This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 483

Who is this woman…

Lin Chuan wrinkled frowned. Just now, his Mental Energy spread. When it seemed to be connected with the ruins Desert, the scene of all around disappeared. This is A mysterious state.

However, in this state, Lin Chuan can clearly sense the existence of this woman.

Now, withdrawing from that wonderful state of mind, the woman’s sense of existence has diminished.

“The beauty of Northern Land…, top-grade!”

Behind him, Fowler whispered suddenly, his eyes were like beauty trackers, and he saw him all at once. That woman.

Bayen also looked over, seriously nodded, and commented: “It is indeed the top-grade beauty of my Northern Land. Look at the waist and height. It should be convex and thin. , The key is the body’s fitness level, which is incomparable to other places in Mysterious Star Empire…”

Listening to the two male animals, they began to discuss the opposite sex again, and the rest of the companions hook the head, so I didn’t bother to talk to these two guys. .

“Sir. Are you okay.” The puppet bowed slightly and asked.

Looking at the woman disappearing into the crowd, Lin Chuan shook the head and wandered around the town with her companions.


Kitty Lan was lazily at first, and looked at this market town boredly with the attitude of a meow who has seen the world.

Walking around, this Little Brat gets excited, and is very interested in seeing everything, meowing from time to time, the little girl, the puppet will pay to buy things.

From the street to the end of the alley, the little girl and the puppet have already carried a bunch of large and small bags. Kitty Lan still has no idea about this.

Lin Chuan shook his head helplessly. During the time that Little Brat stayed in Dava Golden City, he became addicted to shopping and wanted to buy everything. During this period, the things Little Brat bought were already There is almost no room to pile up.

“You take a moment, want others to find out that your cat is unusual?!” Lin Chuan cast a warning look.


Kitty Lan casts an indifferent look. In such a place, the sandworm train will soon be on board, and who will notice It’s not right.

Immediately, Little Brat directed the little girl into a specialty store to purchase.

“Puppet, take good care of the little girl, don’t get lost.” Lowden shouted and asked the puppet to take care of Laknia.

The puppet was nodded and walked in.

Lin Chuan is not worried, let alone the puppet’s current strength, it is comparable to the fifth boundary expert, plus the [Activated Body], self-protection is more than enough.

Plus the little girl’s Mental Energy, and Kitty Lan’s strength.

The battle strength of this combination is quite terrifying…

Just when Lin Chuan relaxes and enjoys the scenery of Northern Land from a new angle, the crowd in front , A group of people came over.

The group headed by a burly, sallow complexion, with a group of entourage, passed Lin Chuan and the others.

Lin Chuan immediately sensed that the big man’s gaze glanced at his partner, and then he was surprised.

Immediately, the big man seemed to see something shocked, and quickly left with the entire group.

“What’s going on…” Lin Chuan frowned, looking at the back of the group of people.

Fowler and Bayen also stopped talking, turned their heads and looked around. They were all alert people, and they all noticed something was wrong.

Lin Chuan touched his face, guessing what oneself’s disguise looks like, it shouldn’t have collided with someone in the face.

First, the woman just now, and now, being looked at like this by a group of Northern Land people, this is really a bit wrong.

For a moment, Lin Chuan found Kitty Lan back out of caution. A group of companions did not stay in the market town and moved towards the same way.

However, on the small road from the market town to the sandworm train, there was a rush of footsteps, and the group of people just chased it.


The sallow-skinned man rushed over, leading a group of subordinates, and surrounded Lin Chuan and the others.

The difference from just now is that this group of people are all equipped with complete equipment. They left in a hurry just now, but they went back to get their weapons.

Lin Chuan slightly frowned, “This is the site of the Northern Land Travel Company, right? You want to rob here, are you afraid of being wanted by Northern Land?”

Northern Land Travel Company, back Relying on the Northern Land Royal Clan and Centaur Regiment, it is the first-class influence in the northern land boundary.

The history of operating in Mysterious Star Empire Northern Land has been around for a thousand years. The Northern Land Travel Company can have today’s golden signs, and it is not only credibility.

In places like Northern Land, credibility alone does not last long, and there is still enough hard power.

If you commit a crime at the site set up by the Northern Land Travel Company, even the nobles of Mysterious Star Empire will not end up much better.

“Wanted by Northern Land?!”

The big man laughed, his sallow face twitched, and he was stubborn. “LZ is a member of the Northern Land Travel Company, wanted Can you come to LZ? Don’t worry, I’m not malicious, the Centaur Race, I suspect you are a wanted criminal in Northern Land, lift your hat up and have a look. If not, LZ I will apologize to you on the spot, if so. ……”

Speaking like this, the big man’s entourage has already picked up the firearms, and the submachine gun of Three Stars Level is aimed at Lin Chuan and the others, ready to fire at any time.

“The wanted man in Northern Land?!”

Bayen is frowned. The reason he wears a hat is that he doesn’t want to be recognized.

After all, he felt ashamed to see clansman in that incident, but he did not expect that his appearance was considered a wanted criminal.

The son of Centaur Race patriarch, will he be a wanted criminal? !

Bayen’s heart was unhappy, and a wave of anger radiated from his body, which made the big man and the others shudder, holding their weapons and aiming at the majestic Centaur/troops.

“hmph……, this Uncle, am I a wanted criminal, you guys have a good look……”

Bayen took the edge of his hat and was about to open it, but was Lin Chuan raised his hand to stop it.

“You said it was from the Northern Land Travel Company, is that right?”

Lin Chuan said like this, took out a document, that he forged, The relevant certificates of the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture Mechanical Research Institute, “I am sent by the Mechanical Research Institute. Those who come to trade in your Northern Land have the right to exempt from inspection. You must at least show the relevant certificates and the relevant arrest warrant to be eligible. Search for my companions.”

Looking at Lin Chuan’s ID, the big man was shocked, looked at Lin Chuan, and then laughed again.

“Master Mechanic of Great Mysterious Star Prefecture…, unfortunately, in Northern Land, your credentials are not so good…”

The big man laughed twice. However, Lin Chuan’s identity was still somewhat dreaded, and he took out his ID. It was the security officer of this oasis.

At the same time, the big man took out an arrest warrant with the word secret on it. It was an arrest warrant issued by Northern Royal Clan, and the word secret was a seal specially made by Royal Clan.

“What…, the wanted criminal?!”

Bayen’s eyes were suddenly wide and bloodshot, staring at this arrest warrant, trying to identify its authenticity.

Lin Chuan took a look at Centaur Race. The latter immediately restrained aura, as if there was nothing wrong. However, Lowden, Howya, and Fowler could detect how strong Bayen’s inner fluctuations were.

This is a bit like Centaur Race Young Clan Head…

Lin Chuan muttered in secret, looked at the arrest warrant, and then looked at the certificate of the sallow-skinned man, nodded , Expressed willingness to cooperate with the inspection.

“Very good…, you are very witty! Young Mechanic, in fact, you have to be considerate of us, everyone is out to eat, we also have our difficulties…” The big man laughed , But still did not relax his vigilance, staring at Bayen firmly, seeming to believe that he is a wanted criminal.

Lin Chuan is sideways, seeming to let him search.

next moment, one after another Mechanical Bee burst out, flashing with the tail spur of Electromagnetic Energy, stabbing fiercely on the back of these people’s necks.

Tzzzzzzz ……

With a burst of electric current, these people one by one convulsed, foamed at the mouth, and fainted one after another.

Especially the big guy with a sallow face. He was stabbed by three Mechanical Bees on the back of his neck and back. He opened his mouth wide and his eyes widened like a fool. Then he thumped and fell on his back.


all around, one mechanical device is activated, and an isolated force field is arranged to prevent it from being spied by the outside world.

Lin Chuan will talk about that many, just to arrange these isolation devices. Whether or not the wrong person is checked, it is always right to be prepared.

Bayen screamed, and he rushed to the man, picked up the arrest warrant, and carefully read it several times. It was indeed the arrest warrant against him.

“When did I become a wanted man? What’s the matter with him…” Bayen growled.

Lin Chuan walked over, took out a helmet, put it on the sallow-skinned man’s head, and then pressed the switch.

Tzzzzzzz……, a flash of electromagnetic waves, this torture device quickly got the answer from the big man.

However, Lin Chuan is not satisfied with this answer, and the big guy doesn’t know what the arrest warrant is. It’s just that Northern Royal Clan issued a secret order and found similar goals as on the arrest warrant. I would rather Catch the wrong, don’t let it go.

The bounty of this arrest warrant is three times that of the super wanted criminal, which makes this man so concerned.

“The timing of the arrest warrant was issued soon after the accident… or the top secret arrest warrant…” Lin Chuan glanced at Bayen.

“There seems to be something wrong with this…” Fowler touched the chin and murmured.

The faces of the companions present are different. Northern Royal Clan will issue such an arrest warrant. Could it be that the explosion at Bayen’s base that year, what’s the inside story?

Bayen complexion ashen, the forehead tú tú tú tú beating, he rubbed his head, his thoughts were a little confused, this sudden arrest warrant made him think of many bad things at once.

“Leave here first, wait until the destination, and then investigate slowly…”

Lin Chuan got up, made some arrangements, and then asked Bayen to disguise again. After the isolation device was lifted, the entire group left quietly.

For a moment, the sallow man and the others woke up, one by one jumped up, and found that his body was naked and everything was stripped clean.

“What’s the matter?”

“Why are we here…”

“Aren’t we with a group of beauties just now?”


The heads of these people are dizzy. They only remember that they were invited by a group of beautiful travelers to find a place for a hot multiplayer exercise in a foreign land before they fell into a coma.

Now, one by one is stripped clean, and this group of people gnashing teeth thinks they have encountered a beautiful robber.

“This matter is not allowed to pass out. Whoever transfers it, LZ wants him to look good…”

The sallow man squatted his face, gave an order to die, and then touched his neck. The sting was so terrible there that he was murmured in his heart, and he must not be surprised about things in the future. After coming so many times, this errand will be lost.

In the distance, on the edge of the market town, the woman before looked at this side from afar, her clear eyes thoughtful.


huhuhu ……

The sandworm train departed again. In the carriage, there was no more relaxed and happy before. Bayen sat in a chair and watched The information listed on the Light Screen has a cold killing intent on his furry face.

The intelligence on the Light Screen was just investigated by Lin Chuan. The source of the arrest warrant was indeed issued by Northern Royal Clan himself.

However, the issuance of this arrest warrant is also strange. There is no information on what crimes Bayen committed.

The reason for the issuance of this arrest warrant is that Bayen committed a felony. Any influence in Northern Land can be shot to death on the spot. As long as the body is brought back, he can receive a generous reward.

“Bayen, thank you for being cautious. You disguised yourself when you got in the car, otherwise you would be in trouble…”

Fowler saw that the atmosphere in the car was a little stiff, so active.


Bayen slapped the table sharply and roared: “Why…, Northern Royal Clan will issue such an arrest warrant, what kind of heinous thing I have done?”

” I have committed a felony, and Northern Royal Clan should not issue an arrest warrant. Instead, Centaur Regiment ordered me to be hunted down…”

Looking at this majestic Centaur/troops face, there is a heavy grief. A group of companions did not speak.

Puppet, little girl, Kitty Lan looked at Bayen. They didn’t quite understand why Bayen was so sad.

Lin Chuan and the others understand that Centaur Regiment and Northern Royal Clan are one. For Bayen, these are his family members, but they have issued an arrest warrant for killing them.

“Mister Bayen, calm down, you must first think about whether we will have any trouble after arriving at the destination.”

“If there is any trouble, please How to solve…”

Lin Chuan groaned.

Bayen breathes deeply, frowning and thinking, the destination of their trip is Shihai Mountain City, the third largest city in Northern Land.

“I’m in Shihai Mountain City and I have some friends, but with the arrest warrant issued by Northern Land Royal Clan, it’s easy to get in touch with them…”

” With…”

This Centaur Race eyes shined, “There is a person.”

Lin Chuan nodded, secretly sighed. Originally, this trip was very simple, but to reach the secret Search Experiment Base to see if you find anything.

Now it seems that this matter is getting troublesome again, Lin Chuan can’t help but wonder if oneself is Trouble Physique, and why it always encounters these troubles.

After thinking about it, he shook the head again. The things he experienced before and after would easily cause trouble, which has nothing to do with him.

“I hope things can be simpler, and it can be resolved soon if you get to the place…”

Lin Chuan looked out the window, thinking like this.


In the evening.

The long sandworm train came to the outskirts of Shihai Mountain City at a rapid speed. From here, there was a special Floating Vehicle to carry passengers to the third largest city in Northern Land.

Getting out of the carriage, Lin Chuan and the others have changed their looks. What they dress up is the same as before, but they have changed significantly, all thanks to Fowler’s makeup skills.

Different from ordinary camouflage, Fowler’s makeup is very wonderful. After a simple dressing, it can be transformed into a face.

This made a group of companions very amazed. Didn’t expect Fowler to have such a hand, and the latter explained it reservedly. This was because he had dealt more with beautiful women, and only learned it under the influence of ears and eyes.

After coming down from the Floating Vehicle, the entire group came to the north gate of Shihai Mountain City, which is also the city’s lowest city gate.

Shihai Mountain City, the third largest city in Northern Land, is also one of the oldest cities in the north. It is adjacent to the Place of Origin in Northern Royal Clan and is connected to the original territory of Centaur Regiment.

When Mysterious Star Empire was first built, one of the Empire’s Five Great Cities was Shihai Mountain City.

At that time, the Nanluo Province and other major provinces were still areas to be explored. The place people in Empire wanted most was Shihai Mountain City in Northern Land, except for the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture.

It is built on the back of Shihai Mountain, and to the north is a plain. Planting and animal husbandry are well developed. It is a fertile city in Northern Land.

Nowadays, Shihai Mountain City is not as prosperous as other cities in Empire, but it is still very lively.

Different from other cities, it still retains the ancient times. The city wall inside and outside is built around Shihai Mountain. Standing in front of the north city gate, looking up at the towering mountain range, there is an extremely shocking feeling. .

“Shihai Mountain City, it’s still the same…, it’s really good…”

Lowden sighed. When he was young, he had a good time here. years.

Howya, Fowler, and Bayen, the three of them all sighed, but their emotions were different.

Lin Chuan noticed the densely covered lines on the city wall. This is an ancient line. It is said that Centaur Race and Northern Land Royal Clan created a kind of text. This opened the civilized era of Northern Land.

Later, the words of Mysterious Star Empire unified and Empire were promoted, and these ancient words gradually declined and became unknown.

For such claims, Lin Chuan was skeptical after treating Bayen.

Because the pattern on Bayen’s back resembles the shape of a birthmark, and some of the lines are very similar to these ancient characters.

And that birthmark, according to Centaur Race, is a sign of equipment [Earth King Equipment].

Entering from a passage of the north city gate, Lin Chuan and the others followed the long line and slowly entered the outer city of Shihai Mountain City.

“A long time ago, the outer city was inhabited by ordinary people. Of course, that was a long time ago. Now, the outer city is very busy, and they are all shops…”

Although Bayen had something in his mind, he still did his best to do a good job as a guide and talked about the past of Shihai Mountain City to a group of companions.

The former Shihai Mountain City was a highly hierarchical city. The outer city lived in the general public. Inner City lived in the nobles and generals of the Northern Land. There was once a moat between the outer city and the Inner City. The barracks are by the river.

Now, this moat has become a famous landscape in Shihai Mountain City, but the military camp by the river is reserved, and crews often come here to take pictures, which can be regarded as a tourist hotspot income for the city.

Inner City is not a former noble district, but a famous entertainment venue in the city.

As for the real center of the city, it moved to the top of Shihai Mountain City, where there is also the city’s airship station.

The Peak District is now the wealthy district of Shihai Mountain City.

The entire group did not directly enter the Inner City, but went up to a tower in the outer city, where there is a telescope for sightseeing, and you can see the desert from a distance.

Climbing high and looking into the distance, Bayen used Telescope to look around at random, then frowned, and whispered to Lin Chuan and his companions that there seemed to be nothing unusual about the location of the exploded Experiment Base.

“At that location…”

Bayen pointed out the direction, it was in another secret area of ​​Shihai Mountain, even Centaur Race didn’t know much.

From the situation seen in Telescope, there is no abnormality there. Of course, this is only a superficial observation and needs further confirmation.

“Let’s go. Find someone first…”

Bayen murmured, leading a group of companions and boarding a sightseeing car, like a tourist, moved towards Inner City away.


Kitty Lan jumped on Lin Chuan’s shoulder, staring wide-eyed, looking at the slanting road, from the north city gate, moved towards the inner mountain City away.

From the sightseeing car, the streets here are very spacious and the buildings have changed a bit. Compared with the architectural styles seen all the way, it is a bit more refined, but it is still the majestic style of Northern Land. .

A string of bells hung on each building, and the strong wind passed by, ding ding ding~ sounded like a piece of music, extremely pleasant to the ear.

Pedestrians on the street, regardless of male or female, have larger skeletons. The Human Race in Northern Land is on average half a head taller than other places.

In the crowds, I often see other ethnic groups, such as Minotaur and Centaur Race. These two ethnic groups are notoriously tall, and they are often compared together in the outside world.

Actually, in terms of size, Minotaur is still a bit stronger than Centaur Race, but in terms of appearance, Centaur Race will win a lot.

At least, many women in Empire are willing to associate with Centaur Race. As for the reason, on the one hand, it is the appearance, on the other hand, it is the pain point that Human Race men do not want to mention.

“This place is very nice! The scenery of Northern Land really has a special flavor…” Lin Chuan exclaimed.

“Yes! After so many years, I’m back again, damn…” Bayen muttered, thinking of the arrest warrant before, and cursed.

Along the way, a group of companions had many speculations. Lin Chuan and Fowler were more inclined. This was an internal struggle between Centaur Regiment and Northern Land Royal Clan. Anyway, everyone in the Experiment Base was dead. Just take a scapegoat and put the blame on Bayen.

After all, when [Earth King Equipment] got out of control, Bayen was wearing that set of equipment.

If you check out the Experiment Base at that time, you can check that Bayen is missing, and these responsibilities will be transferred to a Centaur Race that is likely to die. This pot will be well divided.

Lin Chuan and the others agree with this speculation, and Bayen also agrees with this statement.

Of course, what’s the specific situation, we have to find what Bayen said, and talk to that person who can be trusted.


Inner City.

Getting down from the sightseeing car, led by Bayen, the entire group came to the moat, a chic building.

This is a large dome-shaped venue. One after another high-end Floating Vehicle is parked at the door. When the lights are first turned on, the building is brightly lit, with a sense of splendorous and majestic.

Lin Chuan even noticed that the security measures for this building can be said to be very strict.

In this regard, Lin Chuan secretly nodded. It seems that Bayen said that the status of a trustworthy person is not low. If such a person can get online, it will be very convenient to act.

At this time, Lowden, Howya, and Fowler on the side showed weird looks. Simultaneously asked, “The trustworthy person you mentioned, does something here?”


Bayen nodded, “Don’t worry, you can definitely trust it!”

hearing this, Lowden, Howya, Fowler’s faces are even more strange, one The eyes were weird, looking at Bayen’s eyes, there was distrust.

Lin Chuan was a little strange, and looked at the name of this building-Northern Land Shihai Hall!

Open the communicator, type in “Northern Land Shihai Hall”, search for it, and pop up the one after another search result. Lin Chuan looked at it, and his face turned black.

Shihai Mountain City, the most upscale place of wind and moon, is this Northern Land Shihai Hall!

“He is your old friend who is doing things here, okay?” Lin Chuan looked at Bayen and asked with a curled mouth.

Seeing Bayen’s embarrassing nodded, Lin Chuan endured the urge to ache and looked at Lowden and the others, coldly snorted, and turned to leave.

Sure enough, to inquire about intelligence, you still have to do it yourself, let these guys do it, and you don’t know how it really gets tricked.

Bayen quickly grabbed Lin Chuan and the others, and repeatedly assured that this person is absolutely reliable and his identity is not that simple.

“Anyway, even if something goes wrong, it is me who is the one with bad luck.” Bayen said, patting his chest.

“Then, let’s go in and see.” Fowler said cheerfully.

Lin Chuan squinted, looking at the reactions of Fowler, Lowden, Howya, the three guys just now, thinking about it with their toes, they all know that when they stay in this city, they often come to this place.

Led by Bayen, the entire group entered through a side door. The furnishings inside the Northern Land Shihai Hall are more magnificent than the outside.

The murals and sculptures here are the characteristics of Northern Land, but you can see that they are antiques of old age.

Entering a special elevator, but there is no upward floor button, it is the number of floors underground.

Bayen pressed the button of the lowest layer, the thirteenth layer.

The elevator arrived quickly and came out from the inside. In an instant, one after another light swept through, scanning the entire group’s whole body transparently.

“It’s you!?”

In the front, there is a passage. At the end of the passage, a soft, watery sound came from the red door, which sounded extremely pleasing.

“It’s me.” Bayen said solemnly.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

next moment, all around the lights one after another go out, and then I heard the sound of the opening of the door, and a dark shadow flew from inside. Out.

whiz whiz whiz ……

one after another blade light exploded like a group, all directions are sharp knife intent, Lowden is cred out in surprise: what’s going on ? ! This is…

In Lin Chuan’s keen perception, he sensed the dark shadows flying out of the red door. During the flight, his body seemed to all split up and in pieces all at once. , Those blade lights are swept out from the body of all split up and in pieces.

This is the first time Lin Chuan has encountered such a strange situation…

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