This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 491

A heraldry with azure teacup pattern!

When I was in Lowden and Howya Young, I encountered it once, but in a very large mercenary mission.

It was a fierce fighting, which lasted for several weeks. The target of the encirclement and suppression was very powerful. The young Lowden and Howya were all red eyes.

However, such a protracted battle ended abruptly because of the arrival of a messenger.

The messenger is holding a coat of arms with an azure teacup design…

“Just like that truce?”

Fowler curiously asked, quite Surprised, he knew the difficulty of super-large mercenary missions. At least a thousand fifth boundary experts participated, and the total number was over 10,000, so it was considered a super-large mercenary mission.

Otherwise, no matter how many mercenaries participate, it can only be regarded as a large mercenary mission.

This involves the Black Market’s strict division of rewards for mercenary missions.

Howya shook the head, his face even more jealous, and said: “It’s not a truce, but the target of the besieged and suppressed suicide simultaneously. The task rewards are still on our heads, and we have picked up the bargain for nothing.”

Lin Chuan and others were all startled. Looking at the azure coat of arms held by the white cloak figure in the surveillance screen, they felt a sense of pressure.

Only one coat of arms forced a group of experts to commit suicide. This kind of deterrence is really terrifying…

In the office, City Guard three Captains, Rita separated on both sides, treating the white cloak figure very respectfully, even breathing lightly.

“Lord Green Tea Messenger, are you here this time because of the people in the interrogation room? I don’t know their relationship with your Envoy…”

Rita’s thoughts turn , Pay attention to the wording, cautiously inquiries.

The three City Guard Captains also raised their ears, and they were drumming in their hearts. If these unidentified thugs, oh no, these unidentified experts are related to the owner of this azure teacup emblem, then The state of affairs is not generally bad.

If it is only related to this messenger, then the matter would be resolved, everyone can sit down and talk about it…

The figure in the white cloak scans the four people present with a hood. His eyes were sharp, and even with the strength of the three City Guard Captain sixth boundary, he still felt the hair standing on his body.

The strength of this person, deep and unmeasurable? !

In fact, this messenger can enter the office silently, and his strength is evident.

His gaze swept across the four people, and the white cloak figure had a low tone of voice, saying: “If it’s just about me, I’ll be holding the coat of arms of an adult, will I come here so brazenly?”

hearing this, the eyes of the four people present were wide open, and the tú tú tú tú of their forehead muscles were beating, and they had a urge to vomit blood.

putting it that way, the group of unexplained thugs who caused the Guard Section and City Guard to suffer heavy losses, are they actually under the command of that adult?

“These people are the subordinates of the adults…” Rita asked tentatively.

“Section Head Rita, I have long heard that you do not one drop of water can leak out, and you are so clever. How can you ask such a stupid question? Will you commit such atrocity under your command?” The tone of the white cloak figure changed, revealing abruptness.

Rita was taken aback, changed her words immediately, and said: “I mean, are these people the targets that the adults’ subordinates have been pursuing?”


The white cloak figure is nodded, and said with restraint: “It is true. I came here this time by the orders of the adults to interrogate them. Section Head Rita, your Guard Section interrogation room is pretty good… “

hearing this, Rita knew immediately, and quickly bowed to salute, and went out to prepare.

For a moment, she emptied an interrogation room and invited the white cloak figure in.

Looking at the group of people riddled with scars in the interrogation room, the breath of the white cloak figure was fierce, like a sword is about to be unsheathed.

“My messenger, at that time we…”

Rita just wanted to explain, but was stopped by the figure in the white cloak, only to see the white shadow flashing, and a sword whistling in the air Several of the arrested experts have been beheaded.

Blood spurted from the abdomen, and several people who had been beheaded fell to the ground, but they didn’t say a word, letting the blood run wild.

“As the leader of the team, but making such a big mistake, you really deserve to die!” The figure in the white cloak sternly said.

oh la la ……

These experts knelt on the ground one after another, facing the azure coat of arms in the hands of the white cloak figure, with a fanatical color on their faces.

Is this Deathsworn? !

Rita, three City Guard Captain sucked in a breath of cold air, this is no longer a well-trained army, but a group of terrifying Deathsworn.

Immediately, Rita moved and wanted to leave silently. It is not a good thing to stay here at this time.

The three City Guard Captains also had the same thoughts, but unexpectedly they were only moved by their footsteps, and they were drunk by the white cloak figure.

“Four people, since this turmoil has happened, don’t want to stay out of the matter, I will have something to do later, I want to ask everyone…” said the white cloak figure.

Rita and the others can only stop, standing aside, but in their heart is very complicated, because this storm has a relationship with the owner of the azure coat of arms, is it a blessing or a curse…

Immediately, the white cloak figure began to interrogate why this group of Deathsworn exposed themselves and caused such a big riot.

“My lord, there are traitors…”

A Deathsworn said that he was attacked by a comrade, and then they rallied and attacked. It’s out of control.

“You are saying that the source of such a big riot was caused by a trash who had a mental breakdown…”

The voice of the figure in the white cloak was cold, but compared to before, His tone obviously slowed down a lot.

Obviously, he can accept this reason and cultivated such a Deathsworn by using various terrifying methods. These Deathsworn mentalities are problematic, and most of them are pathological.

The mood of these guys, fighting is indeed cruel and ruthless, even harder than steel.

However, sometimes an unknown stimulus can cause a mental breakdown. Such examples are not uncommon.

“Trash, it’s all a bunch of trash! There is such a big noise, and you have to send me to clean up the mess. You are really a bunch of trash…”

The figure in the white cloak points to This group of people scolded and scolded for a long time before saying: “Are you assigned to the task? Has it been completed?”

One of Deathsworn came forward and handed over something, a figure in a white cloak. After looking at it, I was happy and nodded frequently.

“In this way, you can still redeem your merits…”

The white cloak figure is nodded, looked towards Rita, “Section Head Rita, can you arrange them, as for the top On the other hand, I will be responsible for solving it.”

hearing this, Rita and the three City Guard Captains are nodded again and again, and they are worried about the punishment from the above. It would be great to have this messenger to negotiate.

“This matter, you can be regarded as getting on the edge of the adult boat. It’s up to you if you want to get on the boat…”

The figure in the white cloak said like this. No more words, waiting for the answer from the four.

Rita and the others hearing this, did not hesitate at all, and immediately stated that he was willing to cooperate with the actions of the envoy.

“Okay, okay, okay…”

The figure in the white cloak was nodded again and again, “Everyone is a sensible person, then it will be easy.”

Immediately , The figure in the white cloak approached and whispered to the four of them. As they listened, the complexions of Rita and the others changed, revealing incredible expressions.

“If this is done, you will be on the boat of the adults. If it is not done, I will not say what the consequences will be…”

“Of course, as long as You cooperate, this thing can’t be done…”

The figure in the white cloak said like this.

The four Ritas did not hesitate, and all expressed that they would cooperate fully.


On the other side.

Lin Chuan entire group drove a Floating Vehicle and circled the forest east of Shihai Mountain, pretending to flee in a panic, abandoning the Floating Vehicle and the unconscious Justice Aivin, making traces of escape. ……

After that, everyone returned to Shihai Mountain City from a secret road, and returned to Northern Land Shihai Hall again.

At this time, it is early in the morning, and this Northern Land Shihai Hall has been blocked and is being inspected by the Guard Section.

In the underground secret room, seeing Lin Chuan and the others enter the door, Madame Die has plunged into the arms of Centaur/troops, even scolding dead ghosts, will make a fool of yourself.

Looking at the combination of this pair of beautiful wild beasts, a group of companions rolled their eyes and were fed a mouthful of dog food in the middle of the night. It was really annoying.

“Okay. Stop it, what’s the matter above?” Bayen patted the buttocks of his beloved woman, solemnly asked.

Madame Die shook the head, and glanced at the Centaur/troops with sultry brows, indicating that the Northern Land Shihai Hall had no other trouble except a little loss.

In fact, after such a fuss, Kerirone and Beya are both terrified, so how dare they come back to the idea of ​​Northern Land Shihai Hall.

You must know that this time Blast Butcher · Lobb’s goal is Justice Aivin, Old Kerirone, and the cause is that the two guys joined forces to make a huge sum of money in the past.

Tonight is so noisy, this news will definitely be revealed, Old Kerirone is busy with oneself and can’t take care of himself, as his son, if Kerirone still wants to use this improper means to occupy Northern Land Shihai Hall, as long as it is operated a little, a lot of inside information can be drawn.

“Should we do something about this…”

Madame Die chuckled slightly, her lovable body trembled, the more she looked at Bayen, the more pleasing her eyes, so noisy. After that, maybe you can get rid of Kerirone’s rubbish completely.

Of course, there is Beya, this woman who stabbed her in the back will never make her feel better…

“Mister Chuan, what do you think?”

Bayen didn’t answer, but looked towards Lin Chuan. After tonight, he admired this young Mechanic more and more, planning this kind of thing, and thinking about oneself in vain.

Madame Die also looked over, staring at Lin Chuan’s gaze, very surprised.

Judging from everyone’s reaction, this young Mechanic should have planned everything tonight.

The day before yesterday, she had heard from Bayen that this youngster was extraordinary, and she was still a little unconvinced, so she did her best to pursue the Royal Clan tragedy.

But didn’t expect, this youngster is really a bit capable…

She wants to see what else the youngster does next.

“It is not necessary to make a fuss about the occupation of the Northern Land Shihai Hall…”

“After all, compared to the storm tonight, make a fuss about this. The influence is insignificant…”

Lin Chuan said here and asked about the azure teacup heraldry, but Madame Die’s face changed suddenly, revealing an incomparable look of dreading.

“What? Do you know the owner of this coat of arms?” Bayen solemnly asked.

“Of course I know this…”

Breathes deeply, Madame Die calmed his emotions and showed a helpless smile, “If this matter involves the owner of the azure teacup emblem , Then we must be careful when making any plans. In fact, my suggestion is that it’s best not to get involved.”

Looking at Madame Die’s expression, everyone present was shocked, and this beautiful and Although alluring women’s acquaintance is short, it can be seen from her words and deeds that this woman is very powerful regardless of temperament.

Plus, he holds an influence in his hand. Among the many influences in Northern Land, Madame Die is definitely number one.

Why is Madame Die so jealous when he hears the azure teacup coat of arms? Does the owner of that coat of arms really have Heavenspan?

Lin Chuan nodded, zoomed in on the azure teacup coat of arms on the Light Screen, looked at it carefully, and said: “Madame Die just talk about, what is the origin of the owner of this azure teacup coat of arms? “

Walking to the wine cabinet, Madame Die took out the collection of wine, poured a glass for everyone, and then talked about the mysterious origin of this azure teacup emblem.

Actually, Madame Die has only heard about the owner of this azure teacup heraldry, but has never contacted it.

However, it was not someone else who informed the owner of the coat of arms, but the teacher who taught Madame Die’s ability, and was also the leader of the previous generation of intelligence organization in her hands.

The teacher of Madame Die experienced a major event when he was young, which involved the owner of the azure teacup heraldry.

It was also from that time that the teachers of Madame Die came into contact with the terrifying existence of the several people standing at the apex of Northern Land…

“Northern Land is the strongest, not Northern Land Royal City, are the two of Centaur Regiment sitting in town?”

“Yes! It is said that they are all experts of the late eighth boundary. Although this rumor has been circulating for a hundred years, they are still there, can you take action? It’s an unknown number…”

Everyone present has doubts. Everyone in Mysterious Star Empire knows that there are two experts from the late eighth boundary in Northern Land. Legendary story.

Of course, there will be such a degree of spread, which is also intentional by Northern Land, which is a deterrent.

The eighth boundary expert is a deterrent military force in any country.

The expert of this stage has exceeded the limits of the physical body and can fully display the formidable power of the Heart Origin weapon above Seven Stars Level.

Although the difference between Six Stars Level and Seven Stars Level is a Star-level, the difference in formidable power is the difference between heaven and earth.

Heart Origin weapon has reached Seven Stars Level. Any Seven Stars Level weapon can destroy a city in a short time.

Yes, even a pistol, the Seven Stars Level Heart Origin pistol, can do this.

Such a Star-level weapon, like the eighth boundary expert, is a deterrent force for the country.

However, if you want to use all the formidable power of Seven Stars Level weapons, you need the strength above the eighth boundary. Therefore, the eighth boundary expert is self-evident for an Empire.

External rumors, there are eight eighth boundary experts known to Mysterious Star Empire, three from the Royal Family, two from Northern Land, one from the Military Department, one from the Guard Department, and one from the Imperial Knight Regiment.

The Imperial Knight Regiment is absolutely loyal to the Mysterious Star Empire royal family. Therefore, from the perspective of top power, the Mysterious Star Empire royal family has an absolute advantage.

The rumors are like this. It is naturally clear to those with a heart that these rumors are released for the people of Empire to listen to.

In the real situation, certain/affirm is not the case. The official influences of Mysterious Star Empire have more than the eighth boundary expert certain/affirm reported.

Especially Northern Land, which has made the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture royal family jealous for so many years, certain/affirm more than two eighth boundary experts.

However, if it is said that the two strongest experts in Northern Land, the outside world still recognizes them very much, and they all think that they are the two of Northern Land Royal City and Centaur Regiment.

Northern Land Royal City, penultimate City Guard Leader.

Centaur Regiment, penultimate Regiment Commander, also penultimate Centaur Clan Head.

The two major experts had too many brilliant records that year, so that Mysterious Star Empire and even the continent’s experts had to take it.

Now, Madame Die says that the owner of the azure teacup coat of arms is also one of the strongest existences in Northern Land, making everyone a little skeptical.

Madame Die gracefully held the glass and sipped the wine, smiled and said: “I had the same questions as you back then, but after the teacher explained it, I think it is true.”

speech paused, Madame Die sighed, “If time goes back sixty years, who is the strongest expert of Northern Land, of course it is the two Guardian Gods of Northern Land Royal City and Centaur Regiment. But , Time goes back thirty years, it may not be like this…”

“Not to mention, ten years ago, those two have been famous for almost a hundred years, do you think the strength of those two, Can it be compared with Peak Time?”


Everyone couldn’t help being silent. The reputation of the two strongest experts in Northern Land has been circulated in Mysterious Star Empire for more than 100 years. It should be one hundred and twenty years ago.

The lifespan of the eighth boundary expert is far more than that of ordinary people, but the strength will still regress. For example, the Sword Grandmaster · Heng Feng of Eastglass City, whose life span is naturally very long. It’s okay to be a hundred years old.

However, Heng Feng’s strength has begun to show signs of decline. If there is no breakthrough, the Peak period will remain at most ten years.

For creatures, time is really a saber, for ordinary persons, it is a Pig Slaughtering Blade, for experts, it is sharper, from the flesh to the flesh, a ribbon of powerful power go.

Lin Chuan sighed lightly. He didn’t expect this point just now. It’s not an omission, but he doesn’t want to admit it. From the legendary characters he heard when he was young, he has moved step by step. senescence.

Madame Die added: “Back then, the teacher told me that the two of Royal City and Centaur Regiment were no longer in strength. Sixty years ago, they were Royal City and Centaur Regiment. He’s family members have never seen these two. They are delaying their lives to ensure that they are still alive, and relying on their prestige to frighten the outside world.”

Bayen sounds nodded. This is the case. He was a child. Like the big brother, I admired the great-grandfather very much. I just haunted the father and wanted to see him, but I never got a response.

Obviously, if the great grandfather’s strength is still in Peak, certain/affirm will appear, which will be more deterrent to the outside world.

“Since sixty years ago, the strongest expert of Northern Land has actually changed hands. The owner of the azure teacup coat of arms is one of them…”

Madame Die reveals his memories Zhi Se, her teacher back then, in order to investigate the owner of the coat of arms, unearthed many secrets along the clues.

Some of the secrets are so amazing that her teacher dare not say anything, but as top-secret information, they passed to Madame Die.

According to her teacher’s investigation, sixty years ago, after the two Legendary eighth boundary experts, at least seven seventh boundary experts appeared in Northern Land.

Moreover, among the seven seventh boundary experts, it seems that an appointment has been made, and they have never revealed their strength to the outside world.

The way they improve their strength is to learn from each other.

You should know that the exchanges between experts of the same level will be of great benefit to the improvement of your own strength.

In just ten years, these seven peerless experts have all reached the seventh boundary Peak and adopted a very cruel method of breakthrough, which is to conduct Life and Death Battle with each other.

Between these seven experts, how many Life and Death Battles have been carried out, the outside world is not aware of it, but it is said that the two experts who have shocked Royal City and Centaur Regiment, and came forward to carry out Give pointers.

Life and Death Battle, for the sublimation of the expert boundary, its effect is so great that it does not need to be repeated.

With the guidance of two eighth boundary experts, a new eighth boundary expert was born in just a few years. The owner of the azure teacup heraldry is one of them…

As for the seven experts, how many people survived is unknown.

The teachers of Madame Die can only maintain/affirm a little, survive, and break through to the eighth boundary expert. There are at least three…

And these three eighth boundary expert, because They were all less than 60 years old at breakthrough, less than 40 years from now, and their Peak period is still a long time away. It is no exaggeration to say that they are the strongest existence in Northern Land…

“This…, that is to say, during the forty-fifty years, there have been at least three new eighth boundary experts…”

Bayen’s eyes are a little straight. This is really the secret of unheard-of. The impact force for him is huge.

You must know, let alone the eighth boundary expert, the breakthrough of a seventh boundary expert, can become the breaking news of the whole continent, and it is more than enough to maintain the popularity for more than one year.

For example, the previous Mysterious Star Guard Department Head Hua Fengxue, and the Sea Dragon Commander successfully hit the seventh boundary…

The breakthrough of the eighth boundary expert is more shocking than the seventh boundary. It is no exaggeration to breakthrough ten times more violently.

Now, there are at least three new eighth boundary experts who break through without the outside world knowing. If this news spreads, it will really cause a major earthquake in the entire Mysterious Star Empire.

Lin Chuan frowned, “In other words, the one who sits in Shihai Mountain City is not an old eighth boundary expert. It is very likely that he is the owner of the azure coat of arms?”

” I’m afraid this probability, pretty close…”

The face under the mask of Madame Die shows a wry smile. It is an extremely unwise thing to do right with an eighth boundary expert. It is a bad thing. Was shot to death.

Not to mention, according to her teacher, the owner of the azure coat of arms acted, but very ruthless.

The storm that Madame Die teacher was involved in that year involved an important member of the Northern Land Royal Clan, but was ruthlessly killed by the owner of the azure coat of arms.

The entire process of development of the storm, Northern Land Royal Clan was responsible for it, but he didn’t say anything about the attack.

“Is the owner of the azure teacup coat of arms…”

Lin Chuan is frowned, and he is afraid of terrifying the eighth boundary expert.

However, his real headache is how he smells something that is not right. If this matter continues, it is likely to involve the disputes in the Northern Land Royal Clan, which is something he does not want to be involved in. Troublesome vortex…

“Or, please investigate the Shihai Mountain Mystical Place’s affairs clearly, just withdraw…, such a troublesome thing, leave early and easy…” Lin Chuan thought. The brows stretched out, and there was a decision.

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