This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 495

Shihai Mountain Mystical Place, under the mountain peak where Fire Gnome Village is located, a stone ball-like device is spinning, one after another beam of light rushes up and gathers into a light curtain, covering the entire mountain peak.

At the foot of the mountain, there are rows of figures standing upright, without a single sound, the kind of solemn killing aura, just like experienced soldiers.

The Heart-Origin Equipment worn by these people exudes a faint gray light. These brilliances merge together, enveloping this troop, and it is filled with a frightening atmosphere.

In front of this unit, a figure in a white cloak stood, holding an Energy Crystal sphere in his hand, which released one after another brilliance, echoing the stone ball installations.

“Continue bombing, blow me the protective cover set by Fire Gnome, and you can blow this mountain away…”

The white cloak figure coldly ordered, And ordered the left and right, found any suspicious traces, kill on the spot, not let go of one.

whiz whiz whiz ……

one after another figure flew out, moved towards the mountain and went everywhere, these people did not act alone, but in units of at least three people, The brilliance of the Heart-Origin Equipment on the body is connected together, and the scene is both strange and magnificent.

In a short period of time, one after another black-skinned Gnome corpse was lying all around the mountain.

all around, there are special personnel to clean up these corpses, and strictly follow the instructions of the white cloak figure to sweep every corner of the battlefield.

At the same time.

Lin Chuan and Lowden have quietly come to the neighborhood and meet with Bayen and others.

Of course, Lymira also followed. The girl’s determination made Lin Chuan unable to refuse.

“Mister Chuan, things are not so good!”

When Bayen saw Lin Chuan, his face solemnly spoke, and the figure in the white cloak was the messenger of the owner of the azure coat of arms.

The team sent by the eighth boundary expert to encircle this mountain makes Bayen look very ugly.

Lin Chuan didn’t say anything. He looked at the mountain peaks in the distance. The specific situation there is still unclear. Little Whites and Mechanical Bee can’t get close there, and they seem to be blocked by an invisible wall.


Lin Chuan closes his eyes and manipulates a Mechanical Little White Mouse in front of him. This is the special No. 999, in which the [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], able to carry his Mental Energy.

For an instant, close to Mechanical Little White Mouse 999 near the mountain peak, the mechanical eyes glowed slightly, and Mental Energy spread out in circles, presenting all the nearby scenes in my mind.

Lin Chuan now has a very deep control over Mental Energy. According to Tai Gu’s words, it has reached the level of a quasi-Mental Grandmaster in the dark age.

As for the current evaluation criteria, it is hard to say. After all, there are too few experts with [Materialized Mental Energy] to be judged.

Mental Energy is like a wave, spreading in circles, and soon the area of ​​10,000 meters is presented in Lin Chuan’s mind.

At the foot of the mountain, the troop led by the white cloak figure did not notice the abnormality at all.

“Are the devices held by these people invalid for Mental Energy’s detection?”

With this judgment, Lin Chuan was determined to increase Mental Energy’s detection. All aspects of this force have been spied through.

Immediately, he made a shocking discovery. The Heart-Origin Equipment worn by this unit is very similar to the equipment of Centaur Regiment, and they actually have a linkage effect with each other.

“These Heart-Origin Equipment are developed according to the principle of [Earth King Equipment]…”

Tai Gu understood the situation, and the voice rang in the earphone, “Could it be that the Centaur Regiment test base was destroyed? It has something to do with these guys…”

Lin Chuan did not speak, and carefully investigated the situation of this unit, and more and more certain/affirm the structure of the Heart-Origin Equipment , Used many skills on [Earth King Equipment].

[Earth King Equipment] Bayen has talked about some structures in detail, and Lin Chuan has done some research on them.

The Heart-Origin Equipment that this unit is equipped with is very similar to the equipment of Centaur Regiment in terms of displayed ability and some features.

boom~ boom~ ……

Somewhere in the mountain peak, a group of Fire Gnome killed them, moved towards the white cloak figure and rushed towards it.

“You human races that are perfidious, we shouldn’t have formed an alliance with you…”

The headed Fire Gnome roared, wearing rather old Heart-Origin Equipment , Rushed to the forefront.

The white cloak figure sneered and murmured: “Although some are overkill, but I should kill you all to prevent the leak of the news.”

Then he waved the Energy Crystal ball in his hand, One after another Guanghua surged, and one after another team rushed out.

In an instant, the feeling of The earth shook and the mountain quivered came. The impact force of these teams gave Lin Chuan a great shock, just like one after another humanoid armored floating vehicle, directly moved towards the front Ran over.

The ground was plowed, the rocks were smashed into pieces, and the trees were smashed into pieces… For these teams, it seemed that they wanted to destroy everything in front of them.

Then, this team collided with the group of Fire Gnome. Lin Chuan couldn’t bear to look directly at the scene, as if a group of wolves crashed into a piece of tofu, and the tofu broke apart.

The corpse of one after another Fire Gnome was hit and flew, and none of the corpses was complete. It was either smashed into several pieces by the huge impact force or cut into two pieces by the high-up Horse Cutting Blade… …

Yes, Horse Cutting Blade! ?

This kind of huge knife, the members of this team are actually holding it with one hand, and it is effortless to slash it. Lin Chuan’s eyelids jumped at the sight.

Immediately, he informed Bayen and the others of the situation ahead and told them not to be impulsive. Facing such a team, they really couldn’t deal with it.

Such a team, to a certain extent, is the old Centaur Regiment with [Earth King Equipment] to start Legion equipment. Once they jointly initiate a charge, it is truly invincible.

“Impossible?! Mister Chuan, are you sure?”

Bayen’s eyes widened and couldn’t believe what he heard. Centaur Regiment did not have 【Earth King Equipment】, The linkage of those equipment has failed. Why does the Heart-Origin Equipment equipped by this team have such an effect?

The face of this Centaur/troops is ugly. He is not a dull person. He quickly thought of the destruction of the Experiment Base. These guys, as well as the owner of the azure coat of arms, must be related to it.

“Retreat first, the situation here is not something we can reverse…”

Lin Chuan frowned, some helplessly said, this sudden situation is really beyond his Unexpected.

Only two days after I arrived in Shihai Mountain City, I encountered three consecutive incidents, and one of them was more violent. Lin Chuan, who has always liked to take precautions, was also a little unprepared.

On our side, it will take at least a week to mobilize the outside power. Only then will we have the capital to deal with the influence of Shihai Mountain City.

In fact, even if the elite forces of the Redbud Organization are around now, Lin Chuan will not be prepared to meet force with force with such a terrifying team.

“Mister Chuan, is there really no way…” Lymira both eyes turned red, almost crying.

Lin Chuan looked at the girl, frowned: “The father who brought you up has passed away, and other people in the village are very harsh on you, so just ignore these Fire Gnomes.”

From Lymira’s mouth, Lin Chuan and the others know about this girl’s living conditions in Fire Gnome Village in the past ten years.

Those Fire Gnome treat Lymira, but they can’t be called a little friendly. If it weren’t for her foster father, this girl would have been taken by Fire Gnome for some kind of experiment.

In fact, even if it is her adoptive father, the purpose of adopting Lymira is not simple, and there must be some internal information.

It’s just that Lymira is inherently kind, and she grew up in an isolated environment. In addition, Fire Gnome’s attitude towards children has always been called friendly, so she I thought that this is the way relatives treat children.

“There…, after all, it is the place where I grew up, and Grandpa is buried there…”

Lymira muttered like this, and then shook the head with a face Be firm and stop saying anything.

She is not a stubborn temper. She knows that if everyone goes out now, it will be in danger.

“Wait for a chance later, come back quietly, and pack the bones of your adoptive father.” Lowden persuaded softly.

Lymira nodded.

At this moment–

In Lin Chuan’s pocket, Kitty Lan suddenly moved. This Little Brat scratched his master with his paw, telling him that he felt very dangerous, very dangerous. Breath.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

In the forest in the distance, one after another black shadow spaceship came out, moved towards the inverted battlefield flying over here.

The speed and size of these black shadows are beyond imagination. The distance of tens of thousands of meters, just a moment, has already come close.

“This is the giant wolf…, the Grey Rock Wolf group of Grey Rock Land…”

Bayen exclaimed. After seeing these dark shadows, his face showed incredible color.

Grey Rock Land is located near the ruins Desert, where there is only one kind of terrifying rare beast, which is the wolf pack of limestone.

This is a terrifying rare beast. An adult Grey Rock Wolf is comparable to a fourth boundary expert. Faced with a group of fourth boundary experts and surrounded by wolf-like nature, the situation is shuddering to think about.

And these shadows are not only as simple as the Grey Rock Wolf group, but also exist like the Wolf King in Grey Rock Wolf.

Every shadow is Grey Rock Wolf King! ?

For a while, the woods blew a strong wind, the branches and leaves shook hua la la, and the terrifying killing intent was like a tide. The moved towards all directions surged, covering several dozen li areas.

Lin Chuan complexion slightly changed, purely murderous murderous aura, covering such a huge area, this is the first time I have encountered it.

Mental Energy started, and an invisible barrier enveloped everyone. Lin Chuan was very wary of this murderous aura force field. If he did not take precautions, he might be exposed.

At this time, the battle ahead broke out, and one after another Grey Rock Wolf King rushed forward and collided with that unit head-on. A fierce hand-to-hand fight between the needles and the wheat mang was detonated.

The violent Grey Rock Wolf King is extremely fast. Between actions, there is only one after another afterimage, and the sharp claw is like a treasure. You can easily see the Heart Origin Protective Suit below the Four Stars Level.

That force was fierce, but, facing the same fierce and unafraid of death, the Grey Rock Wolf King group, which was several times larger in size, its offensive was immediately stopped.

kacha kacha kacha ……

During the fierce battle, someone was knocked into the air from time to time. Although the body was intact, there was also a sound of skeleton fragmentation within the body.

As for the Grey Rock Wolf King group, it is not without damage. There are also Wolf Kings beheaded, which arouses the ferocious nature of these Grey Rock Wolf Kings.

In a short period of time, the balance of this fierce battle was overwhelmed. Facing the rampage of the Grey Rock Wolf King group, this unit could only retreat, unable to maintain the heartbeat of continuing to slaughter Fire Gnome.

“Grey Rock Wolf King group…they are the troublesome guys…”

Seeing this scene, the figure in the white cloak can’t help but scream, some flustered and exasperated, and hold it high. An Energy Crystal ball urges the power inside and continuously enhances the power of the Heart-Origin Equipment that this unit is equipped with.

At this time–

A roar that shook the sky sounded, and a huge figure appeared in a forest in the distance. It was a giant wolf like a small hill, stepping forward. Everywhere, the trees were trampled off.

On the head of the giant wolf, a figure stood, condescending, looking down on the battlefield.

“Shi Hulie’s henchmans, our Northern Mountain wolf masters are here. Suck your necks clean. Don’t let my wolf cubs eat ashes…”

The figure laughed and made a gesture. The huge giant wolf immediately jumped up, jumping to a height of 100 meters, dropping from the sky, and swooping down.

“This is…, another influence among those eighth boundary experts?” Lin Chuan moved in his heart.

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