This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 467

City Hall prison, the warden’s office.

Lin Chuan and the others are also looking at Heng Feng. A group of companions are secretly nodded. Under the reputation, Heng Feng can hold the title of Eastern Continent seventh boundary Sword Grandmaster, that is a real. powerful.

Heng Feng in front of the crowd has reduced his breath, without a trace of sharpness, he looks like an ordinary old man.

However, whoever is not brilliant, can feel an impeccable momentum from Heng Feng’s behavior.

This situation is different from ordinary seventh boundary experts. No matter from any angle, there is a feeling of inability to start.

“Sword Grandmaster ·Heng Feng……, this person’s Sword Skill has also reached the seventh boundary peak……”

Lowden whispered, exchanging extensions with Howya, two Old Guy is very shaken. The swordsman with the seventh boundary Peak Sword Skill has strong battle strength, which is not comparable to the average seventh boundary Peak Expert.

A closer look at Heng Feng’s breath, it was extremely long and clearly reached the seventh boundary Peak level. No wonder he has the name of Sword Grandmaster.

The heart origin power of the seventh boundary peak, coupled with the Sword Skill of the seventh boundary peak, is difficult to compete on this boundary.

“So pure Eastglass sword intent……” Tai Gu murmured.

While the entire group is looking at Heng Feng, the latter is also observing this Mister Gu, as well as Lin Chuan and the others around him, and the shock in his heart is even worse.

“These three people, so young…, their strength has reached this level…”

Heng Feng’s eyelids jumped wildly, and there were three of them who couldn’t see through, Mister Gu, The young Mechanic, and the mysterious woman…

The night of the storm at Foca Tower, Heng Feng witnessed the fierce battle in the Southern District through Zhuang Chen’s video call.

However, it is one thing to see from a distance, but to really see these three people is another thing to feel.

Not only Mister Gu, the young Mechanic, and this mysterious woman, the breath on her body is faintly discernable, which seems to be the second boundary level.

Heng Feng used the special secret technique of Eastglass City to probe, but he couldn’t detect the true strength of the young man and the young man, and he couldn’t even see through the disguise of the two.

However, with the clear sword intent, Heng Feng is very clear that this is very dangerous for young men and women.

“This is the true king of the young generation…” Heng Feng secretly sighed.

At this time, Lieutenant General Phillon has stepped forward to introduce Heng Feng to everyone.

“Mister Heng Feng, long admired the name…” Mister Gu nodded and performed the etiquette of an ancient nobleman.

Heng Feng looked solemn and responded with the same etiquette. Eastglass City has a long inheritance that can be traced back to the dark ages and is very familiar with this ancient aristocratic etiquette.

“Mister Gu, what is the matter with you coming to City Hall prison so late?” Lieutenant General Phillon asked.

Tai Gu nodded, but did not say anything, but looked towards Fowler, the latter’s eloquence is more appropriate for him.

“Commander Phillon, on Mister Gu’s side, I found some clues. Before these Sea Beast captives have been exchanged, come and ask.”

Fowler will give a general overview of the matter. Once again, I didn’t mention anything else, just that I wanted to inquire about the special weapon from the Sea Beast captives.


Lieutenant General Phillon was a little moved. He also paid close attention to the hand cannon used by Makki during that night of fighting.

This kind of terrifying weapon, if it can be mass-produced, will have a great impact on the continent.

On the side, Heng Feng is also complexion changed. He knows some secret information about the storm that night in Foca Tower, especially the terrifying weapon used by Sea Beast, which has always been the focus of influence.

“That kind of hand cannon can’t be mass-produced, don’t worry about Lieutenant General Phillon.” Lin Chuan opened the mouth and said.

“Oh…, can Mr. Mechanic be certain/affirm?”

Turning around, Lieutenant General Phillon looked towards Lin Chuan, looking towards this young Mechanic, but there is always a fog It’s hard to see the true face of this person from the feeling of looking at the flowers.

For this young Mechanic, Lieutenant General Phillon is the most important, this is the fighting Mechanic with the seventh boundary battle strength! This alone is extremely daunting, not to mention, from Mister Gu, Lieutenant General Phillon vaguely learned that all the arrangements of the riot that night were probably the result of this young Mechanic alone.

Speaking from a certain perspective, this method is more terrifying than the seventh boundary battle strength itself.

So, these days, Lieutenant General Phillon has spared no effort to establish a good relationship with this young Mechanic.

However, although the other party respects oneself very much, but always keeps a distance.

“These days of research, I have reached this conclusion. If Lieutenant General Phillon wants specific data, I will ask Mister Fowler to give it to you when the time comes…”

Lin Chuan nodded, did not mention the laboratory established by Sea Beast Royal Clan, even if Lieutenant General Phillon had known it, but with Heng Feng present, this secret would not be revealed from him.

“Okay. You have worked hard for Mister Ku, and Fowler, too.”

Lieutenant General Phillon responded with a smile, then looked at Fowler, secretly nodded, fortunately there was Fowler is dealing with it. Such a talented person is really rare.

After talking a few words with each other, Tai Gu looked at the time, “It will take a little more time to prepare, Mister Heng Feng, not equal to me. Let’s start now. About the seventh boundary Sword Skill, breakthrough eighth Some thoughts on the boundary……”

“Uh…, here…”

Heng Feng couldn’t help but stare at his surroundings. This is in the City Hall prison. Warden’s office.

Here, discussing the breakthrough of the seventh boundary Sword Skill with each other, this is too irrelevant.

“What’s the matter…, my Sword Skill touched the threshold of the eighth boundary, or is it in the Mire Dragon Sea Beast Swamp on the Black Sea shore…” Tai Gu didn’t care. said with a smile.

Mire Dragon Sea Beast Swamp? !

hearing this, everyone on the scene complexion changed, and they all showed a shocking color, the swamp of Mire Dragon Sea Beast, that was the death Sea Territory on the shore of the Black Sea.

Mire Dragon Sea Beast, although there is a “dragon” in the name, it has nothing to do with continent’s Dragon Race.

According to research, there is no ancestral blood relationship between continent Dragon Race and Mire Dragon dating back to the past.

The origin of the name Mire Dragon Sea Beast is that the scales on its body are like dragon armor, with a single horn, like a dragon horn, plus its terrifying power, so there is Mire Dragon Sea Beast. name.

In fact, Mire Dragon Sea Beast is also very dissatisfied with this title. As the top Sea Beast of Five Seas, they have always believed that their blood is more noble than Dragon Race.

Mire Dragon Sea Beast Swamp, the habitat of this terrifying Sea Beast, is a Sea Territory distributed on the shore of the Black Sea, where it is forbidden by the Spirit Vision on the land.

“Mister Gu has learned through experience in Mire Dragon Sea Beast Swamp…” Heng Feng looked in amazement. Even if the place is a seventh boundary expert, he dare not venture into it.

Tai Gu smiled and shook his head, “With my strength at the time, how can I be qualified to learn through experience there, but I just broke into it by mistake, and was later chased by a group of Mire Dragon Sea Beast, hiding in their feces I escaped a catastrophe. The threshold of the eighth boundary sword intent was what I realized at that time…”

Everyone was stunned. Although the strength breakthrough, there are always various fortunes. However, such a sword intent breakthrough is really a very “taste” opportunity.

Heng Feng stayed for a while, and then solemn expression said: “I am too obsessed with form…”

Then they sat down, Mister Gu raised his finger and said A sword mark was drawn on the table, the action resembles nature itself, and everyone’s eyelids jumped.

Heng Feng was stunned, and then raised his finger, leaving a sword mark on the table…

For a moment, the two of them seemed to be playing chess on the desk. You stroke, I stroke, and you draw one after another traces horizontally and vertically.

These sword marks seem to be disordered and in a mess, but in the eyes of the experts present, they are like two masterful swordsmen’s tricks, quite thrilling.


The little white bull Harpoon couldn’t stand it at first, with raised eyeballs, covering his mouth, as if he was about to vomit.

He felt uncomfortable. Just looking at the sword marks on the table, he was inexplicably uncomfortable, but he couldn’t tell how uncomfortable he was.

This kind of feeling is like I am stuck in an invisible quagmire, wanting to get out, but I don’t know where to get ashore.

Lin Chuan took a look and put his hand on Harpoon’s neck and put a trace of strength in it, which contained Mental Energy.

Suddenly, the little white bull like a basin of ice water was poured, and he woke up suddenly, sweating uncontrollably all over his body, as if taking a cold shower.

“Let’s rest over there…”

Lin Chuan pointed to the lounge next to the office. Harpoon knew it, thanked nodded, and walked in tiptoe.

In the corner of the desk, there are densely packed sword marks. It looks extremely messy, but there is an extremely murderous sword intent.

At this time, Tai Gu stopped and stood up, while Heng Feng was sitting there, frowning and thinking, seemingly stuck in a dead end, thinking about how to break the situation.

Lieutenant General Phillon Upon seeing this, the complexion slightly changed. I know that Teacher Heng Feng’s status is a bit subtle. This is the sword intent of two peerless swordsmen. One side is caught in a game. If it can break the game, it is very likely. It’s a breakthrough in one fell swoop.

However, if you can’t break the game, the consequences are hard to say.

Heng Feng is the teacher of Lieutenant General Phillon on the one hand, on the other hand, is also the high-level of Eastglass City, in public or in private, Lieutenant General Phillon does not want Teacher Heng Feng to have trouble.

“Mister Gu…”

Lieutenant General Phillon looked towards Tai Gu, with a hint of request on his face.

Tai Gu nods, he knows best about Heng Feng’s condition. In terms of Sword Skill, this Eastern Continent Sword Grandmaster has reached the seventh boundary peak, and the threshold of the eighth boundary is also vaguely touched. bumped into.

The reason why he has not really reached the threshold of the eighth boundary Sword Skill is not because of Heng Feng’s lack of talent, but the Sword Skill of his cultivation, which is the unique absolute art of Eastglass City.

Eastglass Sword Skill, Tai Gu was very familiar with during his lifetime. The comprehension of each layer of this Sword Skill is extremely difficult, and the difficulty of comprehending each layer increases exponentially.

Of course, once the Eastglass Sword Skill breaks through, its formidable power is far better than the Sword Skill of the same level.

Because of his familiarity with Eastglass Sword Skill, under the guidance of Tai Gu, Heng Feng quickly entered the comprehension of the sword realm.

However, if Heng Feng wants to wake up quickly, Tai Gu cannot do it in his current state.

“You can help me…”

Tai Gu looked towards Lin Chuan, this said.

Lin Chuan shook the head. When he saw Heng Feng’s status, he knew he needed to act.

This state of Sword Realm Comprehension, if rashly touched, can easily cause Heng Feng’s own sword intent to rebound, which is not a joke.

Among the people, there is really only Fei Yu who can fight against this sword intent. Lin Chuan is reluctant to use the power of the [seventh equipment]. As for Tai Gu, [Void Bone Shadow] needs to be repaired urgently. , Now he is just a fancy.

A group of companions looked towards Lin Chuan with amazement and curiosity on their faces. They wanted to see what means this youngster could use to make Heng Feng awake smoothly from this state.

Raising the index finger, Lin Chuan moved towards the back of Heng Feng’s neck and tapped a finger away.

Under the close attention of everyone, it seems to see a faintly discernable vigor, which sinks into Heng Feng within the body without any barriers.

Is this really useful?

Everyone present was stunned for a while, and couldn’t see the number of Lin Chuan’s moves. Could this make Heng Feng Sword Grandmaster safely awaken from the comprehend?

At this moment, Heng Feng’s body trembled, and he woke up, looked around all around, froze for a while, and immediately clutched his head.

Lieutenant General Phillon was taken aback, thinking that something happened to Teacher Heng Feng, that would be a big trouble.

However, Heng Feng took a long breath and thanked Tai Gu and Lin Chuan: “Many thanks, both of you…, if I let me continue to comprehend, it would be bad.”


Tai Gu smiled and nodded. The comprehend of Eastglass Sword Skill needs step by step. Even if it is speeding up, it cannot be done overnight. Otherwise, it is very likely that the sword intent will overwhelm the heart and die in violence.

It is precisely this point that he understands that makes Lin Chuan awaken Heng Feng.

Lieutenant General Phillon’s eyes widened. Although he was shocked by Mister Gu’s Sword Skill attainments, he was even more surprised by the young Mechanic’s methods, how this awakened Teacher Heng Feng safely.

In the face of everyone’s curiosity, Lin Chuan remained unmoved without any explanation, as if telling everyone that this was his top secret method and could not be leaked.

Actually, this method is worthless to put it bluntly. It is injected with a trace of Mental Energy, just like a saber, cutting off Heng Feng’s comprehend state.

Of course, Lin Chuan alone cannot do this with the use of Mental Energy. It needs the aid of eyeball patterns.

“It happens that there is something here, and I will stay in Foca Tower for a while, so let’s discuss it with each other…” Tai Gu said.

Heng Feng tried to treat it with the courtesy of the students, but was stopped by Tai Gu. He only said that they were discussing each other, not such politeness.

I was talking–

With a bang, a corner of the desk was shattered and turned into dusty sawdust falling down. The discussion of the sword intent just now made the table corner. In order to fan.

Lin Chuan looked at the time, “It’s almost there, the effectiveness of that thing should work…”

Lieutenant General Phillon and Heng Feng hearing this for a moment, then remembered , Mister Gu and his party are here, there is something to do.

It’s just that, in the process of dealing with important matters, I also helped the seventh boundary Sword Grandmaster breakthrough by the way. If this matter is said, I am afraid that few people will believe it.

At the same time.

In a cell deep in the prison, Makki woke up from a deep sleep. She heard a familiar sound. It was the whistling sound of the seabed undercurrent in the depths of the White Nightmare Sea.

This is her favorite sound before, still living in the depths of the White Nightmare Sea. For Sea Beast, this sound is so beautiful, it seems to be the most pleasing music in the world…


“Music?! We Sea Beast don’t need this thing…”

Suddenly, Makki woke up, the raised fish-eye eyes appeared angry look, fiercely looked towards outside the cell , She suspected that this was a trick by those Human Race.

However, next moment, a figure appeared silently, as if it had just walked out of the wall.

A figure came, it was a man, whose appearance was 90% similar to the Divine Stone Body.


Makki’s eyes widened suddenly, and he lost his voice: “You are…, the ancestor of Kehew!?”

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