This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 474

In the dense fog, on the ground of the scene of destruction, a strange-shaped lifeform is lying there, and the three pairs of eyes under the mask move between Lin Chuan and Tai Gu from time to time, full of fear.

At this time, Lin Chuan is cleaning the traces on the ground. The “Lin Chuan” that deceived the strange-shaped lifeform just now is based on [Materialized Mental Energy] and then [Cracked Scale Arm]. Success, under the violent strikes of the strange-shaped lifeform, it is impossible to say that there is no damage at all.

The six giant swords of this strange-shaped lifeform, three of which have formidable power, are close to the Six Stars Level Heart Origin weapon.

Of course, the manufacture of these three giant knives is different from mechanical manufacturing. In many respects, it is somewhat inferior to Six Stars Level weapons.

In short, Lin Chuan must pick up all the fragments that fall from the [Cracked Scale Arm], first, do not leave any traces.

Another reason, these materials are so precious, this is all money!

There are also those mechanical bees whose tail spurs are manufactured with a bit of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]. Any tail spur is also very valuable.

“Hey…, so, fighting and killing is really a waste of people and money, why bother…, everyone at first sit down and talk, isn’t it the best of both worlds…” Lin Chuan whispered Sigh, he is really heartbroken.

Strange-shaped lifeform doesn’t speak, he muttered secretly, are you the most injured? My injury is more serious. Even if it is not fatal, such a serious injury will have to be cultivated for a while.

Furthermore, his weapon is also damaged…, the repair cost is even more amazing…

On the other side, Tai Gu stood with a sword, looked at Lin Chuan, and said: “If you don’t persuade this guy, will he sit down and talk to you? Let me say, this kind of cunning guy, staying is a curse. I really want to deal with us in the future, I am afraid that the means are more sinister than today… …”

Slantingly squinting at the strange-shaped lifeform, Tai Gu has an undisguised murderous aura on his body, and the purple sword in his hand buzzes. It seems that he may cut a sword at any time and cut this guy into eight. Piece.

Just now, a line of companions was separated. With Tai Gu’s fighting experience, it soon became clear that from beginning to end, oneself was in the plot against these intruders.

This thick fog is also full of weirdness, not only can isolate perception, but also isolate the signal of mechanical instruments, making Tai Gu a little anxious for a while.

The enemies he encountered are not as powerful as this strange-shaped lifeform. The strength of a quasi sixth boundary expert and two fifth boundary seventh stages poses no threat to him.

However, once these invaders are lost, they can hide in the thick fog, making him unable to pursue them, which makes Tai Gu very annoyed.

Thinking of the sneak attacks and hidden cunning methods of these intruders, how could Tai Gu have a good impression of this strange-shaped lifeform? His sword-holding hand trembled slightly, and he wanted to kill with a single sword.

“Mister Gu, you don’t say this, the so-called bad person lasts for a thousand years… I think such a guy can survive for a long time, what do you think?” Lin Chuan cleaned the battlefield , So retorted.


Tai Gu was at a loss for words. He felt that what this kid meant was mocking oneself for being too heroic before, but he couldn’t find evidence. .

“Yes, yes, this Mr. Mechanic said…”

The strange-shaped lifeform echoed repeatedly, but suddenly felt wrong, so he stopped the conversation, he agreed. Don’t you admit that oneself is very sinister and cunning.

“No, no, I don’t usually do it like this, just to fulfill the promise and adopt a time-saving and labor-saving method. I believe Mr. Mechanic should agree with it.”

Turn, the strange-shaped lifeform justifies itself like this, and the three pairs of eyes under the mask look at the purple sword held by the mysterious Mister Gu from time to time.

Redbud Sword? !

The experience of strange-shaped lifeform is not generally broad, especially for those things in the dark age, he knows very well.

In the past, the Redbud Regiment of the vertical and horizontal continent, one of the three divine items, the strange-shaped lifeform not only knew about the sword, but also knew the terrifying of this sword.

This purple sword, in the hands of the previous owner, the outstanding Elf expert, has a brilliant record of beating seven Nightmare Level Sea Beasts in a row.

That Elf expert, formerly known as the Shadow Regiment Commander of Redbud Regiment, is also the battle that created the prestige of the chaotic era to the expert.

This purple sword, however, appears today, in the hands of an unfathomable middle age person, and, judging from its posture, this Mister Gu can clearly display the true formidable power of [Redbud Sword].

When he thought of this, the strange-shaped lifeform body trembled a little. If he had known that there was such a hard idea in the target of the attack, he would not choose this area for certain/affirm to sweep.

“Your Excellency, I was offended just now. If I had known that there was a descendant of [Redbud Sword], I would definitely not offend!” Strange-shaped lifeform continued.

“Um…, you recognize [Redbud Sword]…”

Tai Gu was a little surprised, and then remembered something, said with a sneer: “Not long ago, at the Foca Tower In the storm, I am holding the image of the Purple Sword, and I should be escaping. Would you not know? If you are a guy like you, if you have a bad mouth, kill it!”

“Don’t…, we really I don’t know…”

The strange-shaped lifeform yelled, and repeatedly defended: “Our group of brothers have always been on the Black Sea side. We don’t pay attention to the outside world at all. How did we know that Foca Tower happened What’s wrong. Coming here this time is also for Dark Age, our clans and the promise of the female ancestor…”

In order to survive, the strange-shaped lifeform quickly explained some of its origins and mentioned the darkness The old treaty of alliance from the ages.

“Different from the noble background of your descendants of Redbud Regiment, you have the sacred and ancient treaty of alliance, and we monsters living in the shadows naturally also have our treaty of alliance……”

strange-shaped lifeform speaks, with a trace of resentment in his tone, this is the difference of birth.

In that dark age, those ancient races, such as Elf Race, Dragon Human Race, and races with ancient blood, united together to form a sacred ancient treaty of alliance.

The ancient treaty of alliance had a strong binding force, and it was also known to the entire continent at the time.

That is a kind of momentum building, and it is also condensing the armed force of the continent to counter the Sea Beast Regiment.

From then on, the one after another armies of Eastern and Western Continents did not fight individually, and gradually began to cooperate with each other. This is the result of the ancient treaty of alliance.

It is also from that time that continent creatures have a consensus that Elf Race, Dwarf Race, Gnome, Dragon Human Race and other races are noble races on land.

Human Race, it was only after the appearance of Innately Talented Lifeform that it was considered that one foot stepped into that race circle.

On the continent, there are also some races, such as the strange-shaped lifeform, which are not visible. These races have powerful power but are not recognized by other races and are considered monsters. This is the race that lives in the shadows.

The old Dead Spirit Race was also one of these races, but because of the genius of the clan, it quickly became the main force of the army to fight against the Sea Beast, and it was accepted.

hearing this, Tai Gu was a little surprised and said: “You mean… [Shadow Treaty of Alliance]?!”

“You really are a descendant of Redbud Regiment…”

The strange-shaped lifeform muttered, he deliberately did not say the full name of this treaty of alliance, but was bare the truth with one remark by this Mister Gu lay.

Tai Gu didn’t say anything, but the murderous aura on his body gradually dissipated, and the terrifying sword qi on [Redbud Sword] also converged.

strange-shaped lifeform relaxed, secretly thought Fortunately, I met the descendants of Redbud Regiment. If it is descendants of other ancient races, it is not so easy to let him go.

After all, the Shadow Regiment Commander of Redbud Regiment still has some entanglements with the people in the shadows.

The Mister Gu who holds the [Redbud Sword] is the heir of this sword, so naturally he should know these past events and won’t hurt the killer.

“putting it that way, this guy can still talk about it…” Lin Chuan walked over and looked towards Tai Gu.

Tai Gu did not speak, as if he did not want to mention those ancient past events.

When Lin Chuan saw this, he asked the strange-shaped lifeform, “In that case, before we talk about it, should we talk about the title, this is Mister Gu. You know, I don’t know how you are. Name?”

Is there such a common name…

The strange-shaped lifeform grinds the teeth/argue secretly. He is very jealous of this young Mechanic, but also a little gnashing. Teeth, from every aspect, crushed him to death, giving him a kind of suffocation that is difficult to make.

“My name is Six Arms.” Strange-shaped lifeform said.

“Six Arms…”

Lin Chuan looked at this guy’s six arms, and then thought about other invaders. It seemed that they were three arms. Four arms.

Could it be said that the clan group is divided into innate talent according to the size of the arm?

For a moment, Lin Chuan put the idea behind him, and the Mechanical Arm switched to a disk suspended in the air, and he sat on it.

“Six Arms, let’s stop talking nonsense, let’s talk about your specific intentions.”

“Please answer carefully and don’t lie, otherwise, I will probably rush Maybe the killer…”

Lin Chuan said softly.

Somehow, when the young Mechanic uttered the words “sudden killer”, Six Arms shuddered. He didn’t feel Lin Chuan’s killing intent, but it was true. Sense of crisis.

To a certain extent, this young Mechanic puts him more pressure than Mister Gu on the side.

“The descendants of Redbud Regiment, isn’t it said that they have fallen away? How come to this generation, there will be such terrifying geniuses, one inherits [Redbud Sword], and the other is a super fighting Mechanic, it’s not right , It seems that it is not only as simple as fighting Mechanic…”

Six Arms murmured in his heart, but he repeatedly assured him that he would not make false claims.

This time he will lead the brothers of the ethnic group to Foca Plain, not only as simple as [Shadow Treaty of Alliance], but the ancestor of the woman who once saved Six Arms and their clan.

There is an oath in the clan that once the descendants of their ancestors call together, they will give full assistance regardless of the reason.

When I received the call from the woman, I rushed over from the Black Sea five days ago. It was a day and night trip. After I got here, I took on the task of sweeping this area.

“So, your Excellency Six Arms did not know that Mister Gu is here?” Lin Chuan said.

Six Arms is nodded quickly, and even with his huge body, he ups and downs, indicating that he has no falsehood.

“Who is that woman…?” Lin Chuan asked again.

hearing this, Six Arms hesitated for a while, did not speak, but looked towards Tai Gu.

Tai Gu said: “The binding force of [Shadow Treaty of Alliance] is more stringent than our treaty of alliance, so leaking the name of the other party is tantamount to violating the treaty of alliance.”


Lin Chuan nodded, and then knocked on the sitting disc, a light and shadow emerged, quickly condensing into the image of Lady Yu.

Seeing this image, the three pairs of eyes under the Six Arms mask flickered, and he was shocked. On the way, he heard other supporting experts mentioned that the woman got caught in the Human Race. Get great fortune, the identity of the descendants of the shadow race is top secret, no one knows.

Why did this young Mechanic know? Is this tempting him to admit that this image is the woman?

However, Lin Chuan raised his hand a little, and the image of Lady Yu disappeared immediately, as if nothing had happened, said with a smile: “It seems that we can talk, then, Six Your Excellency Arms, I just thought about it.”

“Let’s discuss how to do something mutually beneficial without violating your [Shadow Treaty of Alliance].”


“After all, your mission on this trip can be regarded as achieved, and your family’s promise is also fulfilled.”

“Look at these contents, do you have any comments…”

Lin Chuan raised his hand again and threw the Light Screen in front of Six Arms, with the content he quickly listed on it.


Under the mask of Six Arms, three pairs of eyes suddenly widened, watching the cooperation content listed in the Light Screen, he somehow, whole body Chills.

As long as each of these cooperation terms is carried out, it will be extremely unfavorable to the woman.

However, it did not violate the [Shadow Treaty of Alliance]…

“I don’t…”

As soon as Six Arms spoke, I felt Lin Chuan stared indifferently, his huge body trembled again and again, and then he bared his teeth and said: “It is my honor to cooperate with the descendants of Redbud Regiment!”

“Your Excellency is really reasonable, you can rest assured, for the collaborators, I have never been stingy.” Lin Chuan nodded, said.

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