This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 472

As it approaches the evening, the fog all around gets thicker and thicker. This fog is unique to the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench.

However, Lin Chuan and the others are keenly aware that the fog is a little different from usual.

No one can tell where the specifics are different, but with the keen perception of the expert, he noticed a slight strangeness.

At this time, the place where the entire group is located is a hidden area, all around has been specially arranged, and it is extremely difficult to be found.

However, Heng Feng, the strongest among them, frowned. With his piercing sword intent perception, he clearly noticed that the group of guys who invaded just now were moving towards this side.

In this case, it’s like knowing in advance that Lin Chuan and the others will leave the emergency passage.

“How did this find us?”

“Do these guys know the exit of the emergency passage in advance?”


The group of comrades was very surprised. They weren’t afraid of the strength of this group of guys. However, it was strange to be able to discover the command headquarters in this way and to come directly here now.

Be aware that although the construction of this headquarters is a secret base for the headquarters army, it is possible to leak it out in advance.

However, the excavation of this emergency passage was done in the past few days, and Lin Chuan requested it to be opened out of caution.

Also in the headquarters, those mechanical self-detonation puppets imitating Human Race are also made by Lin Chuan.

At the exit of this passage, except for a group of companions, only Lieutenant General Phillon knows, the latter is absolutely impossible to leak.

“These guys should have special detection methods!” Heng Feng warned in a deep voice.

The rest of the companions are nodded. Since these invaders come straight, let’s stay here for a while.

Lin Chuan didn’t speak, his forehead eyeball pattern was flowing slightly, shining with brilliance, and the pendulum pattern on his chest was also rotating. From the mist of all around, he absorbed the strands of otherness. Kind of energy.

This energy is completely different from what Lin Chuan had previously absorbed from the outside world.

It is not only different from potion, but also different from Energy Crystal, or the power of living beings to escape, it is a kind of unclear, but very familiar breath.

This kind of “familiarity” is not about Lin Chuan, but about eyeball patterns and pendulum patterns.

Circles of invisible fluctuations spread out from the eyeball pattern. Lin Chuan’s vision suddenly changes. In the dense fog all around, he clearly sees the strands of light, staggered and distributed, covering This highland.

In the distance, a group of tall figures moved towards the place where they are slashing, they were actually moved towards Lin Chuan and the others, and they rushed over as if they had seen it from a distance.

For a while, Lin Chuan vaguely understood what the means for this group of intruders to detect is through this special energy line, forming a large-scale search network.

“Curious and wonderful energy fluctuations!”

“What a magical means of detection!”

When Lin Chuan was surprised, the corner of his eye moved. Looking towards Fei Yu on the side, she saw the Flame Sword pattern faintly discernible on her shoulder, and was actually touched.

However, Fei Yu obviously didn’t realize this. Her pupil light was beating, firmly locking the group of intruders in the distance.

“This kind of energy line can touch [Heart Origin Heritage]…” Lin Chuan murmured secretly.

The field of vision in front of him was constantly changing, he even saw Fei Yu’s body, covered with a layer of ripples like water, making her face look like a flower in the mist, not real.

Retracting his gaze, Lin Chuan groaned for a moment, and said: “Harpoon, you will follow Mister Fowler, if there is an accident, let him take care of you.”

hearing this, the rest The companions were all taken aback. Listening to Lin Chuan’s meaning, they seemed to perceive the unknown danger.

“What did you find?” Tai Gu asked.

Lin Chuan just wanted to speak, his face changed abruptly, and he shouted: “Be careful! It’s dangerous!?”

Everyone was shocked, followed closely, all around The thick fog “screamed” into a violent wind, and slashed the three-meter-long giant blade, and the violent blade strength rolled up the harsh whistling sound. The momentum alone was not inferior to the full strength attack of the fifth boundary expert.

“hmph ……”

Heng Feng coldly snorted, raising his hand with a wave, one after another sword intent intertwined and gathered into a sword array, arranging mountains and overwhelming the sea, cutting to all directions .

This move is worthy of the name of the invincible Sword Grandmaster on the seventh boundary.

After comprehending the threshold of the eighth boundary sword intent, Heng Feng’s manipulation of the sword intent has reached a nearly complete boundary.

Every move can release the unmatched sword qi, the formidable power of this hand, even if it is the sixth boundary expert of the complete equipment, it is only this when it is done with all its strength.

kacha kacha kacha ……

These sneak attackers were cut all split up and in pieces, but there was no trace of blood flowing out, gu lu gu lu gu lu…, a piece The amputee rolled on the ground, and there was a hollow sound of dong dong, and the sound of skeleton hua la la falling to the ground.

“This is Dead Spirit Battle Puppet?! Get out of the way.” Fowler complexion changed, and immediately screamed.

The complexion of a group of companions changed, the explosion sound followed, an amputee exploded, and its formidable power was not inferior to the mechanical self-detonation puppet just now.

boom~ boom~ ……

A chain of explosions was repeated, the place was blown flat all at once, and the ground was blackened.

Lin Chuan and the others disappeared and appeared outside the explosion range. Although such an explosion was very sudden, for everyone, except for Harpoon, the other companions wanted to avoid them in time. It’s not a problem.

“Is this responding to us?” Lin Chuan murmured.

At this moment, everyone’s faces are a little ugly. The methods of this group of intruders are more brilliant than imagined.

Also, the Dead Spirit Battle Puppet also appeared, which is rare in Western Continent. Are these invaders the Dead Spirit Race of Western Continent?

Not only that, this group of invaders deliberately radiated power fluctuations, so that a group of companions noticed, but secretly arranged Dead Spirit Battle Puppet to carry out a sneak attack. If you change to another team, this one will not die. hurt.


In the distance, a cold and deep, like two bones knocking each other, came from far away, and the laughter was full of thick Sarcastically, “You Human Race, you have always despised our Dead Spirit Race, you are ugly mice. Now? You are the same, don’t you dare to hide there and dare not take the initiative to attack?”

This laugh The sound was full of provocations, and made people feel a little irritable, and immediately, mutation arose.


A cold light swept across, cut through the thick fog, and looked carefully, only to find that it was a huge crossed blade, which struck out a flash of light, He whirled madly, and came close in the blink of an eye.

“Such a big crossblade!?” Harpoon exclaimed.

No wonder the little white bull was so panicked. This cross-blade crazily formed a whirlwind with a diameter of 100 meters, like a small hurricane.

Such power is not inferior to the full strength attack of any sixth boundary expert!


At this moment, Fei Yu shouted lightly, the Flame Sword pattern on her shoulder flashed slightly, and she slammed out with a punch.

With a bang, the fist strength turned into the shape of a fire beast, rushed forward, penetrated the hurricane, and melted the huge crossblade into a punch hole.

“This Yanquan is strong?!”

Heng Feng revealed a startled expression. Through a video connection that night, he saw Fei Yu take action. He has the strength of this mysterious woman. The younger generation sighed ferociously.

Now, seeing Fei Yu take the shot with his own eyes, Heng Feng has a faint sense of horror at such a close distance. He can take this fist, but if not necessary, he doesn’t want to insist.

In less than half a month, the strength of this woman seems to have improved again…

In the distance, the strange voice was surprised, “Another seventh boundary expert?! It seems that we have encountered hard bones here! Two seventh boundary experts, and a group of guys who are hard to deal with, it’s hard to chew…”

A strange laughter echoed, The mist around all around suddenly became stronger, and everyone suddenly realized that the silhouettes of their companions were blurred.

“Not good?!”

“Is this separating us?!”


A line of companions reacted very quickly, They grabbed each other, but they were still a step slower, except for Harpoon who had been close to Fowler, everyone else grabbed an empty space.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ……

The response to them was a huge chopping blade, cutting it from the beginning, with a powerful force.


The Mechanical Arm behind Lin Chuan suddenly changed and switched to shield mode, blocking the top of the head on the right.

With a harsh collision, Lin Chuan flew out all over, if it hadn’t been for Mechanical Arm to plow the ground and draw a deep gully, he almost hit a rock.


Lin Chuan coughed up a mouthful of blood, and the Mechanical Arm trembled crazily, showing a distorted shape. It seemed to bear the blow and seemed to fall apart .

“Hehe……, I can’t think of it! A young kid like this has not only become the mechanical strength of Mechanical Arm, but also unexpectedly.”

“It seems that you are Human Race over there, the Mechanic Talent that is rarely seen, right?!”

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity, you are going to die here…”

With the strange voice before , A huge figure walked out of the thick fog, three pairs of eyes exuding dim light, gradually revealing its true colors.

“You are not Dead Spirit Battle Puppet?! Nor are you Dead Spirit Race……”

Lin Chuan’s eyes widened, with a startled expression on his face, he seemed to have discovered something amazing thing.

In front, stood a strange form creature with a torso of two meters long, with a head on the chest, and wearing a mask with a strange pattern, with three pairs of eyes glowing under the mask.

This strange form creature has four legs and six arms. Each arm holds a huge chopping blade of about three meters. There is a strange rhythm between actions, full of one This kind of forest is dangerous.

Such creatures have never been recorded in ancient books. Perhaps there are in legends and stories. They are all extremely evil monsters…

“What kind of creatures are you…? “Lin Chuan complexion pale, panting violently, but seemingly trying to suppress the panic, asked like this.

“hehe…, worthy of Mechanic, he really has a strong thirst for knowledge about unknown things…”

The strange form creature slowly approached, and he walked It was slow, but, due to its huge size, it took only two steps to get to Lin Chuan.

The head on the body came closer, and the three pairs of eyes under the mask emitted vortex-like gloom, seeming to be looking at a small insect.

“I know that Mechanic always carries weird devices. If I tell the calendar, will it be recorded immediately or sent out immediately?”

“The young Human Race kid, with your strong thirst for knowledge, die like this, and die with regret. It may not be a wonderful experience with some flaws…”


A huge cutting blade stabbed from behind, silently, like a big blade slashing towards a mice, the result is normally a corpse cut in half.

Suddenly, the ground on which the strange form creature stood trembles suddenly, and the ground sinks several meters.

This accident did not surprise this huge creature. Instead, he sneered, flicked all fours, and leaped extremely lightly. The action was full of a beautiful rhythm.

The changes under the ground have long been noticed by the strange-shaped lifeform, so he sneered mockingly when he stabbed the knife.

At this moment–

The collapsed ground suddenly changed again. A piece of densely packed small objects rushed out, and suddenly enveloped the strange-shaped lifeform. among them.

Next moment, a shrill cry sounded, and the strange-shaped lifeform was in the air, but fell straight down, unable to maintain the beautiful rhythm.

Tzzzzzzz ……

On the huge body, the Electromagnetic Energy Wave lingers in circles, and the electric power makes the huge body emit a black smoke.

“It looks…It’s really not Dead Spirit Battle Puppet!”

Lin Chuan stood up, patted the dust on the mechanical robe, and looked at the strange-shaped lifeform , There is a look of inquiry on his face.

“However, it’s not Dead Spirit Battle Puppet. I happen to have a lot of data. I want to test it on you…” Lin Chuan murmured.


This huge body hissed, and the three pairs of eyes under the mask stared at this youngster. There was shock and violent rage. Me?! You Human Race, I will take care of you…”


The huge body suddenly bounced up, hidden in the thick fog, and the objects covering him fell to the ground. It turned out to be thousands of Mechanical Bees.

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