This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 485

Alligator Mouthed Tiger!

This kind of ominous beast is unique to Northern Land and is quite famous in Mysterious Star Empire. There is even a tame Alligator Mouthed Tiger as a mount in Northern Land Travel Company.

However, this kind of ominous beast is wild and untamable, and the strength of an adult Alligator Mouthed Tiger is comparable to a fourth boundary expert. If you want to have such a mount, the price you have to pay is comparable to having Fierce Beast Type military floating Vehicle is even more difficult.


This Alligator Mouthed Tiger roared, it instinctively sensed the danger, but could not find the source of this danger.

At this time, a slight meow sounded and Alligator Mouthed Tiger felt his head sink, as if some small animal was sitting on its head.

Suddenly, this Northern Land ominous beast was furious, and just about to jump up, crashed into a towering tree ahead.

next moment, it only felt a breath of horror emerge. This was the absolute suppression from the upper ominous beast, and it immediately pressed Alligator Mouthed Tiger on the ground.

“wu wu ……”

Alligator Mouthed Tiger whimpered and called out to show weakness. Its five-meter-long body has been unable to move even a little bit. Begging for mercy there.

On its head, Kitty Lan condensed her breath and stretched out her paws, patted Alligator Mouthed Tiger, then turned her head and looked towards Lin Chuan, waving her paws invitingly.

“Let it go.”

Lin Chuan sat on the back of the Alligator Mouthed Tiger, and ordered like this.

Whhhh…, Alligator Mouthed Tiger flew out, not even daring to defy Kitty Lan’s order.

This scene made Lin Chuan quite curious about the origin of Kitty Lan. The true race of Little Brat should be an extremely high-ranking ominous beast.

In other words, it may be more advanced than ominous beast.

After all, with such an ominous beast, there are only high-ranking Dragon Beasts on land, and there are a few extinct races.

It’s just that Lin Chuan did not find any information related to Kitty Lan in the search materials.

I touched the back of the Alligator Mouthed Tiger. It was barbed crocodile skin. Even with the heart origin power body protection, it was very uncomfortable to sit up.

The origin of this Alligator Mouthed Tiger is actually quite simple. It is the offspring of the giant crocodiles of Northern Land and the reproduction of tigers.

In this world, there is no reproductive isolation between many species. Instead, after reproducing, stronger bloodlines will be produced.

When he first came to this World, Lin Chuan was quite surprised by these, and perhaps that is the case, that many powerful Sea Beasts will be born in Five Seas.

The situation on land is similar. Many ethnic groups appear because there is no reproductive isolation between species.

Of course, this World will have so many magical and powerful ethnic groups, and this factor is only one aspect.

When Lin Chuan looked through the ancient materials, he once saw records saying that in the distant ancient times, before the Dark Age, going back more than 10,000 years, the creatures on this continent are extremely powerful. The Five Seas Sea Beasts at that time could not be compared.

According to ancient data, the continent dominates that era, not only Dragon Race, but also giants, as well as dwarf with divine force, Elf with magical skill, and so on…

It is said that the current Centaur Race is the humanoid race, and the offspring of a kind of intelligent horse race in the ancient times. The humanoid race mentioned here refers to the giants of the ancient times.

There are also data that show that today’s Human Race also has Giant Race pedigree. The truth is unprovable.

There is no reproductive isolation between multiple species. Although many powerful species have been born, many terrifying monsters have also been born from this.

Previously, in Foca Tower, the “Shadow Treaty of Alliance” tribe was a one by one monster-like tribe that overreproduced among multiple species.

When these races were born, they were not accepted by other creatures, and rejected by those pure-blooded races, and thus united together to form the “Shadow Treaty of Alliance.”

“Before the Dark Ages, were all the creatures of pure blood gathered in the Four Great Territories?”

“The creatures in the Four Great Territories, and the’Shadow Treaty of What is the relationship between the shadow races of Alliance’…”

Lin Chuan whispered and asked Tai Gu.

In the earphone, there was a zi zi electric noise, Tai Gu hesitated for a while, but did not speak.

He didn’t conceal something. In fact, he is the group of Four Great Territories. The relationship between the group and the shadow group is very complicated. It is not simple to tell.

Lin Chuan shook his head slightly and did not continue to inquire. In front of him, a towering tree stood in great numbers, with huge branches and leaves spreading out like a canopy, showing a tendency to cover the sky.

This is the deepest part of Shihai Mountain City. Turning over from here is the avenue leading to Northern Land Royal City.

“Then the location of the Experiment Base is in this wood…”

Mental Energy spreads like a tide, and Lin Chuan’s sensing power envelopes this wood. I didn’t see anything that could be called a building.

Take out a plume feather, which Bayen gave to Lin Chuan.

This plume feather is very special. It is half a meter long and has a soft texture. The plume is carved with one after another fine ancient lines.

From this point of view, this is a valuable antique.

Lin Chuan moved his wrist and threw this plume feather out. The mountain wind blew over, and this plume feather fluttered with the wind, but it followed a strange route and sank into the woods. .

After that, this plume feather disappeared, and disappeared into Lin Chuan’s range of perception out of thin air.


A light sound came, and the two trees in front shook violently, and then moved towards both sides slid away, revealing a passage.

“It’s amazing!”

Sweeping off the back of the Alligator Mouthed Tiger, Lin Chuan dashed into the path and unplugged the root that was plugged into a stone tablet. plume feather.


The two big trees returned to their original positions again, Lin Chuan walked closer and checked it carefully, but still couldn’t find a clue, I didn’t understand what it was based on. The principle does it.

“This is a special method of Centaur Race. Other ancient races have special things that belong to oneself…” Tai Gu said like this.

For example, in Dava Golden City, where the Redbud treasure house is located, it is also so secretive.

If it weren’t for Lin Chuan’s [Materialized Mental Energy], Redbud’s treasure trove would be hard to see. This is the skill of the ancient Elf. To some extent, it’s more brilliant than the arrangement of Centaur Race. .

Along this passage, Lin Chuan quickly arrived at his destination, which was a ruined building built on the hillside.

whiz whiz whiz ……

one after another Mechanical Little White Mouse sprang out, searching among the ruins of this building, one after another Mechanical Bee also flew out, looking for Lin Chuan What you want.

“It was really blown up from the inside. It seems that Bayen did not lie…”

In Induction Goggles, one after another image was transmitted, Lin Chuan looked at the ruins Circumstances, this confirmed what Bayen said.

“Have you always suspected the Centaur Race before?” Tai Gu was silent for a moment, and said like this.

“I’m Mechanic, if I don’t see the actual information, how can I confirm that what Bayen said is true.”

Lin Chuan as it should be by rights said, he Before, of course, I did not believe in Bayen. Although the other party did not lie, sometimes the memory can be tampered with.

He did the same tricks on Viscount Lowe…

Now, what he found from the ruins proved that Bayen was right. .

Suddenly, an image was transmitted over, and Lin Chuan was surprised.

“Something is wrong…”

The picture of that video is in the center of this ruin, underneath a large pile of building debris, a Mechanical Little White Mouse found a secret path.

ding ding ding~ ……

On the other end, Tai Gu quickly analyzed this image and came to a conclusion that the secret path was 12 years ago, that is, this After Experiment Base was destroyed, about a month or two, there were signs of repeated entry and exit.

“The wreckage of [Earth King Equipment], there are no fragments…”

Lin Chuan frowns, looking at the situation found in the search, in the ruins of this Experiment Base, don’t It was said to be the wreckage of [Earth King Equipment], and it didn’t even leave any other valuable things.

This is too unusual…

“Someone found out that this Experiment Base was blown up, came here in secret and took away valuable things…”

After rubbing the forehead, Lin Chuan had a headache. It was not how confusing it was. He actually thought of several possibilities.

However, each of these possibilities is a trouble that he does not want to mix.

“This is a bit troublesome…”

Tai Gu muttered, with a tone of take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

It is very interesting for Tai Gu to see this youngster’s headache.

“Then do you want to continue investigating?” Tai Gu asked a question that he asked knowingly.

Lin Chuan didn’t bother to pay attention to this Smartbrain, controlled a Mechanical Little White Mouse, entered the secret passage, and explored it first.

After that, he considered it for a while, ready to enter the secret passage to find out.

“In order to perfect the [seventh equipment], I can only take a risk.” Lin Chuan muttered.

When Tai Gu and Kitty Lan heard this, they simultaneously rolled their eyes secretly. With Lin Chuan’s current strength, there are really not many things that can really put him in danger.

Although the energy of the [seventh equipment] is exhausted, and the [Void Bone Shadow] is being repaired again, Lin Chuan lacks two major reliances, but his true battle strength, even if there is still a distance from the sixth boundary, But it’s not too far away.

Furthermore, Lin Chuan’s various methods, as long as he doesn’t face up to the seventh boundary expert, he can easily escape.

“Little Brat, it’s time for you to play a role…”

Lin Chuan patted Little Blue Cat’s head. The latter meowed reluctantly, and he knew to follow it. , Certain/affirm has nothing to do.

Under the majestic gaze of the owner, Kitty Lan could only yield, and the first half of the body was Gigantification, which quickly cleared the ruins.

I have to admit that the Little Blue Cat after Gigantification, in terms of strength alone, I am afraid that the seventh boundary experts cannot compare.

A large chunk of building debris, in front of Kitty Lan, was like a small stone, just huffed it and flew off.

“Kitty, just wait for your body to be fully Gigantification…” Lin Chuan exclaimed.

hearing this, Kitty Lan’s body trembled and cast a bitter look at the owner. The last thing it wanted to see was that scene.

“You can’t think like this. After Gigantification, your body can’t get smaller…”

“Furthermore, you are in a state like this, it seems uncoordinated. After Gigantification, How mighty!”

“Only with such powerful power can you truly sit back and relax…”

Following Kitty Lan’s side, Lin Chuan is in front of the arm-flinging shopkeeper , Watching pets as porters, while doing mental construction for Little Brat.

In this regard, Kitty Lan just wants to shake his head. It doesn’t listen, it doesn’t listen. With its super charm, it can eat together and wait until it’s old, so what do you need such a powerful force to do…

Looking at the lazy little Brat, Lin Chuan wanted to say something, but it was already before the secret passage.

Carefully sneak in from the entrance, Lin Chuan moved forward quickly, and soon discovered that the secret passage had no defensive measures and could pass unimpeded.

To be precise, this secret passage was originally defensive, but it has been dismantled and cleaned.

From the analysis of all the signs, this is also what happened 12 years ago…

“It looks like a lot of amazing things happened in Northern Land these 12 years ago…” Lin Chuan murmured.

“This kind of things involving the Royal Clan battle has always been very secretive. If it is not discovered today, I am afraid that it will not be leaked in a hundred years…” Tai Gu felt inwardly.

Forgetting the time, Lin Chuan didn’t delay anymore, moved forward quickly, and quickly saw the end of the passage.

Flying out from the exit, Lin Chuan looked around and saw the scene in front of him, making him unable to help but stay in a daze.

In front, there is a huge lake with a tributary in the distance, which dumps down the cliff, and the sound of the waterfall rumbling from far away…

On the opposite side of the cliff , There is a mountain that stands tall, with Lin Chuan’s induction, vaguely “seeing” that there is a one by one hole in the mountain, and the faintly discernable firelight is flickering.

“Where is this place?”

Lin Chuan was stunned. He stored a map of Shihai Mountain City and a secret map given to him by Bayen.

On these two maps, there is not a single place that can correspond to this.

At this moment–

A small sound caught Lin Chuan’s attention. He turned his head and looked around and saw a figure near the lake not far away. Leaped out from inside.

That silhouette is a woman in tight leather, curvaceous.

“This is…, that woman…”

Lin Chuan’s complexion moved, and he immediately recognized that this woman was in the oasis market town, and he was sober from a wonderful state. The woman who sensed.

Looking at this woman, Lin Chuan did not move, he was covered with [Materialized Mental Energy Membrane], and Kitty Lan did the same, and was not worried about being discovered.

However, when the woman jumped ashore from the lake, she walked straight ahead, and she saw a pair of beautiful eyes in the dark.

“This gentleman, I didn’t expect to see you here…” The woman spoke softly, her voice very moving, like a mountain stream.

This was discovered…

Lin Chuan was inexplicably shocked. He had absolute confidence in the camouflage effect of [Materialized Mental Energy Membrane].

Even the seventh boundary expert and the top-level induction skills of cultivation are difficult to detect, why this woman seems to be able to see him.

Tai Gu and Kitty Lan were also taken aback. They were able to see through the disguise of [Materialized Mental Energy Membrane], and you need Mental Energy that is equivalent to them.

There is clearly no strong Mental Energy fluctuation on this woman. What is going on?

Lin Chuan stood there motionless. He guessed if there was a fraud, and quickly checked whether he had a tracker or was contaminated with something.

On the other side, the woman chuckled lightly and said, “Mr., don’t suspect fraud, I can really see the color on your body…”

“You too Don’t worry, I have no malice towards you, husband, I just want you to do me a favor…”

Speaking like this, the woman stepped forward.

Lin Chuan didn’t answer. On one side of his body, he moved towards the other side and flew away, not wanting to entangle this woman.

However, the woman’s speed was unexpected, and the lovable body swayed, and it actually steadily kept up with Lin Chuan’s speed.

“You…, don’t follow me…” Lin Chuan couldn’t help but yelled, a hint of flustered and exasperated in his tone.

The woman’s beautiful eyes passed in surprise, but according to Lin Chuan, she really stopped.


With this woman as the center, the ground with a radius of one thousand meters burst suddenly, and a terrifying force emerged, and then this place collapsed.

The location of the exit of the passage was originally a cliff top. This sudden explosion blasted a gap in the cliff body.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

In the distance, a sharp whistling sound came from one after another. It was the sound of a crossbow shooting through the air.

One after another, the arrowhead of the crossbow arrow is made of Energy Crystal, and the energy in it is extremely unstable.

The crossbow bolt slammed into the broken rock, and there was a big explosion. One after another exploded fire like a ball of light, attacking the woman in midair, as well as Lin Chuan.

Seeing this scene, Lin Chuan could have used his strength to jump to a safe place.

Now, you can only choose to activate the [Cracked Scale Arm], open the defensive shield, and resist this wave of intense explosions.

“What the hell is this bad luck!? I was cheated by this woman…” Lin Chuan cursed secretly.

The reason why he immediately chose to retreat was to perceive the danger. This kind of danger came suddenly, not against him, but against this woman, so he slowed his reaction.

But it didn’t expect that even the cliff body was blown apart, and there was a series of offensives…

In the earphone, Tai Gu called: “You won’t Watching this woman fall from the cliff, you can’t save it!”

She was in mid-air, not far from Lin Chuan, and the woman was also falling rapidly. There were multiple injuries on her body. It looks like an injury obtain is. not light.

“Aren’t I also falling off the cliff…”

Lin Chuan muttered, raised hand and beckoned, one after another Mechanical Bee flew out and ran under the woman , Released the jet device, dragged the woman to avoid the falling rocks, moved towards the bottom of the cliff on the other side.

At the same time, several Mechanical Bees were released and flew to the top of the cliff.


oh la la ……

At the top of the cliff, a gap was ruptured, and the lake water poured down from there, forming another waterfall.

In the shadows in the distance, one after another figure flew out, checking the situation of the explosion location.

“This special explosive bomb cannot detect any energy fluctuations when it is launched. If the center position is bombed, the seventh boundary expert will not be able to withstand it, and the target should die on the spot…”

“There is also a crossbow arrow made of [Thunder Crystal]. If you hit an arrow at random, the chance of surviving the expert below the sixth boundary is less than 1%. It can be confirmed that the target is dead.”

“Weird, the target’s whereabouts have been difficult to lock, why is it suddenly revealed?”

“What’s so strange about it, after being hunted for so long, there are also times when you relax…”

“Hey, at the explosion point just now, there seems to be another sign of a creature. We didn’t find it just now…”

“Maybe it is an animal in the mountains. It is not threatening, so it will be detected naturally. The device ignored…”

These figures are very professional, carefully searching the location of the explosion to confirm the life and death of the woman.

For a moment, the leader decided to go to the bottom of the cliff and check again, there can be no mistakes.

“First confirm the death of the target, before we can make a deal.”

“Otherwise, if something happens later, we will all have bad luck……”

one after another The figure took out the device and climbed down from the top of the cliff, like an ape, climbing on the cliff.

At the same time.

At the bottom of the cliff, Lin Chuan was sitting on the rock. He frowned even more after receiving feedback from Mechanical Bee.

“It’s so good! Chuan Boy, hero saving the beauty…, still such a beauty…”

In the earphone, Tai Gu’s voice rang, running like this .

Kitty Lan called out, watching the woman’s injury, Little Brat was quite worried.

Tai Gu is right. This is indeed a beauty and a stunning girl.

However, Lin Chuan only feels a headache…

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