This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 497

The light in the cave is very dim, and the rays of light emitted by the half-person-height disk make the cave’s sight a little brighter.

Lymira’s eyes widened, staring blankly at a Fire Gnome old man who walked out of the darkness, with an incredible expression on his face.

The age of this Fire Gnome seems to be older than anyone in Fire Gnome Village, and the black skin is cracked, like a dry tree.

Fire Gnome old man’s neck and neck are covered with one after another scars, some scars are deeply visible in bone, and even the heart beating under the skin can be seen.

He has only a handful of hair left, and the rest of his head is covered with scorched scars. The only thing that is intact is that face. On the bark-like face, there are a pair of deep and intelligent eyes.

The Fire Gnome old man wears six rings on his finger. Each ring has a different pattern. In the dim light, there is a mysterious atmosphere.

“You are Grandpa…”

Lymira pretty face was shocked, and back again and again, the Fire Gnome old man who appeared in front of her was exactly the same as the grandfather who raised her.

However, Grandpa didn’t have so many scars on his body, which made the girl understand what the identity of the Fire Gnome standing in front of him was.

one before last Fire Gnome Ling Village Head! ?

“Village Head Leeman…, haven’t you passed away many years…” Lymira said hesitantly.

The girl’s face was a bit pale, she suddenly appeared here, and saw the one before last Fire Gnome Village Head who had died a long time ago. She was shocked and shocked, but it was quite serious.

About one before last Fire Gnome Village Head, Legendary’s Village Head Leeman, Lymira heard from Grandpa more than once, that is the most outstanding Village Head in Fire Gnome Village, and the most powerful in the past. of.

It was also Village Head Leeman that allowed Fire Gnome to live in Shihai Mountain Mystical Place. Otherwise, that place would be coveted by other major influences.

When I was a child, Lymira always listened to the story of Village Head Leeman as a legend. Didn’t expect that one day, when I saw Village Head Leeman with my own eyes, she wondered if oneself was already dead. Will suddenly see this Village Head.

“Lymira, don’t be afraid, I am not dead. On the contrary, I can live a considerable amount of time…”

Village Head Leeman stepped forward, his body shape Not tall, and because of old age, the body buckled up, but between pacing, there was an incomparable sense of existence, which made the girl a little suffocated.

It seems that Lymira’s discomfort was noticed, Village Head Leeman stopped, and looked at the beautiful face of the girl, sighed: “Lymira, I never thought that you really grew up. I always thought that you can’t live. After 12 years old…”

hearing this, Lymira’s eyes were wide open. Grandpa said the same thing when she was alive, saying that she always thought she would not live to be 12 years old, but she was always puzzled.

After he was 12 years old, Grandpa never mentioned this matter again. Now, Village Head Leeman mentions it again. The memories of the past have once again risen in the mind.

“Village Head Leeman, are you still alive? What about Grandpa…” Lymira came back to his senses and asked with a trembling voice.

Village Head Leeman sighed, walked to the side of the stone chair and sat down, and muttered in a deep voice: “My younger brother is naturally dead. In fact, if it wasn’t for raising you, he would probably be 12 Died years ago…”

Before Lymira asked, Village Head Leeman didn’t want to talk about it any more. He looked up and said with a slight smile: “It looks like you’re going out for a trip. It’s pretty good. Are those people your friends? Quite powerful, especially the young Mechanic…”

“Tell me about the origins of your friends…”

Lymira lips slightly moving. Although she is naive, but not stupid, she suddenly saw Village Head Leeman. In her heart, she did not trust the Fire Gnome old man, even if it was Grandpa’s big brother.

However, for some reason, looking into Village Head Leeman’s eyes, Lymira has an urge to speak freely, seemingly willing to reveal all the secrets in her heart.

Opening her mouth, Lymira was about to show her out, but felt that behind her white neck, a cool breath penetrated within the body, spinning in her head, making the feeling of groggy, all of a sudden Reduced a lot.

The girl understands what’s going on. This is Mister Chuan, a Mental Brand Mark that she has penetrated into her body.

Immediately, Lymira settled down and quickly said the origins of Lin Chuan and the others. They were all a group of companions on this trip to Shihai Mountain City, on the surface’s identity and purpose.

As for Bayen’s origins, Lymira has not concealed it. She is very smart. Since Village Head Leeman has been alive for these years, the big news in Shihai Mountain Mystical Place should not be hidden from this Fire Gnome. The old man’s.

As the girl told the story, Village Head Leeman’s face moved slightly, especially when he heard that Lin Chuan was from Mechanical Honeycomb and was a student of the Digital Machinery Grandmaster.

As for others, such as Bayen is the second son of Centaur Clan Head, Village Head Leeman has no response.

“White Dwarf Kingdom’s Mechanic Talent, several Machinery Grandmaster students, and White Dwarf Kingdom’s mechanical elites, really come out from generation to generation…” Village Head Leeman sighed softly.

Then he squinted his eyes and murmured: “This young Mechanic is very good. Both itself and the power behind it are amazing. This is a good partner. Lymira, when you were born I don’t think I’ve grown up. I’m still as lucky as ever to meet friends like this.”

“Then, they are already here, I’ll take a look at them. Can you reach the entrance of the cave smoothly?”

Speaking like this, Village Head Leeman raised his hand and moved towards a wall of the cave. It immediately sank, and a pot-like container appeared. The water from jade green was injected, and the scene outside the cave gradually appeared on the surface of the water.

In that scene, the Lin Chuan entire group appeared, moving towards here quickly approaching.

“Mister Chuan, Uncle Lowden, they…”

Lymira cry out in surprise, she didn’t expect Lin Chuan and the others to come so soon.

Village Head Leeman raised his head and looked at the scene in the pot, showing a look of interest, “No one has broken into here for many years, just test it a little, look at Lymira. Friends, are you qualified to cooperate with me.”

The voice fell–

In the woods outside the cave, a harsh sky-splitting sound suddenly sounded, one after another long A spear general arrow, shot out from all directions, like hiding the sky and covering the earth, moved towards Lin Chuan and a group of them flew towards Lin Chuan.


Across the forest, an arrow intertwined cloud layer, with a biting solemn killing aura, whizzed over.

“Careful!? This is the Exploding Arrow of Energy Crystal arrowhead!” Lowden exclaimed to remind his companions.

In fact, without Lowden’s reminder, the rest of the comrades have noticed. In some dark woods, the rays of light emitted by the arrow, for Lin Chuan and the others who are proficient in Heart-Origin Equipment, immediately have Judgment.

However, everyone is still surprised. These arrow one after another are like long spears. The arrowhead alone is one foot long. The arrowhead made of Energy Crystal shines with dazzling and luxurious rays of light. .

Yes, luxury! ?

Using such a piece of Energy Crystal to make arrowhead, even if the quality of this Energy Crystal is not so high, it is extremely luxurious.

even more how, the number of lasing is more than ten thousand Exploding Arrows!

Lin Chuan breathes deeply. He felt the danger a moment ago. After being shocked, he felt a little distressed for this extravagant arrow rain.

next moment, the arrow rain hiding the sky and covering the earth madly hit, and annihilated Lin Chuan and the others. The group of companions seemed to have no time to react, so they were caught in the arrow rain. in.

However, one after another Exploding Arrow pierced into the ground, but there was no explosion.

On the ground where thick fallen leaves are piled, there is a cylindrical mechanical device that generates a force field. When the Exploding Arrow enters the range, it is subjected to a singular force field that pulls each other, and the speed immediately slows down. Down, and then sucked into the cylindrical mechanical device.

“Originally, this device was used to deal with pure Energy Crystal high-explosive bombs, but I didn’t think it would come in handy here…”

Lin Chuan’s view of this adsorption mechanism I am quite satisfied with the effect. This work is a work he tried to make when he witnessed the confrontation between Lady Yu and Sea Clan Royal Warship during the Foca Tower period to deal with those pure Energy Crystal weapons.

This type of mechanical device is still in the experimental stage. I am afraid that it is not enough to deal with those high-star-level pure Energy Crystal weapons.

However, it is more than enough to deal with this Exploding Arrow.

Remove the Energy Crystal on the Exploding Arrow, one after another, and remove the detonator. Lin Chuan quickly packed these Energy Crystal arrows.

The companion on the side was stunned for a moment. The speed of disassembly and packing is really too fast.

For a moment, Lin Chuan dismantled nearly a thousand Exploding Arrows, shook the head, and the arrows were too many to take away.

Immediately, he arranged the remaining Exploding Arrow and inserted it on the trunk all around, and then left with his companions.


In the cave, Village Head Leeman stared at the scene blankly. He did not think that this wave of Exploding Arrow rain would pose a threat to the entire group of Lin Chuan .

However, he did not expect this group of people to deal with the past so easily in this way.

What’s more, the young Mechanic also dismantled part of the Exploding Arrow and used the remaining arrow to lay out traps.

Just after Lin Chuan and the others left, a Fire Gnome patrol appeared and accidentally set foot there, and then set off a trap set by Exploding Arrow Rain.

Suddenly, a deafening explosion sounded, and the Fire Gnome patrol was blown up to the point that the skeleton doesn’t exist.

This scene made Village Head Leeman’s face a little dark, and muttered: “These Fire Gnome bodies are powerful in fighting, but their brains are not bright enough! No way, they are not living people after all Now…”

After that, Lin Chuan entire group was fast moving forward in the basin container, and all the obstacles encountered along the way were easily cracked.

Not only that, the traps arranged around the cave will always be counter-utilized by Lin Chuan, making them more dangerous and lethal traps.

“Mechanic is really a troublesome guy…especially Mechanic, a genius, and even more trouble in trouble…”

Village Head Leeman’s face is a bit ugly. He was prepared to give This entire group creates some trouble, so when we cooperate, our side will take the lead.

Now, it seems that his abacus has failed. The overall strength of this entire group is beyond his expectations.

“Would you like to make more heavyweights, try it…” Village Head Leeman hesitated.



In a place outside the cave, a huge figure is lying there. This is an ominous beast in a strange form.

Brown leather, the texture on the surface is like tree knots. Its shape looks a bit like a giant orangutan, but it exudes a chaotic power of vitality.

A pair of lantern-like eyeballs bulged, locked onto Lin Chuan and the others, but they did not launch an attack for a long time.

“This is an ominous beast. It seems that I have seen it in that classic…”

Bayen was surprised. As a member of Centaur Race, he was very ominous beast is a treasure.

Centaur Race since ancient times, Clan is the strongest hunter in Northern Land. If you can’t remember the information of the prey in the clan, you will be laughed at.

However, this kind of ominous beast has never been heard. Bayen just has some impressions. I have seen a similar ominous beast in a certain book of the clan.

The aura of this ominous beast has reached the sixth boundary, plus the violent aura, once the fighting starts, it is quite dangerous.

However, this ominous beast has not launched an offensive for a long time since it appeared. It seems to be waiting for orders, and it seems to be afraid of something.

“Is this afraid of Kitty…”

Lin Chuan is keenly aware of this, along the way, he senses the dangerous aura of many high-level ominous beasts, but Did not encounter these ominous beast attacks.

In his pocket, Kitty Lan flicked and conveyed an idea that it received the fearful breath of these ominous beasts.

Lin Chuan patted the pocket, expressing that he understands that he is thinking of the Grey Rock Wolf King group, such a sturdy battle strength, can you use Little Brat to do something about it?

At this moment, Bayen stepped forward, opened his jacket, revealing the horned dragon-like muscles, said solemnly: “everyone, I will take care of this big guy!”

Huh… …

Bayen sighed. The blood within the body flowed sharply. The voice and his companions could hear it. Such physical power was really shocking.

In an instant, the size of this majestic Centaur/troops doubled in size, and the breath was like a fierce fire like, which made the nearby companions feel a burning sensation.

“Come on! Big guy, let me take a look, how much ability does your unknown beast have…” Bayen growled.

The rest of the companions took a few steps back, and they felt a fighting intent similar to the sense of ceremony. This was a special imposing manner of Northern Land’s Centaur Race hunting for an ominous beast.

In the cave in the distance, an old voice sounded: “Stop it, there is no need to continue fighting. You have passed through the woods and come here. You are my guest.”

“It really surprised me that you, Centaur Race kid, survived that explosion…”

“It’s Bayen, I’m very much with your Twelfth Elder Familiar, he and I mentioned you, come in…”

As this sound fell, the trees in front of them changed and slid away automatically. This scene is the same as the gateway to Shihai Mountain Mystical Place. Very similar.

Twelfth Elder? !

Bayen’s face is serious. Twelfth Elder is the Chief-In-Charge of the Experiment Base. The guy in this cave mentioned Twelfth Elder. Do you know the truth of the explosion?

Lin Chuan touched the forehead. There was no warning sign there. In fact, he hadn’t noticed much danger since entering the woods.

However, the breath in the cave is very strange. Lin Chuan once had a similar feeling, that is, when he was weak, the feeling of meeting an expert who far exceeded his strength.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Chuan groaned for a moment, but followed the ominous beast and walked forward.

Everyone didn’t stop, and under the leadership of the ominous beast, they entered the cave.

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