This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 492

When the daybreak sun fell on Shihai Mountain City, the storm of the night finally settled down, but the real excitement has just begun…

The eastern district of Inner City, although it has been It was blocked, but there were a lot of multimedia personnel coming over, wandering around all around, or taking photos or interviewing nearby residents.

In a short period of time, the riots that occurred last night have spread throughout Shihai Mountain City. If there was no official pressure, this matter would have spread throughout Northern Land.

Following the explanations given by Shihai Mountain City Governance Hall, the mood of the people has not calmed down, but has become even higher.

After all, Blast Butcher kidnapped Justice Aivin on the street, and was still run away by the Guard Section and City Guard after they were chased by the Guard Section and City Guard. Such a shameful thing, for the public, is very happy to see the official embarrassment. of.

In addition, the fierce fighting that broke out in the eastern city area has added a strength to the mysterious image of Blast Butcher.

In the eyes of many people, the thugs who were arrested must be Blast Butcher’s men. With such a strong team, the most dangerous wanted criminals in Northern Land are more powerful than the rumors…

With the emergence of various similar remarks, Government Hall’s attitude towards this seems to be tacitly acquiesced, which makes the media even more eager to report.


Early morning.

Wake up from a short rest, Lin Chuan opened his eyes, stretched his waist, and came to Northern Land for two days. He finally fell asleep.


A breath spurted out, and the heart origin power flowed, forming a faint haze on the roof, which changed shape with Lin Chuan’s mind.

Under the buff of Mental Energy, this haze gradually turned into a human form, somewhat similar to Lin Chuan…

This movement made Kitty sleeping on the sidelines. Lan woke up, staring blankly at the change of the roof, then glanced at the master’s mouth again, Little Brat wondered in secret, when did the master master this ability?


Lin Chuan thoughts move, that human-shaped haze waved his arms, and the sound of a blade chirping passed by, actually cutting the air.

“Is this the further integration of heart origin power and Mental Energy…”

Sitting up, Lin Chuan was also a little surprised at his own changes.

During sleep, he suddenly moved within the body, making this action subconsciously.

On the chest, the pendulum pattern is faintly discernible, and the pointer is faintly rotating, and one after another breath flows out from it, spreading to Lin Chuan’s body, continuously increasing his strength.

For a moment, Lin Chuan understood that it was during the Foca Tower period that the pendulum pattern stored part of the energy released by the [seventh equipment] to enhance his power in peacetime.

This means that even if he doesn’t cultivate, he can continuously strengthen himself through the energy stored in the pendulum pattern.

Of course, the premise is that he can accommodate more power himself, or he has to improve the boundary through cultivation to increase the upper limit of his strength.

“Absorb energy from the [seventh equipment] to strengthen yourself. This is also a good way to increase your strength. The premise is that the [seventh equipment] must be recharged first, and this weapon still needs Perfection is enough…”

Lin Chuan sat there for a while, shook the head, this trip to Northern Land, [Earth King Equipment] related information, must have a landing.

As for other plans, looking at the situation in Shihai Mountain City, he is prepared to leave Northern Land early if it is not necessary.

“The situation in Northern Land is always not so good…” Lin Chuan sighed lightly.


On the side, Kitty Lan’s little head is also little by little, and he agrees with the owner’s judgment very much.

“What do you know about this little thing…”

Lin Chuan raised his hand, poked this Little Brat over with one finger, and looked at it rolling back and forth on the bed, and couldn’t help laughing I am in a good mood.

Rubbing Little Blue Cat’s furry back, Lin Chuan promised: “Don’t worry! Shihai Mountain City is so lively. When the Secret Realm over there is finished, I’ll have fun with you for two days.”

Kitty Lan is licking his paw, and has always disapproved of the owner’s assurance.

How many times have you made similar guarantees, and once again, you can play with it well…

Get up, Lin Chuan finished washing, dressed neatly, and joined other companions.

“Let’s go. Go to City Hall and discuss a sale…”

Lin Chuan said like this, looking at the neatly dressed Lowden, Fowler, and little white bull Harpoon, nodded.

The formal wear of these three people looks like that, and they look like professionals.

“Mister Chuan. Don’t you need me to follow me?” Bayen said solemnly.

hearing this, everyone at the scene couldn’t help rolling their eyes. This Centaur/troops really didn’t know what to do. As long as he was a big guy, he would stop at the Government Hall, even if he pretended to be the Minotaur clan, it would be suspicious.

Besides, Bayen has such a grumpy temper. If you encounter Kerirone father and son, or Beya’s husband Count Agenon, if something is going to happen, it will be troublesome.

Lin Chuan curled his mouth and looked up at Bayen and Howya. The former was like this, while the latter was so cold no matter how he dressed.

Wearing a formal dress on Howya, this Old Guy is also like a cold-blooded killer, so forget it…

“You and Lymira, go to Shihai Mountain Mystical Place and take a look. The foundation of Fire Gnome Village…” Lin Chuan said like this.

Bayen has a serious expression. Compared to the trouble of finding Kerirone and Beya, the explosion of the Centaur Race Experiment Base is undoubtedly more important.

If what happened back then was really not an accident, but someone secretly stalking, then the inside story involved would be too amazing.

In particular, the village of Fire Gnome is near the Experiment Base. If there is no connection between the two, Bayen would not believe it.

In addition, the army of the owner of the azure coat of arms is also related to Fire Gnome Village, and the things involved are even more simple.

Nothing that the eighth boundary expert participates in is simple. The schemes that exist at this level are often very large.

“Let’s do it separately, remember not to reveal whereabouts, this is necessary!” Lin Chuan reminded.

A group of companions have been nodded. Except for Lymira, there is no rookie in the crowd, and naturally they are aware of the consequences.


For a moment, Lin Chuan took Lowden, Harpoon, Fowler, and Shihai Mountain Mechanic Association officials in the top area of ​​Shihai Mountain in the City Hall office. Kerirone.

“Mechanical Honeycomb’s Mister Lin, happy meeting, happy meeting!”

Kerirone was dressed in a formal suit and shook hands with Lin Chuan. I don’t know if it was because of the shock last night or other reasons, Kerirone. Her palms were cold, and when she got up, she even saw Kerirone’s legs trembling slightly.

“Mister Kerirone, hello.”

Lin Chuan smiled. It seemed that there was a Mechanic who was not good at socializing, and there was also a youngster who was slightly immature. He looked at each other slightly. Concerned and asked: “Is Mister Kerirone uncomfortable? Should we change our talks…”

“No. It’s just that there was some riots in the city last night. I stayed busy until dawn. A little tired.”

Kerirone blinked, and then showed a warm smile characteristic of a Northern Land person, patting his chest to show his strength.

“Mister Kerirone has worked so hard. You are so young and you can sit in such a position. There is indeed a reason.” Lin Chuan nodded admired.

Kerirone waved his hand and said a few words of self-effacement.

Looking at the polite conversation between Lin Chuan and Kerirone, Fowler and Lowden exchanged glances, and the two secretly laughed. Kerirone was embarrassed to say that he was busy until dawn, I am afraid that he was worried that he would not sleep all night.

“Mister Kerirone, don’t say that many politely. I also want to go back soon and do some research in the laboratory of Shihai Mountain City. Let’s make a long story short.”

Lin Chuan said like this, took out a piece of information, and pushed it in front of Kerirone, “We are here this time to purchase [Rockgold Stone] from Northern Land. You are responsible for this aspect. This is a related document. “

“[Rockgold Stone]……, our [Rockgold Stone] produced in Shihai Mountain City, but the best quality in Northern Land. White Dwarf Kingdom has been buying from us……” Kerirone flipped at will Documents, nodded courteously.

For Lin Chuan to purchase [Rockgold Stone], Kerirone has no doubts. Shihai Mountain City and Mechanical Honeycomb have always had trade relations.

[Rockgold Stone] This kind of ore is a unique mineral deposit in Northern Land. It is a foundation material required to manufacture rock type high Star-level Heart-Origin Equipment.

White Dwarf Kingdom has a great demand for [Rockgold Stone], and in Eastern Continent, only Northern Land produces this kind of ore, which has become a major source of wealth for Northern Land.

And the [Rockgold Stone] of Shihai Mountain City, as Kerirone said, although it cannot be said to be the best quality, it is also the most advanced mineral deposit.


Looking at the file at will, Kerirone is not very interested in this transaction.

Shihai Mountain City, trading with [Rockgold Stone] of Mechanical Honeycomb, has been going on for so many years, all aspects are mature, and there is nothing to pay attention to.

Furthermore, the [Rockgold Stone] transaction relies on a large amount, but the profit is not high, and Kerirone can get little benefit from it.

Lin Chuan shook the head and clicked on the document: “Mister Kerirone, this transaction is not the usual one. You’d better look at the document carefully.”

Kerirone was taken aback, realizing something unusual, opened the document, read it carefully, and a startled expression appeared at the back.

“Mister Lin. You Mechanical Honeycomb mean that you want to oneself build a mining and smelting plant here? This is not in line with the rules of our Northern Land…” Kerirone stopped talking, and his head turned quickly.

Not compliant? !

What I want is non-compliance!

If it is in compliance with the rules, where can I profit from it? Kerirone has been deeply influenced by Old Kerirone since he was a child. It can be said that he has gained the true story of father about how to make money.

The more non-compliant things, the more you can use the power in your hands, and then you can make a profit!

On the other side, Lin Chuan laughed: “Mister Kerirone, I know this is out of order. However, our Mechanical Honeycomb made such a request based on one’s own consideration. You Shihai Mountain City [Rockgold Ore] There is no problem. It is the best quality in Northern Land. But, your smelting technology…”

Speaking of which, Lin Chuan shook his head again and again, looking towards the side, the director of the Mechanical Association of Shihai Mountain City— —Meng Mingge, the latter solemn expression immediately, saying: “Mister Chuan. Mining and smelting [Rockgold Ore], our Mechanic Association is only responsible for serving as technical consultants, and we do not participate in other aspects, and we have no right to participate.”

“The mining and smelting technology of [Rockgold Ore] in Shihai Mountain City is the worst in Northern Land. Our Mechanic Association has also proposed it, but they are unwilling to improve, and we have nothing to do.”

Kerirone blushed when he heard it. Meng Mingge was telling the truth. Shihai Mountain City relied on the high quality of [Rockgold Ore]. Therefore, the cost of mining and smelting has been continuously reduced.

Anyway, in the trade of [Rockgold Stone], as long as the finished product of [Rockgold Stone] meets the standard…

“Mister Kerirone, I know the difficulties of your Shihai Mountain City Governance Hall, However, our Mechanical Honeycomb needs high-quality [Rockgold Stone] this time. So, can we build our own mining and smelting factories, and the related processing fees…”

Lin Chuan took a look Looking at Kerirone, the latter’s eyes widened uncontrollably at the moment, and there was still a little sleepiness.

“As long as Mister Kerirone can handle these things, we will definitely satisfy Shihai Mountain Governance Hall in terms of costs. You can estimate the amount, don’t forget it…”

This…, is this going to stun me with money?

Kerirone’s eyes were wide and round, and she felt unreality as she was stunned by a golden mountain just when she left the house. This is Eastern Continent’s famous Mechanical Honeycomb, and the Mechanic sent by Eastern Continent came to negotiate a deal with him.

If he can benefit from it, if his father Old Kerirone knows, I am afraid that oneself’s son will finally grow up.

What a wonderful thing this is? !

With the one by one floating scene in his mind, Kerirone soon came back to his senses, laughed restrained, took out the calculator, and pretended to calculate the amount needed, but he was actually thinking about what he should How much do you want? How much should I want?

This related processing fee is actually a P for him. As long as you do it up and down, you don’t even need 10,000 Gold Coins.

How much should I need…

After thinking for a long time, under Lin Chuan’s urging, Kerirone was fierce in his heart and stretched out a finger.

“A hundred million Gold Coin?”

Lin Chuan nodded with a smile, asked: “Mister Kerirone, you can guarantee that this fee can be agreed by Governor Hall, we Mechanic organization, according to the planned location, will the smelting plant be built there?”

One…, 100 million? !

Kerirone was almost choked to death by oneself’s saliva. He stretched out a finger to mean 10 million Gold Coins! How did it become 100 million Gold Coin?

One hundred million Gold Coin, even if you take out one tenth, no, one twentieth, no, no, one percent, you can do this beautifully.

Originally, Kerirone felt that the mechanical organization was already rich, not to mention Mechanical Honeycomb, it was one of Eastern Continent’s Mechanical City. It was rumored that the mechanical organization in the Mechanical Workshop there was one by one with an annual salary of one million Nadu. Is the most common.

So, he thought that he would open his mouth and ask for 10 million Gold Coins, and finally he would be able to have 35 million Gold Coins. That would be very satisfying.

After all, the regulations of Northern Land are like this, but how many years ago such regulations were established, it has long been ineffective.

Furthermore, Kerirone is not a fool who is sent by the two major mechanical organizations, Mechanical Association and Mechanical Honeycomb, and will not offend him. Everything is negotiable.

Unexpectedly, when this young Mechanic spoke, it was a negotiation fee of 100 million Gold Coins!

What the hell is 100 million Gold Coin!

How much is the tax for the entire Shihai Mountain City in one year?

As for Kerirone, he said he is the son of Magistrate, and he also holds an important position in Government Hall. Although he has a lot of cash flow, he can earn hundreds of dollars in a year with his real salary plus some private income. Ten thousand Gold Coins are pretty good.

100 million Gold Coin! ?

Kerirone’s eyes are a little dizzy. It’s hard to say whether he can have so much money for a lifetime.

His father Old Kerirone, and Justice Aivin’s previous payment for money, sounds amazing, but if you really get it, one-tenth of it is good.

breathes deeply, Kerirone tried to calm the beating heart, his left hand was placed under the table, his nails fiercely plunged into the flesh, allowing oneself to calm down quickly.

The Mister Lin in front of you is not a fat sheep, but a fat tiger. If you let the other party find out, you only need to pay less than one tenth, you can do all this perfectly, and can you still get it? This huge sum of money is an unknown number.

“Of course, of course…, Mister Lin, me, and my father, Magicate Old Kerirone, are all honest people in Shihai Mountain City. I will definitely do this for you. Beautiful, there is absolutely no problem…”

Kerirone patted his chest to ensure that his attitude is no longer alienated, but extremely enthusiastic.

Even, he took out the map of Shihai Mountain City and expanded the place Lin Chuan wanted by a circle. This is the long-term cooperation between Mechanical Honeycomb and Shihai Mountain City and the discount he deserves.

“Mister Kerirone, if you can really guarantee it, then sign the agreement. Hand over the relevant funds and procedures.” Lin Chuan urged.

“Now…, okay, no problem!”

Kerirone’s forehead is sweating uncontrollably, because he has seen that behind Lin Chuan, the one who seems to be born An elegant middle age person like a nobleman, took out a check, quickly wrote a string of numbers, and then handed it to Lin Chuan for signature.

One hundred million Gold Coin is right in front of you, as long as you complete the relevant procedures, you can get it?

For a while, Kerirone felt like he was about to float up. Such a huge sum of money was about to fall into his pocket?

For a moment, after Kerirone completed the relevant procedures at the fastest speed in his life, there was a check in his pocket.

Yes, he has verified the check from Gnome Bank and there is no problem.

After doing all this, Lin Chuan and Kerirone shook hands again and smiled to express a happy cooperation.

Before leaving, Lin Chuan seemed to think of something and asked Kerirone. Soon after, if the relevant technical staff of Mechanical Honeycomb came to Shihai Mountain City, how should the relevant procedures be handled.

“Mister Lin. Don’t worry, it’s all trivial things.”

Kerirone took out a box with a box of special passes. There were thousands of them, and Lin was stuffed into it. In the hands of Chuan, he said that he has this special pass. Except for some restricted areas in Shihai Mountain City, such as City Guard and military areas, other places can be entered and exited at will, including the Guard Section.

“Mister Kerirone is very sincere, thanks.”

Lin Chuan smiled like this, took this special pass, handed it to Harpoon, and then the entire group laughed Then, walked out of the office.

Seeing this, the beard on the corner of Lowden’s mouth trembled slightly, and the corner of his eyes swept Kerirone, sneered secretly. This guy didn’t know that the purpose of their trip was this kind of special pass.

The special pass printed by Northern Land has the unique technology of Centaur Regiment, which is difficult to imitate.

These thousands of special passes are enough to bring all the elite of the Redbud Organization to Shihai Mountain City. Such a powerful force, with a completely legitimate identity, stays in the Smelting Plant. What a wonderful cover.

In fact, Lin Chuan’s plan is more than that. He not only wants to mobilize the most elite force of the Redbud Organization, but also prepares to borrow some expert from Eastglass City.

Today, the relationship between Tai Gu and Sword Grandmaster · Heng Feng is master and friend. Transferring people from Eastglass City is basically a matter of one sentence.

“The master of the azure teacup coat of arms, the expert of the eighth boundary, if you are not careful, you really have to confront such an expert. Such power must be certain/affirm still not enough……”

“However, with the Mechanic Association as the cover, even if it is the eighth boundary, it will not be free to shoot…”

“In this way, in Shihai Mountain City, other influences are I can deal with it for a while…”

“When the time comes, after finishing the business here, you can withdraw smoothly. There are two signboards of Government Hall and Mechanic Association, which are enough to be unimpeded. “

Lin Chuan thought so.

At this moment–

A beautiful and alluring woman walked across from her, who was Beya who was in conflict with Madame Die that night.

“Mister Kerirone, I didn’t expect you to come to work so early, is this a guest of the Mechanic Association?”

Beya came over with a chuckle and looked at Kerirone’s eyes with Faintly angry, the two had made an appointment to discuss how to deal with Madame Die.

But didn’t expect, Beya waited for a long time, and saw Kerirone’s figure, so he rushed to the Government Hall.

At this moment, seeing Lin Chuan entire group, Beya’s eyes fell on Fowler’s body inadvertently, and suddenly the pupil light was on, and she couldn’t move her eyes away.


Fowler noticed it, and saluted Beya, the lady slightly nodded.

That distinctive style suddenly made Beya’s heart pounding, her cheeks were slightly red, and I don’t know how long, there is no such feeling of accelerating heartbeat in front of the opposite sex.

“This slutty guy is making up sisters again…”

Lin Chuan glanced around at random, looked at Beya, and thought of her husband, Count Agenon.

Speaking from a certain perspective, Count Agenon is the person who has the most say in Shihai Mountain City. Of course, you can’t count those detached peerless experts.

Because, the former owner of this area of ​​Shihai Mountain was the family of Count Agenon.

Beya, before becoming Madame of Count Agenon, was the most beautiful celebrity in Shihai Mountain City. With Madame Die’s deliberate support, the man who fell under his skirt was unfamiliar.

Agenon will defeat many suitors. Naturally, he chose such a husband not because of his five short stature, which makes Beya feel interesting.

It is that he is rich enough and powerful enough. The family of Count Agenon, put in the entire Northern Land, is a famous giant.

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