This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 475

“putting it that way, among the influence who came to help, there are three [Shadow Treaty of Alliance]. There is still no intersection between you, and you don’t even know what the purpose is?”

“I only know that it is to snatch the captives of Sea Beast? You really value the [Shadow Treaty of Alliance]…… Are you afraid that the other party will sell you……”


Quick question and answer with Six Arms, Lin Chuan didn’t ask Lady Yu anything anymore, just asked the influence of the participants, who were responsible for those areas and so on.

After answering this question, Six Arms felt distressed. After seeing the power of this young Mechanic, he of course knew that these problems alone were already very unfavorable to the woman.

Of course, he didn’t care much about the woman. It was actually such a behavior, which actually violated the [Shadow Treaty of Alliance]. If it was spread, then he would be finished.

“Six Arms, you can rest assured. This is a secret between us. As long as you don’t say it, this matter will never be leaked. Besides, cooperating with our Redbud Regiment, for you, for Your race is a great advantage, so why should you care about other things…”

“In all respects, in fact, you have not violated the [Shadow Treaty of Alliance], just forced by helplessness. I just answered some questions. There is no conflict between this and the terms in the [Shadow Treaty of Alliance], right…”

It seems that I can see Six Arms’ thoughts, and Lin Chuan harmonizes.

From Tai Gu, Lin Chuan has a general understanding of the content of [Shadow Treaty of Alliance], which is very similar to the treaty of alliance of those ancient races.

The tribes that have concluded the [Shadow Treaty of Alliance], their descendants need mutual assistance. Once there are foreign enemies, other tribes should help as much as possible.

And the group of Six Arms, once rescued by the ancestors of Lady Yu, can be said to have the grace of saving the family.

According to the content of [Shadow Treaty of Alliance], the descendants of their ancestors must give unconditional help if they have any requirements, and they must not do anything that harms them, otherwise they will be subjected to the [Shadow Treaty of Alliance] sanctions.

“Mr. Mechanic is right…”

Six Arms responded with a dry voice. He comforted himself in his heart. If he were replaced by some stupid guy, this young Mechanic question was indeed nothing much.

It’s just that he is not stupid at all. He is very clear that with the young Mechanic’s mind, the information he leaked is fatal.


On the Light Screen hanging in front of me, lines of writing suddenly appeared, with a reward for Six Arms.

Wealth, real estate, Heart-Origin Equipment, etc…. For these things, Six Arms is not very interested in what he belongs to the ethnic group pursuing different things.

However, when Six Arms saw a legal identity, his weapon repair, and the energy crystal of the fire attribute, the three pairs of eyes under his mask couldn’t help but glow.

For his clan group, these rewards are hard to refuse.

“It seems that His Excellency Six Arms is very satisfied…”

Lin Chuan laughed, these remuneration proposals were also informed by Tai Gu, who seems to be familiar with these ethnic groups.

“These remunerations are only a part. After a while, I will give you another gift. If your Excellency Six Arms is satisfied, please sign here. It’s just a form.” Lin Chuan said .

Looking at the lines of writing on the Light Screen, Six Arms was shaken. This is an irresistible temptation.

This Human Race is really terrifying…

Sighing like this, Six Arms stretched out a finger, clicked on the Light Screen, and carved a weird symbol.

This is his unique emblem, as long as people familiar with him will recognize it immediately.

Actually, there is no need for him to leave this emblem. As Lin Chuan said, this is just a formality.

The cooperation with each other is dominated by this young Mechanic. Six Arms knows very well that if he does something unusual, the consequences of waiting for him will be miserable.

It’s just that his clan group is like this. Even if the methods are not bright, they are also cunning by nature, but they will still carry out this kind of agreement religiously.

“Very good.”

Lin Chuan looked at the emblem on the Light Screen and was satisfied with nodded, “Your Excellency Six Arms, happy cooperation!”

“Yes By the way, what is the ancestor of your six-arms ethnic group? I know that many of the ethnic groups in the shadows have strange origins and are not worthy of outsiders. Then, the six-arms ethnic group, can it be convenient to reveal the source?”

Lin Chuan asked like this. Seeing Six Arms’ mood fluctuates a bit, he waved his hand and said that he was just curiosity as a Mechanic, and wanted to trace the root to the source. It’s okay if it’s not convenient to disclose.

Immediately, Lin Chuan healed Six Arms. The potion and treatment devices he carried were many. They used each of them to collect data on Six Arms.

In a moment, Six Arms’ injuries recovered a lot, and Lin Chuan stopped, no longer preparing to continue treatment.

“Human Race is really cautious. Are you worried about my continued sneak attack…” Six Arms snorts secretly, somewhat sarcastically.

At this time, I heard Lin Chuan say again, “Then, next, we will give you a great gift to your Excellency Six Arms. I hope you will use it.”

Big gift ?

What kind of gift? !

Six Arms was a little puzzled, and then the three pairs of eyes under the mask suddenly widened, and Lin Chuan raised his hand, suddenly raising a giant knife, which was effortlessly swung.


The giant knife slashed and passed by Tai Gu’s body. A blade light shot out and pierced into the body within the body. The body was actually Was cut apart.

Immediately, Tai Gu made a very cooperative scream, swiping the purple sword in his hand, and the sky-filling sword qi was vertical and horizontal, piercing into the thick fog, but one after another failed.


“What is this doing…”

Rao is Six Arms, who is cunning in mind, and was scared by this scene. I doubt it all. , Could it be that this young Mechanic had a premeditated plan, just to come up with a surprise and plot against the successor of [Redbud Sword]?

Is this the internal tumult of the descendants of Redbud Regiment?

The battle between the two geniuses, is he unfortunately involved in…

In an instant, a series of flashes flashed in Six Arms’ mind Every assumption made him cold.

After that, he was horrified to find that Tai Gu was standing there, his body was cut in half, but no blood flowed out, and even his breath did not weaken.

“How about? Isn’t it a good performance?”

Tai Gu raised his hand and closed his split body. The position where Lin Chuan was cut is actually the same as before [Void Bone Shadow] The damaged part has only been cut open again, without much damage.

“It’s okay, the Elf secret treasure carried by your Excellency Six Arms, I should be able to modify this scene…”

Lin Chuan shook the head, for Tai Gu’s acting skills, only It can be said to be so-so.

However, the thing that confuses the dense fog environment is, according to Tai Gu, the secret treasure of Elf Race, which can form illusions and record images. In ancient times, it was an incomparable treasure.

Such treasures can naturally modify and edit the recorded images. Lin Chuan believes that Six Arms knows how to do it…

“No problem. I will definitely get it right. Please rest assured!”

Six Arms made a strong guarantee that he was terrified by that scene. This Mister Gu was slashed by oneself’s giant knife, and his body could heal on its own. This was too terrifying. , It’s more like a monster than their clans.

Is the descendant of Redbud Regiment so scary now?

Thinking of this, Six Arms is very grateful that the oneself sneak attack is this young Mechanic, although the latter is acting numb, but at least there is one thing that can be discussed.

If just now, the sneak attack was Mister Gu, this person is really going to be a killer, and his side is really going to suffer a lot.

“If the negotiation is settled, then lift the restrictions here…, your companions are a little bit unable to hold on…”

Lin Chuan looked towards all around, vision Clearly see the situation of each companion.

This is also the reason why he is not in a hurry from start to finish. Under the effect of the stone ball ability, he quickly sees through the dense fog, and he knows the situation of every companion.

Needless to say the old guys in Lowden, they are old and good, and they have too much fighting experience, unless they are suppressed by the strength of the seventh boundary.

The strength of Heng Feng and Fei Yu is unquestionable. Fighting abilities exist in the seventh boundary.

Especially Fei Yu. She was trapped in the dense fog. In order to find her companion, she used true strength……

As for Fowler, this guy’s escape ability, even with little white Bull Harpoon also swam freely in the thick fog…

“Mr. Mechanic, can you see through…”

Six Arms laughed dryly, but he was not shocked. The previous shock was too great, and he is now numb.

For a while, the dense fog in this area gradually faded, and a group of companions soon met.

“Mister Gu, what’s wrong with you?”

“Why did Mister Gu hurt so badly…”

Everyone saw Tai Gu lying on the ground , All turn pale with fright, one after another came forward to investigate.

Heng Feng, Fei Yu and the others after the investigation, their faces fluctuated, and then immediately became extremely angry, claiming to chase these invaders to the end of the continent…

“Fortunately…, Mister Gu is not a fatal injury, but it will take some time to cultivate, not eight years or ten years, I am afraid it will be difficult to recover completely.” Lin Chuan sighed with a sad expression on his face.

“For so long to heal, Mister Gu’s strength is too much damage…”

Heng Feng shook his head while standing with a sword in anger. The sword intent on his body seemed difficult. Restrained, suddenly soaring into the sky.

Looking from a distance, there seems to be a sword light lying between heaven and earth……


on the other side.

Six Arms meets with the subordinates of the same clan. He is holding a somewhat damaged basin in his hand, and rubbing the surface of the basin for a while, the image that emerges is that he is fighting with Tai Gu, and he is sneaked by him. The attack almost cut off the body.

“Okay! As expected of the Boss Six Arms, it hurt the opponent’s strongest one seriously…”

“We have fought against this Human Race swordsman. They are terrifying. Almost beheaded by the Boss Six Arms!”


A group of strange-shaped lifeforms were amazed, and they began to tout and praise Six Arms as the epoch-making existence of their clan group.

“Sneak attack only succeeds, it’s nothing…” Six Arms said indifferently.

Thinking of the truth of this matter, he really didn’t have the slightest joy in his heart, but he was an expert in the eyes of his fellow clan.

For a time, the flattery sounded even more, and Six Arms felt guilty.

At this moment–

A sword light rushed up, the sharp sword intent assaults the senses, and the strange-shaped lifeform silenced simultaneously.

“Oh, there is a seventh boundary swordsman among them!”

“The Heng Feng of Eastglass City, this old bastard is also a mess…”

“It seems that the other person is very seriously injured! Hurry up, hurry up, don’t let this group of guys catch up, let’s fulfill the promise of the clan this time…”

The strange-shaped lifeform quickly left, rushing to a high ground in the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench.

At the same time.

Beside the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, the battle of Sea Beast Regiment has undergone tremendous changes, and battles are erupting…

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