This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 481

Early morning.

From the Foca Tower suspension train station, the nearest luxury hotel, Fowler got up from the bed of the top-floor suite, dressed in clothes and skillfully used the kitchen, and quickly cooked two delicious breakfasts.

Put the two breakfasts on the table, take off the apron, and when sitting at the table, Fowler’s clothes are already neatly dressed and there is nothing wrong with him, and his eating posture is elegant and without any flaws.

While eating breakfast, take out the sticky notes and write lines of elegant writing with the left hand.

This is a font of Mysterious Star Empire. It is the best font written by poets to lovers. The long love poems handed down in history use this font.

At the time of a cup of coffee, Fowler wrote a poetic message, all kinds of love words in his hand, it can be described as have the words at hand.

After that, he arranged the tabletop and kept another breakfast warm. Then he got up and rubbed his waist. It seemed that he was tired from last night, which made him feel a bit weak in his waist and knees.

At this time, a coquettish voice came from the bedroom, “Mister Fowler, are you leaving now?”

At the door, Lady Yu is leaning against the door, wearing silk The nightgown, with an open neckline, reveals a large piece of white, towering skin, which makes Fowler’s eyes glow. He takes a step forward, and seems to want to continue the obsession with this stunner last night.

However, he stopped again, looked at the time, said with a smile: “Dear rain, you should prepare. Your train will be driven in two hours. A Lady , You have to prepare for at least an hour to do it…”

Lady Yu pupil light is flowing, water seems to be dripping from beautiful eyes, white teeth biting nails, and whispering: “Fowler, my suggestion , Can’t you think about it? Leave Foca Tower with me. In Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, with your talents, you can get a higher position.”

hearing this, Fowler smiled slightly, The tone was sorted, and said: “Lady Yu, you should know that I am with you, not to seek development in the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture. I just simply like it. With a beautiful woman like you, why should you propose? What about such a suggestion? With your cleverness, you should understand that I will not agree.”

Speech paused, Fowler looked towards outside the window, looking across the city’s horizon, looking towards the distant White Nightmare Sea, Murmured: “This is where I grew up. There are also my love, relatives, and friends. Although I have no ambitions and are not good at frontline combat, as a member of Foca Tower, fighting against Sea Beast is I am born with responsibility. So, sorry, Lady Yu, I look forward to the next business trip to Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, and we will meet again…”


Lady Yu’s eyes drifted away, but she couldn’t say a word. She was really fascinated by this almost perfect lover, and she didn’t want to make him succumb by tough means.


Half an hour later——

Fowler came out of the suite and walked into the elevator vainly. The surrounding guests looked at his eyes. Something different.

Although the soundproofing of this hotel is good, the guests next door certainly know this couple of men and women who spend so much time all night.

Now, seeing Fowler’s appearance, some women’s eyes are a little bright. Such men are so long-lasting. This is really a wonderful person!

In this regard, Fowler maintained his politeness and showed a trace of alienation to avoid being accosted by these women.

Actually, with his profligate temperament, if it is in normal times, he doesn’t mind getting to know some beautiful female creatures.

However, today is different. He still has a lot to do, and there are still some problems with him.

“How can the energy consumption of [Foca No. 1] be so fast…”

Fowler was murmured in his heart. He came to the appointment last night and his body was not charged. Originally thought how much energy can it consume for a night of joy.

But didn’t expect, one night’s wind flowed down, the energy of this body was consumed 7%, and only less than 5% were left. This was the danger line.

Of course…

This is actually not surprising. It’s not surprising to be replaced by any extremely strong man, and if he does it this way all night, he feels a little bit sore.

“Oh…, it seems that this machine still needs to be perfected…” Fowler sighed softly.

At this time, he saw a Floating Vehicle passing by in the distance, [Foca No. 1] The body’s monitoring device was automatically activated, and a very dangerous red target was detected.

“Hey…, that seems to be Young Lady Fei Yu…”

Fowler was taken aback, his mechanical eyes flickered, his face changed, and he saw the Floating Vehicle Go up, walk down a woman wearing a leather trench coat, her slender figure is completely different from Fei Yu.

The data shown here is obviously Young Lady Fei Yu…

Looking at the woman walking into the Floating Vehicle station, Fowler stayed for a while, suddenly remembering Mister Chuan before. The warning told him not to expose his true identity in front of his companions.

At the time, Fowler didn’t care. After being born and dying with these companions, he thought that these companions were very trustworthy, and even if the true origins were accidentally exposed, it would be fine.

Now, he understands why Mister Chuan would say so…


Fowler sighed, walked into the parking lot, and opened Leave with the Floating Vehicle.

Today, he doesn’t have much work to do. In fact, his current job is to accompany Mister Gu and the others well. This is the most important job given to him by the top of City Hall.

Driving a Floating Vehicle, Fowler took a trip home first, and spent an hour in bed with his wife who had just woke up. After fainting his beautiful wife, he prepared two more breakfasts. After eating a portion, Shi Shiran went out and headed to City Hall Prison.

In the parking lot of City Hall Prison, he opened the special trash can on the Floating Vehicle, took out the ate from the container on his chest, and threw it all in.

Then, facing the trash can, he shook his head and sighed. For him who likes food, this is really a waste.


Entering the City Hall Prison, Fowler has a pass, unimpeded all the way, to the deepest area of ​​the prison.

In the cell where Centaur Race Bayen was closed, as soon as he entered, he heard a trembling drill, which seemed to be the sound of a hard object being drilled away.

In fact, this is the case. In the cell, Lin Chuan is holding a drill bit and slamming into Bayen’s thigh G. This scene shows that Fowler’s legs are tight. It is a man who saw this scene. , I feel JU tight DANTENG for a while.

“Mister Chuan, this…, what is this…” Fowler asked nervously. While speaking, he couldn’t help but scared the swallowed saliva.

Lin Chuan glanced at him without speaking.

On the contrary, it was Bayen. This Centaur Race was brow beaded with sweat at this time. His face was distorted with pain, but he still tried his best to endure. He explained: “This is the last treatment. These scars have crystallized. With this kind of drill bit, you can drill a little bit…”

Fowler also noticed that the scars on Bayen’s thigh were cured. Only the last few strokes, after opening the cortex, the inside It is a completely crystallized substance, even with a special drill bit, it can only be drilled a little bit.

Kang Dang…

Drilling a small piece of crystalline material, Lin Chuan stopped and said: “Come here first, I’ll give you some pain-relieving anesthetics. You lie down for a while. , Rest for a while, and then perform the last few steps of treatment.”

Speaking, without waiting for Bayen’s objection, Lin Chuan used the superior Sleep Potion, and also mixed with a Mental Energy, directly This Centaur Race is down.

Cleaning up here and coming out of the treatment room, Lin Chuan shook his head as he listened to Fowler’s report on his experience from last night to today.

“Mister Fowler, you are really extremely lustful, you are not afraid that Lady Yu can’t help but take you away, when the time comes, you [Foca No. 1] things about the body are exposed and you end. Just to be studied in the laboratory…” Lin Chuan teased.

Last night, when I received Lady Yu’s booty call invitation, Lin Chuan and Tai Gu both disagree with Fowler’s going to the appointment. Now that the woman’s terrifying is confirmed, Fowler’s fighting power is completely out of proportion to her strength. The guy delivered it to the door, no different from a lamb in a tiger’s den.

However, Fowler said something solemnly vowed, aptly called spying on the enemy, and went to the appointment.

“Mister Chuan, you can’t say that. Actually, in my eyes, she is actually a beautiful and lovely woman. When she was with me…” Fowler said resolutely.

Lin Chuan: “…”

sighed, he didn’t want to argue with this guy about this kind of thing, and immediately asked about Lady Yu, what he found.

“Cromwell has taught a lot of students in his life. I can point them at random. When he was teaching at the Academy, he was also invited to serve as a consultant to the Mechanic Association… which adds up to not 10,000, but also 8,000… All can be regarded as his students…”

Fowler said.

Lin Chuan nodded, this situation is not surprising. As a Machinery Grandmaster, he has taught many students in his life.

For example, Lin Chuan’s three teachers, with the exception of Teacher Tieyin, each of them taught more than a thousand students.

In the future, if Lin Chuan returns to Fire Blade Mechanical Workshop or works at the Academy, the number of students taught will be the same.

However, this is different from the real students. Just like Teacher Tieyin accepted Lin Chuan, there are actually very few such students taught by Cromwell in his life.

It’s just that, in the classics that record his life, Cromwell has never mentioned the protégé students.

“There are actually more than 30 direct students taught by Cromwell, but there are probably only two or three that fit a beauty like Lady Yu…”

Fowler reveals his memories Zhi Se, he still knows something about these secrets.

And Lady Yu, holding the key of the other half, is equivalent to saying that she is the most outstanding student among the students taught by Cromwell.

There is actually only one such candidate, and it is also the most mysterious one among Cromwell’s students.

“A genius from the Western Continent Crystal Territory of Dreams…”

This is the only account about that student.

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