This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 468

In the quiet cell, Makki’s eyes widened, looking at the figure that suddenly appeared in front of him.

Suddenly, she was alert and looked at the monitor in the cell. The monitor was faintly glowing, but there was no movement.

“Is this a trap set by Human Race? I want to find out more secrets about Sea Sovereign Item from me…”

Makki was very vigilant and immediately realized No, he stared at this figure and had doubts.

In these days of imprisonment, Makki has been interrogated the most times. As for the weapons she used that night and the secrets in her body, the Foca Tower executives were very interested.

However, she has a very strict tone and has never revealed a bit of information. There have been several times when she wanted to exterminate herself, she was rescued.

“Heh…, torture is useless, do you want to use this kind of trick? You Human Race said that it is cunning, but in fact it is just these means…” Makki growled.

At this time, everything inside and outside the cell was very quiet, and there was no response, that is, the voice of prison guards patrolling was gone, only the howling and undulating tides constantly impacted Makki’s hearing.

At this moment, I saw the figure raising his hand and drawing one after another luminous track in midair, which was actually drawing a map.

“This is…”

Makki’s eyes widened. She recognized the location shown on this map. It was exactly what she had been searching for in Foca Tower for several years. That block.

When I came to Foca Tower undercover, Makki accepted more than one task. One was to cultivate his own influence within the city.

The second is to find the whereabouts of Regiment Commander Regins.

The third mission is also the most important mission Makki accepts. It is also secretly given by the Sea Beast tribe to which she belongs. It is to find the laboratory secretly established by ancestor Kehew in Foca Tower.

This is a top-secret mission, and the information involved is also absolutely confidential in Sea Beast Regiment.

Neither Human Race nor Sea Beast Regiment, it is almost unclear. The undercurrent that was set off in Foca Tower a thousand years ago in the city almost subverted the turbulent undercurrent of continent.

Thousands of years ago, at the end of the Hundred Years’ War of the continent, Cromwell was invited to Foca Tower to participate in a secret development project of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering at that time.

This news was detected by Sea Beast Royal Clan early in the morning. To be precise, Cromwell’s invitation to Foca Tower was the result of Sea Beast Royal Clan’s secret promotion.

Because the Elf skill obtained by the Foca Tower Institute of Machinery at the time was obtained by Sea Beast Royal Clan secretly through various means.

The purpose is not to do anything else, but to repair the Sea Sovereign Item.

In ancient times, Sea Beast Royal Clan relied on its powerful weapons to cross the Five Seas and compete with the dominant races on the land.

The related skills of Sea Sovereign Item have long been lost. Even Sea Beast Royal Clan only retains some scattered skills.

In order to repair the Sea Sovereign Item, Sea Beast Royal Clan has sought various methods over the long years, but failed.

Until the appearance of the continent madman Cromwell, Sea Beast Royal Clan moved his mind. If such a genius can be allowed to try to repair the Sea Sovereign Item, it may be successful.

So, Cromwell was invited to Foca Tower’s itinerary.

As for Sea Beast Regiment, in addition to Legendary Sea Beast Regiment Commander Regins, there is also Kehew, the genius of Sea Beast Royal Clan, the ancestor of Makki, in addition to Legendary Sea Beast Regiment Commander Regins.

In this plan, Kehew and Regins are both disguised as Human Race and mixed into the Institute of Machinery.

Some insiders in Sea Beast Regiment believe that Regins was recognized by Cromwell and became his assistant. This is actually misleading.

The one who really became Cromwell’s assistant was Sea Beast Royal Clan’s genius Kehew. However, Kehew’s participation in this project is the secret of Sea Beast Royal Clan, and there are very few insiders.

So, those insiders in Sea Beast Regiment thought it was Regins who led this plan.

That hand cannon is a Sea Sovereign Item, and it is Kehew who repaired part of it so that this divine item can be used.

The place where the Sea Sovereign Item was restored is the laboratory secretly built by Kehew. After so many years, even Regins does not know the exact location. .

Having lurked in Foca Tower these years, Makki’s most important task was to find that laboratory.

Because, in that laboratory, there is a technology to repair the Sea Sovereign Item, and it is said that there is also an epoch-making technology that the ancestor Kehew stole from Cromwell.

“The location of the laboratory is really there…”

Makki muttered to herself, a little unbelievable, she suspected that she was in a hallucination, what she was experiencing at this moment , It may be a trap.

At this moment–

The man in front of him showed an angry face, his Human Race face began to change, fine white scales appeared, spreading all over his body, one with a long fish The tail, the upper body is a human body, and a creature with a crocodile head appears.

This look is exactly what the Sea Beast Royal Clan of White Nightmare Sea and White Nightmare Thorn Alligator look like!

Makki’s eyes widened, and finally some believe that this is a dream of the ancestor Kehew…

“Is this map really where the laboratory is?” Makki murmured.

The Kehew in front of him opened his mouth and said in a low voice: “Hurry up! Move the contents away. The secret there has been peeped by the student of Cromwell and his subordinates. I am about to disappear, impossible to support Go down, my children and grandchildren, you have to act fast, that place is in the former site of City Hall…”

“Cromwell students, and the subordinate…, you mean, later in charge of Black Net, is Cromwell’s first sub, Rentin? Who is that student…”

Makki was surprised and asked repeatedly.

At this time, Kehew’s figure became blurred, and the space of this cell began to be distorted. Everything was like illusion, and it started to disappear.

“Wait…, Kehew ancestor…”

Suddenly, Makki opened his eyes and opened his mouth to shout, only to find that his throat hurts so badly that even his voice is hoarse. .

She is lying on the bed with one hand stretched out, seemingly trying to catch something.

Just now…, was it really a dream? !

Looking around all around, Makki found a very quiet cell in the cell, and the all around monitor was shining slightly, monitoring her all the time.

Outside the cell, there was a slight sound of footsteps, and the prison guards were still patrolling. The strength of guards these days has increased several times compared to before.

“Really dreaming?! Is the spirit will power of ancestor Kehew? He is still alive, or is Fire of Life about to go out…”

Makki thought about it, as White Sea Beast Royal Clan of Nightmare Sea, she knows more secrets than other high-ranking Sea Beasts.

Originally, she suspected that this was a trap arranged by Human Race. This kind of dream-like illusion, brilliant by Human Race, could be arranged.

However, some of the information mentioned by the ancestors of Kehew in the dream is a great secret. Human Race is absolutely impossible to know.

If there are insiders, only the former student of Cromwell and his first subordinate, Rentin.

It is said that the two people Cromwell trusts most to help Kehew escape from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

The location of the laboratory is within the same range as Regins revealed not long ago.

“Kehew ancestor means that he is still alive. That’s right. Regiment Commander Regins can seal himself up. It has survived until now. It is not difficult for Kehew ancestors to survive…”

“putting it that way, the student from Cromwell, and the Black Net Organization controlled by Rentin, have always wanted to seize the research results…”

“No! This message must be sent back. Must tell Royal Those adults in Clan…”

Thinking like this, Makki was oozing cold sweat all over her body. She felt a heavy pressure, a kind of great responsibility for the future of Sea Beast Royal Clan.

If this great secret can be transmitted back to Sea Beast Royal Clan as soon as possible, Sea Beast Royal Clan of White Nightmare Sea might take off.

Thousands of years ago, the technology to repair the Sea Sovereign Item was researched, and the technology about the perfect body that Cromwell discovered inadvertently later in his life…

” What a mess!”

Suddenly, Makki complexion changed. She thought that a few days later, it would be Foca Tower, the date of exchanging captives with Sea Beast Regiment.

Involving such a secret, the Black Net Organization, which wants to capture the achievements of Kehew’s ancestors, and the student of Cromwell, will let oneself leave safely?

“I’m Sea Beast Royal Clan. This secret is at the top of Foca Tower. I’m afraid it’s no longer a secret. Naturally, it’s easy to detect!”

“In other words, this This time we exchanged captives, our group of Sea Beasts may be accidentally hit halfway…”

“If I die or fall into the hands of the Black Net Organization, the consequences will be disastrous! What about such technology? Can fall into the hands of Human Race!?”


Being the leader of Sea Beasts who has been lurking in Foca Tower for so many years, Makki’s mind is very careful, all of a sudden Thinking of all aspects, the more I thought about it, the more I was frightened.

After thinking about it, Makki’s fish-eye eyes showed a fierce look, “For the future of Sea Beast Regiment, I can only fight!?”

gu lu gu lu ……

Makki’s stomach squirmed, he vomited a big mouthful of blood, and coughed vigorously. It seemed that his injuries had returned.

She raised her hand, tapped the emergency bell on the wall, and an alarm sounded in the distance.

For a moment, there was a sound of footsteps, the cell door opened, and the prison guards with full equipment rushed in.

“What’s the matter? It’s in the middle of the night, what tricks!”

As soon as the prison guards entered the door, they shouted. When they saw a large pool of blood on the ground, It is simultaneously discolored.

“What tricks did I play? Didn’t you cause it? If you don’t want me to die, give me treatment now…” Makki Roar said.

Seeing this, the prison guards did not dare to delay. This was one of the prisoners of Sea Beast who had been ordered by the top not to die.

A group of prison guards pushed the stretcher cart, lifted Makki up, pushed the stretcher cart, and rushed to the emergency room of the prison without worrying about her tricks.

Around the City Hall prison, there are now a large number of expert garrisons. Unless Sea Beast Regiment enters the city, Makki is impossible to escape.

On the stretcher, Makki’s face was bloody, but the corners of his mouth were slightly cracked, revealing a weird smile.

Neither guards noticed that when they opened the door of the cell, a thing squirmed out of the blood, rushed out of the cell, moved towards the outside and swam quickly outside.


At the same time.

In the prison officer’s office, Lin Chuan waited and sat in front of a Light Screen, silently watching the process from beginning to end.

The monitoring screen in Light Screen is the reason why Lin Chuan and others have arranged it for so long, so Makki must not let Makki find any clues.

Of course, after the arrangement for so long, it is certainly not as simple as installing the latest monitoring device. Makki thinks that the figure is the will of his true ancestor Kehew, and it is Lin Chuan who prepared for such a long time. the reason.

How did the video work?

Is this the latest holographic simulation?

Everyone at the scene looked towards Lin Chuan and Mister Gu. All these were arranged by two people. I really want to know how this is done. If it is a mechanical device, I really want to buy a batch.

In this regard, Lin Chuan will of course not tell how this is done.

The ability to do this has nothing to do with Mechanical Domain, but his Mental Energy, coupled with the Elf skill granted by Tai Gu, can do this.

These two aspects are their secrets and cannot be revealed.

“So…, that Sea Beast’s name is Kehew…” Lin Chuan murmured.

At this time, Tai Gu has searched for information and found Kehew’s past.

Thousands of years ago, in the Sea Beast Regiment of the White Nightmare Sea, in addition to the three major Regiment Commanders, there were several Sea Beast Royal Clan hidden behind the scenes. Kehew was one of the Sea Beast Royal Clan.

Kehew is a rare genius of the Sea Beast Royal Clan generation, and he is particularly proficient in Mechanical Domain, which makes Sea Beast Royal Clan attach great importance to it.

Human Race doesn’t know much about this Sea Beast Royal Clan, but it didn’t expect that such a storm was set off in Foca Tower.

The storm did not spread, otherwise, the consequences would be enough to change many patterns.

“Sea Sovereign Item repair technology, and other things in that laboratory…”

Lieutenant General Phillon looked towards Lin Chuan and the others, he has searched for that There are some valuable discoveries in the laboratory, but there is no such amazing technology.

Tai Gu shook the head, telling that in the past, there was nothing left in it, almost all of it was destroyed.

“Lieutenant General Phillon, you don’t have to question, we really didn’t find these technologies…” Tai Gu said seriously.

Fei Yu and the others are also nodded, saying that there is no need to conceal this kind of thing, and the information there was destroyed at that time.

Lieutenant General Phillon nodded, he could feel that Mister Gu and the others did not lie to him, but this fact made his face more solemn.

“In other words, those top-secret technologies are likely to fall into the hands of Cromwell students and the Black Net Organization… No wonder…”

Lieutenant General Phillon Such a guess, and then immediately certain/affirmed this, he didn’t know who the student of Cromwell was.

However, he is aware of the Black Net Organization. This organization has a lot of terrifying technologies, and he also knows some of the secret activities that the Black Net Organization has done.

Those terrifying technologies, according to Lieutenant General Phillon, are different from many of Continental’s current technologies, but they are very advanced.

In this way, the second-generation Leader of the Black Net Organization may have taken away many secret technologies from this laboratory before mastering those terrifying and mysterious technologies.

Lin Chuan looked at Lieutenant General Phillon, and he seemed to agree with nodded. This is his purpose for inviting Lieutenant General Phillon to come here. If you mislead a little, let him figure it out, and you can give it to the Black Net Organization. Erect a potential terrifying enemy.

Just, Makki said, who is that student from Cromwell?

Lin Chuan frowned. He had checked before, and there was no record in the existing information.

The information shows that Cromwell was not accompanied by any of the students he taught during his stay at Foca Tower, or had ever been there.

Slightly shook his head, Lin Chuan put aside this doubt, the priority now is not these, but the game has been set up, just waiting for those who have ideas about these Sea Beast captives to enter the arena Up.

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