This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 473

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ……

one after another Mechanical Bee shook on the ground and quickly flew up to Lin Chuan around the body to form a defensive belt to prevent the strange- The attack of shaped lifeform.

The head of each of this Mechanical Bee is about the length of a thumb, lifelike, with four pairs of mechanical eyes installed on it, and the tail spur can emit Electromagnetic Energy.

This is the latest work of Lin Chuan. When studying the structure of Fowler’s [Foca No. 1], combined with some research progress of the Divine Stone Body, this kind of Mechanical Bee was created.

Different from the Mechanical Little White Mouse, the detection ability of this Mechanical Bee is not so outstanding. The mechanical eye is more about capturing high-speed moving objects and launching Electromagnetic Energy needles with rapid speed. Used for sneak attack.

The strike just now validated Lin Chuan’s conception. This strange-shaped lifeform has a special body structure, and its true strength has a seventh boundary.

It’s just that for the experts on the seventh boundary, even thousands of Mechanical Bees can only pose a threat, and it is impossible to be lethal.

However, from the actual combat just now, Lin Chuan estimates that for the sixth boundary expert, this kind of mechanical bee has a great threat.

“Mechanical Bee was not damaged, so it broke free from the shackles of the electromagnetic net. Is this your own ability or is it related to this strange fog…”

Lin Chuan Muttered, seeming to be talking to himself, and asking about the strange-shaped lifeform hidden in the thick fog.

However, silently in the thick fog, the strange-shaped lifeform seemed to be a little jealous, so it just flees away.

At this time–

There was a shock from afar, and the voices of Tai Gu, Fei Yu and the others came, seeming to be fighting fiercely.

Among them, there is also the scream of Harpoon in a low, muffled voice, which seems to have been injured.

Following, the faintly discernible laughter of the strange-shaped lifeform’s triumphant laughter seemed to have suffered the loss just now, and then I would find other companions to vent.


Lin Chuan complexion changed, hesitated for a while, controlled the Mechanical Bee, the Mechanical Arm switched to a shield, surrounded around the body, moved towards that Go in the direction.

hua la la ……

One after another, the cross blades are madly spun. There are thousands of them, like strong wind and swift rain, covering Lin Chuan.

This kind of cross blade is different from the giant cross blade just now. Each palm-size hovering fast, like a dark cloud, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Every cross blade has a strange pattern, which is the ancient dense pattern of Elf.

“This is the crossblade of Elf Race?!”

Lin Chuan saw these crossblade clearly, his face couldn’t help changing. The giant crossblade before, because of the great momentum, I was punched by Fei Yu again, but I still can’t see the clue.

Now, Lin Chuan can recognize the ancient patterns that flash on the cross-blade surface. This is the lost casting skill of Elf Race.

From ancient times to the present, when it comes to casting skills, Dwarf Race has always been the leader.

Dwarf Race has always been at the forefront of this World from the ancient casting to the later emergence of machinery and the manufacture of Heart-Origin Equipment.

However, the Elf Race in the old age mastered some mysterious skills, which dwarf admired, but difficult to learn.

The ancient dense patterns on these cross blades, Lin Chuan heard from Tai Gu mentioned that they can draw on the power of nature and enhance the formidable power of the weapon itself.

And, if you are an Elf Race person, you can also control the weapon itself through these dense patterns.

There are so many things related to Elf Race on this strange-shaped lifeform. What is the origin? !

puff puff puff ……

At this time, countless cross blades whirled around, easily shredding the mechanical bee circling Lin Chuan around the body, and distorted the mechanical bee. Arm, cut countless cracks.

Next moment, Lin Chuan’s body was pierced, blood soaring, his face was filled with a trace of inquiry, a trace of panic, a trace of desire for survival, and fell to the ground…

all around, everything returned to calm again, the shouts of Tai Gu and the others disappeared, and those fighting sounds could not be heard. It seemed that it had never happened.

On the ground, blood gurgled from Young Mechanic’s body and stained the ground. His breathing became weaker and weaker until there was no sound.

After a while, the strange-shaped lifeform muttered in the thick fog: “Is it dead? This young Mechanic is dead like this? It’s strange, I thought he had any other means… …”

“That’s right, such a young kid is nothing more than being talented in Mechanical Domain. In terms of fighting, he is a layman. The methods just now are just smart enough to deal with, really Speaking of fighting ability, this kid is too weak, too weak, and Mechanics is also a great weakness in exploring the unknown…”

“However, this kid is probably rare in Mechanic. Genius, just die here, there will be a lot of trouble in the follow-up. Although I am here to pay the debt of that woman, but that woman is not a good thing. If when the time comes, the account will be settled. Over to us? Aren’t we going to be chased by the Mechanic organization?”

“That’s not good! Forget it, don’t care about it, these guys are very difficult to deal with, except this kid, None of them were killed…”

In the thick fog, there was such a whisper that the strange-shaped lifeform body slowly appeared, but did not approach, just Looking at Lin Chuan’s body from a distance, thinking about whether or not he should come forward to investigate.

Everything on Mechanic is valuable, especially the Mechanical Bee, which poses a considerable threat to the strange-shaped lifeform, and he is very interested in it.

It’s just that Lin Chuan’s response made him vigilant.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ……

Countless cross blades whirled again, piercing Lin Chuan’s corpse, piercing it into a human beehive, and then stopped whip S .

After that, thousands of cross blades hovered and overlapped each other to form three huge long knives, swishing back to the hands of the strange-shaped lifeform.

“In this way, it should be dead…”

The strange-shaped lifeform muttered, stepping forward, his forward posture is very strange, four feet crossed, The body hovered forward, and the head on his chest kept scanning the surroundings to prevent any accidents from happening.

When I came to this corpse riddled with holes, the strange-shaped lifeform was slashed again. It would be relieved to split the corpse in half.

Suddenly, Lin Chuan’s “corpse” moved. In a flash, countless Electromagnetic Energy Waves turned into countless sharp arrows, like howling wind and torrential rain, piercing into the body of a strange-shaped lifeform .

In an instant, that huge body was enveloped by Electromagnetic Energy. The formidable power of these Electromagnetic Energy arrows is different from Mechanical Bee. Each electromagnetic arrow has destructive power that penetrates the sixth boundary expert.

The strength of the strange-shaped lifeform is certainly the seventh boundary. At such a close distance, hundreds of holes have been pierced through his body and arms, and his reaction is very fast, with three arms blocking his head. Can’t protect the vitals.

“Ah…, this is…, you’re not dead?!”

With a bang, the strange-shaped lifeform jumped up, extremely light, and the huge body blurred again Get up, ready to hide in the thick fog again.

However, this time failed. These electromagnetic arrows are flashing with tentacles, which are tightly attached to the strange-shaped lifeform. The other end of the electromagnetic arrows is connected to the ground and firmly rooted. In the same way, no matter how the strange-shaped lifeform struggles, it is impossible to get rid of it for a while.


A sharp whistle sounded, making this huge creature feel astonished as having one’s hair stand on end. This sense of crisis is too unfamiliar. It has been a long time. Never experienced it.

“These troublesome electromagnetic arrows!?”

Strange-shaped lifeform angry roar, with six arms swiftly, swinging six giant long knives in a row, shua~ shua~ shua~ …, Shengsheng cut off these electromagnetic arrows, and flew towards one side to avoid.

At the same time, a bullet came through the air and swept past the huge body of the creature. The pressure generated by the bullet pierced the air, creating a trace on the surface of his body.


The ground not far away, as the bullet penetrated, it actually blasted a big pothole, and scorched smoke floated out of it.

“This Five Stars Level special sniper rifle can escape. It is worthy of being a powerful expert on the seventh boundary…”

In the thick fog, Lin Chuan walked out , He carried a short gun in his hand, two sizes larger than a normal pistol, but the barrel was three times thicker.

The barrel of the gun was flushed red, because the gun body was a little overheated with the bullet just now.

This is a special weapon prepared by Lin Chuan. It was also in recent research. It was made on a whim. Its formidable power is even comparable to a Five Stars Level heavy artillery.

If it is shot at close range, the formidable power is even more terrifying…

The defects of this weapon are also obvious. It will overheat and require a long period of cooling.

And, without wearing the [seventh equipment], the recoil of this weapon, if fired with one hand, can directly shake Lin Chuan’s arm and fracture it.

Looking not far away, the strange-shaped lifeform of Electromagnetic Energy is intertwined with strands on his body. Lin Chuan feels a bit regretful. If this spear hits, he will have actual firearm data.

On the other side, the three pairs of eyes under the mask stared at Lin Chuan, both anger and incomparable fear.

Strange-shaped lifeform knows that oneself underestimated this young Mechanic. The strength of this Human Race Mechanic far exceeds his age and is enough to threaten itself.

“Human Race’s Mechanic, I really underestimated you, how did you discover that everything just now was an illusion, and, was that Mechanical Puppet just now?”

strange -shaped lifeform opened his mouth slowly, and his six arms slowly waved. Following his words, the six giant long knives were swiping with a strange rhythm, which seemed to be a strange gesture style of Blade Skill.

Lin Chuan put away the special short gun, his head tilted slightly, under the fully enclosed Heart Origin Induction Helmet, he seemed to be looking at a strange-shaped lifeform.

This kind of gaze made this huge creature more and more jealous. From the beginning to the end, this young Mechanic seemed to be looking for its own weak spot. Before, he despised his opponent too much.

“As hostile parties, asking questions like this, I don’t think the opponent will answer. However, we can use an equivalent way. I will answer one of you and you will answer one of my questions. How ……?” Lin Chuan slowly said.

“hmph Hmph…, despicable Human Race, do you want to play any tricks? I admit that you are very difficult to deal with, but I who want to threaten the seventh boundary expert, still not enough Look. Do you want to delay time and wait for your companions to support you?”

“To tell you the truth, your companion is in a much worse situation than you. If I change to you, Just think about how to get out on the spot and flee quickly…”

The strange-shaped lifeform spoke in a low voice, his voice was harsh, and the content of his words was full of intimidation.

Lin Chuan laughed, looked around, from the very beginning, his vision is constantly changing, this is the ability of the stone ball to quickly adapt to the environment.

“I originally thought we could have a good talk, after all, we have no enmity between us. Your sneak attack just now did not cause any damage to our side. Everything is okay. Talking about it,” Lin Chuan said.

“Um…, your tone…”

strange-shaped lifeform paused, suddenly gloomily said: “It really reminds me of a very annoying guy…”


Suddenly, the strange-shaped lifeform’s body moved, like a hill rushing straight forward, and its speed was so fast that it was unimaginable.

The violent wind pressure assaults the senses, six giant knives cut straight to Lin Chuan from the one by one tricky angle.

This scene is like a small animal facing an attack from a super-large animal, and the latter’s movements are extremely light, full of a strange knife rhyme.

If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, it would be unimaginable. The strange-shaped lifeform with such a huge body can cast six giant knives so lightly, like an antelope hanging horns, without a trace.

Lin Chuan sighed softly, moving his hands, a pale silver pistol and a dark knife appeared in his hands.

The body moved, his whole person seemed to disappear, and then turned into one after another afterimage, every afterimage he raised his gun and shot quickly.

For a time, countless gun rings flickered. Between these gun rings, the pitch-black knives pierced out silently, and each knife was tangentially directed to the key point of the strange-shaped lifeform.

ding ding ding~ ……

Six long knives are swung in a row to form a knife wall, which resists Lin Chuan’s offensive like a mercury drop.

“This kid’s Battle Skill turned out to be…”

Strange-shaped lifeform was too late to be shocked, and suddenly discovered that the aura of the opponent in front of him had completely disappeared, and he was shocked. Coming from the ground.

Immediately, the strange-shaped lifeform moved towards one side, dodge a long black knife stabbed from the ground.

This is the real killing move! ?

Lin Chuan uses the energy remaining in the [seventh equipment] to kill the seventh boundary expert. It is very difficult. However, if it is equipped with extremely sharp weapons, it is possible to severely damage the seventh boundary expert. .

The blade of this black blade is extracted with leftovers from [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], and then some Elf Race skills passed by Tai Gu are sharp enough to cut the seventh boundary expert body.

“This knife…”

The strange-shaped lifeform was frightened. From this black blade, he felt the sharpness enough to cut his body.

Of course, what shocked him most was the strength of this young Mechanic, which was really comparable to the seventh boundary expert, which was simply appalling.

“Look…, in fact, no one of us can do anything about it. It’s better to sit down and talk, how about…”

Lin Chuan said as he swung his knife towards the back. Cut out and knock several cross blades flying.

The gaze looked towards strange-shaped lifeform. To be precise, it was the giant knife held by the second arm on the right. The knife body was missing a few cracks. It was the cross blade that split and wanted to sneak attack Lin Chuan.

“This weapon is made of Elf skill. Does this skill still exist? Or is it a masterpiece of the ancient times?” Lin Chuan murmured, seeming to be asking.

“hehe…, Human Race kid, you don’t need to talk about it! Don’t even try to delay time by talking and talking. To be honest, I’m surprised. You are so young, you have such strength, if In a few years, what’s going to happen? We offended you today. In order to prevent you from retaliating in the future, we can only do our best to kill you here…”

strange-shaped lifeform this Generally speaking, a deep inhalation came from the head under the mask, and his body became larger and larger, and an extremely violent breath surged.

“Do you really want to work hard?”

Lin Chuan slightly frowned, “I am very sincere.”

The one who responded to Lin Chuan was strange The -shaped lifeform roared and expanded a circle of body, like an erupting volcano, leaping up with a bang, but suddenly disappeared in the air, and once again hidden in the thick fog.

When he reappeared, he was already close to Lin Chuan, like a mountain, waving six giant blades, and whirled madly.


A harsh sound rang out on the back of the strange-shaped lifeform, suddenly bursting, pieces of meat splashing, accompanied by an ominous beast-like The roar, one after another Electromagnetic Energy Wave spread, more violent than before, firmly entwining this huge body.

“When is this…” the strange-shaped lifeform cried.

At this time, you can see thousands of Mechanical Bees appearing behind him, slamming into this huge body, nailing the tail stab into it within the body, and then one by one self- detonation.

“The means of hiding in the thick fog is very brilliant, but there are inferior means of hiding in this world…”

“If you can’t afford such a big With the help of the special energy ripples in the thick fog, with the means of detecting and hiding in one, it will not be hit. It’s a pity…”

Lin Chuan raised his hand and activated everything. With Mechanical Bee’s self-detonation device, bursts of exploding rays of light appeared. In the smoke, this huge body was scorched and lay there, looking like it was blown out and tender.


The huge body shakes, it seems that I want to break free, but it is somewhat difficult to do it.

Lin Chuan paced forward and said: “Okay. Don’t pretend, your body strength, I just tested the data, these mechanical bee self-detonation can only temporarily paralyze you , Can’t be fatal.”

hu hu ……

Strange-shaped lifeform lay there panting for breath, and growled: “Then you put the one hanging on my head Move things away?!”

“Have you found out so soon…”

Lin Chuan stopped, and on top of the strange-shaped lifeform, three pure Energy Crystals hung The gear is [Cracked Scale Arm] switched out and controlled by the energy of [Seventh equipment].

On the surface of the Energy Crystal gear, there is not only a terrifying Electromagnetic Energy Wave, but also a [Materialized Mental Energy], like nothingness, invisible to the naked eye.

However, for the seventh boundary expert, it is still possible to perceive this danger.

“Your Excellency, the proposal I just made is still valid. How?”

“Actually, my methods are almost exhausted. I really want to kill you and cost more Strength, you are such a rare creature, and there is no inevitable hatred between us, why not sit down and have a good talk…”

Lin Chuan stood there, at a moderate said pace.

At this moment, the strange form creature feels heart palpitations inexplicably. This young Mechanic’s attitude has not fluctuated from beginning to end. Such a terrifying opponent has not been encountered for too long.


The strange-shaped lifeform sneered and said: “You still have time. Sit down with me and talk. Don’t forget your companions. I didn’t lie to you. Their situation is not far from death. If you let me go, I can spare them not to die…”

Lin Chuan looked at this huge creature. For a moment, the scrutiny gaze made the strange-shaped lifeform frizzy.

At this moment, there was a rustle in the thick fog, and Tai Gu walked over slowly while holding the [Redbud Sword].

“My situation, why not far from death?” Tai Gu stared at the strange-shaped lifeform and said.

strange-shaped lifeform: “…”

He suddenly discovered that if oneself was at first, he was pitted by the woman. The area that was responsible for the raid was said to be only One or two hard ideas.

However, the fact is that this group of people is one by one so terrifying, and he originally thought it was the weakest soft persimmon, and it seemed to be the most difficult one among this group of people.

“This guy is very cunning and sinister, kill it…” Tai Gu looked towards Lin Chuan, suggesting that.

Lin Chuan groaned for a while, and then nodded…


The purple sword flashed, and the terrifying sword intent hadn’t been cut over yet, so let the strange -shaped lifeform There is a horror of the body being chopped into pieces.

Immediately, he yelled: “Yes, I agree with Mr. Mechanic’s proposal. Let’s talk about it. We are not on the woman’s side. We just honoured our promise and came to help. …”

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