This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 482

Crystal Territory of Dreams?

In terms of history and geography, Lin Chuan asked himself to be a little insightful, but the name Crystal Territory was very strange, and he quickly turned around in his mind, but still didn’t have any relevant information.

Pressed his ear, Lin Chuan waited for the earphone, and Tai Gu gave him the answer. He knew that the ancient Smartbrain must know Crystal Territory.

Because, when Fowler mentioned Crystal Territory, there was a sound of “zi zi” from the earphone. This is a very rare reaction from Tai Gu.

“Crystal Territory! What a miss, Cromwell actually accepted a genius from Crystal Territory as a student…”

In earphone, Tai Gu sighed softly and informed Lin Chuan, Crystal Territory is a dreamy place in Eastern and Western Continents, which is as mysterious as Elf’s territory.

In ancient times, there were four mysterious areas such as Eastern and Western Continents, which were called Four Great Territories.

The territory of Elf, Crystal Territory of Dreams, is the second two of the Four Great Territories.

The third domain is Dragon Race Place of Origin-Dragon Island.

That place was destroyed before Dark Age.

The groups living in Four Great Territories have innate talents. In ancient times, they can be said to be higher creatures in the world.

What about the fourth domain…

Lin Chuan didn’t hear Tai Gu’s following, but he roughly had the answer in his mind.

At this time, I heard Fowler mention various rumors about the Crystal Territory. It is said that the creatures that came out there, like Elf Race, are handsome males, beautiful and alluring females, and have magical skills.

According to the rumors, the creatures of Crystal Territory, together with Elf, dwarf, and Gnome, created a divine weapon of Ancient Times.

When the original Heart Origin expert first emerged, it was not enough to contend with the powerful Sea Beast Regiment. It is these powerful ethnic groups who are really fighting on the front line, relying on the legendary weapons. Collide with the terrifying Sea Beast experts.

“The creatures of the Crystal Territory have always only served to teach other ethnic groups. They actually worship this fellow Cromwell as a teacher. This is really…” Fowler said here, it was shook the head, and started right again. Cromwell’s daily black.

Lin Chuan took a look, frowned and pondered then said: “You infer that Lady Yu’s ancestors came from the creatures of the Crystal Territory. One is that she holds the other half of the keys, and the other is that she is sufficiently beautiful and Alluring?”

“Of course not…, how can I judge people by their appearance…”

Fowler shook his head again and again, and then he showed a strange smile, “I I know that the creatures of Crystal Territory have a characteristic in them, and Lady Yu happens to have them, so I infer that her ancestor is not only a creature of the Crystal Territory, she is also a mixed race. That characteristic in her body is not complete. “

“However, that feature is very secretive. I didn’t notice it last time. I checked it out this time. Mister Chuan, do you want to know what this feature looks like? There are also parts…”


Looking at the expression on Fowler’s face, Lin Chuan decisively refused to continue hearing about this secret, while the former looked regretful. This is a rare secret in the world. Apart from him, there are only a handful of people in the world who know this secret.

Looking at Fowler who was proud of one’s success, Lin Chuan curled his lips and suddenly said: “Mister Fowler, since you said Lady Yu is a mixed race, then who do you think her ancestors chose to be the partner? “


When Fowler heard this question, Fowler was dumbfounded, and then his face was extremely ugly, holding his head, and crying in pain: “No…, This impossible……”

Lin Chuan nodded with a smile, struck this stray guy deeply, and then sorted out the clues he collected again.

“A genius from Crystal Territory became a student of Cromwell…”

Lin Chuan murmured to himself, it seems that what happened in Foca Tower in the past is more than expected To be complicated.

In the old Foca Tower, Cromwell’s research here may not have been invited, but in the name of being invited, he came here specifically to conduct research on the Divine Stone Body.

Thinking like this, Lin Chuan looked towards the window, the sky of Foca Tower was still gloomy, even on a rare sunny day, there was no shadow of sunlight.

Thousands of years ago, under the same sky, Cromwell, his students, subordinates, and Sea Beast Royal Clan, and even some secret influences, what exactly did Cromwell play in this incident? What about the role?

Lin Chuan has a hunch that the truth of this incident may be very different from the clues found in the investigation.

It’s just that he is not very interested in the incident itself. What is the truth, let it be buried in the long river of history…

“Be prepared, Bayen After the treatment is complete, go to Mysterious Star Empire Northern Domain and see if you can find some clues in the ruins of the Experiment Base where the [Earth King Equipment] exploded…”

Lin Chuan packed his things, inexplicably relaxed, After staying in a place like Foca Tower for a long time, he missed those sun shone brightly places very much.

He thought about whether he should return to Mechanical Honeycomb to raise the Star-level of Mechanical by two levels before heading to Northern Land.

Or, go to Dava Golden City, where the beach is sunny and the scenery is endless. While there, Lin Chuan has not sunbatheed on the beach.


1 month later ——

Mysterious Star Empire, North, Desert.

Relic Desert, this is a narrow strip across the Mysterious Star Empire map, which separates the north of Empire from other regions forcibly.

huhuhu ……

This is a deserted area, where gusts of wind and sand swept through, blowing the animal bones on the ground with whistling sounds…

Recalling the history of this area, in fact, a long time ago, at the beginning of the Continental Hundred Years’ War, this place was not so deserted.

Desert, before the Hundred Years War, had a nice name called Dream City.

This area, in the history of Mysterious Star Empire, was once an extremely prosperous city-state group, bordering the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture and the main road to the north, and its degree of development was once the top place in the Empire.

Afterwards, with the successive years of civil wars in Mysterious Star Empire, the city-states here were the first to bear the brunt, and the cities fell apart and became pieces of rubble.

Before the Hundred Years’ War, this was a place where many people panned for gold. If you unearth an ancient object, you may get rich overnight, and over time, you will have the reputation of Dream City.

It’s just that a large number of gold prospectors poured in, and even a golden mountain would be emptied quickly. The same was true for Dream City. The wave of craze lasted for hundreds of years. By the time of the Hundred Years’ War, it was completely deserted. No more people.

Now, in this desert area, from a distance, you can still see the outlines of the ruins of the cities, and no one will excavate the ruins of those cities.

dong dong dong ……

In the wind and sand in the sky, a long object is moving forward, moving at a fast speed, which looks like a floating train traveling in Desert.

However, if you get closer and see the true face of this object, ordinary people will scream in fright.

This is a huge insect, covered with a hard carapace, and its long body is close to the sand, gliding like a fish.

This is a special insect of the ruins Desert-Giant Sandworm.

It is also the most practical means of transportation on this batch of Ann Desert-the sandworm train!

On both sides of this Giant Sandworm’s body, there are inlaid one by one large boxes, each box has the size of a small house, and inside are passengers on the sandworm train.

The vehicles that pass through the ruins Desert have used Giant Sandworm since a long time ago, and this is still the case today.

It’s not that floating vehicles and suspended trains cannot run here, but there are many kinds of terrifying ominous beasts in the ruins Desert, which poses a huge threat to these vehicles.

This situation is different from Foca Plain.

The ominous beast on Foca Plain is terrifying, but it can use defensive words to prevent it.

Many of the terrifying ominous beasts in the ruins Desert are active in the sand underground. In such a landform environment, the floating vehicle is open and the ominous beast suddenly bursts out of the ground, or the floating vehicle is swallowed directly Go down.

Or the track of the suspended train is torn apart by the underground ominous beast, these situations are you can’t guard against it.

As time passes, no one wants to be tempted to develop a traffic route map in the ruins Desert.

After all, the speed and safety of the Sandworm train are reputable throughout the continent.

dong dong dong ……

As the Giant Sandworm slides, Lin Chuan, Fowler, little white bull Harpoon, and Bayen are all in the elongated carriage on one side of the body. Inside, there is a little girl holding Kitty Lan and feeding.

At the door of the car, stood a taciturn puppet.

Lowden, Howya is sitting aside, where the two are drinking tea and flipping through books.

The journey in the ruins Desert has been two days, according to the itinerary, you will be able to reach the destination in about one day.

The reason why I went to Mysterious Star Empire Northern Land after a month of delay is not that Lin Chuan oneself took a one-month vacation.

In fact, Kitty Lan was in Dava Golden City, enjoying a half a month sunbathing on the beach, lying in the arms of the girls all day long, being fed like uncle Meow, praised, and passed away. Excited.

Tai Gu controlled [Void Bone Shadow] and stayed in Dava Golden City for repairs, but did not follow.

After Bayen’s injury was healed, he stayed at Foca Tower with Fowler to accompany him, happily living a wonderful life that he hadn’t had in more than ten years.

It is said that in the month in the past, Bayen has become a favorite object of many deep-daughters (complaining) women, and has become a private topic figure for many ladies, and it can be described as a very comfortable life.


Compared with the wonderful days of these people, Lin Chuan had a terrible life, first in Dava Golden City, for a week of continuous repairs [Void Bone Shadow].

Then, Grandmaster Bassi urged him to return to Mechanical Honeycomb to sort out the income in Foca Tower.

The information Lin Chuan handed in is actually some scraps, and does not involve the core part of Cromwell’s research at all.

However, it has attracted the attention of Mechanical Honeycomb and is listed as the most High Rank research project. Lin Chuan was almost left there and became one of the main Chief-In-Charge of the project.

If he hadn’t used Professor Takks and Teacher Tieyin as a shield, he would still stay at Mechanical Honeycomb and be trained as the next Workshop Master of Fire Blade Mechanical Workshop.

Not enough. I used the other two teachers as shields, and troubles followed. Lin Chuan and the teachers Takks and Tieyin spent a long time talking before going to Mysterious Star Empire in the name of purchasing. Northern Land.

Now, watching Fowler and Bayen hook up their shoulders and put them on their backs, with the look of a good brother who has done that together, Lin Chuan feels very unhappy.

“Fowler, this fellow came with him…” Lin Chuan was a little bit unwelcome to this wandering fellow.

This time during the trip to Northern Land, Fowler came here mainly to accompany Bayen.

After the Centaur Race’s injury recovered, his identity was not deliberately concealed. After the Foca Tower executives learned about it, their attitude towards Bayen became more enthusiastic.

Mysterious Star Empire, the son of Northern Land, Centaur Race patriarch, the weight of this identity, but comparable to the son of a duchy real power king, the entire Foca Tower is heavier than Bayen, and it can’t be found. A few come.

This time Bayen returned to Northern Land, and Fowler was an expatriate and accompanied him.

Just, watching the two guys get together and discussing the appearance of Northern Land celebrity lady, Lin Chuan was speechless.

Turning his head and looking at Kitty Lan lying in the arms of the little girl, with her small eyes squinted, half-asleep and half-awake, Lin Chuan’s mood is even worse.

“Oh… after arriving at the place, must take the opportunity to relax, reasonable work and reasonable rest is the kingly way!”

Lin Chuan muttered like this, looking for self-comfort .

Suddenly, he noticed something and looked towards the window. As far as he could see, there was a wind and sand all over the sky.

At this time, it was already the afternoon, and it was the time when the sandstorm was the greatest in the Ruins Desert. The gust of wind swept a large area of ​​sand and dust. In such a sandstorm, it was not much different from the invisible night.

Lin Chuan’s Mental Energy is activated, and the induction force spreads out, and can “see” the situation thousands of meters away.

In the distance, you can see a piece of city ruins, faintly discernible in the wind and sand, as the sandworm train moves forward, those city ruins seem to be moving.

Such a scene is invisible to ordinary people. Lin Chuan also saw one after another shadow moving in the sandstorm, undulating in the sand from time to time, like a fish.

These shadows are all ominous beasts in the ruins Desert. Their speed is as fast as the fifth boundary expert.

The number is even more shocking. If these Desert ominous beasts are dispatched together, the lethality can be somewhat terrifying.

At this time, on the other side, Lin Chuan also sensed that one after another fierce sight betting came over, following the sandworm train all the time.

This is an ominous beast buried in the sand. With Lin Chuan’s sensitivity, I can’t detect the specific location.

“The danger of the ruins Desert is really more terrifying than Foca Plain…” Lin Chuan whispered to himself.

Suddenly, one after another blazing fire light lit up and stretched into one piece. This scene could not be covered even if the sky was full of wind and sand, and everyone in the carriage saw it.

huhuhu ……

One after another, the flames burst out, like a fountain of flames rising in the sand, this scene is magnificent.

However, Bayen, who was talking happily with Fowler, stood up suddenly, leaned to the window, and stared at the outside carefully.

This move attracted the attention of other companions. Since the Centaur Race’s massive injury healed, he has never had such a solemn expression.

“Mister Bayen, is there any danger?” Lin Chuan asked.

Bayen didn’t speak, just nodded, making everyone’s faces a little ugly.

It won’t be such bad luck. During the journey of the ruins Desert, you encounter the terrifying ominous beast…

Not the safety of the sandworm train, but all the trains on the continent. Is it the tallest? There have been no accidents in 30 years.

“There may be trouble, but the danger is not…”

Bayen stared out of the window, the firelight in the sandstorm in the distance became brighter and brighter, and the moved towards this side kept getting closer.


Just outside the carriage, less than a kilometer away, a tongue of fire rushed and spread over with howling.

“This fire is coming…” The little white bull Harpoon screamed.

Lin Chuan turned his head, looked at Harpoon, and said: “Do you think it’s dangerous?”

“That…” Harpoon was taken aback, shook the head, “That’s not I think…”

What the hell are you calling…

Lin Chuan shook his head secretly. Harpoon’s dangerous innate talent is indeed outstanding. If he can use it freely, this will be a Excellent talent.

Unfortunately, the little white bull Harpoon is still far away from using his innate talent freely.

At this moment, there was a cry, the tongue of fire had hit, and I saw outside the window. In the carapace of Giant Sandworm, a one by one hole suddenly opened, and a bunch of viscous gas was sprayed out, and the ball The tongue of fire was poured out immediately.

Ahead, on the head of Giant Sandworm, there was a sharp howl of anger. It was the sound of sandworms, and the wind and sand couldn’t cover up this sound.

In the distance, one after another, the spitting tongue of fire dissipated, and amidst the dust in the sky, something seemed to have all gone away.

Lin Chuan sensed that his sight disappeared one after another, and the feeling of danger faded quickly.

As soon as he turned his head, he suddenly found that Kitty Lan was staring at his small eyes, staring out the window with a rare and interesting look, until the flames disappeared. Little Brat drooped his ears and regained his appearance as a lazy cat.

Lin Chuan moved in his heart and asked Bayen what kind of creature is this in Desert?

“Sir, this is Fire Ostrich, a dangerous species unique to the ruins Desert…”

Seeing everyone’s eyes looked towards oneself, Bayen is very conscientious and assumes the role of Northern The Land guide explained: “Fire Ostrich and Giant Sandworm in the Desert Desert are the two unique species here, as well as the two ominous beasts standing at the top of the food chain in the Desert. Unlike Giant Sandworm, Fire Ostrich is fierce and difficult to be killed. Tame…”

Just now, Bayen said that there may be trouble because Fire Ostrich and Giant Sandworm are rivals of the ruins Desert.

As long as these two species get together, fighting will definitely break out, and the power of the two species happens to restrain each other.

Fire Ostrich’s spit flames and the mucus mist secreted by sandworms are restrained.

This kind of sandworm train is carried by Giant Sandworm. Unless it encounters Giant Fire Ostrich, it will be a little trouble at most.

“Fire Ostrich? It is said that the area where Giant Fire Ostrich is active must have the top Energy Crystal of fire attribute. I wonder if it is true…” Fowler exclaimed.

“This rumor is true, but the real situation is a bit different…”

Bayen talked about Giant Fire Ostrich. Unlike Giant Sandworm, Giant Fire Ostrich is very rare. It is a heterogeneous species in Fire Ostrich.

Giant Fire Ostrich needs to swallow a large amount of fire type Energy Crystal to reproduce offspring, and it must be a fire crystal above the superior level. This is the reason why Giant Fire Ostrich is so rare.

As for the Giant Sandworm, it has been artificially bred by the Northern Land Travel Company for a long time. Although the fecundity is not strong, it far exceeds the Giant Fire Ostrich.

“Find Giant Fire Ostrich, in the vicinity, you can indeed find the best fire crystals, but how many can there be, it’s really hard to say…”

Bayen laughed. There are many rumors about Giant Fire Ostrich in Northern Land, but the only one who really knows the inside story is Centaur Race.

Because, in the past, Centaur Race had a rigorous trial, which was to find the location of Giant Fire Ostrich and hunt a Giant Fire Ostrich.

Today, this trial is just a display, because Giant Fire Ostrich is too few and has been listed as a rare animal in Northern Land. Many environmental organizations have filed protests to Centaur Race and prohibit hunting of Giant. Fire Ostrich.

Before Bayen was injured, Eastern Continent’s Species Conservation Association proposed to Northern Royal Clan that Fire Ostrich should be rated as a rare animal.

“This proposal seems to have been implemented this year…”

Fowler took the Light Screen to check and called up the relevant laws of Northern Land, including the name of Fire Ostrich.

Bayen murmured: “Then I am going back this time, don’t I have no Fire Ostrich eggs to eat? That is the specialty of our Centaur Race! I would like to invite you to taste it…”

hearing this, a group of companions in the carriage looked sideways and looked at the Bayen swallowed saliva. They couldn’t help but suspect that Giant Fire Ostrich was on the verge of extinction. The real reason was not the harsh breeding conditions, but the hunting of Centaur Race.

However, judging from the strength of those Fire Ostrich just now, the strength of Giant Fire Ostrich is not only as simple as raising the first boundary, it is probably the ominous beast of the seventh boundary.

Such a terrifying ominous beast has become the trial content of each generation of Centaur Race, which shows the strength of Centaur Regiment.

“hmph hmph…, the current Centaur Race is much better than before. The previous Centaur Race, but the fierce race that has fought against the Mysterious Star Empire many times…”

“If my Senior remembers correctly, Centaur Race came from that generation, oh yes, shortly after the end of Dark Age, that generation of Centaur Race came out with a majestic patriarch, leading the Centaur Regiment, almost Conquered the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture…”

Lowden shook his head and talked about the secret, which was recorded in the Redbud classics.

“Oh, there is this…”

Lin Chuan and the others are both curious, and this past is not recorded in the history books.

Bayen’s majestic body trembled, and he repeatedly shouted: “Be quiet, don’t talk about it, it will cause big trouble!”

This past episode is The Mysterious Star Empire royal family, Centaur Regiment, and Northern Royal Clan did not want to mention things. Long ago, the three parties reached an agreement to erase this history from the history books.

“Hey…, everything happened, there is nothing to say, when did your Centaur Race become so timid…” Howya chuckled said.

When the two Old Guys were young, they spent some time in Northern Land and also had contacts with Centaur Race experts. Those Centaur Race experts are the masters of fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth.

Lowden and Howya don’t understand. Bayen looks like a big five and three rough, and his behavior is extremely heroic. How to mention these political issues, it’s just coowering.

Bayen’s behavior made the two Old Guys look down upon. This guy is still the son of Centaur Clan Head. No wonder he is not the candidate for this patriarch.

“Two seniors, you don’t understand…”

Bayen shook the head, his smile was a bit bitter, but he didn’t say much.

On the side, Lin Chuan looked towards Kitty Lan. The latter licked his paws from time to time, as if he was coveting some food.

Little Brat raised his head, glanced at the master, and cast a look that understood each other.

Immediately, Lin Chuan understood that Kitty Lan became interested in the breath of those Fire Ostrich.

Are those Fire Ostrich people contaminated with fire type Energy Crystal?

Still, from these Fire Ostrich, clues to Giant Fire Ostrich can be found…

Lin Chuan’s thoughts turned, and then secretly shook his head to signal Kitty Lan to put his mind away, Giant Fire Ostrich’s strength is extraordinary, but it is the seventh boundary expert.

As Bayen said just now, hunting Fire Ostrich in the ruins Desert is not an easy task. Even Centaur Race will have to mobilize a large number of elites.

In this trip to Northern Land, everything needs to be kept low-key, so don’t do such eye-catching things.

dong dong dong ……

While speaking, an oasis appeared in front of him, and the sandworm train stopped at the edge of the oasis.

On the aisle, several burly man guards took a loudspeaker and told the passengers to get off the train. Because of the incident just now, the Sandworm train needs two hours of overhaul.

For a time, the door of the one by one carriage opened and the passengers came out.

“Why the guards and flight attendants on the Sandworm train, without even one beautiful woman?”

Getting out of the car, Fowler said that he had regrets on the way.

“The flight attendants on the Sandworm train were all beautiful women…” Lin Chuan asked.

Fowler opened his mouth, but did not answer. He was indeed a beauty before, and she was a purebred beauty in Northern Land.

But, that was hundreds of years ago, and of course he can’t say anything.

“Northern Land has strong folk customs, and there are too many beautiful flight attendants. As early as a hundred years ago, the system was changed…” Bayen explained.

Fowler shook his head again and again, with a look of regret, looking at him like that, I am afraid that there was something romantic on the sandworm train.

Let these two guys discuss women later, Lin Chuan and the others followed the crowd and entered the oasis. This is a site opened by the Northern Land Travel Company, which is equivalent to a small town. .

From the buildings here, you can see the architectural style of Northern Land, which is different from the gorgeous architectural styles of other places in Mysterious Star Empire.

The architectural style of Northern Land is mainly simple and practical. The houses here are like large bricks, which look unsightly, but they can withstand wind and sand.

In the streets and alleys, there are constant screams. Among the pedestrians, you can see some basic masters from time to time.

ding ding ding~ ……

Many house doors are hung like wind chimes, a long string of them, which is very pleasant as the wind blows.

“Is this the scenery of Northern Land…”

Lin Chuan muttered to himself, such a scene, whether it is in the past or the present, he is only in books, I saw it on TV and video.

In all fairness, Northern Land has never been included in Lin Chuan’s itinerary.

This is a personal preference. Lin Chuan likes places with a sense of technology or exploring the mysteries of the deep sea. In places like Northern Land, desertification has always been severe. In some places, the signal is not very good. .

Lin Chuan has always disliked such a place. Perhaps, this is something wrong with its predecessor in Earth.

At this moment, standing in the market town of this oasis, looking back, Giant Sandworm is like a long train, encircling half of the oasis.

Turning his head again, on the desert ruins in the distance, wind and sand, and the outlines of the city ruins are faintly discernible. This scene brings Lin Chuan an unprecedented impact force.

That kind of barren scene, but under this Desert, hides the kind of wild vitality, which turned into sections of shocking scenes, impacting his heart.

Forehead’s eyeball pattern emerges, constantly rotating, bringing this reckless scene of heaven and earth into my heart. Through Mental Energy, Lin Chuan even saw the sky full of wind and sand, there is one after another huge bird Whistled past, the wings pierced the violent wind, and in a manner of flying above heaven and earth, whiz whiz whiz flew into the depths of the desert.

On the chest, the pendulum pattern also appeared, and the pointer in it appeared, slowly turning, bringing the all around the barren breath into Lin Chuan’s within the body little by little.

That kind of heaven and earth reckless mood, just like this, suddenly appeared in Lin Chuan’s heart, making him within the body’s heart origin power and Mental Energy suddenly boil.

With that strange breath entering the body, Lin Chuan’s heart beats slightly, incorporating this aura into the heart origin power, and the [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] quickly starts to operate.

Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing! ?

At this moment, Lin Chuan realized what the mood of Cromwell was when he created this work.

Across this oasis, Lin Chuan’s eyes are misty. As Mental Energy continues to spread, he seems to be able to uncover the wind and sand on the desert and see the true face of this area.

On the side, the other companions stopped talking and exchanged eyes with each other, all showing a look of consternation.

“Is this another sudden enlightenment, this is too…” Fowler muttered in a low voice, his tone a little sour inexplicably.

Lowden and Howya were very conscientious and quickly came to Lin Chuan to prevent any accidents.

Bayen blinked his eyes in astonishment. As for this young’s mysterious Mechanic, he is getting more and more incomprehensible. The breath on this body is actually unpredictable, saying it is the fifth boundary. , But there is the majesty of the sixth boundary, and even the energy of the seventh boundary expert, the feeling of direct communication with heaven and earth…

Lin Chuan soon wakes up, this is actually It’s just an improvement of the state of mind. It is not difficult for him to get out of it.

It’s just that when Mental Energy converged, he moved in his heart and looked towards a place in the crowd. There was a woman standing there, wearing a leather armor unique to Northern Land, wearing a hat, wheaten On his smooth cheeks, a pair of clear eyes widened, and he was looking at Lin Chuan with surprise.

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