This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 477

In the thick fog, pairs of eyes fell on this woman, and the expert eyes in the audience had various emotions.

The gathering of this group of experts is not the appeal of the woman herself, but the background she has, and the agreement between her ancestors and major influences.

It can be said that the purpose of major influences here is to complete the agreement.

It’s just that after coming to Foca Tower, the plan given by the woman can be said to be very perfect, so that the experts on the scene are willing to cooperate.

Now, Six Arms has suffered such an injury, which is inconsistent with the content of the previous plan. The experts are very suspicious that this woman has concealed a lot of things.

“Six Arms, what happened to your Excellency?”

The woman asked, with a surprised look on her scaly face.

Six Arms took a step forward, his body was huge, only one step away, he was in front of this woman.

Suddenly, several figures stood in front of the woman. This was her guard. She was worried that Six Arms would suddenly get into trouble.

“You retreat. I have always had a good relationship with the group of His Excellency Six Arms. I won’t deliberately plot against you. What enemy did Your Excellency Six Arms encounter over there?”

The woman asked softly, her voice is very moving, and there is a unique rhythm between her words, which makes a lot of reveries.

However, Six Arms is not interested in such a woman at all. The head in the center of the body shakes slightly, and the three pairs of eyes under the mask flicker, seeming to consider the authenticity of the woman’s words.

Actually, in his head, he is thinking about what to do next, so as to be seamless.

This woman, regardless of her origin, her own strength, and the city’s skills, made Six Arms quite jealous.

To be honest, if you didn’t meet the young Mechanic, who made him trembling in fear, Six Arms would not agree to Lin Chuan’s plan.

Six Arms didn’t say anything, and took out the broken basin and presented it to the experts.

For an instant, all the expert eyes on the scene were attracted by this broken and old basin. A pair of eyes were full of fiery and greedy. If the owner of this basin is not Six Arms, there is expert or even I can’t help but snatch it.

“Is this the [Dreaming Vessel] bathing in that well?”

The woman was also amazed, staring at the broken basin, she also had a trace of what she owned thought.

Elf’s secret treasure…

The experts secretly marveled that the Six Arms race holds this secret treasure. It is not a secret, but they have actually seen the [Dreaming Vessel] There are very few creatures.

By this generation, many insiders are even speculating whether this secret treasure still exists.

After all, Elf’s secret treasures are also to be maintained and repaired. Elves has lost such a long time. If the secret treasures cannot be maintained and repaired, they will gradually be damaged until they lose their magical ability.

At this moment, when I witnessed the [Dreaming Vessel], all the powerful creatures present were amazed that this artifact was not damaged.

Don’t look at this pot in bad condition, in fact, in Dark Age, this secret treasure is like this, and there are vivid pictures in the classics of many ethnic groups.

After such a long time, the damage on the [Dreaming Vessel] is only one or two more than the illustrations in the classics.

“That’s less used. This time, in order to complete the agreement with the ancestors of Lady, I came here with the [Dreaming Vessel].”

Six Arms said this, start After the [Dreaming Vessel], there was an air current around immediately, and the sound of wind and mist merged into the broken basin.

Then, the [Dreaming Vessel] began to glow, and there were dim images inside. Not long ago, the Six Arms troops attacked the underground headquarters…

Determining the location of the underground headquarters is also the ability of [Dreaming Vessel]. This kind of artifact can absorb the energy of the natural world and feed it back to form such an image.

Looking at the screen, the underground command broke through in a very short time. The Six Arms troops quickly invaded there and forced the people inside to escape from the secret passage. All the experts present couldn’t help but sigh. When I got up, I was amazed by the magical strength of [Dreaming Vessel], and was also shocked by the fighting power of Six Arms.

There are only three clear images of those in the command center shown on the screen, namely Heng Feng, Mister Gu, and Fowler.

“Eastglass City, Sword Grandmaster Heng Feng!?”


There was an expert exclaimed immediately and recognized Heng Feng’s identity. The seventh boundary Sword Grandmaster of Eastern Continent, even if it is the influence that does not have much contact with the outside world, is also heard.

Some experts also recognized that the identity of Mister Gu was the peerless swordsman who fought against several major seventh boundary experts in the storm of Foca Tower that night.

As for Fowler, not many people paid attention…

Of course, except for the woman. When she saw Fowler’s image, her lovable body trembled slightly and whispered “wu”. , No more words.

As the images of [Dreaming Vessel] continued to surface, it was not until Six Arms exhausted all sorts of means that Mister Gu was seriously injured, and then when Sword Grandmaster Heng Feng was furious, he led a group of subordinates to quickly evacuate.


The picture in [Dreaming Vessel] disappeared, and the experts in the scene were in shock, and they did not come back to his senses for a while.

Six Arms, the force of the raid, faced two seventh boundary experts and severely injured a peerless swordsman like Mister Gu. It was a fruitful battle that was unmatched by other four battlefields.

From now on, it seems that the northern area, which is considered the most relaxed, is the same as the central battle situation, but it is extremely dangerous.

This situation is inconsistent with what the woman said before. If Six Arms is not strong enough, it will really be a bloody return.

“Lady, should you give me an explanation?”

“Of course, you don’t need to give any explanation. I’ll wait for this to complete the agreement.”

“Now, this agreement should be considered as a successful completion. From then on, our ethnic group and Lady have nothing to do…”

Six Arms’ voice is very cold. With his words, the holes in his body leaked wisps of liquid, which looked very oozing.

All the experts on the scene were silent, watching how the woman responded. If there is no satisfactory answer, after this battle, their respective influences should be clear from her.

After all, the ancestors of this woman are too brilliant. She was once the overlord of the ethnic group in the shadows and one of the leaders who contributed to the [Shadow Treaty of Alliance]. Many ethnic groups have benefited from their ancestors. Promises, subject to these agreements.

For so many years, these ethnic groups have long wanted to get rid of these conventions. Now, what happened to Six Arms is a good opportunity.

“Six Arms, your Excellency, you will encounter such a powerful enemy. I did not expect it before. This was my mistake. However, I can guarantee that there was absolutely no concealment before…”


The woman spoke softly. In the storm that night of Foca Tower, the mysterious and peerless swordsman once fought with several large seventh boundary experts by the strength of oneself, and then disappeared and disappeared.

She considered this mysterious Mister Gu when she made her plan. From all indications, even if Mister Gu was not injured after the war, it would take quite a while to recuperate before she could recover. strength.

“I didn’t expect, this person will appear here, and the battle strength is so sturdy, this is my negligence…”

“As for the Sword Grandmaster of Eastglass City Heng Feng, no one didn’t expect that he would appear here…”

The woman’s speech paused, and said: “In short, this is my mistake this time. I will give Six Arms your satisfaction. At the same time, it will also compensate your ethnic group. Your Excellency Six Arms is so brave, I hope very much that the misunderstanding of this matter will not damage our friendship.”

At the same time, behind the woman, a subordinate brought a box. After opening it, the expert’s eyes glowed. These all are rare materials, including treasures from Elf Territory.

“This is only part of the compensation, I hope your Excellency Six Arms can accept it.”


Six Arms looked at the contents of the box and was silent. Now, nodded, it is regarded as accepting the woman’s apology.

In his heart, there was a sigh. If this was done, it would have violated the [Shadow Treaty of Alliance], and there was no turning back.

Thinking of the plan given by Lin Chuan, Six Arms stretched out a hand, lifted the box, and then stared at the woman, saying: “I accept this compensation, but, Lady, the current situation It’s not up to us. What do you decide to do? Although this plan was made by you, Lady, and has little to do with us, as a participant in the plan, I still hope to see the plan succeed. “

hearing this, the experts in the audience are also looking at this woman, Six Arms’ words are what they think in their hearts.

So many influences and ethnic groups sent elite teams to participate in such a plan, no matter what, I don’t want to see the plan fail. It’s not good to spread.

However, if the plan fails, it will be good for them as well, that is, they will have nothing to do with this woman.

“Of course, I made this plan. Naturally, there are other means…”

The woman sighed and said in anguish, “It’s just that, with such means, there are some movements. If it’s not necessary, I really don’t want to do this step.”

The experts on the scene couldn’t help but froze, and then some people changed their faces and revealed the startled expression, seeming to think of what the woman said. What is it.


At the same time——

The situation on the four-party battlefield is becoming fierce, especially the central battlefield, Sea Beast Regiment, Steel Giant Soldier and Mechanic Legion are in a stalemate.

Even if Sea Beast Regiment has the intention to retreat, but in the face of such a situation, it does not want to retreat. Steel Giant Soldier has been staring at Sea Beast Regiment frantically attacking…

Suddenly, a violent roar came out, and a huge object suddenly broke through the clouds in the sky, shining with dazzling brilliance, dropping from the sky.

“What’s that!?”

“This is…, Flying Fortress?!”

“My God…, how can I pay it now? There is this kind of terrifying thing…”

Looking at the huge object slowly descending from the sky, people on all battlefields exclaimed, and many people Recognize the origin of this object.

On the other side.

Lin Chuan and the others who have been watching the battle are also one by one dumbfounded. This object is a flying machine, but it is as huge as a town.

This is a flying Steel Fortress! ?

“Such a huge flying device…”

Looking at this huge suspended object, Lin Chuan was shocked. There has never been such a thing in the history of this World. Huge aircraft appeared.

The technology tree of this World, because of the perennial wars, has always been biased towards actual combat and is used to fight Sea Beast Regiment.

At the beginning of the emergence of Mechanical Domain, there was also Mechanical who focused on the research of aircraft and wanted to strike Sea Beast Regiment from the air.

As a result, it was extremely miserable. The weapons held by Sea Beast Regiment were especially good at air combat. That batch of Battle Type aircraft was wiped out.

After that, the research direction of Mechanical Domain was biased towards contact warfare, and the research direction of aircraft was mainly manned, just like the current airship.

“The technology used in this aerial fortress does not seem to be the mechanical technology of today…”

In the Induction Goggles, segments of images are continuously transmitted to perform the analysis.

Lin Chuan was surprised to find that the power plant of this sky fortress did not seem to be the mechanical power furnace of today.

“Is this Lady Yu’s trump card… I really can’t think of it…”

Lin Chuan muttered to himself, the body moved, it has disappeared like light smoke, moved towards the other direction, he had to choose a location to observe the sky fortress.

Fei Yu also followed, her face is very ugly, the initiator of this war is undoubtedly Lady Yu, the power of the latter is too amazing, far beyond her Imagine.

“Let’s follow along, let’s take a look…”

Tai Gu also said that he was equally shocked by this huge flying machine. He had never seen it before. Huge guy.

Heng Feng nodded, stretched out his hand, and carried Tai Gu’s stretcher lightly as if flying away.

The rest of the people also quietly followed. This huge aircraft was too shocking. Find a good location and see.

A group of companions knows very well that with the appearance of this huge aircraft, this time the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench war will soon spread throughout the entire continent like the storm on the night of Foca Tower.

Even, it will be even more explosive than before.

After all, such a steel city in the sky has exceeded their cognition.

The entire group detoured far, to a high ground on the edge of the battlefield, where you can observe the detailed situation of this aerial fortress and overlook the battle situation in the central battlefield.

Of course, the most important thing is that you can retreat at any time.

In the process of moving forward, Lin Chuan sent several messages in a row to get in touch with Lieutenant General Phillon and Mechanic Legion, so that they had better evacuate immediately.

Such a huge aircraft stings his forehead. This sense of crisis makes him very jealous. If he is not too curious about this giant aircraft, his first choice now is to withdraw immediately.

“Such a huge aircraft, Young Lady Fei Yu, do you have any clues about the information you have…” Lin Chuan said.

On the side, Fei Yu shook the head, today’s best powered furnace, and an airship that can be adapted, can carry ten thousand people at most.

Such a giant aircraft can accommodate the population of a small town. As long as the Mechanic organization or arsenal of this kind of power furnace has this intention, it can’t hide from outside spy agencies.


At this time, a beam of light suddenly lit up on the giant aircraft, which penetrated straight down and enveloped the Steel Giant Soldier.

Under the shocking gaze of countless pairs of eyes, the Steel Giant Soldier instantly got rid of the frozen rays of the Sea Beast cavalry, and quickly rushed into a hole in the giant aircraft, disappeared.

“There seems to be Steel Giant Soldier…”

“No, there are still many…”



On various battlefields, the detectors immediately detected the situation in the hole. One after another Steel Giant Soldier was suspended there. Although the hole closed quickly, it was able to catch a glimpse of it. See that the number of Steel Giant Soldier exceeds a hundred.

This scene makes every influence on the battlefield suck in cold air. If these Steel Giant Soldiers are dispatched simultaneously, they will sweep the entire battlefield.

However, many people also know that the energy consumption of a Steel Giant Soldier is too amazing. If Baiju dispatches at the same time, I am afraid that the energy consumption will be comparable to a national war.

Unless the initiator of this war is a madman, he cannot do such a crazy thing.

ding ding ding~ ……

On Induction Goggles, a section of data emerged, and Lin Chuan was collecting information on all aspects of this aerial fortress.

At the same time, under the Mechanic robe, one after another Mechanical Bee flew out, exuding energy fluctuations, forming a thick defensive shield.


In the sky, the giant aircraft roared and began to shine with dazzling brilliance at its tip, and then a beam of light poured straight down in a burst of blast.

One after another weird and twisted lines appeared in the surrounding space, and the beam of light poured out and enveloped the Sea Beast Regiment troops.

This scene has changed countless people’s discoloration, and many people have begun to speculate that the purpose of these sudden emergence of troops is to snatch Sea Beast captives, and they will inevitably not use weapons of mass destruction.

The appearance of the Steel Giant Soldier has made people surprised, but didn’t expect that this giant aircraft that appeared suddenly will spray such a terrifying energy cannon all at once.

This formidable power is so big that it is no longer comparable to the Six Stars Level heavy artillery. It is equivalent to a strategic Seven Stars Level weapon.

Lin Chuan and the others who watched the battle on the edge of the battlefield were also astonished. This is because the captives of Sea Beast failed to be robbed. Do you want to destroy them all here?

“Hey…, something is wrong…”

Lin Chuan complexion slightly changed. He spread a trace of Mental Energy and carefully observed the situation in the central battlefield. He found that the light beam The Sea Beast Regiment was not bombed.

The beam of energy leaked down, and it attacked the defense system of Mountain Bearing Snail, as well as those weapons that Sea Beast Regiment had inlaid with special Energy Crystal…

This This kind of energy cannon can destroy the weapon of Sea Beast Regiment! ?

This discovery shocked Lin Chuan. Isn’t this the nemesis of Sea Beast Regiment?

Immediately, Lin Chuan was disappointed to discover that this kind of energy beam was rapidly weakening, and the energy fluctuations on the giant aircraft produced a considerable attenuation.

“The energy consumption of this thing, it seems that it is not astonishing…”

Lin Chuan has some regretful thoughts, and at the same time, he also obtained the information he wanted. This The energy required for the operation of the giant aircraft, like the [seventh equipment] on his body, is a little less.

Furthermore, he also analyzed that the technology for manufacturing giant aircraft is fundamentally different from today’s Mechanical Domain.

“This sky fortress is really a treasure!”

Lin Chuan breathes deeply, suppressing inner excitement, secretly thinking about some plans.

At this moment–

In the depths of the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, there was a horn that shook the sky. On the distant coastline, the sea began to boil. The huge object rose from the seabed.

It is a battleship, a fully enclosed battleship, a giant battleship made of Energy Crystal with white light glowing!

At the bow of the battleship, a huge crossbow was erected, and an arrowhead made of white Energy Crystal pointed directly at the sky fortress.

“This is White Nightmare Royal Warship!?”

At this time, every influence on the battlefield has been recognized. The origin of this giant battleship is Sea Beast Royal Clan. The mobile fortress just possessed, equipped with [Sea Sovereign Item] White Nightmare Royal Warship.

“It seems that in the wars of ancient times, the legend of White Nightmare Royal Warship’s invincibility against the sky may be broken today…”

“Unexpectedly! Makki is in Sea In Beast Royal Clan, there is still a lot of weight…”

Lin Chuan suddenly laughed when he looked at the huge battleship that came out suddenly. He can now imagine that Lady Yu should be bleeding in her heart now.

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