This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 488

In that box, Kerirone puts his arms around his chest, looking up and down Madame Die, he is waiting for the woman to express her attitude.

Of course, after knowing Madame Die for so many years, Kerirone knows very well that this woman is not so easy to succumb, otherwise, he would have put her in bed.

However, today’s arrangement is just the beginning. Kerirone has prepared many means, and it is only the 1st Step to seize the Northern Land Shihai Hall.

Of course, if Madame Die succumbed immediately, that would be great. Kerirone’s face was full of desire. He had longed for this woman for more than ten years.

Madame Die is standing there, with a towering chest undulating. She has experienced winds and waves. She can actually bear such a design.

The only thing she can’t bear is Beya’s betrayal. This is one of her few friends in Shihai Mountain City.

“Younger Sister Die, why are you doing this? Mister Kerirone is also a top-ranked figure in Shihai Mountain City, plus his father. You and Mister Kerirone are not at a disadvantage when you are with Mister Kerirone. Ah…”

Beya whispered, there is a sultry fascination between the circulation of pupil light.

Such beauty, I saw Kerirone swallowed saliva for a while, but I could only look at it, and did not dare to offend it.

Beya’s husband, Agenon’s title is Count, but Shihai Mountain City is in power, and the right to speak is much louder than Kerirone’s father Old Kerirone.

The blame can only be blamed on Madame Die oneself, who sent this plastic sister to the position of Count Madame, but ended up with a backstabbed result.

Kerirone sneered secretly. Madame Die is really stubborn. It’s unreasonable to keep her chastity for that bastard Centaur Race. If she oneself becomes Madame of Count Agenon, how dare he offend now?

However, this is good, not like this. Where does he have the chance to get involved in the famous flower of Shihai Mountain City…

With his hands spread out, Kerirone said with a smile: “Quickly Make a decision, Die’er, at least give you an answer. If you insist on not cooperating, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, this Northern Land Shihai Hall will change ownership. This is your many years of hard work, are you really willing to do so? “

On the other side, Madame Die returned to her usual glamorous glamour, her eyes flickered slightly, and she suddenly laughed, like blossoms blooming in the night, looking straight at the eyes of everyone present.

“Kerirone, Beya…Do you really think I care about Northern Land Shihai Hall…”

Madame Die sneered, her thoughts just turned, and soon With caress.

Northern Land Shihai Hall is just one of the important industries under her name. It serves as a cover for the intelligence organization she holds. Although it is a pity to lose it, it is not impossible to abandon it.

In order to protect the Northern Land Shihai Hall, she has to compromise with this disgusting man, this shameless woman, Madame Die is not such a temper.

Since these people are aggressive, then she will obliterate these guys, hide them, and hide from the limelight for a few years.


Madame Die pupil light is cold, just about to get into trouble.


There was a rumbling sound, the whole box trembled, and the murals hanging on the wall fell to the ground.

Everyone present was stunned. They had not yet realized what was going on. The door of the box opened and a group of guards rushed in.

“Not good anymore, Blast Butcher · Lobb took his hands and tied Justice Aivin on the street, now moved towards here and rushed in…”

“Hurry up and hide, yes Blast Butcher · Lobb, that monster has appeared again…”

With a yelling, Kerirone and Beya’s faces changed instantly, revealing uncontrollable horror. color.

Blast Butcher · Lobb! ?

This is Shihai Mountain City, and even Northern Land is a well-known wanted felon. In the past seven years, dozens of appalling robberies and kidnappings have been committed throughout Northern Land. They are wanted by the entire Northern Land. .

This Blast Butcher also has a feature, that is, for the upper-class people with some inferiorities, the start is very ruthless.

When I think of this, Kerirone’s calves are trembling. He knows oneself about oneself. If this falls into Lobb’s hands, then certain/affirm will not end well.

“Guard, protect me!”

“Go home safely tonight, I will reward you each with 10,000 Gold Coins!”


Kerirone yelled, the whole person has been retracted into the protective circle of a group of guards.

Beya is look pale, she doesn’t want to fall into the hands of Blast Butcher, her reputation will be ruined when it spreads out.

On the other hand, Madame Die was a little surprised and always felt that something was not right. How well-informed the organization information she had was. If Blast Butcher · Lobb went to Shihai Mountain City, she would have no impossible news.

At this moment–

With a loud noise, the wall of the box was exploded, revealing the outside scene.

In the corridor, one after another wall was exploded, revealing one by one holes, and the hot temperature spread.

What is surprising is that the edges of the holes in the one after another wall that were blasted are very neat, and no one was hurt.

In the Northern Land Shihai Hall, there are no lack of brilliant experts who are entertaining and having brilliant eyesight. Seeing such a blasting scene, one by one’s complexion changes, and there is still doubt before it. Now, they can certain/affirm, and indeed Blast Butcher · Lobb is here. This kind of blasting technology is unique in Northern Land.

dong dong dong ……

Heavy footsteps sounded, and a tall figure jumped in from the hole, followed by a team.

“Help!? I’m Justice Aivin, who will save me, I am grateful!”

In that team, a figure was tied up and raised upside down. In his hand, yelling in panic.

hearing this, many people around are interested. In Shihai Mountain City, Justice Aivin is a first-class figure. If he can be saved, it is a great opportunity.


At this time, a figure flew over, and with the force of lightning, it struck the tall figure headed by it.


The tall figure grinned, raised his hand and moved towards the side, a fire burst out, forming a jet-shaped shock wave, and the sneak attacker Boom directly into broken slag.

Suddenly, people screamed all around, and most of them were women. For those who claim to be high-class, the impact force is a bit big.

“Shut up!?”

The tall figure yelled, looked all around, and then gloomily said: “This time, I Lobb came to Shihai Mountain City to seek revenge. Aivin, you Old Dog, don’t think I don’t know, my Northern Land arrest warrant was initiated by you, together with Shihai Mountain City Magistrate Old Kerirone. You two Old Dogs……”

“Isn’t LZ robbed of your W tax? Let me think about it, the energy spar worth 200 million Gold Coin, right? That tax is not coming from the right way, and you dare to want me blatantly…”

“Aivin, you said Old Kerirone is in the Northern Land Shihai Hall. If the Old Dog is not there, I will fry you into pieces of minced meat and feed the dog…”

The sharp voice echoed and fell clearly in everyone’s ears. Only then did many people understand the whole sequence of events, and they felt relieved.

The only uneasy thing is naturally Kerirone, his face paled from fright, and he didn’t think that Blast Butcher’s goal was his father.

Wait, when did Old Kerirone come to Northern Land Shihai Hall? !

Kerirone was taken aback, and immediately understood, his face was completely bloodless, he knew that Aivin had put one on him, this Old Guy wanted to pit oneself.

At this time–

I heard a woman screaming: “Big Brother Lobb, I know Kerirone is there, he is there…”

In an instant, many people point in one direction, which is the box where Kerirone and the others are.

“Hurry up!?”

Kerirone also yelled. A group of guards surrounded him, broke another wall, and quickly escaped from the rescue channel.

While running, Kerirone was still yelling: “Boss Lobb, I am not my father. What are your grudges, just go find him.”

“Run!? So easy. That’s…”

The tall “Lobb” sneered, “Father’s debt is paid, since you are here, it’s the same.”


“Lobb” took out an elongated pistol and fired a shot in the direction of Kerirone’s escape.

Suddenly, a ball of fire spurted out, like a long flame snake, baring fangs and brandishing claws, chasing after its buttocks, and wherever it passed, the walls were Was melted through.

Screams of panic were repeated one after another, and the people here avoided one after another so as not to be affected.

In the distance, Kerirone’s buttocks really caught fire, and several guards behind him were burned to charcoal, making Kerirone scream, the soul flew away and scattered.

In the light of the Heavenly Fire and the scorched smoke, a sharp alarm suddenly sounded in the night sky of the entire city…

in midair, one after another silhouette came, Some figures were still in the air, and moved towards this side and blasted out fist strength, thousands of meters apart, but they targeted “Lobb” with precision.

“Is the City Guard of Shihai Mountain City?!”

“Lobb” burst into laughter, with an unstoppable breath on his body, moved towards in midair, punching again and again, straight fist The strength is like a stabbing gun, and it shoots directly at the Shihai Mountain City “City Guard” that is coming forward to reinforce it.

next moment, one after another collided with vigor, and then exploded. The experts of the “City Guard” exclaimed that someone could not maintain the air and fell straight down from in midair.

In this scene, many interested people have changed. Didn’t expect Blast Butcher · Lobb to be so strong.

In Shihai Mountain City, Guard Squad in City Hall, the army is certainly an elite unit, but the really powerful one is the “City Guard”.

This is directly under the jurisdiction of Northern Land Royal Clan, and its responsibilities are mainly for major threats in various cities, such as extremely dangerous wanted criminals like Blast Butcher · Lobb…

“City Guard” All of the members are experts in the late fourth boundary and even fifth boundary. The leader of the “City Guard” in each city is the sixth boundary.

Northern Land Royal City’s “City Guard”, its leader is at least the sixth boundary. This is the strength of Northern Land…

Blast Butcher · Lobb is actually a face, Just let the experts of “City Guard” be frustrated, this strength is really amazing.

However, some people have also reacted that Blast Butcher · Lobb can become a most dangerous wanted criminal in the entire Northern Land. The certain/affirm under his hand is very hard. Such strength is also normal.

“Northern Land City Guard, is that just a little bit of strength…”

Blast Butcher · Lobb laughed up to the sky, that blatant madness made people feel assaults the senses的睥睨.

Seeing this scene, Madame Die’s face changed not far away. She was still weird just now, but now she recognizes it. Isn’t this the person next to the pillow who slept together yesterday?

“This dead ghost…” Madame Die biting the lips, but the corners of his mouth are slightly raised.

On the other side.

Behind “Lobb”, Lin Chuan looked at the Centaur/troops as if they were a little unstoppable, and whispered to remind them: “Take it away, you are almost ready to go, don’t provoke the’City Guard ‘The leader, broke our plan…”

Bayen, disguised as Blast Butcher, was originally acting, but he was a little bit on the top, and he was going to chase after him, giving Kerirone’s lifeblood to him. Kick to pieces.

Hearing Lin Chuan’s reminder, Bayen came back to his senses and immediately waved and said: “brothers,’City Guard’ is here, withdraw first.”

one after Another figure left quickly, and its actions were so fast that some noble girls and ladies in the city flashed with pupil light, with a fascinating color.

Blast Butcher · Lobb, the reputation in Northern Land is very polarized. Those nobles, upper-class people, and common people with excellent conduct actually recognize some of Lobb’s practices.

Lobb’s looting objects are mostly corrupt officials in Northern Land, and most of the kidnapping objects are also the same…

In the mind of many aristocrats and celebrities, Lobb is actually a heroic figure …

At the same time.

Around Inner City, sharp sirens sounded, one after another Floating Vehicle, one after another Floating Vehicle hurriedly, one airship flew into the sky, locking Lobb and the others from all directions.

At the same time, several figures rose into the air, actually gliding in the air, this is the sixth boundary expert dispatched.

Lobb kidnapped Justice Aivin. The nature of this incident was too bad. The leaders of the “City Guard” heard the news and couldn’t sit still, and immediately sent out to arrest them.

When he noticed this situation, Madame Die couldn’t help but be a little worried. Although Bayen is strong, but it has only recently recovered, can it cope with such a trend of encirclement and suppression?

On the other side.

Looking at such an encirclement, Lin Chuan and the others were not surprised but rejoiced. This battle was better than expected.

“It seems that Justice Aivin is really important in Shihai Mountain City…” Lowden’s voice stretched and said softly.

Lifted upside down by Lowden and moving at high speed, Justice Aivin’s head was congested and almost fainted. Hearing this, he opened his eyes and hissed: “You let me go now, I will Plea, let you leave Shihai Mountain City safely. You…”

“hmph…Are you a three-year-old kid in LZ? Such a battle, no matter how powerful you Justice Aivin is, you can be safe Shall we leave?”

Bayen sneered, changed the conversation, taunted: “I forgot, just now in your Justice Aivin’s car, you were still driving while enjoying the beautiful little The service of the celebrity is so wild! Maybe you really have unorthodox, take us away safely…”

After being robbed for a while, Justice Aivin’s face changed horribly. If the things on the car were exposed just now , For his reputation in the city, unintentionally is a great blow.

“Mister Lobb, we can sit down and have a good talk. I can not only send you away safely, but also meet your other requirements, such as revoking the arrest warrant…” Justice Aivin was dizzy Apart from that, I tried my best to think.

“Shut up, you rotten guy from the inside out…”

Bayen raised his hand and stunned the old bastard directly.

“You can do it lightly, don’t really fuck up, this old bastard is still useful…” Lin Chuan frowned and shook his head in warning.

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