuang Chen is a student he carefully taught. Lieutenant General Phillon was in Eastglass City at the beginning. It was only for a period of time to study there. The relationship with Heng Feng is like an Academy student and a substitute teacher Like that.

Now, it is the achievement of Lieutenant General Phillon, which is the highest among the students of Professor Heng Feng, which makes the latter inevitably sigh.

hearing this, Lieutenant General Phillon was not humble, but smiled triumphantly, “The teacher brings in the door, what happens behind it, it depends on the students oneself, innate talent, etc., in fact, it does not represent anything…”

Speaking so proudly, Lieutenant General Phillon suddenly remembered something, his face was stagnant, and he said: “If the innate talent is strong enough, no one else can catch up, Zhuang Chen and Little Brat. , Said it is Youngster King. In fact, there is a big difference among them. The real shocking and stunning genius is the woman from Mysterious Star Empire, Sea Dragon Commander, who has just entered the seventh boundary, and there are few others. People…”

In my mind, Lieutenant General Phillon thought of Mister Gu, the mysterious Mechanic, and the Yanquan woman…

These three His innate talent is the real shocking and stunning, and it is difficult for others to catch up in a lifetime.

Heng Feng glanced at Lieutenant General Phillon and understood the meaning of his words, and said: “The purpose of my visit this time is to let you lead a line and recommend it. The one who swung the purple sword that night That peerless swordsman.”

“Uh…, Teacher Feng, are you going to compete with Mister Gu?”

Lieutenant General Phillon was taken aback, and immediately understood Heng Feng’s idea, Sword Skill has reached the point of Heng Feng. If you want to go further, it is difficult to rely on your own understanding.

Compared with evenly matched opponents, it is the easiest to break through. The collision of peerless swordsmen will make Martial Way sublimate and it is extremely easy to touch the higher boundary.

Just…Lieutenant General Phillon is frowned, he is actually a little reluctant. This kind of discussion is very dangerous. Whether it is Mister Gu or Teacher Heng Feng, he does not want to see either of them appear. accident.

“Compare…, you are too high to look at me, and you too underestimate the Mister Gu…”

Heng Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head, sighing: “This Mister Gu It depends on the age, but about forty, and understands the sword intent of the eighth boundary. It is with no difficulty to set foot on the eighth boundary in the future. I came to him to discuss it, Mister Gu may not be able to see me as Old Guy…”


Lieutenant General Phillon was stunned. Although his evaluation of Mister Gu was high, he didn’t expect Teacher Heng Feng to have a much higher evaluation.

“Mister Gu, will you be better than Teacher Heng Feng…” Lieutenant General Phillon was a little unbelievable.

Heng Feng, the Sword Grandmaster of Eastern Continent, has been nearly invincible at the seventh boundary for twenty years, and there are almost no opponents under the eighth boundary.

That night, Mister Gu’s performance was amazing when he confronted the Sea Beast experts. However, in the view of Lieutenant General Phillon, it was not up to the level of Teacher Heng Feng.

“That’s because people are young and the heart origin power has not kept up. This is actually nothing. At this age, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the cultivation of heart origin power. However, Sword Skill is different. ……”

Heng Feng sighed and said: “My heart origin power, although it has reached the seventh boundary peak, in fact, it has even reached the eighth boundary level. However, there has been no breakthrough. Do you know why?”

Rather than waiting for Lieutenant General Phillon’s question, Heng Feng said straight away, “That’s because Sword Skill’s comprehension has never reached the eighth boundary level. The Mister Gu is different. He The comprehension of Sword Skill has already touched the threshold of the eighth boundary. As long as the heart origin power cultivation keeps up, it will reach the eighth boundary in the future, which is a matter of where water flows, a canal is formed.”

“Mister Gu, strictly speaking, is already regarded as a quasi eighth boundary. And if I can no longer understand the eighth boundary sword intent in the past few years, then my body function will decline, and I will always be an invincible seventh boundary Sword Grandmaster…”

Speaking of this, Heng Feng shook his head again and again, with a bitter smile on his face. If it were twenty years ago, the name of the invincible seventh boundary Sword Grandmaster sounded very loud.

However, to this day, his physical function will begin to decline in a few years. This name is a bit sad for him.

“Teacher Heng Feng……”

Lieutenant General Phillon moved, he didn’t expect Heng Feng to stick at the seventh boundary, until now, he thought, this Sword Grandmaster The teacher must be able to break through to the eighth boundary.

“This is the disadvantage of choosing Sword Skill. The more you go to the back, the more difficult it will be to comprehend. Once you are fettered, it will be harder to improve.”

Heng Feng sighed and took a look. Lieutenant General Phillon, I can’t help but feel relieved that the Martial Way chosen by this student was once not optimistic.

Twenty years ago, he predicted that the achievements of Lieutenant General Phillon would stop at the sixth boundary at most, but didn’t expect that now with fighting intents, breakthroughs have reached the seventh boundary.

At the age of Lieutenant General Phillon, if there is another chance in the future, the eighth boundary will be expected…

“teacher. You are here this time to ask Mister Gu eighth boundary sword Is it intent?” Lieutenant General Phillon asked.

Heng Feng nodded, “Please help me to ask, the eighth boundary sword intent is not trivial, if the other party is not willing, you don’t have to force it. I promised you 30 places, it is counted.”


In this regard, Lieutenant General Phillon did not say anything. He directly dialed the communicator and Tai Gu called on the other side. He didn’t hide anything, he explained the matter directly and made a promise.

“Mister Gu. Heng Feng is my teacher. As his student, I hope you can help. In the future, in the Foca Tower, Mister Gu has any needs. Just ask, I will do it.” Lieutenant General Phillon said.

Heng Feng suddenly raised his head, his complexion twitched slightly, sighed, this student is true, indeed one size fits one size, and the Revered Master really has nothing to say.

On the other side of the communicator, Tai Gu finished listening and said, “Is the seventh boundary Sword Grandmaster of Eastglass City? Since it is the Lieutenant General Phillon’s request, it will be fine. It just happens that we have something important here and we have to rush to City. Hall prison. Lieutenant General Phillon, and the Old Mister Heng Feng, come together, and learn about Sword Skill on the road, and do it by the way.”

“On the road… …”

Lieutenant General Phillon Listen, I can’t help but stay, it’s too random.


At the same time.

On a Floating Vehicle driving to the City Hall Prison, Tai Gu hung up the communication, looked at Lin Chuan and the others on the side, and said: “I should be able to reach the Sword Grandmaster on the seventh boundary Peak. Join the action…”

On the side, Lin Chuan, Fei Yu and the others were shocked when they heard it all. They just pulled into a seventh boundary Peak of the world expert, which is really an unexpected surprise. .

“Is the Sword Grandmaster Heng Feng of Eastglass City? When I was a kid, I also saw his deeds and adapted stories…” Lin Chuan whispered.

“I have also read it, is it that…” Fei Yu whispered.

Lin Chuan, Fei Yu, and Fowler, who is pretending to be young, talked about Sword Grandmaster · Heng Feng.

Tai Gu couldn’t help being a little jealous. The original Redbud Regiment was so majestic that it also left a paragraph of Legendary on the continent, which is much more compelling than the Sword Grandmaster · Heng Feng.

It’s a pity…I lost time…

Sighing like this, Lin Chuan has already put on a fully enclosed Induction Helmet, and by the way Fei Yu recommended it Putting on makeup, his Lin Chuan identity still needs to be kept secret.

At this time–

The night sky was covered with dark clouds, and heavy rain started. In the rain and fog, the Floating Vehicle drove into the City Hall prison.

Half an hour later, another military floating vehicle drove to the Lieutenant General Phillon, posing as Lieutenant General Phillon, accompanied by Sword Grandmaster Heng Feng. In the warden’s office, I saw Lin waiting there. Chuan and the others.

“Is this Mister Gu…”

Heng Feng looked in front of him, using [Void Bone Shadow] to make Tai Gu a middle age person, his eyes slightly opened in surprise He was quite amazed. From this Mister Gu, he could not detect a trace of sword intent. Could it be that the other party’s attainments in Sword Skill have reached the level of innocence, higher than he thought?

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