This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 489

Shihai Mountain City, a street in Inner City, an extended Floating Vehicle rushed out and moved towards the west of the city and crashed.

All around, sirens sounded one after another, Guard Squad and City Guard were dispatched to arrest Blast Butcher · Lobb. If this were to let him run away, Shihai Mountain City would really be disgraced in Northern Land. .

“Take them all, none of them can run!”

“Justice Aivin is in their hands, must rescue Justice Aivin alive…”


On an airship, Shihai Mountain City Guard Section Head ·Rita looked down. In Inner City, the Floating Vehicle rammed like a crab, a pair of apricot eyes burst into flames.

The communicator in her hand was almost crushed to pieces by Rita. Her both eyes breathed fire, and she had an urge to activate the Six Stars Level crystal cannon of the airship. Put this Floating Vehicle and the inside Aivin, that bastard, together disappear from the face of the earth.

Of course, this is just thinking about it, Rita naturally knows that she can’t do this, although she really wants to hold the gun directly and blast the stuff under Aivin’s ghost crotch into a mess. .

Just now, she was still preparing for tomorrow to go to Northern Land Royal City to participate in the Northern King’s centenary birthday banquet. The three large suitcases were packed, but she received the appearance of Northern Land in Inner City. The most wanted criminal-Blast Butcher · Lobb’s alert.

Hearing the name Lobb, as the Guard Section Head of Shihai Mountain City youngest, and not relying on a plump body and a beautiful face to sit in this position, Rita’s business capability is second to none, especially It is she who cherishes all the information about those most wanted criminals.

So when Rita heard the name, she thought of Lobb’s past, and then she started to have a headache.

As the Guard Section Head of this city, Rita naturally knows who initiated the arrest warrant of Blast Butcher · Lobb, and for what reason…

In The next second after learning of this alert, Rita asked, Chief Justice Aivin, and Magistrate Old Kerirone’s location.

After that, she heard that Justice Aivin had been kidnapped and became a hostage in Lobb’s hands, as well as the bombing that had just happened in Northern Land Shihai Hall.

Rita’s head was big at the time. She had a foreboding that this trip to Northern Land Royal City would be overwhelming.

Afterwards, boarding the military airship and seeing the surveillance photos of Justice Aivin’s actions in the car when he was kidnapped, Rita almost exploded on the spot.

This old pervert, when he was kidnapped, did that kind of thing in the car! ?

I was also photographed on the spot by the Blast Butcher…

Rita’s eyes turned black for a while, she can imagine, if this matter is not handled properly, if Justice Aivin accidentally dies Now, the media with no opportunity can find out exactly how much urine Old Guy drew before he died.

The scandal about Justice Aivin, as well as all kinds of unfavorable remarks about Guard Section and Shihai Mountain City, can spread throughout Northern Land overnight.

This is not the worst!

The most troublesome thing is that this news will soon spread throughout Mysterious Star Empire and become an excuse for Great Mysterious Star Prefecture to attack Northern Land…

Rita knows Mysterious Star very well. Empire situation. During this period, the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture imperial family was under turbulent undercurrents. For the next throne battle, those princes one by one are all showing their divine ability, and more than one hand has reached the Northern Land.

At this time, when something happened, the entire Shihai Mountain City would have bad luck……

“This old pervert, this old fart……, how could he not die On the woman’s belly…”

Rita secretly gnashing teeth curse, while issuing orders to capture the felon on the Floating Vehicle alive, especially to ensure the safety of Justice Aivin.


dong dong dong ……

On the large Floating Vehicle, the puppet holds a heavy burst sniper rifle in one hand, and two heavy bursts The sniper rifle kept firing, and repelled the Floating Vehicle in midair chasing along the way.

After this period of special training, the puppet is not only good at Blade Technique, but his Spear Art is also very accurate and stable. In such a high-speed movement, it still maintains a very high hit rate.

Of course, this can be done because the puppet has [Activated Body], which simply opens its chest and just aims at the target.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

The puppet’s shoulder was pierced, but he ignored it, still aimed at the three Floating Motorbikes behind him, and fired three shots in a row. The tire burst, and an explosion sounded from the rear.

“Come down and bandage the wound, don’t expose your hole cards so easily…” Lin Chuan glanced at it, so instructed.

hearing this, the puppet sat down obediently, took out the bandage, and bandaged it seriously.

In fact, this kind of action is unnecessary. After applying Healing Potion, the wound of this degree is almost healed.

“Is this [Activated Body]…”

Bayen took a look and was shocked. He could feel that this silent youngster was unusual, but he didn’t expect it. The ability of Innately Talented Lifeform is the kind of Innately Talented Lifeform with extremely pure pedigree.

The puppet did not speak and was nodded without a trace.

Lin Chuan is watching the grid on the Light Screen, taking all around the chasing team in the entire scene. At the same time, his Mental Energy spreads like a tide, and he can clearly grasp it The closest and most threatening enemy.

“The encirclement is so tightly arranged! Guard Section of Shihai Mountain City is very difficult to deal with, who is in charge of the command?” Lin Chuan murmured.

Next moment, Tai Gu has sent the high-level information of the Shihai Mountain City Guard Section one after another, and investigated that it is the Guard Section Head Rita who is in charge of this operation.

“Guard Section Head of the youngest of Northern Land, in seven years, from an ordinary guard member, sitting in this position, not simple…”

Look at Rita’s resume Lin Chuan is slightly frowned. There is such a powerful Guard Section senior who is in charge of this. His plan must be carried out with caution, otherwise, it is easy to be seen.

“‘Lobb’, make the situation a little bigger and bring the City Guard all over…” Lin Chuan said like this.

Bayen hearing this, nodded from the time, opened a small box with small bombs inside.

The craftsmanship of these bombs is very exquisite, just like one by one artwork, which was made by Lin Chuan during the Foca Tower, in case of emergency. I didn’t expect it to be used so soon.

whiz whiz whiz ……

A bomb was thrown from the roof window, and the surface of these bombs popped out one after another tiny metal wings, vibrating rapidly, moved towards in The midair’s airship went away and instantly attached to the airship’s cabin.

hong long long ……

next moment, one after another airship exploded in the night sky, its exploded formidable power was not large, but it happened to damage the power devices of these airships , Unable to continue pursuing, can only find a place to make an emergency landing.

“Blast Butcher?! Don’t fall into the hands of this Section Head…”

Rita screamed, so many airships are damaged, and Guard Section funds can’t be burned. what!

At the same time.

In the night sky, several figures rushed to the sky, and the three Main and Vice Captains of City Guard arrived. During the rapid gliding, the arms of the three great experts were imagining in the air.

The three of them wore special gloves, and the Energy Crystal inlaid in them was glowing. In an instant, a light mask was formed, and the moving towards Floating Vehicle fell down.


This light mask rapidly expanded during the flight, like a cage of light and shadow, covering half a block of it.

“hmph…, the imprisonment method of the Northern Land Royal Clan, these City Guards are really troublesome…”

Bayen muttered, shaking his arms, preparing to force a breakthrough .

This kind of restraint is too familiar for Centaur Regiment. This is a restraint device unique to Northern Land Royal Clan, and the Energy Crystal on its gloves is also unique to Northern Land.

“Being broken like this, it will make them jealous, afraid to chase at will, to anger them…”

Lin Chuan raised his hand to stop Bayen from shooting, flashing in the Induction Goggles A series of data to analyze the reality of this cage of light and shadow.

In just a few breaths, there is a result. The confinement force field released by Energy Crystal, Lin Chuan is too proficient in this aspect.

After groping for Justice Aivin who was in a coma, Lin Chuan found some objects, picked up two of them, and put them into a metal disc.

After that, Lin Chuan started the metal disc and threw it out of the roof window.


The metal disc flew out, and instantly collided with the cage of light and shadow. One after another mist sprayed out from the center of the disc, which was diluted Energy. Crystal immediately neutralized the power fluctuation of the light and shadow cage.

Not only that, the castration of the metal disc is unabated, and the three Captain-level experts moved towards City Guard shot out, making the latter three evade quickly to avoid being affected by things like bombs.


The metal disk exploded, and the two objects that flew out of it could not escape the eyes of the three sixth boundary experts. At the same time, they were also exposed to the surveillance of the all around airship.

“That thing seems to be a piece of cloth…”

“No, it seems to be underwear…, a woman…”

The three experts of City Guard looked like electricity, and immediately distinguished the two objects. Their complexions changed simultaneously, and their faces were blue and purple.

On an airship in the distance, from the monitoring screen, Rita also saw clearly what was exploded from the metal disc. Her face became like eggplant, purple with black, and her scalp seemed There is congestion to be spewed out.

Even, her chest was churning, both nauseous and wanting to spit blood…

The two pieces of cloth, one red and one black, are still lace…

Think about the prisoner on the Floating Vehicle, Justice Aivin, and you will understand who this thing belongs to…

“Aivin, you Old Dog?!”

Rita screamed and immediately contacted three Captain-level experts and shouted: “Bring back those two ugly cloth pieces, don’t fall into the hands of the media, or we will all be in trouble.”

In midair, the faces of the three City Guard Main and Vice Captains were also purple and black, but they could only pinch their noses, raised their hands and took the two pieces of cloth that were less than palm-size and took them in the air.

“What the hell, these gloves have to be cleaned a hundred times when I go back…” A Vice-Captain growled.

Next moment, the three experts of City Guard roared and chased the Floating Vehicle frantically.

At the same time.

Guard Squad and City Guard of Shihai Mountain City are all out to form an inescapable net from all directions to capture the thugs of Blast Butcher.

Looking at the scenes in the Light Screen where Guard Squad and City Guard went crazy, Lin Chuan was nodded, “This is what it looks like to hunt down the most critical criminals in Northern Land…, get ready, The destination is closer…”


On the street, the Floating Vehicle suddenly made a right-angle turn and moved towards the east of Shihai Mountain City.

This street corner is very close to the east gate of the city, and from there it leads directly to the forest area of ​​Shihai Mountain…

On the airship, Rita saw this scene with her white teeth rubbing. The corner of his mouth curled up and sneered: “I know that you are escaping from the East Gate, and you want to take us around the corner. Do you really think Shihai Mountain City is your garden?”

Immediately, picking up the communicator, Rita roared , “Shrink the encirclement and take them down in the east gate area, for the honor of our Shihai Mountain Guard Squad!?”



On the street, the specially-made Floating Vehicle was speeding, the window suddenly opened. The puppet was holding a heavy-duty sniper rifle with a bandage wrapped around his body, and fired at an airship in midair.

But because the Floating Vehicle made a turn and the puppet was injured, his muzzle tilted uncontrollably, and a long bullet shot out, moving towards a building Shoot away.

At the same moment.

In the fourth layer of this building, in a room, a middle-aged man with a grim complexion listened to the all around alarm, and he was alert to his surroundings.

When he moved his ears, he clearly caught the bullet coming through the air and was about to hit the wall. After crossing the wall, the target happened to be oneself.

“This is…”

middle-aged man complexion sank, looked out the window, and then suddenly stretched out two fingers, volleyed a clip.

A bullet shot through the wall and fell between his fingers, as if he had rehearsed countless times.


Blue smoke floated on the bullet, and the middle-aged man laughed indifferently. This heavy sniper bullet could deal with the expert under the fifth boundary, and it might have lethality. For him, at most, it scratches the skin a little.

Suddenly, this bullet exploded, and a wave of terrifying Mental Energy lased out, accurately hitting the center of the middle-aged man’s forehead.

For a moment, it was as if there was a bomb in his head, which suddenly exploded. The middle-aged man’s thoughts went blank. He forgot who oneself was and why he was here.

In my mind, there is only a single thought. It is the companions in this building. They are going to kill oneself because of the commander’s order.

The reason is that the leader received a secret report saying that he is a traitor in the secret operation squad…

“I…, I am not a traitor!?”

“You are the traitors, you betrayed me…”


The middle-aged man screamed, broke through the door, and rushed in The next room.

Next moment, there was a fierce fight inside, and the windows shattered, and the amazing energy rose to the sky…

“It’s so easy to get caught… …”

“These guys are easier to deal with than expected…”

Lin Chuan took a look at that direction. After being raided by this group of mysterious experts that night, he was very Overestimating the strength of this group of people, but didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.

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