This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 480

The comparative data is listed in the Light Screen, which is the parameter of the known Nine Stars Level heavy weapon, which was completely exploded by the aerial fortress.

Of course, this is the aerial fortress data collected by Lin Chuan through previous fighting, which represents the strongest formidable power of this huge war fortress.

“In the real situation, the formidable power that the sky fortress can play should be at most equivalent to Nine Stars Level war fortress. Of course, it may be worse than…”

Lin Chuan browse With these data, he said his judgment, not only the sky fortress, but also the White Nightmare Royal Warship, these two huge war machines have great problems, and they can’t exert real formidable power at all.

Tapping his finger on the desktop, Lin Chuan groaned, and thought: “Let’s not talk about the integrity of this aerial fortress. Even if it is in good condition, every time it is activated, a huge amount of energy is needed, and there are counts in there. Hundreds of Steel Giant Soldier.”

Everyone nodded agrees that the energy consumption of the aerial fortress can be seen from the energy consumption of the Steel Giant Soldier.

If the sky fortress can be activated freely, in fact, in the previous war, there is no need to fight at all, and the Hundred Steel Giant Soldier will be activated directly, and the Sea Beast Regiment will just run away, Foca Tower. Bian would never send troops to fight.

This conclusion, after this fight, some people should be able to guess, but without these data analysis, the conclusion reached is so clear.

As for the problems of White Nightmare Royal Warship, this is not considered top secret. This strategic weapon will be worn out every time it is used.

This loss lies not only in the White Nightmare Royal Warship, the giant crossbow [Sea Sovereign Item] itself, but also in the Sea Beast Royal Clan driving the battleship.

The weapon use of Sea Beast Regiment is completely different from Heart-Origin Equipment. It uses its own innate talent to stimulate the deep-sea Energy Crystal in the weapon.

This kind of stimulating effect is actually better than Heart-Origin Equipment, which is why the technology of Heart-Origin Equipment is so developed today, the battle with Sea Beast Regiment is still in a stalemate. .

However, the use of Sea Beasts’ weapons is far more burdensome than the creatures on the land.

As for the White Nightmare Royal Warship, the activation of the Nine Stars Level war fortress requires dozens of Nightmare Level Sea Beasts to start together, and the launch of that giant crossbow is for those Nightmare Level Sea Beasts , It is not only a burden, but is consuming life.

This is why, in the great decisive battle of Dark Age, the Sea Beast Regiment of Five Seas used strategic weapons, but was still beaten back into the ocean and signed an armistice agreement with the creatures on the land.

“In short, after this battle, the White Nightmare Royal Warship will not be activated for some years, and the sky fortress is estimated to be the same…”

Lin Chuan said this prediction the result of.

Everyone is nodded and inexplicably relaxed, which is also the result they want, otherwise, if the enemy can freely activate such terrifying weapons, it is really hard to sleep.

“Okay. Let’s do it, this battle is over…”

Lin Chuan got up and greeted the other companions to go their own way, he was going to the laboratory Experimented.

“Mister Chuan, I’m leaving. Next time in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, you must inform me and I will treat you well.”

Looking at Lin Chuan’s back, Fei Yu Red lips moved slightly and said softly.

hearing this, Lin Chuan moved slightly, turned his head to look at this woman, he stopped talking, and finally didn’t say much, nodded, said: “Good trip.”


The door of the laboratory opened and closed, Fei Yu pursed her red lips, her dainty hand squeezed, and finally said nothing, bid farewell to everyone, and turned away.

In the hall, a group of companions looked at each other in blank dismay, little white bull Harpoon scratched his head and muttered: “Young Lady Fei means that I want Mister Chuan to send her off…”

The others shook their heads and sighed. A woman like Young Lady Fei Yu is a giant amongst men. Mister Chuan didn’t even have any thoughts. As expected, Mechanic is only interested in machinery.

“If this is replaced by me…”

Fowler was struck for a while, if he and Lin Chuan are in a different place, he will definitely exert his greatest charm and pursue this powerful and powerful Beautiful woman.

At this time, the door of the laboratory opened again, and Lin Chuan greeted Fowler and Tai Gu to come in. He had a new discovery.


In the laboratory.

Kitty Lan was lying on the table, sleeping soundly there, his little tail moved. Even if Lin Chuan came in, he raised his head, instead of jumping over to the owner as before. Say hello, but continue to fall asleep lazily there.

In the previous fighting, Little Brat was not idle, assisting Lin Chuan remotely, doing his old business, collecting, monitoring, searching for information, etc…

This But Kitty Lan was so exhausted that he kept lying here, and didn’t even bother to move.

Little Brat began to plan to train the little girl so that it would be easy.

However, Kitty Lan is not optimistic about this aspect. In Mental Energy, Laknia has the blessed by heaven innate talent and is also good in cooking, but in this aspect, that I really can’t learn how to learn it.

Thinking of Laknia’s mediocre innate talent in chess, Kitty Lan lamented. Logically speaking, the creatures with Mental Energy innate talent should be very smart. Why does this little girl look not so smart? Look like.

Feeling the sadness of Little Brat, Lin Chuan rubbed its little head to show comfort, “Knowing that you are working hard, the next day will be easier, you can relax. Wait two days, We can leave Foca Tower and go to Mechanical Honeycomb to have a big meal, or, the night market in Dava Golden City, or go to Nanluo City…, wherever you choose.”


Kitty Lan opened his eyes slightly and licked his paw. When the owner said that, he was a little hungry. Which city should he go to?

When Little Brat fell into choice disorder, the door of the laboratory opened and Tai Gu and Fowler walked in.

“What’s new?” Tai Gu asked.

“Mister Chuan, these things have nothing to do with me. I can’t help. Or, should I go back first…” Fowler looked at the time and said with a smile.

Suddenly, Lin Chuan and Tai Gu stared at this guy. From before, this guy was watching the time from time to time and wanted to leave.

Obviously, he is not a creature. After possessing the sensory nerve system, he is so impatient. This is a natural loafer…

Lin Chuan pouted and said nothing. , Turn on the Light Screen, and play a surveillance recording.

This is a surprise that Kitty Lan monitored not long ago.

“Leader Lie, this time you must help me, otherwise, return to Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, and I will be dead!”

In this recording, Viscount first sounded Lowe’s voice conveyed a kind of embarrassment that things have reached a dead end.

Following, another man’s voice sounded: “Help you? Ice Wolf, why should I help you? There has always been a fair deal between you and our Black Net Organization, and I, Gong Lie, did not owe you anything. What…”

“Leader Lie, if something happens to me, not only will those transactions between us be exposed,”

“Heh…, Ice Wolf, you Is it a threat to me? What if you expose all the transactions between us? Our Black Net Organization is best at hiding, but it is not easy to deal with us, but you Lowe, what you have done all these years, whatever One thing, in Mysterious Star Empire, it’s a felony to exterminate the race…”

Listening to the recording, Lowe and another man revealed each other’s shortcomings, exposing each other’s Tai Gu was very angry when he heard the various transactions between them. With a bang, he took a palm print on the experimental platform and awakened Kitty Lan.

Fowler’s face changed, he shook his head and sighed, and muttered with some emotion, “The decay of an Empire often begins with these ugly guys…”

Lin Chuan is still While listening, I added, “This is the leader of the Black Net Organization. I have heard his voice. It turned out to be Gong Lie.”

This recording is very short, only less than ten minutes. The length of time, but the amount of information in it is really a bit large.

In particular, when Lowe mentioned that he had provided information about Lady Yu to the Black Net Organization Leader Gong Lie, Fowler’s face changed again.

After the recording was broadcast, Lin Chuan looked towards Tai Gu and Fowler and asked them what they thought.

“Leader Gong Lie of the Black Net Organization, whose ancestor was the first subordinate of Cromwell. It is said to be from the Gong Family…… This is an ancient family……”

“As for the students of Cromwell, I don’t know this…”

Tai Gu said this way, looking towards Fowler, waiting for the latter to follow.

Lin Chuan didn’t tell him much about Fowler’s true identity. However, based on Smartbrain’s analytical ability, even if Tai Gu did not deliberately investigate, he would soon reach a conclusion.

The descendants of Cromwell, hundreds of years ago, set off a ridiculous romance in Eastern and Western Continents, and the famous thief…

Think of Fowler’s In the past, Tai Gu was a little unpleasant. In his previous capacity, he looked very highly of a character like Cromwell.

And the descendants of the continent madman are such a look, he really looks down on it.

In Tai Gu’s view, it should have been an amazing achievement to bear the shadow of Cromwell, coupled with the royal family from the Blood Spirit Race, and the innate talent blessed by heaven.

Look at Fowler, what it is like now, if Cromwell is alive, I am afraid that this descendant will be alive and dead.

At least, if Tai Gu knew that oneself had such descendants, certain/affirm would be so angry that they would shoot the table.

Feeling Tai Gu’s unpleasant gaze, Fowler smiled freely. He had been used to this way, and he didn’t think there was anything.

“Mister Chuan, Mister Gu, let me speak frankly. I don’t know much about the past of this guy Cromwell. In fact, my ancestor, Blood Spirit Queen, did not remain before his death. Too many clues…” Fowler said like this.

Every time he talks about Cromwell, Fowler’s tone is very plain. In his opinion, the continent madman is the real scum, deceiving the Blood Spirit Queen’s feelings, and its purpose is to create [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art].

From Blood Spirit Queen’s handwriting, you can feel that this powerful blood spirit king is very infatuated with Cromwell.

As the strongest king of Blood Spirit Race at the time, and after Dark Age, the most brilliant Queen Blood Spirit Race has ever achieved, Blood Spirit Queen is a king of wisdom, she should have noticed Cromwell’s intentions, but still willing to be deceived.

The factors involved are very complicated to look into. However, the personal note left by him can also tell the blood Spirit Queen’s love for Cromwell.

Seeing Fowler’s mouth open and talking, he began to complain about Cromwell’s bad behavior, and even talked about the private bed of Blood Spirit Queen, Lin Chuan heard a little big head and waved his hands to stop it.

“Don’t talk about some of these, I know you must know something, especially about the half of the keys. You should always have some impression…” Lin Chuan said.

Fowler complexion stiffened, revealing an angry color, secretly sighing, why did the handwriting he left at the beginning fall into the hands of a terrifying person like Mister Chuan?

Yes, that half of the key…

In the handwritten note left in the sea of ​​White Arrow Port, the half of the key was mentioned more than once, and Fowler kept it in it again and again. Emphasize that this half of the key is very important, and it is left in a place in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, so that those who have found such a handwritten note will have a chance in the future and must retrieve the half of the key.

About this information, Lin Chuan had checked before and found that the location mentioned in the handbook had a fire a hundred years ago, and it has now become the private residence of a certain Duke in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture.

Now, upon hearing this recording, Viscount Lowe has repeatedly emphasized that he once helped Gong Lie retrieve one thing-half a key, and you can tell from words that this half key is related to Lady Yu is related.

The original owner of the half key was not Fowler, but a branch of the Mysterious Star Empire.

Lin Chuan then realized that Fowler had buried a hole in that note, and that half of the key was not his at all.

“The half-key thing, in fact, I am not quite clear…” Fowler said with a smile.

Seeing Lin Chuan and Tai Gu looking at him with a look of disbelief, Fowler called out immediately, indicating that he was telling the truth.

“We want to hear all the truth…” Lin Chuan said.

“Okay, okay…”

Fowler sighed, “Mister Chuan, Mister Gu, I didn’t deliberately conceal it. I didn’t say this before, did I I think this half of the key is so important.”

Immediately, Fowler talked about the half of the key. This was a secret he accidentally knew when he was young.

It is said that Cromwell sealed the most important legacy of his life in one place before he died.

And the key to open that place was divided into two by him and handed over to the two most important people in his life to keep.

In addition to the key that was divided into two, there is also a way to go to that place, which is left to its first subordinate.

When he knew this secret, Fowler was still in the tomb of the Blood Spirit Queen, and he carefully searched it again, but he didn’t find half of the key at all.

Afterwards, he learned that the keys of divided into two, half of which are in the hands of the students of Cromwell, and the other half are in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, from that era, the most beautiful Princess in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture custody.

Since then, Fowler has become more and more hostile to the ancestor of Cromwell. Such a scum with the affectionate Blood Spirit Queen is simply a joke.

When he came to Eastern Continent, Fowler thought about stealing half of the key, but because the defenses there were too strict, he didn’t succeed in the end.

“You guys tell me, Cromwell distributes his inheritance in this way, do I need to respect him for this kind of stuff…” Fowler was unusually angry and said angrily.

Lin Chuan did not answer. He was not interested in these entanglements. He frowned and wondered, what is the thing Cromwell sealed…

On the other hand, Tai Gu said I was very interested, listening to Fowler complaining there, it was with keen interest pleasure.

Kitty Lan also woke up, jumped over, her ears were erect, her two small eyes gleaming, she was also very curious about this gossip.

Looking at these three guys, Lin Chuan shook the head, too lazy to talk to them, walked aside, and integrated the clues he collected.

“In other words, the Black Net Organization Leader has both a way to go to Cromwell’s legacy and a half key…”

“It seems that a student of Cromwell, There is no harmony with the first subordinate…”

“Lowe and Gong Lie mentioned that Lady Yu is determined to win the Sea Beast captives, and it is related to Cromwell’s legacy…”

“putting it that way, there is likely to be the research results of Divine Stone Body? It is very likely to be so…”

Lin Chuan combined these clues together and came to these conclusions , It is slightly frowned.

These conclusions are too scattered, he has no energy to verify one after another.

In fact, his interest in Divine Stone Body is far less than his interest in [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light].

If there is enough [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], he can conduct various experiments, further improve the [seventh equipment], and can charge this great killing tool.

As for the Divine Stone Body, after this period of research, Lin Chuan is less and less interested in it.

Surviving in the form of Divine Stone Body, in this situation, is it still a creature?

Lin Chuan is quite a little bit resistant to this, if not necessary, he doesn’t want to study it too deeply.

shua~ shua~ shua~ ……

I drew a few lines on the Light Screen and attributed these conclusions to in one point, Lin Chuan nodded, which is much simpler.

At this time, Tai Gu came over and looked at the label on the Light Screen. He was stunned for a while, and then patted Lin Chuan on the shoulder, saying: “You are finally ready, fully launched, and Black Will the Net Organization be eradicated? Ok, okay, okay…”

“Since the half of the key and the location of Cromwell’s greatest legacy are in the hands of the Black Net Organization, we will eradicate this influence, These things are mine naturally.”

Lin Chuan shrugged and said softly.

However, before this, there are still many things to prepare. After the Foca Tower storm, Lin Chuan’s power loss is also great, whether it is him, Tai Gu, or the descendants of Redbud Both sides need to accumulate strength.

Before that, he still had one important thing to do, which was the Northern Land of Mysterious Star Empire, which was also the place where [Earth King Equipment] was sealed.

“If you can gain something from [Earth King Equipment] and perfect the [seventh equipment], you will have a lot more confidence…”

Lin Chuan Then he planned to treat Bayen of Centaur Race as soon as possible, and then went to the Northern Land group.


Kitty Lan yelled immediately. It noticed Lin Chuan’s meaning, and immediately got a little frizzy. If you say yes, let it choose the vacation location?

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