This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 469

For the next two days, Foca Tower was calm.

Not long ago, the storm that swept the city seemed to have subsided and everything was back on track.

However, anyone with a discerning eye knows that this storm has a tail, that is, the headquarters army exchanges captives with Sea Beast Regiment.

Continent army exchanged captives with Sea Beast Regiment. This is not a few times in history. Creatures on land and Sea Beast in Five Seas have already reached the point where they are irreconcilable until death.

Generally speaking, the captives of both parties will not survive unless they are individually important figures.

Since Dark Age, such a long period of time, this kind of exchange of prisoners is very rare.

Of course, if it is just an exchange of prisoners, it is not enough to attract attention.

The real reason is that someone heard the news. This exchange of captives was proposed by Sea Beast Regiment and provided huge compensation to the headquarters army.

Although this is gossip, it has touched the nerves of countless people. Sea Beast Regiment ransoms the army on the land, which is the first time in history.

To be precise, since ancient times, there is no such record at all.

As for the undocumented, if there is, then I don’t know.

In short, such a thing is too rare, this is an event that is enough to shock the continent.

Then the problem comes. Many discerning people are wondering in their hearts. Why is Foca Tower’s headquarters army not making any noise to the outside world?

You must know that if this matter is spread out, the far-reaching significance is not to be said, but for Foca Tower’s reputation, it can raise a whole new level.

Not only will the reputation of Lieutenant General Phillon spread throughout the continent, but it will also attract a large number of young people to join the army. The situation in the entire Foca Tower is different.

With such obvious benefits, why would the headquarters army not do it? Lieutenant General Phillon is not a reckless man, who can become a famous general, who is not minded?

There is something tricky about this…

Many people have smelled it. This exchange of captives must have internal feelings. As for what it is, it is not known.

Therefore, during this period, Foca Tower looked more and more peaceful, but in fact a pair of vision stared at the headquarters army, waiting for the day when the prisoners were exchanged.


Early morning.

Outskirts of Foca Tower, the headquarters of the military base.

Looking from the tall buildings of the base, the outline of the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench can be vaguely seen, with patches of white mist covering it.

Starting from last night, inside and outside the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, both the enemy and the enemy retreated to the camp. There has been no military action for several years.

In the military base, one after another Floating Vehicle parked on the square, a line of soldiers with full equipment, escorting the Sea Beast prisoners to the vehicle.

At this time, on a small building in the base, Lin Chuan was holding the Light Screen and flipping through pages of literature, while chatting with Fowler and not every other.

“Yesterday, Bayen was still asking when his husband will be there and help him treat his injuries.”

Fowler looked at the distant square while listening to Lin Chuan’s tone.

He is indeed a slick-minded guy, he can always find the stubbornness, ask the questions he wants to ask, and he is very willing to answer.

“You really care about Bayen…” Lin Chuan looked down at the Light Screen and responded lightly.

“Of course, I used to be a patriarch of Centaur Race, but it’s actually a good relationship. Bayen is the lineage of Centaur Clan Head, I naturally want to remember the old love.”

Fowler mentioned implicitly Past events, but did not say that it was the Centaur Clan Head of that term.

To do the math, at least you have to promote the five-term Centaur Clan Head. When Fowler went to White Arrow Port and claimed to be an aristocrat from Northern Land, it seems that this is not a fabricated lie. .

With this guy’s ability, it is not difficult to get the title of a nobleman in Mysterious Star Empire Northern Land.

Lin Chuan suddenly raised his head and looked at Fowler. The gaze in his squinted eyes was a bit deep and unfathomable.

“You use the [Earth King Equipment] structure diagram for exchange, one of the purposes is actually to let me treat Bayen…” Lin Chuan said.

Fowler complexion slightly changed, he laughed dryly and apologized again and again. He also made a temporary intention, not at first.

“It’s okay. You are the offspring of that person if you have such a strain…” Lin Chuan waved his hand, not paying attention.

Fowler’s previous reputation was really too colorful. Now after contacting it, Lin Chuan discovered that this guy is indeed very good in many aspects.

Unfortunately, the nature of this person…

shook the head, Lin Chuan put down the Light Screen and discussed with Fowler about the deployment plan this time to see if there are any flaws.

“Lady Yu, I haven’t looked for you in these two days?” Lin Chuan asked.

“No. Instead, I asked me to visit Foca Tower with her the day after tomorrow,” Fowler said.

Lin Chuan was taken aback, this woman is really confident! Plans to snatch the captives of Sea Beast, and then plan to stay in Foca Tower to continue the relationship with the lover.

“Shall we do some more preparations, if she is in Foca Tower the day after tomorrow, then…” Fowler made a capture gesture.

Lin Chuan groaned for a moment, shook the head, this kind of preparation will come later, but it is actually unnecessary.

If Lady Yu really has this kind of energy to take away all the Sea Beast captives, then the entire Foca Tower, the influence that can leave her is also non-existent.

“In this action, you know how many cards this woman has. Of course, other influences are not ruled out…” Lin Chuan murmured.

This action is actually a decoy. If the opponent’s power is too strong, those Sea Beast captives can be taken away.

If the opponent’s strength is not enough, Lin Chuan doesn’t mind, and teaches these influences a heavy lesson.

Of course, this is only the planned 1st Step……

The next steps are what Lin Chuan really cares about.

While Lin Chuan was thinking about it, Heng Feng and Tai Gu walked out of the room in the small building. The former’s Essence, Qi, and Spirit have changed completely from two days ago. .

It’s not that Heng Feng’s breath has grown stronger, and the strength of this seventh boundary Sword Grandmaster has not improved much.

However, the sword intent on his body is different. The mysterious sense of pacing, which is self-contained, is difficult for the seventh boundary expert to achieve.

Is this going to be clear…

Lin Chuan got up, smiled and congratulated, the past few days came to discuss the sword intent with Tai Gu, Heng Feng finally touched eighth boundary sword intent 的门道。

“many thanks Mister Gu, and this gentleman…”

Heng Feng continued to hand in hand, with respect for Lin Chuan, “if not for two , I may not be able to touch the eighth boundary sword intent even if it is another twenty years later! The eighth boundary sword intent of Eastglass Sword Skill is really a great moat!”

“That is also Old Mister Heng, your innate talent is enough. If you change to someone else, you may not be able to reach this step without two or three years.” Tai Gu said.

Heng Feng smiled. Such praise comes from a character like Mister Gu. Even if he is Senior, he feels very happy.

“Mister Gu seems to be quite familiar with Eastglass Sword Skill…” Heng Feng asked his doubts.

“Between Eastglass City and Redbud Regiment, we were allies a long time ago…” Tai Gu said the secret lightly.

Heng Feng was stunned. He didn’t know this. However, in the ancient books stored in Eastglass City, he did see that there was a history in Dark Age, Eastglass City and Redbud Regiment.

Tai Gu didn’t say much, he certainly wouldn’t tell. In fact, he signed the treaty of alliance between Redbud Regiment and Eastglass City.

As for how to sign, in that era, it was necessary to verify the strength of allies. Naturally, it was done. He was the Eastglass Sword Skill he learned from.

“Fortunately, Mister Gu knows the Eastglass Sword Skill very well. Otherwise, I would not be able to reach this step in such a short time…”

Heng Feng sighed for a while, he The trip to Foca Tower was really worth it. In just three days, it solved the boundary obstacles that might plague a lifetime.

At this time, the communicator vibrated. Lin Chuan picked it up and looked at it. A series of messages popped up. Lieutenant General Phillon, Fei Yu, and Harpoon were all ready.

“Let’s go, almost done.” Lin Chuan said.

“You can rest assured. This action, I will definitely go all out.” Heng Feng assured.

“No, no…, Old Mister Heng, you keep a little, and then shoot when you need it.”

Lin Chuan continued, he was really worried, Heng Feng Because they were grateful for their help, they went all out to deal with the enemy, which he didn’t want to see.

If Heng Feng suffers any damage during a fierce battle, it will be even worse. The battle strength of the seventh boundary Sword Grandmaster is actually more shocking than actual combat.


huhuhu ……

At ten in the morning, one after another large Floating Vehicle drove away from the military base and moved towards White Nightmare Oceanic Trench .

The road was very peaceful. Because of the armistice between the two sides, the fog of the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench was extremely dense. On one after another Floating Vehicle, these military department elites were very vigilant and continued to increase the detection range of the detector.

oh la la ……

Suddenly, it started to rain in the sky, and the pouring rain came suddenly, making the road conditions even more misty.

This scenario has made the soldiers on the Floating Vehicle vigilant. Although the weather in White Nightmare Oceanic Trench is changeable, it is a bit strange to have such heavy rain without warning.

For a time, a strange breath swept across, one after another Floating Vehicle immediately accelerated and moved towards the location quickly.


A fierce roar sounded, and a terrifying force field rushed up near the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, moving towards the rainy area.

The violent force field swept through, and it was rain clouds that washed away the sky. The heavy rain stopped in an instant, and the road ahead became clear.

“What’s going on?!”

“This road almost turned crooked…”

When the heavy rain stopped, the soldiers on the Floating Vehicle It was discovered that they actually drove away from the original road.

ding ding ding~ ……, on one after another Floating Vehicle, an electronic sound that deviated from the original route sounded, revealing a strange meaning.

In this case, the soldiers in the car numb their scalp. Logically speaking, they are impossible to lead the wrong way.

Let’s not talk about how familiar they are with the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench. Even if the lights are broken in the middle of the night, they can rely on experience to reach the destination without deviation.

What’s more, for this operation, each Floating Vehicle is also equipped with a specific navigation instrument. Once it deviates from the direction, it will immediately alert.

However, in the sudden heavy rain, not only their sense of direction was confused, but even the instruments on the car were disturbed.

“This is not right!?”

“Don’t worry about it, go to the original location and go at full speed!”

One after another Floating Vehicle restarts, the front is fierce Hu’s roar is also getting louder and louder, faintly one after another Sea Beast army moved towards this side quickly approaching.

“Foca Tower’s army, walk here…”

In the fog, one after another huge Sea Beast figure appeared, leading the convoy moved towards the predetermined location. go with.


On the other side.

On a high ground in the wilderness, one after another figure stands, looking out from a distance to the dense fog covering the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench.

The eyes of these figures are shining with strange rays of light, which seem to be able to penetrate the dense fog, and even those Floating Vehicle images are reflected in the eyes.

A hoarse and old voice said, “Sea Beast Regiment sent a large army to respond. I am afraid it will be difficult to snatch these Sea Beast captives before the exchange of captives.”

“Sea Beast Regiment was prepared, which is strange, but it is also true. The value of the Sea Beast Royal Clan Makki is so exciting. Hehe…, things will be more interesting in this way. Notice Over there, get ready to fight.”

On the side, Lady Yu’s voice sounded. In the thick fog, her lovable body faintly discernible, blinking eyes from time to time, has second layer eyelids covered with scales. Zhanghe quickly.

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