This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 500

I miscalculated, miscalculated…

This Small Fox is not easy to deal with!

Village Head Leeman sighed. Lin Chuan rescued her from Lymira before, and Bayen was able to return to Northern Land. It was this youngster who helped.

This makes the Fire Gnome old man think that this youngster is an enthusiastic person, very compassionate, and if he knows the major event of Northern Land’s survival, he will definitely not stand idly by.

Now it seems that this is all he wants to leave. This young Mechanic will treat Bayen’s injury because of the [Earth King Equipment] of Centaur Regiment.

Lymira was rescued because at that time, Shi Hulie’s people were chasing and killing the girl. He spread to it, so he rescued it by the way, and there were other considerations.

At this moment, Village Head Leeman also understands that if you want to impress this young Mechanic, you cannot rely on compassion. As for benefits, that may not be necessary.

The thing that makes him tempted is related to Mechanical Domain, and the biggest bargaining chip is undoubtedly the structure of the [seventh equipment].

However, this has been used as a bargaining chip to heal [World Heart Origin Lock].

In this way, I can take it out and impress the youngster with a few chips.

Or else, move with affection, try with interest…

The old Fire Gnome has a headache when his mind turns, he calculated it, and sighed faintly: “Actually, Since the Hundred Years’ War, Fire Gnome clan has been living in Northern Land. I don’t want to see the subversion of Northern Land Royal Clan and Centaur Regiment, nor can I bear the destruction of Northern Land.”

“Fire Gnome has been living for generations Here, Old Mister Leeman has such an idea, which is also such is human nature.”

Lin Chuan nodded, he still looks like oil and salt. He actually told the truth just now, the survival of Northern Land is true. It has nothing to do with him.

Even though he grew up in Mysterious Star Empire, he has a certain sense of belonging to this Empire, but the argument that has been promoted in Empire is that Northern Land is a threat.

This argument will spread. It is because of the ulterior motives of the Mysterious Star Empire royal family, but it can’t hide from those interested.

Lin Chuan has traveled here. It is the “Four Nothing” youth of New Generation on Earth. He has been bombarded by a lot of Internet information. The purpose behind this argument is naturally clear.

But, clearly, through childhood, I listened to such propaganda, even if I knew it was another matter, but the attitude towards Northern Land was just a neutral one.

In this situation, it’s like hearing that a foreign country is about to fight, and you happen to be here. What is your first reaction? Of course it is immediately to leave the place of right and wrong!

Lin Chuan’s idea at this time is to quickly finish what should be done, and then leave immediately, how about you Northern Land Royal Clan, Centaur Regiment, and the influence of those eighth boundary experts? Tear the pen, how to start a war, how to intrigue in secret, he is quite interested, but not get involved, but as a lively audience eating melons.

Looking at the look of Lin Chuan vagueness, Village Head Leeman ground the teeth secretly, and said: “If Northern Land is destroyed, Mysterious Star Empire will be in chaos. It will be very bad for the entire Eastern Continent situation. It is likely that Western Continent will provoke a war, and Sea Beast Regiment may also take advantage of the vacancy. When the time comes, it will be a mess. As a member of Eastern Continent…”

In Fire Gnome, the old man Chen Lin Chuan laughed, raised his hand slightly to interrupt, and said, “Old Mister Leeman, you may have been here for a long time, and you don’t know the current situation of Eastern Continent. The current Mysterious Star Empire is actually from Northern Land. Chaos is nothing. I am afraid that the royal family is even more chaotic than the interior of Northern Land…”

In this way, Lin Chuan briefly talked about the current situation of Mysterious Star Empire, Nanluo The rise of the Qiu Family of Province has twisted the major provinces in the south of Empire into a rope.

Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, the newly appointed Guard Department Head Hua Fengxue is in the same spotlight, and seems to have great grievances with the royal family…

Empire The controversy has also become fierce. The turmoil that occurred in the Foca Tower not long ago is inextricably linked with a certain Imperial Prince of the royal family…

Compared with these chaotic situations, the situation in Northern Land, In fact, they are all birds of a feather.

“This is what happened in the last ten years…”

Village Head Leeman was shocked. He was fifteen years ago, because his injuries worsened, he simply stayed in this cave. If you don’t go out, leave everything else to the younger brother to take care of.

But it didn’t expect. In just fifteen years, Mysterious Star Empire has undergone such drastic changes, and he has the illusion that he has stayed here for dozens, hundreds of years.

“To be precise, this is what happened in the past two years…”

While talking, Lin Chuan watched the changes in Village Head Leeman’s expression and figured out from his face Some clues in it, it seems that some of the current situation in Mysterious Star Empire is also related to Northern Land.

I noticed this young Mechanic’s inquiring gaze, Village Head Leeman heart shivered with cold, his expression immediately restored to peace, and my heart was quite emotional. This is the feeling of being impacted by the waves, just like him and those old Monster was the same when he was born.

It’s just that the young Mechanic gave him a stronger feeling. The city, innate talent, and temperament are all in his life.

After a moment of hesitation, Village Head Leeman’s face straightened and said: “Mister Chuan. Let’s talk about it, and the next cooperation.”

“Old Mister Leeman is sincere , I am naturally willing to cooperate.”

Lin Chuan nodded, between his looks, there is a hint of helplessness. If the Fire Gnome old man pretend to be polite with him, it’s okay. When Tai Gu comes, After helping him to heal [World Heart Origin Lock], he can withdraw.

Anyway, the purpose of this trip is to get inspiration for improving the [seventh equipment] from the structure of [Earth King Equipment].

Now, from Village Head Leeman, we can get the structure diagram of [seventh equipment], and the purpose of the trip to Northern Land is actually fulfilled.

As for other income, Lin Chuan is more willing to be a spectator who eats melon than the trouble that may be involved.

“Let’s talk about Bayen first…” Village Head Leeman opened the mouth and said.

Lin Chuan shook the head, saying: “Old Mister Leeman, let me talk about you first, you, and the influence that attacked Fire Gnome Village, and Grey Rock Ridge, and steal you The guy in the fake urn…”

This kid is too smart…

The Old Fire Gnome complexion is slightly stagnant, and he is surprised by Lin Chuan’s sharpness, this young Mechanic has guessed that what happened to Bayen was related to their grievances with several Old Guys.

Sighed, Village Head Leeman raised his hand and motioned Lymira to sit down. This matter also has something to do with the girl.

More than ten years ago, Shihai Mountain Mystical Place, the Experiment Base of Centaur Regiment exploded. It was indeed not accidental, but premeditated.

The cause of the explosion was indeed due to the grievances between Village Head Leeman, azure heraldic master Shi Hulie, Grey Rock Ridge Leader, and two other eighth boundary experts.

However, Village Head Leeman cannot be sure of the real culprit. In short, certain/affirm is related to one or two of the other four eighth boundary experts.

“The five eighth boundary experts? Excluding the two from Northern Land Royal City and Centaur Regiment?”

Lin Chuan’s expression moved, “That is, sixty years Before, five of the seven seventh boundaries including Old Mister Leeman broke through to the eighth boundary?”

“You know a lot…” Village Head Leeman looked at this young Mechanic.

“This isn’t a big secret, right.” Lin Chuan shrugged slightly, but was stunned secretly. Five breakthroughs on the seventh seventh boundary succeeded, which is a bit scary.

In other words, in Northern Land that year, plus the eighth boundary expert of Northern Land Royal City and Centaur Regiment, there were a total of seven eighth boundary Country Guarding Level experts.

With such a lineup, it’s no wonder that Northern Land is secretive. If the royal family of Great Mysterious Star Prefecture knows about it, they don’t know what storms will cause.

The seven Country Guarding Level experts are enough to sweep the top expert circle of Mysterious Star Empire. Of course, the premise is that these seven great experts can stand together.

Judging from the current situation of Village Head Leeman, it is naturally not the case. The five eighth boundary of successful breakthroughs seem to have a lot of grievances between them.

Feeling Lin Chuan’s slightly teasing gaze, Village Head Leeman bitterly laughed, this youngster is really smart and masterful, so I figured out the entanglement so quickly.

sighed, Village Head Leeman talked about the past. Sixty years ago, he and six other seventh boundary experts were born. They are all talented and are expected to hit the eighth boundary.

At the time, the seven seventh boundary, the oldest one was only 42 years old, and it was the real eighth boundary.

In Northern Land, seven such geniuses were born. Naturally, they could not hide from Northern Land Royal Clan and Centaur Regiment. Then, two veteran eighth boundary experts sitting there appeared and invited the seven geniuses to Together, the secret discussion for a long time is to hide their information.

Furthermore, the plan to quickly level the eighth boundary is to learn from each other.

Yes, the ten-year-long discussion on the seven seventh boundary was proposed by the two veteran eighth boundary experts.

At that time, Village Head Leeman was very supportive of this proposal.

The seven seventh boundary experts each have amazing inheritance, but the old Fire Gnome knows very well that if he really wants to say the strongest inheritance, he is one of the very best among the seven. .

With Cromwell’s inheritance, plus six excellent sparring partners, Village Head Leeman believes that he should be the first to successfully hit the eighth boundary among the seven.

For such a proposal, he was the first to approve.

In those ten years, his speed of strength and diligence also verified his previous speculation, and it was indeed the fastest among the seven.

At the end of the seventh year, the strength of Village Head Leeman reached the seventh boundary peak, and it was only a step away from the eighth boundary level.

Instead, the grievances between the seven began from then…

“At the end of the seventh year, when my heart origin power reached the seventh boundary Peak, It didn’t publicize it…” Village Head Leeman said.

Lin Chuan nodded, he agrees with the Fire Gnome old man’s approach, and if he is replaced by him, he will do the same.

The principle of gun shooting is applicable no matter where it is, and Fire Gnome is inherently cunning. It is not surprising that Village Head Leeman would do this.

“After those two months, the longest among us, the heart origin power also reached the seventh boundary Peak, which is regarded as the fastest among the seven on the surface, and the change started from there… …”

The old man of Fire Gnome fell into memory. Among the seven, the oldest one was actually the most favored. The strength from the very beginning was the first among the seven.

Considering his age, this is normal.

However, when the oldest one hit the eighth boundary, he was assassinated at the most critical juncture.

“I was secretly killed? Can’t find who the murderer is?” Lin Chuan raised his brow and asked.

Village Head Leeman nodded, if the murderer can be found, there will be no gap between the seven.

Lin Chuan frowned, quite shocked. Even if the person was at a critical juncture when he was hitting the eighth boundary, it would be difficult to assassinate an expert on the seventh boundary peak.

The oldest seventh boundary genius has fallen, and the remaining six will naturally doubt each other, even the two old eighth boundary experts of Northern Land Royal City and Centaur Regiment.

“Whether it is the inside of the seven great experts, the two old eighth boundary experts, or the force from outside Northern Land, this move is very ruthless!” Lin Chuan sighed.

Village Head Leeman smiled bitterly. Just as Lin Chuan said, this hand is really very ruthless. When no murderer can be found, everyone is suspicious.

And the remaining six geniuses, after having suspicion, whether it is to compete or otherwise, they all reserved their hands.

This is actually not the most terrifying. What is truly terrifying is that among the six great geniuses, there are inherently disagreeable temperaments, and some have deep intentions, and have long been hostile to other people, and take advantage of this Opportunity, there are other plans.

After that, among the remaining six geniuses, the second one to hit the eighth boundary is Grey Rock Ridge’s Leader-Grey Rock Wolf Lord.

It was in a secret place breakthrough in Grey Rock Ridge, but it was also conspired, because it had been arranged for a long time, and it was safe and sound.

After the breakthrough of Grey Rock Wolf Lord, with its ferocious wolf-like nature, he refused to let go of the man who had conspired against him, so he pursued it everywhere, but to no avail.

In the ninth year, four more geniuses, including Village Head Leeman and Shi Hulie, began to retreat one after another and hit the eighth boundary level.

The four of them were all conspired during the retreat, and the enemy seemed to know their whereabouts well.

In this regard, Village Head Leeman is not worried. He has been suppressing the boundary. In fact, he was able to break through two years earlier. The reason why he chose to retreat with the other three geniuses was to successfully hit the eighth boundary as soon as possible. Just wait and see who the murderer is.

However, he did not catch the murderer, who was very slippery, realized that it was wrong, and never showed up again.

One of the other three people had an accident. Like the eldest genius, he was conspired to die.

This incident angered Village Head Leeman, Shi Hulie, Grey Rock Wolf Lord, and another new eighth boundary, and the four teamed up to investigate the murderer.

However, as a result, the target was directed at Village Head Leeman, and all the evidence said that he was the murderer.

Not only that, the evidence also shows that Village Head Leeman was able to hit the eighth boundary at the end of the seventh year, but it has remained hidden. This is not the biggest suspicion.

In the face of all kinds of evidence, Village Head Leeman couldn’t argue, found the joint siege of the three eighth boundary, was severely injured by it, and broke out of the siege, and fled.

This strength against the three eighth boundary makes Village Head Leeman even more suspicious and endangers the safety of Fire Gnome Village.

At this critical time, the two veteran eighth boundary of Northern Land Royal City and Centaur Regiment came forward, mobilizing the power of the entire Northern Land, and finally washed away Village Head Leeman’s suspicion.

However, in the escape, Village Head Leeman was chased and killed by an unknown expert. Among them were two eighth boundary experts. When he was seriously injured, he scored two [World Heart Origin Locks]. ], so that his injuries are dying.

After the suspicion was washed away, the Fire Gnome elder reflected in the cave and discovered many terrifying truths. The evidence that framed him was the murderer’s evidence, which was actually forged by Shi Hulie.

“This is how our seven geniuses passed through the eighth boundary, hehe……, I was still too young at that time……” Village Head Leeman shook the head, talking about the past, a little bit depressed .

The incident of hitting the eighth boundary became a turning point in his life. From then on, he could only stay here all the time, relying on the mysterious atmosphere of the Ancient Land and the [Burning Sun Stone Marrow] divine medicine comes to heal injuries.

“Old Mister Leeman, you are really bad luck. If you don’t participate in the seven geniuses’ mutual help plan, maybe this will not be the case.” Lin Chuan also shook his head, this is the unknown of chance.

The Fire Gnome old man sighed and said so, if the matter is repeated, he may not be able to refuse the temptation.

After all, whoever is sure to hit the eighth boundary will succeed.

There are six best sparring teams at the same level, and two veteran eighth boundary experts will guide and impart experience. No one can resist this temptation.

“Where is the remaining one of the seven geniuses?”

Lin Chuan asked again, the oldest of the seven geniuses mentioned by Village Head Leeman died Yu concealed that Grey Rock Wolf Lord had the second breakthrough, and the four great geniuses only crossed the border in the same year.

The seventh remaining, Village Head Leeman did not mention it.

“That person has the lowest aptitude among us, and it took another ten years to successfully hit the eighth boundary,” Village Head Leeman said.

“Assume your murderer, all of you are suspected…” Lin Chuan said in a deep voice.

Village Head Leeman gave a wry smile. It has been more than forty years, and the real culprit has not been found. This is where he feels most embarrassed.

“What about Lymira? Why should I take her to Royal City during the Royal City birthday party?”

“Also, why would Shi Hulie send his subordinates to chase her Kill her…”

Lin Chuan asked again.

On the side, Lymira also showed a look of listening. This is what she has always been strange.


Village Head Leeman’s mouth moved slightly, laughing bitterly, “The oldest of the seven of us, the surname is Marlunk. Lindon Marlunk, It’s my friend. It’s also Lymira’s grandfather.”

Lin Chuan suddenly looked up and looked towards Lymira. The latter looked at a loss. The girl was surprised that she was the offspring of one of the seven geniuses. .

Lin Chuan was surprised that the surname Marlunk, the surname of Northern Land Royal Clan, the oldest of the seven geniuses, was actually Northern Land Royal Clan.

Turning his head around, Lin Chuan looked a little indifferent, and said: “Old Mister Leeman, it’s not good for you to be like this. If I don’t know it, I take Lymira to Northern Land Royal City instead of bringing her , And I’m oneself, did you bring it into the Fire Pit?”

Village Head Leeman laughed, with the cunning of old fox, “have you discovered this? The youngster now is really amazing Ah!”

For such flattery, Lin Chuan doesn’t feel useful at all. When dealing with this old fox, if you don’t pay attention, you will really be taken into the ditch.

Now, Lin Chuan is a little scared to think about it. If he really doesn’t know the inside story, he will bring Lymira to the Northern Land Royal City. Even if it’s not ten thousand zhang Fire Pit, what awaits him is a land of thorns.

In the seven seventh boundary of the past, the eldest among them was Marlunk.

This made Lin Chuan immediately understand that what happened back then was probably much more complicated than the most complicated situation expected.

Lindon Marlunk was assassinated, whether it was due to the internal struggle of Northern Land Royal Clan, influence outside Northern Land, or someone from the other six geniuses. It is unclear…

And Village Head Leeman was attacked, planted, and hunted down. Apart from the hidden murderer, Shi Hulie was also inseparable.

There are entanglements between these seven geniuses, and there are external forces involved, and there are signs of infighting in the Northern Land Royal Clan. This is simply a mess!

Lin Chuan has an indifferent expression. He is already prepared. If he doesn’t wade into the muddy water, it will involve the fight of the eighth boundary expert. Forget it, I’m afraid, I’m afraid.

“Old Mister Leeman, take Lymira to the Northern Land Royal City, forget it, you find brilliant.” Lin Chuan said directly.

“Don’t rush to refuse, you look at this…”

Village Head Leeman waved his hand, took out a box from the hidden wall next to it, and opened it, The colorful streamer gushes out, and the whole room is covered with a dreamy brilliance.

This box is half a meter long, has a palm wide, and contains a gem of brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

A whole piece of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]! ?

Lin Chuan looked dull, he didn’t expect this old fox to make a shot, it was such a piece [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light].

Cromwell’s only direct descendant, he inherited a lot of good things, it seems there are really many!

“Mister Chuan. I know [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] is very useful for you, even if you get the structure of [seventh equipment], you don’t have this divine stone, even if your mechanical level is high It’s impossible to create the [seventh equipment].”

“And this thing is of no use to me. The cultivation of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] needs my own perception too much. This life is missed. Therefore, [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] can be used to the fullest when it is in your hands. This is only a deposit, and I still have stock of this divine stone.”

Fire Gnome, the old man said with a smile.

Lin Chuan sighed, this kind of reward is really irresistible, and going to this muddy water for [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] is actually an equivalent exchange.

“Let’s talk specifically about the death of Lindon Marlunk, and why Lymira came to Fire Gnome Village…” Lin Chuan sighed, said.

“Speaking of which, I can only say that Lindon Old Brother is not a direct descendant of Northern Land Royal Clan…”

Village Head Leeman sighed, Lindon Marlunk is Northern The branch of Land Royal Clan, the pedigree of Northern Land Royal Clan is actually very thin.

For this reason, when Lindon Marlunk’s strength reached the seventh boundary and was expected to hit the eighth boundary, it attracted the suspicion of Northern Land Royal Clan.

If Lindon reaches the eighth boundary, you can imagine its status in the Northern Land Royal Clan.

This is not what worries Northern Land Royal Clan the most. What really worries about is the Guardian of Northern Land Royal Clan. The old eighth boundary expert has entered his old age. Once it passes, when the time comes , The strongest expert of Northern Land Royal Clan must fall on Lindon Marlunk.

A son of Royal Clan with a thin pedigree, he will become the strongest expert of Northern Land Royal Clan in the future, which is not acceptable to the direct line.

So, during the impact of Lindon Marlunk on the eighth boundary, the pressure from Northern Land Royal Clan was enormous.

“If the other six of us did not find the assassination during the rush, I even suspect that the death of Lindon was an internal act of Northern Land Royal Clan.”

Village Head Leeman said solemnly, “However, various signs later showed that Lindon’s death had nothing to do with Northern Land Royal Clan. I was seriously injured and could not be held accountable.”

After the death of Lindon, his descendants are Northern Land Royal Clan has also been increasingly crowded out.

Eleven years ago, an astonishing tragedy occurred inside the Northern Land Royal Clan, which also affected the descendants of Lindon, which is Lymira, the only seedling of the descendants of Lindon. Some people seem to want to take this opportunity to get rid of Lymira.

Knowing this news, Village Head Leeman asked the younger brother to bring Lymira back.

“Eleven years ago, the tragedy of Northern Land Royal Clan…”

Lin Chuan can’t help being emotional, of course he knew what the tragedy was, but didn’t expect will be related to Lymira.

Turning her head and looking towards Lymira, the latter lowered her head. The first time she heard of her own life experience, although she didn’t have much memory, she was inexplicably sad.

“I asked you to take Lymira to the Northern Land Royal Clan, not to fight for the succession of Royal Clan. Today’s Northern Land Royal Clan, the Northern Land Royal Daughter turned out, and those Princes wanted Stand aside. Lymira, a little girl who has no motives, how to survive there, besides, she is still a branched blood…”

Village Head Leeman’s eyes flickered, said solemnly: “I want You took her to the Northern Land Royal City, just to take advantage of this birthday banquet to find the murderer of the year.”

“Actually, when Lindon was assassinated, he should have seen the murderer.”


“Few people in this world know that the Lindon Marlunk innate talent is extraordinary, but few people know that he has another special innate talent.”

The Fire Gnome old man raised his hand and pointed. Looking at Lymira’s eyes, “Like this girl, he has a pair of special eyes that can see the special breath of creatures.”

“And before Lindon died, he left a clue, he I left a secret message to tell me that when I was under the counterattack, someone tried to stop him. It was a mysterious expert with brilliance…”

“The mysterious expert, who fought with the murderer, must know the murderer. True face.”

What? !

Lin Chuan frowned. He looked at Lymira and suddenly understood that the guy with brilliance on his body that the girl was looking for was not him, but another expert, one within the body. Heart Origin Heritage] expert.

so that’s how it is ……

While his thoughts were turning, Lin Chuan sighed. He expressed his thoughts about the bright and dark storms that occurred in Northern Land eleven years ago. Have a rough outline.

“The purpose of Village Head Leeman, it turned out to be this, it’s much simpler.”

Lin Chuan looked at the Fire Gnome old man, and said: “The first collaboration, I have no problem.”

Village Head Leeman nodded, he happily pushed out the box containing the [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] in his hand.

Lin Chuan is not welcome, and just accepts it.

“Then, let’s talk about the second cooperation, what happened to the explosion of the Experiment Base?” Lin Chuan asked.

“The Experiment Base, I know the inside story very well. Shi Hulie has been coveting [Earth King Equipment], so he focused on the opportunity and detonated there, taking away the [Earth King Equipment] Battle that was in the experimental stage. Armor.” The Fire Gnome old man said.

Lin Chuan looked at Village Head Leeman, behind his thick glasses, his gaze was instant.

“Mister Chuan, what I said is the truth, there is no lie.” Village Head Leeman said resolutely.

“I know what Old Mister Leeman is telling the truth, I want to hear more of the truth…” Lin Chuan continued.

The Fire Gnome old man raised his hand and tapped the desktop lightly, whispered: “This is more truth, and it involves a lot. In fact, Bayen has suffered so many years, and I am also responsible. Therefore, I’m willing to pay some price and let Mister Chuan do it for the little Centaur/troops. This can be considered and give an account to the Old Guy of Centaur Regiment.”

“As for the next thing, in fact, We don’t have to worry about it, just have Centaur Regiment intervene.”

“We, as long as we deal with Shi Hulie, it’s all right. Isn’t it very simple…”

Looking at Village Head Leeman speaking of which is very good, in fact, I don’t know how much insider words are concealed, while Lin Chuan is nodded, “Well, in fact, the second cooperation is unnecessary. Bayen’s side, it’s me. Save him, when the time comes, on the Centaur Race side, I said it was the instruction of Old Mister Leeman. This would not be enough.”

“After all, I received Old Mister’s [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], I am a little ashamed. Let me give feedback to Old Mister Leeman in this regard…”

This kid is not easy to get hooked! ?

Village Head Leeman complexion stiffened, how this young Mechanic went around in twos and threes, he was taken into the ditch.

The two stared at each other for a while, and the Fire Gnome old man sighed helplessly. Until now, he had to admit that this youngster was powerful. If there was this young Mechanic among the seven people back then, perhaps the result would be later. It’s totally two different things…

shook the head, Village Head Leeman said: “Forget it. I’ll tell you everything, twelve years ago, the explosion of the Experiment Base, eleven years In the past, the tragedy in Northern Land Royal City is likely to be a conspiracy between the two.”

“The conspiracy against Northern Land Royal Clan, Centaur Regiment, after all, is based in Royal City, Centaur/troops The two Old Guys in Xidi have lived for too long. Now they don’t even dare to use 70% of their power easily. This will accelerate their passing.”

“The current Northern Land, except me , But there are four major experts, Grey Rock Wolf Lord has always been alone, and never cares about the ebb and flow of the outside…”

“However, other people are different. Shi Hulie is based in Shihai Mountain City. With the support of Rock Family, we have accumulated enough strength.”

“The other two eighth boundary, one is the most outstanding descendant of Northern Land Noble Zhong, and the other is from the continental family Gong Family in Northern Land. Branch patriarch, do you think they will have no thoughts when they have enough power…”,

Shihai Mountain City Shi Hulie, descendant of Northern Land Noble Zhong, branch of the continental family Gong Family…

Lin Chuan brows frowned, these eighth boundary experts of Northern Land, the more you understand their influence, the more you feel shocked!

With the power in his hand, he is hard on the front with the influence of any eighth boundary expert, stroking a stone with an egg, but he can count as a thicker snake at most, and arrive at the strong dragon’s site. .

Of course, Lin Chuan would never do things like being hard on the front…

“Bayen, they should be waking up soon. The truth about what he experienced back then is still Let’s talk in front of him…” Lin Chuan said like this, carrying the box containing [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], got up and left the stone house.

Lymira also got up immediately, followed by walking out, facing Village Head Leeman alone, still a little in awe.

Looking at the silhouettes of a man and a woman disappearing at the door, Village Head Leeman shook the head, muttering: “The youngster now…”

At this time, the smooth wall Above, there was a sudden squirming, and there was a face protruding from it, silently glaring at the Fire Gnome old man.

“Do you think this youngster found out that I was snooping…” The stone face opened, his mouth closed, revealing a weirdness.

“What do you think?” Village Head Leeman raised his head and asked with a smile.

“I think he might have noticed…”

The stone face moved slightly, revealing a humane expression, “It’s just that you still conceal a lot of things, Aren’t you afraid that this kid will notice it?”

“This is your Grey Rock Wolf Lord’s idea, a clever man’s idea, you will never understand…” The Fire Gnome

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