This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 478

White Nightmare Royal Warship! ?

On the battlefield near the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, one after another troop quickly retreated, staying away immediately, not wanting to be affected.

These troops are very scared, because unlike the huge sky fortress, the name of the White Nightmare Royal Warship is too high.

This is the strategic weapon used by the Sea Beast Royal Clan of Five Seas during the great decisive battle between the coalition forces on land in the late Dark Ages.

In that great decisive battle, the formidable power of the White Nightmare Royal Warship was devastating, and the terrifying crossbow carried in it became a nightmare in the heart of Legion on the ground.

Until a long time later, after many researches, some people on the land knew that the terror giant crossbow was a kind of [Sea Sovereign Item], and it was a heavy weapon among them.

According to the rumors, once the terrifying giant crossbow is activated, one arrow can penetrate the sky, and one arrow can split a Kingdom into two halves…

Dark Age, that great decisive Although the result of the battle was that Sea Beast Regiment returned to Five Seas and concluded a weak treaty with the land, the prestige of the White Nightmare Royal Warship has always been engraved in the hearts of land creatures.

Of course, many people in later generations believe that these rumors are exaggerated and untrue.

Splitting a country with one arrow is simply unimaginable. The formidable power of Nine Stars Level Heart-Origin Equipment is far from reaching this step.

If you say that a city is divided by an arrow, it is barely believed…

However, no matter how much water the rumors are mixed with, there is a fact that can be confirmed, this The giant crossbow hit the battlefield with an arrow, no one could bear it.

At the same time.

On the other side, on the high ground where Six Arms and other experts gathered, they were also stunned by the appearance of White Nightmare Royal Warship.

For this strategic weapon, there is an agreement between Land and Sea Beast Regiment. If it is not as a last resort, either party will not violate the agreement and activate the White Nightmare King War.

The woman was also stunned. Starting this aerial fortress made her feel very distressed. Whether it was the aerial fortress or the Steel Giant Soldier, the energy replenishment for activation was a big problem.

This is not a problem of how huge energy consumption is. It is a part of the functions of the Sky Fortress and Steel Giant Soldier. The starting energy required cannot be supplemented.

I feel so distressed. As long as we can snatch these Sea Beast captives away, these losses are worthwhile.

Now, White Nightmare Royal Warship suddenly appeared like this, which really messed up her plan.

“This is a violation of the land and Five Seas treaties. Find an official way to immediately issue a warning to the White Nightmare Royal Warship. They Sea Beast violated the agreement and must find the Eastern and Western Continents coalition siege… “

The woman whispered, some fly into a rage out of humiliation. Although she has confidence in the defense of the aerial fortress, she is also in her heart if she can withstand the arrow of the giant crossbow. No bottom.

“Lady, the White Nightmare Royal Warship did not violate the treaty. The huge ship did not sail into the Sea Territory of Foca Tower…” an expert whispered.

The experts realized that the agreement between the land and the Sea Beast Regiment is a strategic weapon similar to the White Nightmare Royal Warship, and it cannot enter the offshore area of ​​the land.

Looking away, the location of the White Nightmare Royal Warship did not violate the agreement.

In the fragile agreement between continent and Five Seas, whether those strategic weapons are activated or not is judged by entering the opponent’s area.

After all, do you still need to report to the other side if you use strategic weapons to conduct military exercises in oneself’s territory?

“This…” The woman’s fine teeth creaked.

hong long!?

It was so steep, a thunderous roar came out, the bow of the White Nightmare Royal Warship, the giant crossbow was activated, and without warning, the bowstring quivered and the giant arrow was launched. A long trace was drawn in the air.

Bang…, under the clouded sky, the huge arrow seemed to be lit, and a dazzling brilliance burst from it. The arrowhead made of special Energy Crystal suddenly jumped out of a giant beast’s light and shadow. , Roar towards the sky, there is a loud roar coming out.

The giant beast is shaped like a giant whale, but it has two wings and a single horn on its head. It sounds like a dragon roar and vibrates heaven and earth.

Lin Chuan witnessed this scene, only to feel a sting in the forehead, and the sense of danger assaults the senses. The formidable power of this arrow is so strong that there is indeed the horror of piercing the sky with an arrow.

Under the sky, the huge fortress vibrated, producing a circle of ripples visible to the naked eye, spreading out layer by layer, like layers of huge tortoise shells, enclosing the sky fortress.


next moment, a terrifying collision sounded, and the huge arrow sturdily hit the tortoise shells with terrifying shocks. The aftermath waved away, countless fire stars splashed, and the arrowhead turned on the tortoise shell-like defensive cover, and the harsh sound continued to spread, even the Foca Tower in the distance could be heard.

In fact, the entire Foca Tower people were stunned. Many people shiver coldly, as if they had returned to the war night not long ago.

On the outskirts of Foca Tower, Lieutenant General Phillon stood at the headquarters with a cold face, staring at the collision of two huge monsters, and the veins of the forehead were beating vigorously.

“Immediately contact the Mechanic Association, Eastern Continent Coalition Command, and ask this Commander if they are invaded by these two big guys, how should we respond?!”

“Every year I know about the compression of assistance to Foca Tower, I would like to ask, if such a big guy rides on the face, how do we Foca Tower fight…”

Lieutenant General Phillon roared, and the adjutant dialed the number quickly to connect with the Mechanic Association and Eastern Continent coalition command.

I lit a cigar and Lieutenant General Phillon took a deep breath, feeling a kind of heart palpitations.

Such a situation was actually anticipated when planning with Mister Gu and others.

Of course, this expectation is just a hypothesis, and I don’t think it will actually happen.

In fact, when the young Mechanic mentioned that in order to bring Makki back safely, Sea Beast Royal Clan might use strategic weapons, such as [Sea Sovereign Item].

In this regard, Lieutenant General Phillon feels that the probability of this assumption is too low. Once this strategic weapon is used, the entanglement involved is too great, and the probability of dispatching a group of seventh boundary experts is even greater.

However, I did not expect that Sea Beast Royal Clan not only dispatched the seventh boundary expert, but also launched the White Nightmare Royal Warship, which is not as simple as [Sea Sovereign Item].

The [White Nightmare Royal Crystal Crossbow] and the White Nightmare Royal Warship that carry it are the symbols of the Sea Beast Royal Clan of the White Nightmare Sea. This strategic weapon represents Makki’s importance.

“It would be better if these two big guys can be perish together, then it will stop…” Lieutenant General Phillon murmured.

At this time, the connection between the headquarters of the Mechanic Association and the headquarters of the Eastern Continent was connected. Lieutenant General Phillon put down the cigar, his face became more solemn, and he wanted to take this opportunity to ask for more supplies from both sides.

If you don’t take advantage of such a good opportunity, then he doesn’t deserve to sit in this position.


On the edge of the battlefield.

Lin Chuan and the others all around, the defensive shield formed by Mechanical Bee, under the shocking collision of in midair, is also on the verge of collapse, and one after another crack appears.

In this scenario, other companions quickly adopted defenses, layering defenses on top of each other, and everyone felt a lot of peace of mind.

“Is this the formidable power of [Sea Sovereign Item]?!”

“This is not only the formidable power of [Sea Sovereign Item], but also the formidable power of [Sea Sovereign Item]. Sea Sovereign Item]’s formidable power, there is an essential difference between the two.”

“Don’t say you two Old Guy, let’s get out of here quickly, my heartbeat is so great, why don’t you touch it? Until these two big guys collide……”


Among the crowd, Lowden and Howya have knowledge of [Sea Sovereign Item] in popular science. Fowler and little white bull Harpoon only think Noisy, the latter two only want to go to a safe place, this place is too dangerous.

Lin Chuan and the others are not worried. The defensive device they carry is strong enough. Unless they are attacked, they will not fall into a dangerous situation.

The threads of Mental Energy spread. Lin Chuan watched the collision in the sky. It has been two minutes. Not only did the strength of the arrow not weaken, but the penetration power became stronger and stronger. Opened half of the defensive shield of the aerial fortress.

He can feel that there is a terrifying, ocean-like power in the arrow’s crystal arrowhead.

The true formidable power of this arrow lies in the crystal arrowhead.

This is the power of the special Energy Crystal produced in Five Seas, and it is such a terrifying weapon that was made through the skills of Sea Beast.

The formidable power of this arrow alone is not fast enough. Those legendary experts are far away from the rumored formidable power that destroys the country with one stone. However, this arrow penetrates a city, which is a problem. No.

“[Sea Sovereign Item]……, the skill of Sea Beast……”

After turning his eyes, Lin Chuan gazed at the sky fortress and muttered: “Such a huge Who made the city in the sky?”

While thinking–

The battle situation in the sky has changed, and the arrow finally penetrated layer by layer. The tortoise shell defended, shooting directly at the sky fortress, its power has not weakened.

in midair, like a deep-sea giant beast soaring into the sky, it hits a city in the sky.

Such a scene makes people no doubt that this city in the sky will be pierced…

Suddenly, mutation suddenly appeared, and a huge portal opened at the bottom of the sky fortress. , A huge metal claw protruded, fiercely patted the arrow.


The sky-filling sparks splashed, the huge arrow was knocked off, and a deep hole was left in the huge metal claw.


“The arrow fell…”

“This is the matching arrow of [Sea Sovereign Item]!?”


On the battlefield, many people’s eyes lit up, revealing the color of greed. This arrow is part of the [Sea Sovereign Item], which is invaluable!

Lin Chuan also frowned, and his heart moved. He directly promised his companions that if he could seize this arrow, he would design and manufacture a Six Stars Level Heart-Origin Equipment for them in the future.


On the White Nightmare Sea, the giant ship made a weird whistling sound. The arrow dropped in midair trembled and quickly flew back to the White Nightmare Royal Warship.

This scene has left countless people strangled. Many people are ready to desperately want to grab this arrow.

“Surely it is equipped with a recovery device…”

Lin Chuan sighed, shook the head, there was no way.

The other companions shook their heads. The secretly thought is worthy of Mechanic’s temperament. Seeing this thing, there will be such crazy behavior.


At this moment, Lin Chuan’s complexion moved. In the Induction Goggles, he received an image sent by Kitty Lan.

“Finally, this should be Lady Yu’s other back hand…” Lin Chuan murmured.

In the video, there is a peculiar style. The wall shows a thread with a bright pattern. That is the inside of the shell of Mountain Bearing Snail.

In the screen, there is the figure of Makki, as well as five powerful Sea Beasts……. A fierce battle is taking place in the room. A group of mysterious experts broke into it and attacked frantically to snatch Makki away.

Lin Chuan recognized that among this group of mysterious experts, there are members of the Black Net Organization…


On the central battlefield, explosions were repeated , All directions suddenly appeared one after another troop, like a madman, rushing into the Sea Beast troop, actually using the Fleshy body to tie the bomb, together with the Sea Beasts perish.

This tragic scene dazzled other teams on the battlefield. Both the enemy and the enemy were confused. Which side does this sudden Suicide Squad belong to…

But , This sudden desperate attack will tear the Sea Beast troop that has been retreating, tearing open a hole.

Suddenly, a sirens sounded, and a team was seen carrying one by one Sea Beast prisoners and rushing out of the battle.

On the sand, the one by one hole suddenly opened and swallowed the team. Then, there was a roar from the bottom of the ground and it quickly went away.

From underground? !

In this scene, countless people were dumbfounded. What kind of device is this that can drive away so quickly underground.

boom~ boom~ ……

At the same time, in midair

“Is this the real method Lady Yu prepares…, it’s really exciting !”

Lin Chuan couldn’t help but admire. When the sky fortress appeared, he expected that Lady Yu would have other means to snatch these Sea Beast captives.

But it didn’t expect that they actually prepared a group of surprise soldiers from the ground.

It is too far away from the central battlefield. Even though Lin Chuan monitored there, he still did not detect such a movement.

At this moment, the sky fortress vibrated and shot down a beam of light. I saw under the sand, one after another raised trace spreading, and hurried to the location of the beam of light.

Then, one after another figure flew from the beam of light and entered the sky fortress.

Following, there was a roar, and this huge sky fortress quickly lifted into the sky, rushing into the clouds, disappeared.

In the distance, on the White Nightmare Sea, the White Nightmare Royal Warship also dived and sank into the seabed. In the huge waves, it quickly disappeared.

On the battlefield, all the troops that came to attack also retreated at a tidal speed, and soon left the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench.

As for the Sea Beast Regiment in the central battlefield, it speeds up its retreat and quickly withdraws to the military fortress in the White Nightmare Oceanic Trench…

In a short period of time, this film The area was emptied. If it weren’t for the one after another corpse on the ground, it might even make people suspect that nothing had happened.

“Retreating so quickly?!”

“The Sea Beast captive was taken away, so let’s forget about Sea Beast Regiment… …”

Only the troops dispatched from Foca Tower remained on the battlefield. Seeing such a situation, these troops were a little dumbfounded. They still don’t understand how to return. thing.

On the other side.

Lin Chuan stored the collected data, and got up, greeted his companions to leave quickly.

“Are all the Sea Beast captives taken away?”

On the road, Fei Yu asked, and the rest of the companions also showed their listening colors and looked towards Lin Chuan.

“Makki was taken back by Sea Beast Regiment. The other captives, Regins, Sea Beast, were taken away…, this result can be accepted by both parties…”

Lin Chuan said in this way, he should be regarded as the person on the battlefield, except for Sea Beast Royal Clan and Lady Yu, the person who knows the situation of White Nightmare Royal Warship, the sky fortress best.

Analyzed from the collected data, whether it is White Nightmare Royal Warship, the sky fortress cannot withstand too intense frontal collisions. White Nightmare Royal Warship is because the [Sea Sovereign Item] is damaged, and The sky fortress is due to insufficient energy.

“The real formidable power of the giant crossbow, if it is fully utilized, should be the same as in the legend, it can really break through a Kingdom domain with one stone…”

“Of course, there is a price, the price is that this [Sea Sovereign Item] will be severely damaged…”


The entire group is sitting on the Floating Vehicle Lin Chuan pressed Induction Goggles and received a section of data sent by Kitty Lan. This was found in some ancient books about the battle experienced by the White Nightmare Royal Warship in the great decisive battle in the later period of Dark Age.

One of the battles did involve the destruction of a small country in Western Continent, with the participation of White Nightmare Royal Warship.

Because the time is too long, this period of history has been blurred. However, it can be inferred from this that the former giant crossbow did have the formidable power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

“As for the sky fortress, judging from the collected data, there is indeed a battle strength that collides head-on with the White Nightmare Royal Warship. The two should be considered as strategic weapons at the same level.”

“However, if the result of a full collision between the two, the probability of both destruction is more than 70%. Such a result should be unwilling to see both sides.”

“The huge ship is White Nightmare Sea’s Sea Beast Royal Clan’s deterrent weapon, and what the sky fortress means to that woman, is it not so…”

Lin Chuan said like this Therefore, neither the damage to the White Nightmare Royal Warship nor the energy loss of the sky fortress are acceptable to both parties. Therefore, after Lady Yu grabs Regins, this result can be considered acceptable.

As for the Sea Beast Royal Clan side, the purpose is to exchange to Makki, so naturally it is that’s all.


Speaking of which, Lin Chuan said with a smile: “This result should be very satisfactory to us.”

Some companions Stunned, indeed, with such a result, they are the biggest beneficiaries.

“Is this over? I thought there was going to be a big battle…”

Heng Feng muttered to himself, he did his best to fight, to thank Mister Gu Preparation.

Now, he found that the plan was over and it was still very satisfactory, and he simply didn’t contribute much.

“If Mister Heng Feng doesn’t mind, stay in Foca Tower for a few more days, let’s exchange our experience…” Tai Gu said.

hearing this, Heng Feng is delighted to be nodded, he has this intention.

Lin Chuan lowered his head and continued to study the data harvested this time, while thinking about Lady Yu, and the Black Net Organization team that just appeared…

“Look It’s not that simple to pull up the Black Net Organization by the roots…” Lin Chuan whispered to himself.

Before coming to Foca Tower, he and Tai Gu were already preparing for the deployment of completely eradicating the Black Net Organization.

After all, the victory of Nanluo City is the first, and in Dava Golden City, the Redbud descendants, Sea Dragon Commander and other strong support, let Lin Chuan and Tai Gu have a plan for the Black Net Organization. Absolute confidence.

Now, Lin Chuan shook his head secretly. After all, he underestimated the Black Net Organization. Although this huge organization is now in decline, it is a centipede dies, but never falls.

Regardless of the relationship between Lady Yu and the Black Net Organization, judging from today’s battle, in the future against the Black Net Organization, this woman will inevitably be involved.

Able to obtain the support of that many influence, hold an aerial fortress, terrifying weapons such as Steel Giant Soldier, and the power this woman possesses in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture… No matter how you look at it, Is an extremely difficult opponent.

Of course, Lin Chuan doesn’t worry much. The current situation is that the enemy is bright, and he is dark.

What’s more, he has an excellent internal response to penetrate the enemy, Six Arms.

“In this Steel Giant Soldier, there are traces of Elf and dwarf’s manufacturing skills. You have no impression at all…”

Lin Chuan remembered something, turned his head and looked towards Tai Gu , Lowden and the others, Redbud Regiment, but there are related classics, recording many secrets of Dark Age.

Lowden and the others shook their heads. The appearance of the Steel Giant Soldier is already the period of the decline of Redbud Regiment. It is a long time apart. How can there be records in the Redbud classics?

Lin Chuan shook his head disappointedly, and then looked at Fowler. The latter also shook his head, implying that Cromwell’s legacy did not mention any information about the Steel Giant Soldier and the sky fortress.


At the same time.

High in the sky, the steel city-like aircraft is suspended, and layers of shields cover the sky fortress. The light shines, and it actually produces a kind of distortion.

boom~ boom~ ……

In the sky fortress, there was a roar, and the giant aircraft began to blur, as if it was going to disappear at any time.

Inside the fortress, the situation here is completely different from Lin Chuan and the others’ guesses. The sound of metal rubbing against the ground is heard from time to time, and apart from this, it seems very silent, without a trace of life.


A metal door opened, Lady Yu walked in, and looked around the rusty metal walls, the ground, and the mechanical that was still in operation but slow in action Puppet.

“The energy loss at this time is too great, and it has affected the normal operation of this Yeya City…” Lady Yu sighed.


A ray of light swept across her lovable body, and then there was a cold electronic tone: “The descent matches, the identity verification passed, welcome back, City Lord Yu.”

Lady Yu stepped forward, the fine scales on her face quickly faded, walked through the silent metal courtyard, and walked into a room where a man had been waiting.

On the chair in the room, a man faces Lady Yu with his back, and there is a bottle of wine on the table. The bottle is made of clear spar.

Hearing the sound of the metal door sliding, the man said with a smile, without looking back, “Welcome to come back from victory, this time, in front of those shadowed races, but fiercely has a long face. . Worthy of being the respected City Lord Yu.”

“hmph! Don’t be eccentric, I know you think the price paid this time is too great. But it’s all my business, please Black Net was dispatched, and I paid enough.”

Lady Yu’s face turned cold, without the slightest smile in front of other people, revealing a cold murderous aura.

“tsk tsk tsk……, I don’t mean to laugh at all, I’m just worried about you, City Lord Yu, you think it’s been so expensive, but you didn’t grab the key Sea Beast Royal Clan. Is it really worth it?” The man turned his head and was a middle age person with a cold face.

If Lin Chuan is here, he will recognize that this man’s voice is in Mechanical Honeycomb, and not the Black Net Organization Leader who had the giving tit for tat.

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