This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 486

Late night.

The squally wind in Shihai Mountain is even more violent. It is still early spring, when the temperature drops to freezing point, and the ground, tree trunks, and rocks are covered with a thin layer of frost.

In a trance, the woman woke up, opened her eyes, and found oneself lying on a rock.

Where is this…

Her thoughts are a little confused, and the pain in her body makes her unable to remember what she has experienced before.

After that, a sound caught her attention. On the steep cliff, one after another figure fell down quickly, moving towards a pile of broken rocks.

“That was…, the one who chased me along the way…”

The woman immediately remembered. She was attacked on the top of the cliff before, and she fell off the cliff. This is how the injury came from.

Where is that gentleman…

Immediately, the woman thought of the young man and couldn’t help regretting it. If it weren’t for her, that gentleman would be fine, all blame She was too confident, thinking she had gotten rid of the pursuers long ago.

“No, I want to live, even if I die, I can’t fall into these people’s hands. Grandpa said before his death that falling into these people’s hands would bring huge disasters…”

The woman thought in her heart and wanted to get up, but found that her body was completely unable to move even a little bit, and was bound by an invisible force.

Later, she was even more horrified to discover that the group of pursuers had found some wreckage in the pile of crushed rocks. It was her body’s limbs.

Is it dead…

In an instant, this thought flashed through the woman’s heart, she was inexplicably sad, suffered such an attack, and fell from such a high place. It’s weird.

At this moment, a figure sat down beside her, it was the young man.


The woman widened her eyes and opened her mouth to say something, but found that she couldn’t say a word.

Just like the force that binds her body, her throat is also imprisoned by this force, and she can’t make a sound.

“Watching quietly…”

Lin Chuan looked at this woman, to be precise, a girl with brown hair, with a slight alienation in her tone.

Sitting on the rock, around the body surrounded by a Materialized Mental Energy shield, Lin Chuan looked at these figures indifferently.

These people are quickly moving away the gravel pile, but they didn’t notice. In the shadows around them, one after another Mechanical Little White Mouse, one after another Mechanical Bee lurks, as long as Lin Chuan starts, Will immediately launch an offensive.

Lin Chuan is ready to do it at any time. He wants to see if this group of people is the same as this girl, and can also discover the disguise of [Materialized Mental Energy Membrane].

If he really finds him, Lin Chuan will be ready to use the thunder offensive to wipe out all these guys here.

Using Lin Chuan’s perverted induction, he has analyzed that the leader of this group of guys is about the expert of the sixth boundary Fifth Stage. Although it is a hard idea, if you have mental arithmetic and no intention, you just need to solve it. With this Leader, the confidence that this group of guys will be killed here is about 80%.

hua la la ……

These figures did not stop after searching the gravel pile. They immediately returned along the same path and soon disappear without a trace.

“Is it a hidden force in Northern Land?”

Sitting on the rock, Lin Chuan has been observing the movements of these figures and judging their origins. Is it related to known influence?

The conclusion is that this group of figures belong to Northern Land, and the shen method they display has the shadow of the Northern Land genre.

Moreover, these people’s actions are very disciplined, full of a sense of iron and blood, but they are different from soldiers.

“Which influence force is in Northern Land…”

Lin Chuan frowned. He didn’t know Northern Land deeply and couldn’t judge.

Looking at the group of figures leaving quickly, Lin Chuan sat for a while, and saw that the group did not come back again. He took the girl’s belt with his hands and quickly left.

In a hidden within cave, Lin Chuan threw the girl on the ground and watched her injuries ooze blood, but there was no intention to treat her.

Throwing two bottles of Healing Potion in front of the girl, Lin Chuan indifferently said: “Answer my question well, you can heal your injuries and save your life, otherwise, you will die here…”

“Sorry. Sir, I dragged you in. It was me who caused you. I thought I had gotten rid of those nasty pursuers. They didn’t expect them to track down here…”

Not waiting for Lin Chuan’s question, the girl coughed dryly and found that she was able to speak, she immediately opened the chatterbox, talked endlessly, and explained some things in detail.

This group of trackers have been chasing and killing her since the ruins Desert, and she got rid of them.

I was thought to have arrived at Shihai Mountain Mystical Place and I was already safe. Didn’t expect this group of guys to follow along, and only then did the sudden attack just now…

“Originally, in the market town of Oasis, I wanted to find a husband, just to avoid the chase of those guys, I missed it…”

The girl pursed her red lips and her face was full Grievance and apologies, Na Na said.

Lin Chuan was a bit speechless. Before he even started asking, the girl gave half of the story.


Kitty Lan poked her head out and looked at the girl, with her little paw scratching Lin Chuan from time to time, wanting the master to heal this beautiful Young Lady.

“Wow…, this Little Blue Cat…” The girl’s eyes were shining instantly, and she forgot the pain for a while, and wanted to reach her hand to hug Kitty Lan.

Little Blue Cat immediately jumped over, held the two Healing Potions in front of the girl, and signaled her to oneself to heal her injuries.

“This Little Brat is so good…” the girl murmured.

Looking at the behavior of this girl and Kitty Lan, Lin Chuan was helpless, and said sternly: “Answer my question first, your name? Where did you come from? And why can you see me… “

“My name is Lymira.”

“I live in the mountains over there.”

“As for why I can see Mr., because of the color on his body It’s very bright…”

The girl said here, Kitty Lan has opened the Healing Potion with her paw, and applied Lymira internally and externally.

For a moment, Lymira’s injury has been quickly recovered under the influence of the top Healing Potion, sitting there, talking endlessly, there is no need for Lin Chuan to interrogate, she has already put all her secrets, All said it.

“You mean, my body is glowing? What rays of light are…” Lin Chuan asked.

“It’s just a ball of light! There seems to be the sound of a pendulum moving…” Lymira tilted her head, thought about it, and said like this.

A pendulum pattern? !

Lin Chuan’s heart is shaken, can Lymira see the ability of the stone ball…

From Lymira’s account, Lin Chuan understands the origin of this girl, she is this mountain Residents of Lin.

Before, at the top of the cliff, Lin Chuan saw luminous caves on the opposite mountain peak, where residents of this forest lived.

This mountain forest is not actually the place where Centaur Race was excavated. To be precise, it was the land created by the ancestors of Centaur Race and the aborigines here long ago, called Shihai Mountain Mystical Place.

For a long time, Centaur Race complies with the agreement and only builds the Experiment Base outside of Secret Realm. One is very secretive, and the other is to act as a guard to protect the safety of the aborigines here.

As for why I can see Lin Chuan under the guise of [Materialized Mental Energy Membrane], it is because the color on his body is actually the appearance of the stone ball’s ability.

This is Lymira’s innate talent, and belongs exclusively to her innate talent!

“My grandfather told me before he died, if one day, if you see the person who is shining on his body, you must take him to the city to the north…”

Lymira hugged Kitty Lan, leaning the cat while pointing to the north.

The city in the north? !

Lin Chuan looked to the north, his face changed, and his mood fluctuated. Lymira pointed to the Northern Royal City.

“Are you sure you are looking for me?”

“The one who shines, have you only seen me?”

Lin Chuan asked.

Nodded of Lymira certain/affirm, she told me that two years ago, after Grandpa passed away, she followed Grandpa’s instructions and traveled in Northern Land just to find people with colors on them, and there was no clue. , But was chased by the group of unidentified experts.

Until I saw Lin Chuan in the oasis market town, the rays of light on his body were too conspicuous. Certain/affirm was the person that Grandpa said.

Listening to Lymira’s story, Lin Chuan frowned again and again. These things sounded confused, but he was relieved. It turned out that this girl found him so, she could not see through 【Materialized Mental Energy]’s disguise.

“Your Excellency Tai Gu, you are experienced and knowledgeable, what do you think is going on?”

Lin Chuan asked about this Shihai Mountain Mystical Place and the girl’s ability .

“How do I know…”

Tai Gu didn’t respond well. In his era, Centaur Race hadn’t risen yet, and Northern Land was even more barren. How Will understand what’s here.

However, Tai Gu has a point of view that is the same as Lin Chuan. What this girl is looking for is probably someone else.

Regarding the person who shines by Lymira, Tai Gu believes that the rays of light Lymira sees from Lin Chuan are the rays of light of [Materialized Mental Energy].

“The person she is looking for is probably Innately Talented Lifeform, or an ancient race with pure blood…” Tai Gu inferred like this.

Compared with [Materialized Mental Energy], there are the upper innate talents of Innately Talented Lifeform, or the ancient races with pure and powerful blood…

Northern Land of Mysterious Star Empire There used to be such creatures and such ancient ethnic groups. Otherwise, it would not have almost captured the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture in the ancient times.

Lin Chuan nodded, agrees with Tai Gu’s speculation, pondered then said: “Go to the aboriginals here first, learn about the situation, maybe there will be new discoveries.”

At this time, I heard Lymira exclaiming, yelling again and again: “It’s over, it’s over, I forgot. I made a mark at the village gate before and asked the second uncle to pick me up. Now in the past, it’s been so long. Second uncle must wait. I’m in a hurry…”

hearing this, Lin Chuan moved in his heart and asked what was going on?

Lymira told that to enter the village on that mountain, someone needs to open the passage, and it is not possible to enter from the outside.

In the evening, she returned to the door of the village, where she was waiting for someone to pick her up, but she noticed the light radiating from Lin Chuan, so she made a mark and moved towards Lin Chuan all the way.

“This is bad, it’s been a long time, the second uncle will definitely scold me…” Lymira frowned and muttered.

Lin Chuan’s complexion darkened, he vaguely understood why he was attacked.

Immediately, he stood up, took Lymira and moved towards the mountain peak in the village where the aboriginal people were.


Late night.

It is a towering mountain opposite to that cliff, and this area is hidden.

On the map of Shihai Mountain City, there is no such mountain. This mountain forest exists. If you look down from a high altitude, this area seems to be shrouded in mist, covered by layers of clouds, making it difficult to see inside. The sight.

However, the strange thing is that when looking up at the night sky from the mountains and forests, you can see the stars in the sky.

This area is so secret, free from outside interference.

Such a place is called Secret Realm on this continent.

Before the Hundred Years’ War, there were many Secret Realms of this type. However, with the rapid development of mechanical technology, more and more Secret Realms were discovered.

There are also many creatures in Secret Realm who know the prosperity of the outside world and can no longer sit still and take the initiative to connect with the outside world.

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer Secret Realm that are so quiet and undisturbed by the outside world.

At the foot of a mountain, the light emitted from the cave in the distant mountain peak is clearly visible, but there is no way to enter.

A dwarf figure swayed, circled in front of a big tree, looking towards the distance from time to time, the eyes of sharp rays of light flashed, seeming to be waiting for who…


In the night sky, a bird’s cry echoed, echoing in this cold and silent night, and more and more brought out the silence of the mountains.

With a sigh of relief, the little figure cursed: “Okay? Don’t I have to wait for the uncle? When is this…”

In the shadows , A slight voice sounded: “Wait a little longer, maybe the girl will come back and ask you for help?”


The little figure sneered sneer. , His voice was a bit sharp, and he whispered: “I think you are overly cautious. Didn’t you even find that girl’s body parts? Then she is dead, why should I wait here? “

“Because there is only a body stump, and no other parts of her body are found, it is not certain that she must be dead. You know, this girl is very special, she has an amazing innate talent, maybe life force It is also far different from ordinary people…”

The slight voice was paused, and then he said, “Besides, you have received a generous reward for doing this. Can’t you wait a little longer? “

The little figure was speechless, and touched the inner pocket of his clothes. There was bulging there. This was indeed a generous reward.

“Okay, okay, who asked me to collect the money? Collecting money and doing things, this is our Gnome famous saying!” The little figure muttered.

In the dense woods, a little light from a distance shines through, and the appearance of this small figure is vaguely visible.

This is a Gnome, a Gnome with ink-skinned, slick eyes rolling, revealing incomparable greed and cunning.

At this moment–

In that mountain, there was a drumbeat, echoing in the mountains.

The dark-skinned Gnome shivered and whispered: “What’s the matter? Why is it that the residents of the village are gathered at this time? Is something important happened? I’m going back, this It’s an important gathering and cannot be absent, otherwise, it will be suspicious.”

In the shadows, the owner of the faint voice was silent for a while, and reluctantly agreed to the dark-skinned Gnome’s departure.

“Well, this task should be completed, remove the marks on the tree…” The small voice said, and then there was no sound.

The black-skinned Gnome cursed in a low voice, took out the stone knife, scraped off the marks on the trunk, swept the surrounding area, and removed the traces before leaving quickly.

In the distance, one after another Mechanical Bee stopped between the branches and leaves to monitor all of this.

In the Light Screen, after playing this mirror image, Lin Chuan continued to analyze these images, and he could clearly see that the guy hidden in the dark was the leader of the previous group of figures.

“Really cautious!”

Lin Chuan muttered to himself, turned his head and looked towards Lymira, whose pink face was not bloody, and said: “It seems that your second uncle is to you , Not as friendly as you said…”

The girl shook her head, with tears in her eyes, trying to keep her from crying oneself.

“In fact, there is no need to be so sad. Sometimes knowing the truth is actually a good thing.”

Lin Chuan looked at Lymira’s beautiful face, secretly Shaking her head, this girl’s temperament is really naive. Why does she think that a village where Fire Gnome lives in groups will give birth to a Human Race girl like her?

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