This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 471


The visibility of the dense fog of the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench was very low, but as the huge object fell rapidly, the violent airflow caused by it eventually dissipated the dense fog. Reveal the true face of this object.

It was a huge statue with a height of 100 meters. It moved towards the returning Sea Beast Regiment with the momentum of the thunder.

next moment, a terrifying collision erupts, circles of energy flow like a tsunami, moved towards all directions swept away.

Within a radius of 10,000 meters, the ground trembled for a while, the moist sand splashed, and even one after another crack appeared on the ground.

In the distance, the military convoy rushing back to Foca Tower, braked simultaneously, Colonel You Chao turned his head and looked towards the distance, his face solemn.

“An accident really happened. With such a strong energy collision, what is that huge object…”

Colonel You Chao hesitated for a moment. The order he received was If Sea Beast Regiment is attacked and the situation is urgent, support can be provided depending on the situation.

For this order, Colonel You Chao agreed, but he was a little bit resistant in his heart. To support Sea Beast Regiment, any Human Race will not be willing.

However, the current situation makes Colonel You Chao hesitate. He already understands why there is such an order from above.

The exchange of captives this time is not that simple. There is something deeper…

When I was pondering, the communicator sounded and the military base called and ordered Colonel You Chao to immediately Returning, this neighborhood has become the most dangerous battlefield.

The most dangerous battlefield? !

Colonel You Chao was taken aback, and immediately roared: “The rear is the most dangerous battlefield! Retreat at full speed?!”

One after another Floating Vehicle started quickly, flew away, and the car The elite troops on the one by one ooze cold sweat on their backs.

When the judgment level of the battlefield reaches the highest dangerous level, it means that the number of people enters alone, and the survival rate is less than one percent.

What is that huge object…

While Colonel You Chao is waiting for doubt, the collision sound of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering is heard, like a high-explosive bomb area Simultaneously detonated, and the energy faintly fluidized into a beam of light in the distance, rising into the sky.

Heavy Heart Origin weapons above Six Stars Level are against Bang…

Seeing this scene, the people in the convoy snarled simultaneously and activated the car’s performance to its limit, killing The escape.

This kind of strategic weapon confrontation, once involved, really will not be left with scum……

At this time——

White On the side of the Nightmare Oceanic Trench, the Mountain Bearing Snails form a defensive circle. The huge shells shine with energy fluctuations, forming a circle of energy shields that resist the strikes of this huge statue.

The dense fog dissipated slightly, and you can see the true appearance of this huge statue. This is a statue made of alloy, the huge body is like a hill.

The statue’s head has three blastholes, constantly spewing energy flames, and its chest also has a head with six pairs of mechanical eyes, which are investigating information about all directions.

The statue’s arms, the front of the arm is a huge gun point, two huge arms, like two huge bullet guns, constantly strikes up and down, madly impacting the defensive circle formed by Mountain Bearing Snail.

Seeing this huge statue, Les and other Sea Beast expert facial expression graves, for the creatures on the land, perhaps not many people remember this huge weapon.

However, for the Sea Beast Regiment of Five Seas, this huge weapon is too familiar. To describe it with a word of Human Race, it is-engraved on one’s bones and heart.

Steel Giant Soldier of Dark Age!

This is the name given to this weapon by creatures on land.

In Sea Beast Regiment, for this kind of Steel Giant Soldier, there is another name-Steel Demon Soldier!

This is a kind of killing weapon designed and manufactured by the creatures on the land in the mid-Dark Age, spending countless wealth and gathering the efforts of many geniuses.

Dark Age, the turning point between the army on the land, and the Sea Beast Regiment, speaking from a certain perspective, was brought about by the emergence of Steel Demon Soldier.

Before the appearance of Steel Demon Soldier, Sea Beast Regiment had always had a great advantage in the battle between land and Five Seas. Although there were losses in the local war, Sea Beast Regiment had always Encroaching on the living space of terrestrial races.

At that time, any army on land that could win any one thousand-man fight would be a brilliant record.

Until the appearance of Steel Demon Soldier, Sea Beast Regiment suffered a miserable defeat.

On the Black Sea, Qiangu Steel Demon Soldier dropping from the sky, with the momentum of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, directly overwhelmed the Sea Beast Regiment of the Black Sea. In that battle, 500,000 Sea Beast Regiment was annihilated and became a turning point in the battle.

However, although Steel Demon Soldier is terrifying, it is not without weakness. The energy consumption of this demonic weapon is a terrifying value.

Once a Steel Demon Soldier runs out of energy, its energy replenishment is unbearable with the resources of a small country.

Because of this, even though that battle was a turning point, Cheongu Steel Demon Soldier was dispatched less than ten times afterwards, and there was no news.

“Steel Demon Soldier?! This kind of weapon still exists, huh…, I really think we Sea Beast Regiment, or Dark Age, can’t do anything about this giant demonic weapon?!”

Regiment Commander Les sneered, turned and rushed into the Mountain Bearing Snail, rushed into a cab, and kicked out the Sea Beast soldier inside.


The top of the shell of this Mountain Bearing Snail was lifted, and a five-meter-diameter crystal tube was protruding, and the crystal tube began to charge, and the terrifying energy wave spewed out with a bang. , Attacked the Steel Giant Soldier forward.

hong long long ……

The huge crash sounded again, and in the smoke filled with the gunpowder, Steel Giant Soldier once again revealed his body, but he was unharmed, his chest spit out. Circles of light blocked the shot.


Les’ eyes widened. He reached into a soft fleshy ball with both hands and controlled the Tuoshan energy cannon. This is the latest The latest heavy weapon developed, its formidable power is comparable to Six Stars Level heavy artillery, without any damage to the Steel Giant Soldier.

“Since one shot doesn’t work, let’s do another shot…”

Les roared wildly, his eyes covered with bloodshot eyes.

At this moment–

The door of the control room was kicked open. The other two Regiment Commanders and two Royal Clan Consecrates broke in together and set up Les. Get out.

“Regiment Commander Les, calm down! Once the energy of Mountain Bearing Snail is exhausted, it will not be able to form a defensive circle. Our purpose is to escort the captives. Leave smoothly…” The Sea Beast old man persuaded.

“I was really impulsive.”

Les breathes deeply, defeating the honor temptation of Steel Demon Soldier, made him a little bit on top.

At this time, a subordinate reported that Makki wanted to see Les and the others.


On the other side.

Lin Chuan looked at the Light Screen, the Steel Giant Soldier who was madly struggling Sea Beast Regiment, couldn’t help but be amazed.

After Fowler mentioned it, and then quickly recalled the information, Lin Chuan already understood the terrifying fighting power of the Steel Giant Soldier, but this was not what he marveled at.

Understanding the basic principles of the production of the Steel Giant Soldier, Lin Chuan also knows clearly that to activate such a Steel Giant Soldier and fight for an hour, the consumption may be more than the [seventh equipment] on his body. To be amazing.

Such an act of burning money is really a prodigal!

It is this amazing energy consumption that made Steel Giant Soldier quickly withdrew from the stage of history after its appearance, and participated in no more than ten battles before and after.

Of course, I have to admit that this huge weapon is indeed a great accomplishment work of the dark ages and the integration of technologies in various fields.

The arms of this Steel Giant Soldier are like huge bullet guns, capable of insanely fast impact, using the later Energy Crystal link technology.

The joint connection of the Steel Giant Soldier is so flexible, it also uses this technology, and later it is widely used in the manufacture of Heart-Origin Equipment.

As for the surface of this huge weapon, it was polished by the craftsmen of Dwarf Race and Gnome Race. Every part has been specially treated to withstand the defensive limit of its own material.

There are also lines on the surface of huge weapons, which are said to be the secret lines of Elf Race, which can absorb the energy dissipated in fighting, so that the fighting force can be more lasting.

This kind of skill integration makes a Steel Giant Soldier like a work of art. Of course, it also makes it extremely difficult to repair.

“Don’t study the Steel Giant Soldier. If this Sea Beast army is annihilated, wouldn’t our plan fail…” Tai Gu cried.

“The opponent’s goal is to capture these Sea Beast captives. This Sea Beast army will not be annihilated. Besides, if the Sea Beast Regiment of the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, even a Steel Giant Soldier I can’t handle it, it’s too useless, it’s all wiped out. In this way, the Foca Tower will be quiet for a while…”

Lin Chuan said.

In his opinion, in the current situation, no matter which side has a loss, they have made a profit here, the compensation has been obtained, and these prisoners have also been exchanged.

If those hidden influences can still be used to solve these Sea Beast Regiment’s Regiment Commander, that is also a very good result.

Of course, Lin Chuan does not think that the Sea Beast Regiment of the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, which can compete with a war city like Foca Tower for so long, cannot cope with a Steel Giant Soldier.

At this moment–

The battle situation in the Light Screen has changed. A group of Sea Beast cavalry rushed out, quickly dispersed to form a circle, and aimed their lances at the Steel Giant Soldier. , The tip of the gun split, one after another frost-like crystal clusters spurted out, quickly freezing the Steel Giant Soldier.

kacha ……

On the surface of the Steel Giant Soldier, when a layer of crystals just formed, it was smashed by the pair of huge guns.

However, as the Sea Beast cavalry continued to release the crystal clusters, and a team of Sea Beast cavalry came forward to replace, the actions of the Steel Giant Soldier were eventually restricted.


From the Light Screen monitoring, when they saw this scene, everyone in the command headquarters was shocked. Didn’t expect Sea Beast Regiment over there. Quickly restrict Steel Giant Soldier.

“After all, it was the huge weapon that made Sea Beast Regiment the first taste of a miserable defeat. It was replaced on land. After such a long time, there have been thousands of solutions… “Lin Chuan didn’t care.

Knowing the general construction principle of Steel Giant Soldier, he thought of several ways to deal with it. Of course, he didn’t expect this kind of countermeasure of Sea Beast Regiment.

Those Sea Beast Knight’s lances made Lin Chuan feel a little moved. The special Energy Crystal produced in the depths of Five Seas has special effects not found elsewhere.

This kind of crystal cluster is not how superb technology Sea Beast Regiment has mastered, it is purely the formidable power of the special Energy Crystal in the lance.

“Almost…, the other party should be dispatched himself…” Lin Chuan muttered while looking at the Light Screen.

If the influence hidden in the dark does not take action again, this Sea Beast troop will return to the fortress. If you want to capture a Sea Beast war fortress, it is more difficult than launching a national war. Can’t go there low.

boom~ boom~ ……

One after another Light Screen monitoring screen, there is a sudden change, in the area covered by dense fog, for some reason, a train line suddenly appeared , More small airships run over in midair.

In a short period of time, there are three teams with more than ten thousand teams in the four places monitored by Light Screen, moving towards the battle point ahead.

These three teams seem to appear out of thin air, without a hint of warning.

“What’s going on?!”

“What kind of hidden technology is this?!”


Command In the middle, everyone present turned pale with fright. This area had already been carpeted and searched in advance, but they did not find where the three troops were hidden.

Something’s wrong…

Lin Chuan frowned, the forehead eyeball pattern appeared, and the skin tú tú on the forehead was beating. He felt a sense of danger.

Immediately, he looked towards a monitoring screen in the Light Screen, and then outside the headquarters, a three-meter-high figure suddenly appeared, and then hundreds of blade lights were cut to it. forcibly slashed the alloy gate of the command headquarters.

“The mice that are huddled inside, die now…”

Huh…, the dense fog swept in, and the entire headquarters was immediately enveloped by the mist, that figure Above, four eyes suddenly lit up, exuding a faint brilliance, like four clusters of faint fire, floating in the thick fog.

Behind this figure, followed by one after another figure, although the figure is not comparable to the leader, it is also two meters upward.

zhi zhi zhi ……

The harsh rubbing sound echoes, this is the sound of a sharp blade slashing across the metal ground, falling in the ear, full of a cold shudder .

“This is a hunter, but has it become a prey…”

Lin Chuan got up and murmured in secret, he had a strong sense of disobedience, but because of the incident Suddenly, I couldn’t find the sense of violation for a while.

At this time, a scream sounded, and these mysterious experts who rushed into the command headquarters had already begun the massacre.

However, Lin Chuan and the others remained unmoved for this scream, Tai Gu snapped his fingers and pressed a button.

In the distance, at those screaming positions, one after another tall figures stood with knives, their actions were a little stiff, as if they were aware of something wrong.

“Something’s wrong!? Damn, these are not living people, this is Mechanical Puppet…” The headed figure suddenly cursed.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

The explosion roared, and the mechanical puppets exploded, and their formidable power was comparable to high explosive bombs, and the entire command headquarters immediately collapsed.

As for Lin Chuan and the others, they left the passage a long time ago, sat in the taxi cabin, and reached the ground far away.

“Sure enough, I said how this sense of disharmony came…”

Lin Chuan looked around all around, forehead, and eyeball patterns and pendulum patterns appeared on his chest, constantly reflecting Looking at the surrounding scene.

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