This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 493


Very rich? !

Yes, this is the word that someone who knows the family of Agenon immediately came up with.

A long time ago, the family Rock Family to which Agenon belongs was the richest clan in Northern Land.

This time is traced back very far. It is said that starting in Dark Age, this family is the famous rich man of Eastern Continent.

After that, Rock Family went through wind and rain several times. By the time of the Hundred Years’ War, on Eastern Continent, this family has already been called the top rich.

However, in places like Northern Land, Rock Family is still the richest family.

Of course, a family can’t last such a long time by being rich alone. The prerequisite for being rich is to have sufficient strength.

The strength of the Rock Family, before the rise of the Northern Land Royal Clan, the military force was only under the Centaur Regiment, and it was the number one family in the Northern Human Race.

Later, the Northern Land Royal Clan emerged. The Rock Family was very visionary. Instead of squeezing out and suppressing it, they joined forces to fund the Northern Land Royal Clan.

Today, Rock Family sits firmly on the throne of Northern Land’s third influence group, a position that has lasted for nearly a thousand years.

Count Agenon, is the leader of the Rock Family middle generation. His influence in Shihai Mountain City is naturally far better than Old Kerirone.

Lin Chuan’s gaze swept over Beya inadvertently, and the information appeared in his mind. This is the information he investigated after last night.

“It turned out to be a guest from Mechanical Honeycomb, hello. I’m Beya.”

Beya smiled and gave a salute, the pupil light paused slightly on Lin Chuan, and then moved on Fowler’s body. , This elegant man from Foca Tower aroused her great interest.

Lin Chuan made a few polite words, and then let Fowler stay and be responsible for the work docking with Kerirone.

This order made Beya happy. She was worried about what excuses she should use to get in touch with Fowler…

“Young Lady Beya, happy meeting!”

Fowler smiled and bowed, shook Beya’s hand lightly, and did a polite manner, but walked away with a touch, keeping his distance.

Lin Chuan glanced at the couple, and left without saying anything.


Coming out of the Government Hall and getting on the Floating Vehicle, after driving a long way away, Lowden and Harpoon scolded them and accused Fowler, the romantic guy, and went again Hooked up with a woman.

“The Rock Family behind Count Agenon is not simple! Don’t have an affair, Fowler, and get into trouble…”

Lowden said sourly. looked towards Lin Chuan.

“You are so old, your charm has long gone, don’t think about these men and women, think about how to breakthrough…” Lin Chuan said, poking his painful spot.

“I’m very young. Even if I don’t break through to the seventh boundary, I can live as long as this kid!?”

Lowden blows his beard and stares at Harpoon. Yelled, “This kid is too old to walk, I might still be alive and kicking!”

“Why do you want me!?”

Little white bull Harpoon yelled, “Grandpa Lowden, you are so old, are you embarrassed to compare with the youngster?”

For a while, the old man and little white bull fiercely met, staring at each other unconvincedly. The acidity is about to overflow.

Lin Chuan laughed and shook his head. Lowden was right. Harpoon’s innate talent in the Martial Way is average. It would be nice to be able to reach the fifth boundary in this life.

In terms of lifespan, the life of the sixth boundary expert is indeed much longer than that of the fifth boundary expert. When Harpoon is too old to walk, Lowden may really be alive and well.

After all, after Wu reaches the sixth boundary, the body functions will be maintained in the Peak period, which will be greatly prolonged, and will not suddenly age until the end of the lifespan in the few years.

At this point, the fifth boundary expert certain/affirm cannot do it. That’s why, once Nanluo City Old Family Head Qiu’s strength recovered, his previous one by one attitude was turned upside down. changed.

As for the seventh boundary expert, it is even more exaggerated. Even when the lifespan is about to be exhausted and extremely aging, Life Power can be used to recover to Peak for a short time.

This is the burning life of as the saying goes, but it is an extremely terrifying move!

And the eighth boundary expert ……

Lin Chuan can’t help but feel a headache when thinking about the terrifying aspects of the eighth boundary. With the eighth boundary expert as an imaginary enemy, his brain hurts no matter what he thinks.

“Let Fowler explore the bottom of the Rock Family. [Rockgold Ore] is mined. Later, certain/affirm will have to contact the Rock Family. Huh, Kerirone would say something pretty… “

Thinking of the cost of 100 million Gold Coins, Lin Chuan sneered at the corners of his mouth. He didn’t feel sorry for the 100 million Gold Coins, but looked at Kerirone’s posture, and seemed to be really ready to swallow it alone. Go down.

Lowden and Harpoon stopped arguing. They almost sneered at the appearance of Kerirone receiving a check for one hundred million Gold Coin.

For the related procedures of mining and smelting [Rockgold Ore], Lin Chuan and others had a clear understanding before coming here. Kerirone alone, even if his father Old Kerirone is included, cannot Clinched.

This related process will involve Rock Family and other influences of Shihai Mountain City.

Of course, these processes are not difficult, Kerirone can do it alone.

It’s just that I want to swallow 100 million Gold Coins by myself. If this goes out, Kerirone will feel better.

“If he really swallows it alone, it would be a good thing. Anyway, the money will come back when the time comes, and it will come back soon…” Lin Chuan smiled and said.



A beep sounded in the Light Screen. After opening, a screen appeared. This is the monitor worn by Fowler.

Seeing this, Lowden and Harpoon cursed one after another. Is this guy Fowler still preparing to broadcast live, how did he hook up with women?

Lin Chuan is looking at the image. The place where Fowler is now is the villa of Count Agenon.

It’s not how bold Beya is to take a man to oneself’s house, but Fowler was invited by Agenon to be a guest at his home.

In the video screen, this is an extremely luxurious villa whose architectural style is very different from that of Northern Land. Each brick and tile is White Glass Stone from Dava Golden City.

This is the best material for high-end buildings. The ground and walls paved by White Glass Stone will emit a faint white light under the light, and the whole building is like a gem.

The walls, floors, and even the ceiling of this villa are all made of White Glass Stone, revealing a kind of extreme luxury.

The carvings on the walls and pillars are also made by famous artists. They can be put out for auction at will, and they can be sold for treasures worth millions of Gold Coins.

“Count Agenon’s home is really high-quality…” Lin Chuan murmured.

It seems that the rich name of Rock Family is also the name is not in vain today.

Lowden opened his mouth and rubbed his hands a little uncontrollably. He wanted to sneak in at night and walk away all the valuable things inside.

Of course, he just thought about it. Look at the security forces around this villa. The bodyguards on patrol are all fourth boundary experts in terms of behavior.

Not to mention, at some hidden secret place points in the building, Lowden saw the extremely powerful formidable power micro crystal cannon.

Yes, more than 70% of the whole body is a crystal cannon made of Energy Crystal.

The lethality of this thing is comparable to the average Five Stars Level heavy artillery, and it is an extremely terrifying weapon.

The miniature crystal gun has various advantages, is easy to carry, small in size, can be well concealed, and has strong lethality. It is an excellent weapon for ambush and assassination.

However, few people use micro crystal cannons for no other reason, because it is expensive!

For the average Five Stars Level heavy artillery, the Energy Crystal is only as big as a ball.

70% of the whole body is Energy Crystal. What is the concept?

Where is it that most people can afford, if it is to buy murderers and use micro crystal cannons, I am afraid that the sky-high bounty will not have much money left.

As for the budget of the army, if you want to use the crystal cannon, the nobles in the gun, let’s wash and sleep…

Now, in the villa of Count Agenon, Lowden at least finds He had three miniature crystal cannons, and he could only say one thing about this: What a lot of money…

At this moment——

Fowler is sitting in the hall, he Sitting on the opposite side is a middle-aged man with five short stature and quite strong, Beya is in the arms of this man, the endearing little bird looks like bewitching.

However, between Beya’s eyebrows and eyes, she is quite disturbed. She didn’t expect to meet her husband in Government Hall.

Furthermore, Agenon couldn’t help but asked Fowler over.

“Mister Fowler, is this the person from Foca Tower?”

Count Agenon was drinking tea and looking at Fowler with gloomy eyes. Every part of this man’s body was in He was so disgusting in his eyes.

In Government Hall, Agenon saw his oneself beautiful and alluring wife standing with Fowler. He had the urge to kill the man.

If it were on other occasions, he would really do that. Anyway, in Shihai Mountain City, as long as he doesn’t assassinate Northern Land Royal Clan or Centaur Regiment on the street, he is a member of the Rock Family. Can be safe and sound.

Only, after learning about Fowler’s identity, Count Agenon slightly converged on the killing intent and invited Fowler back.

If it is this guy’s words, if he has a little thought about oneself’s beautiful and alluring wife, Count Agenon will activate the all around micro crystal cannon and blast this guy to pieces.

The outstanding official of Foca Tower City Hall, the accompanying consultant represented by Mechanical Honeycomb this time… These identities sound bluff, but Agenon doesn’t care. Who makes this guy look so annoying and so attractive The guys with his beautiful wife are damned! ?

In my mind, I was thinking about how to kill Fowler’s 108th method, but Agenon heard this middle-aged man speak, talked about his own history, and talked about some of Foca Tower. The matter, and the beauty of the Rock Crystal Mountain Tea in front of me…

I have to admit that when Fowler spoke, Agenon’s hostility towards this guy was slowly fading.

“Count Agenon is so hospitable, I am ashamed to entertain me with Rock Crystal Mountain Tea!”

Fowler said with a smile, of course he knows that oneself is in Dangerous situation, observation along the way, Count Agenon is a very jealous husband who is extremely unconfident to oneself’s wife.

Of course, whoever has a wife like Beya will worry about being cuckold all day long.

And Count Agenon is very extreme in this respect. In addition, in Shihai Mountain City, he is the master of summon wind and rain and has the right to live and kill.

So, if oneself is replaced with Count Agenon, Fowler knows very well what this middle-aged man with five short stature is thinking at the moment.

Frankly speaking, Fowler is panicking now, even if he has the body of [Foca No. 1] and is strong enough, even if he is five doors, oh no, there are two doors above his head, a total of Seven Sects micro crystal cannon hits, the core will not be damaged.

However, this is also very dangerous. The body of [Foca No. 1] is very troublesome to repair. Moreover, Fowler is very satisfied with the body now. It has the senses of life. This is his Something you never want to throw away.

Furthermore, when I think of Mister Chuan, I obviously have a lot of opinions about this kind of transformation. If the body is really damaged, it would be very bad for Mister Chuan to use some hands and feet when repairing it.


For an instant, Fowler thought of the possibility of one by one, and became more determined, and must leave here completely.

Just, how to deal with this predicament…

Fowler thinks like this, but his mouth keeps on, neither fast nor slow, but he talks endlessly All sorts of things, I heard that Agenon’s hostility was declining, while Beya was pupil light. If her husband were not by the side, she would have rushed over and lingered in the arms of this elegant and knowledgeable man.

“Can this woman’s eyes constrict a little…” Fowler cursed secretly.

It is this woman’s eyes that are so hot that the killing intent that Count Agenon has just lowered suddenly rises again.

femme fatale, this is what Mister Chuan often talks about. Fowler used to think it disapproved, but now he thinks this word is too right.

At the same time.

On the Floating Vehicle, Lin Chuan and the others, who saw this scene, couldn’t help but laughed out a weird cry, Fowler, you also have today! ?

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