This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 496

The giant wolf dropping from the sky, dropped like a hill, the scene really has the potential of heaven falls and earth rends.

Seeing this scene, the white cloak figure yelled, a strong light burst out of his body, one arm spread out, and a layer of barrier unfolded instantly.

This kind of force field barrier directly presses down the nearby ground to form a sphere, which firmly protects it.

On the sphere, there is one after another electric light raging, like a shining electric light ball, moving towards all around releases strong waves.

In this scene, Lin Chuan and the others have eyelids jumping. Such a force field barrier is not simple, but an attack and defence an integral whole.

At this time, the figure on the giant wolf’s back laughed, patted the wolf’s head, and exploded with a wolf howl.

I saw in midair, the wolf hair of the giant wolf was erected one by one, and then shot out like a rainstorm, moving towards the downward madness.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ……

The range of a radius of 100 meters is all covered by sharp wolf hair, and one wolf hair is pierced on the barrier of the electro-optical ball, and part of it is covered by sharp wolf hair. Burned, the other part was passed through, and all pierced into the body of the white cloak figure.

A scream sounded, and the white cloak figure quickly retreated, releasing strong waves on his body, which forced out the wolf hair that had entered the body, and shot out with one after another dense blood.


Giant wolf flew past and landed on the other side, and the man on the wolf’s back smirked: “Shi Hulie’s dog! You really think that our uncle wolf is as stupid as before, facing you face to face. Just? Meet force with force with you villains, uncle, I feel dirty with my hands!”

Speaking like this, the man spat and smashed a small hole in the ground.

In the distance, looking at this scene, Lin Chuan and the others were hidden in the dark, one by one looked straight and nodded, and just now I was worried that the Grey Rock Wolf King group was being used by the white cloak figure.

It now appears that the Grey Rock Wolf King group also knows how to avoid the truth and avoid the futility. When the two sides compete, it is difficult to distinguish the outcome.

The white cloak figure has an absolute advantage in number, while the Grey Rock Wolf King group is a strong individual. Both sides make good use of their own advantages. This fight has some fighting.

This is really what Lin Chuan wants to see. The longer the two sides fight, the easier both sides suffer, and when the time comes, you can fish troubled waters.

“These Wolf King leaders are very strategic! With this kind of power, they should respond to the enemy like this…” Lin Chuan sighed.

“Wolf Knight of Grey Rock Ridge, you came to Shihai Mountain City without authorization, do you want to go to war with us adults?”

The white cloak figure stopped the blood and stared at it. The voice on the giant wolf’s back, holding back his anger, shouted, “The original agreement, did you Grey Rock Ridge’s Leader want to be the first to offend?”

Faced with such a question, the giant wolf backed Wolf Knight curled his lips and laughed: “Don’t tell me these twists and turns, did we come to Shihai Mountain City? Isn’t this Shihai Mountain Mystical Place?”

“At the beginning, We Grey Rock Ridge, Shi Hulie, Fire Gnome Village Village Head, and those two adults, but we have agreed to communicate with each other and help each other.”

“Of course. With Shi Hulie’s despicableness, it’s a joke to want him to help.”

speech paused, Wolf Knight’s tone became sharp, “But, it’s because of the Village Head of Fire Gnome Village. After passing away, you just go back on one’s word and send someone to annihilate this place. Do you still have the face to say that we violated the agreement?”

With such a scolding, one after another Grey Rock Wolf King roar towards The sky, the sound of which enveloped the mountains and forests, was full of fierce killings.

On the other side, the surviving Fire Gnomes also screamed, saying that he would spread today’s things and definitely not let the owner behind the white cloak figure feel better.

hearing this, the white cloak figure was silent for a while, and then sneered: “That agreement, as an agreement between several adults, is naturally valid when he is still alive, and the Village Head of Fire Gnome Village is gone. After so many years, the agreement has been invalid.”

“Originally, we adults did not want to target Fire Gnome Village, but the younger brother of Village Head did what he shouldn’t do, adopt The curse that shouldn’t be adopted. Naturally, I won’t be able to stay in this village…”

In the distance, Lin Chuan and the others were taken aback when they heard these words, and simultaneously looked towards Lymira.

The girl once said that the grandfather who adopted her was the younger brother of the previous Village Head of Fire Gnome Village. It is precisely because of this that her position in the village is very detached, although some people have a plot against her. , But, while his grandfather was still alive, he has not dared to take action.

Lymira’s eyes widened, she was a little dumbfounded. These guys attacked Fire Gnome Village because of Grandpa and her reason?

“hmph hmph…, did the agreement only involve a few adults?”

Wolf Knight sneered, and then loudly roared: “If this is the case, then I will You slaughtered, what else violated the agreement. You henchman, die!”


one after another Grey Rock Wolf King roared, from all directions On the attack, Wolf Knight was extremely angry, driving the giant wolf to rampage like a hill.

These Wolf King’s goals are no one else but the white cloak.

Faced with this scene, the white cloak figure stood still. When the Grey Rock Wolf King swarm reached a certain range, he suddenly raised his hand. The Energy Crystal sphere sprayed out with a dazzling brilliance, and he People shrouded it.

Underground, one after another figure rushed out, moved towards Grey Rock Wolf King group rushed over, and then, one after another figure exploded, blasting one after another Wolf King to pieces.

In this scene, Wolf Knight, Fire Gnome, and Lin Chuan and the others watching from a distance are all eyelids jumping. No one didn’t expect the white cloak figure to be so ruthless, just This is a direct self-detonation.

Thinking of the scene in Shihai Mountain City that night, Lin Chuan was not so surprised. The owner of the azure coat of arms, Shi Hulie, trained his subordinates as a group of unsentimental killing machines. As long as needed, It will detonate itself immediately.

It’s just that Lin Chuan feels a little distressed for self-detonation of such an elite unit, and he also feels cold. He is very disgusted by the practice of the owner of the azure coat of arms.

At this time, the shock waves of the explosion spread out and continued together, and people kept rushing over, moved towards Wolf Knight and pounced.

In the face of such a situation, Wolf Knight is fierce, but he is unwilling to meet force with force with such a human bomb, cursing angrily, and beckoning the Grey Rock Wolf King group to retreat.

The Fire Gnomes not far away was caught in the fire sea. The flames produced by this explosion are very special and difficult to extinguish. Many Fire Gnomes were burned alive.

“Fortunately, we didn’t go out just now…”

Howya swallowed saliva, he asked himself in terms of means, when he was vicious and merciless, he would never be soft.

However, in the face of such a crazy force, Howya can avoid it. If you face it, others will play perish together with you. If you die like this, you will be embarrassed.

Bayen’s face was dignified with jealousy. Witnessing the white cloak figure, he felt a lot of pressure and entrapped oneself’s enemy. It was a bit too ruthless and powerful.

Seeing the fire spread and quickly spread to Fire Gnome Village, the figure in the white cloak smiled triumphantly. As long as he can complete the tasks ordered by the adults, no matter how many subordinates die, it counts.

Furthermore, as long as he is alive…

Suddenly, a figure sprang out of Fire Gnome Village in the direction of Heavenly Fire, moved towards another direction. .

There was no shortage of brilliant people in the audience, and they immediately noticed that the figure’s hand was holding a black box with the emblem of Fire Gnome Village on it.

“Is that the urn of Fire Gnome Village Head?!”

“Let me put it down!”

“Stop him!”


Fire Gnomes, Wolf Knight, and the white cloak figure simultaneously exclaimed, the purpose of the latter two’s trip is not other, but just for the ashes of Fire Gnome Village, the previous Village Head box.

For a time, the three parties simultaneously chased the past, and the figure in the white cloak roared, holding a heavy machine gun, injecting powerful heart origin power, and starting this Five Stars Level weapon, with dense bullets spurting wildly past.


The man who flew by looked at the chaser behind and the rain of bullets hiding the sky and covering the earth, but he didn’t panic at all and threw it at will Out one thing.

next moment, that thing exploded, a circle of flames spread out, and quickly covered an area of ​​one kilometer in a radius. The woods, rocks, and vegetation on the ground were all burned and fly ash scattered. Open.

The chaser who rushed into this area was also melted, and there was no time to react at all…

“Energy Crystal bomb!?”

“What the hell…”

A group of people simultaneously scolded. This guy turned out to be an Energy Crystal bomb, which made people simultaneously want to scold his mother.

A bomb made purely of Energy Crystal is not available on land. This is related to the Energy Crystal produced on land. The energy in it is extremely unstable. If you want to make a bomb, it may explode at any time. Time bomb.

Such Energy Crystal bombs are only available in Sea Beast Regiment, and they are also banned items. I won’t say their value. They all started with tens of millions of Gold Coin, and they are money cannot buy.

Looking at this scene, Lin Chuan and the others jumped their eyelids. It was not that they were shocked by the intensity of this fighting, but such extravagant fighting scenes are really rare.

At this moment, Lowden suddenly turned his head, widened his eyes, and cried out: “Where is Lymira? Why is this little girl missing…”

Everyone turned their heads simultaneously, their faces A look of shock was revealed. Lymira was still by her side just now, so why did she disappear silently like this.

You must know that the perception of a group of companions is sharper than the other, and in the barrier unfolded by Lin Chuan, such a silent departure, I am afraid that the eighth boundary expert will not be able to do it.

“This is…”

Lin Chuan’s eyelids twitched, his surprise was greater than that of his companions.

He left a Mental Brand Mark on Lymira. The girl was indeed still with him a few seconds ago.

Now, I can’t even sense the Mental Brand Mark. This is the first time Lin Chuan has encountered such a thing.

Who did the shot, not only could he approach silently, pass through the barriers he arranged, and take Lymira silently away, but also directly shield the Mental Brand Mark?

The point is that the eyeball pattern has no warning at all. This is something that has never been related to, and it makes him a great warning sign.

Next moment, a faintly discernable induction came, Lin Chuan couldn’t help but startled, and the Mental Brand Mark on Lymira could be sensed again.

It’s just that the distance between the Mental Brand Mark and the location of Lin Chuan and the others is a bit far away, but at the other end of Shihai Mountain Mystical Place, several dozen li away.

“What’s going on?!”

Lin Chuan frowned. He understood that Lymira’s disappearance was completely different from what he expected.


Shihai Mountain Mystical Place, the southern edge.

There is a huge cave here, and there are scalp tingling sounds from time to time.

In the bushes, there is one after another figure wandering, this is one by one Fire Gnome.

Different from the Fire Gnome of Fire Gnome Village, these Fire Gnome have darker skin, carrying a lance, and patrolling around. Each Fire Gnome’s gaze is dull, and it seems that there is no soul. same.

In the deepest part of the cave, a disc device lights up and rotates continuously, and Lymira’s figure gradually appears, from fuzzy to clear.

A bracelet worn by the girl, the lines in it are shining, echoing the disc device…

“Where is this, why did I come here…”

“Mister Chuan, Uncle Lowden……”

Lymira looked all around, the pretty face was panicked, she was still beside Lin Chuan and the others just now, and suddenly a bracelet came out The strong volatility enveloped her, and then came back to his senses, it was actually here.

“Mister Chuan? Uncle Lowden?”

“Lymira, it seems that you traveled outside and met a lot of friends…”

In the shadows , A rickety figure came out. This was an old Fire Gnome with a goatee and cloudy eyes watching the girl silently.

“You are…”

Lymira’s eyes widened, her lips were covered, the exclamation still came from her fingertips.

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