This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 501

Hearing the ridicule of the Fire Gnome old man, the stone face on the wall was calm, with a pair of faintly discernible eyes in his eyes, staring straight at Village Head Leeman.

“I don’t understand your smart people’s considerations. Therefore, I had a smooth breakthrough that year, and now I live a happy life. It’s you, Leeman, of the seven of us that year, you were the most hidden, and The most potential one, look at you now, tsk tsk……”

“There are two [World Heart Origin Lock] in my body, and I can only stay in such an all black, no daylight Ancient Land cave. Here, wait for death slowly. Is this the end of your wise men? Then I really don’t understand…”

The words spit out from the stone faces are cold, like two rocks interacting with each other. beat.

Village Head Leeman’s face suddenly turned black, and his originally black face was as black as coke.

“If it weren’t for me, could you have a safe breakthrough? You didn’t believe me afterwards, and the grandson of Shi Hulie, and the shameless of Noble Descendant Zhong, besiege me with such a heavy hand. !”

“If it weren’t for your claws, I might not have been so badly injured when I was hunted down by a mysterious enemy.”

Speaking of the Fire Gnome old man The past, suddenly gnashing teeth up.

The reason why his injury is so serious is that he has two [World Heart Origin Lock] in his body, which is inseparable from the heavy hand of Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord.

hearing this, the stone face stagnated, and he laughed a few times, “Didn’t I apologize later? I also tried my best to facilitate the agreement between the five of us. Just now Fire Gnome Village was robbed, I immediately I sent Wolf Knight to support it. We are not a villain like Shi Hulie…”

Village Head Leeman pursed his lips, and just wanted to say something, but the complexion changed, it’s dark. Her face suddenly lost its blood, showing a black paleness, and her limbs were quickly covered with a thin layer of frost. The blood vessels were like cobwebs, flaring on the surface of the skin.

He quickly took out [Burning Sun Stone Marrow], added a clear spring, adjusted a small cup, and drank it all in one go.

Tzzzzzzz ……

Fire Gnome old man, a cloud of smoke floated up, and it took a while before he returned to his original state.

“This damn [World Heart Origin Lock]!?” Village Head Leeman growled, his complexion twisted.

On the wall, the stone face showed a trace of worry, and said: “The time of your attack seems to be shorter…”

“Yes. Otherwise, I will not agree. Then Little Brat, exchange such precious things to heal the injuries on his body.”

Village Head Leeman sat down and said weakly: “I have been healing here over the years. I keep reflecting on it. Fire Gnome is by nature cunning. , Greed, is the reluctance to let go of the benefits in my hands, this is my natural Achilles heel. Now I want to understand that if I die like this, I will have nothing.”

“Instead of doing this, it’s better to use my hands. I’ll try again.”

“At least before I die, I have to do something to be worthy of Boss Lindon’s death.”

“In the beginning, he was actually Died for me…”

The stone face sighed, “Brother Lindon, it’s a pity to die like this. Do you think this little Mechanic from White Dwarf Kingdom can really make it happen? “

“What do you think?” Village Head Leeman asked rhetorically.

The stone face was silent for a while, and said: “This kid gives me the feeling that it is more dangerous than I was when I saw you, Brother Lindon.”

“This is not enough. It’s.”

Village Head Leeman nodded with a smile, “Let’s take a look…, we have waited for so many years, until the birthday banquet in Royal City, it is always good to have one more spoiler. ”


Two hours later——

Bayen, Lowden, Howya and the others woke up one after another, feeling the growth of power within the body , I would like to express my gratitude to Village Head Leeman.

This cup of [Burning Sun Stone Marrow], for Bayen and the others, benefits not only the improvement of heart origin power.

This divine object is also very rare in ancient times. It is a symptomatic divine medicine for extending lifespan, increasing strength, and curing internal injuries within the body.

“The person from Centaur Race and I is considered old acquaintance. When I hit the eighth boundary, I was taught by him. This is nothing.”

“Furthermore, Mister Chuan rescued Lymira. This is the daughter of my younger brother. These gifts are part of my heart.”

In the face of Bayen and the others’ gratitude, Village Head Leeman’s attitude is different from before. After a great change, like an elderly person with a friendly attitude.

Bayen, Lowden, and Howya, the three of them, the goodwill of the Fire Gnome elder immediately soared, especially Bayen, who paid respect for his nephews.

Lin Chuan shook his head secretly, but didn’t say anything. He pretended not to be long after waking up from his concentration, and had no conversation with Village Head Leeman. He asked about the tragedy of the Experiment Base.

“Bayen, before talking about this, you must be mentally prepared!” Village Head Leeman said with a heavy face.

Bayen’s face was solemn, nodded, he had already prepared all sorts of psychological preparations.

Fire Gnome old man sighed and talked about the truth about the explosion of the Experiment Base twelve years ago.

There are not many people who know about this Experiment Base of Shihai Mountain Mystical Place, but if you know where this Secret Realm is, you naturally know the existence of Experiment Base.

Centaur Race, Northern Land Royal Clan, Rock Family of Shihai Mountain, Shi Hulie, and several major influences of Northern Land are all aware of this Experiment Base.

However, there are only a handful of people who know that this Experiment Base is still working.

Twelve years ago, several elders of Centaur Race conducted secret research on [Earth King Equipment] restoration, and even fewer people know it.

Village Head Leeman knows himself.

The Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord, not far from Shihai Mountain Mystical Place, is most sensitive to changes in the mountains, but certain/affirm is also aware of it.

As for the rest, does Rock Family know about it? Village Head Leeman is not quite clear.

Shi Hulie, the owner of the green tea coat of arms, also certain/affirm knows.

For this research, these insiders didn’t care at first. After all, [Earth King Equipment] had been damaged for so many years, Centaur Regiment consumed that many manpower and material resources, and failed to repair it.

Can the repair this time be successful?

However, once inadvertently, Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord saw Bayen and saw the incomplete [Rock Sword Pattern] on his body. He suddenly realized that this Centaur Race was very important to [Earth King Equipment]. The repair may be successful.

“About [Rock Sword Pattern], I am afraid that some of your Centaur Race Little Brat are not too clear…” Village Head Leeman said.

“Yes. I actually haven’t quite clear this thing on my body until now…”

Bayen nodded, in fact, before elder in the clan approached him, he had been I thought this line on the body was a birthmark.

The Fire Gnome old man talked about [Rock Sword Pattern] and told him that this is the generation of Centaur Clan Head that activated [Earth King Equipment], and he possessed the innate talent.

It is also from that time that this pattern has the title of [Rock Sword].

There is even a saying that [Earth King Equipment] was created because of the [Rock Sword Pattern] on the Centaur Clan Head of that generation, which was tailor-made.

“It is said that [Rock Sword Pattern] this kind of innate talent can directly draw energy from the earth, thereby exerting a physical force far beyond itself.”

Bayen’s body, There is really an incomplete [Rock Sword Pattern] that made the elder in the clan move his mind, and once again launched the [Earth King Equipment] restoration plan with great fanfare.

The progress of this plan was actually quite smooth, and the tragedies that followed followed.

“Your restoration plan was carried out too secretly. The secret is so secret that even Centaur Race is hidden…”

“But, in Northern Land, in Shihai Mountain Mystical Place For this restoration project, don’t you expose oneself to the tiger’s mouth?”

“Shihai Mountain City is not the previous Shihai Mountain City. The master here is not only Rock Family, but also Shi Hulie, the owner of the green tea crest…”

Speaking like this, Village Head Leeman looked at Bayen. The latter’s face was already extremely ugly, but the Fire Gnome old man said again, “According to As I know, Shi Hulie has mastered a new type of Heart-Origin Equipment in his hand over the past ten years. The ability in many aspects is very similar to [Earth King Equipment].”


Bayen screamed uncontrollably when he heard this. He had such suspicions in the previous fight in Fire Gnome Village.

Now, through the mouth of the Fire Gnome old man, it is confirmed that the killing intent of this Centaur/troops is rising, and they want to enter Shihai Mountain City and fight Shi Hulie to the death.

“Mister Bayen, don’t worry, Village Head Leeman hasn’t finished talking yet.” Lin Chuan soothed.

Bayen panted, nodded, trying to calm his mind.

“Indeed, even if the person who blows up the Experiment Base is Shi Hulie, you are not his opponent at all. Besides, there may be some hidden secrets…”

Village Head Leeman Continuing to talk about this past event, he found that the activity of Experiment Base was also very concerned.

However, the Fire Gnome elder has been staying in this Ancient Land cave, and he is not so keen on the control of changes in the outside world.

When he noticed that something was wrong, the Experiment Base had been blown up. He was shocked when he learned that he asked his brother to go there to investigate, and found that there were three groups of teams of unknown origin who were fighting. Grab the results in the Experiment Base.

“The Experiment Base was evacuated. Was it the work of the three later teams…”

Lin Chuan asked, consciously or unconsciously, when he heard this Takes a glance at Village Head Leeman.

Feeling Young Mechanic’s gaze, the Fire Gnome old man coughed and cursed that the youngster was too smart. All this could detect what was wrong. That’s right, Fire Gnome Village actually sent a team to snatch the things there. The equipment and installations in the Experiment Base are all valuable things. With Fire Gnome’s greedy temperament, how can you watch the fat? Just like this was taken away.

It’s just that the Experiment Base was bombed, and Village Head Leeman didn’t say anything falsely. He really didn’t know it.

Even the Grey Rock Wolf Lord did not expect that someone would dare to blow up the Experiment Base in Northern Land.

“So, certain/affirm was one of the three teams who bombed the Experiment Base. Shi Hulie may not be the real murderer.” Lin Chuan added.

Fire Gnome old man nodded, that’s how it is.

“Even if Shi Hulie’s bastard is not the real murderer, the things that robbed our Centaur Race are also deadly enemies!” Bayen growled in a low voice.

“This…, Bayen, I think Shi Hulie probably knows who the real culprit is. However, you have seen my relationship with this guy, and Fire Gnome Village is all caught by him. It’s ruined. To mediate, I think Centaur Race should come forward…”

Village Head Leeman said.

Lin Chuan pouted slightly, this Fire Gnome old man is really wily old fox. The purpose of these remarks is actually to drag Centaur Race into the water. It is hostile to Shi Hulie. It seems like everything. For the sake of Centaur Race, they picked oneself out.

However, Lin Chuan also heard that the Experiment Base was bombed back then, and Village Head Leeman did not reveal some secrets. This is generally the case.

The restoration of [Earth King Equipment] has progressed. This news is too exciting for Northern Land and even some major influences of Mysterious Star Empire.

If it was the Emperor of Mysterious Star Empire who knew, I am afraid that he would wake up in his sleep, and then be unable to sleep.

Today’s royal family is not as strong as it was during the Hundred Years’ War, and the [Earth King Equipment] that restores all formidable power can give full play to the fighting power of Centaur Regiment. Northern Land intends to attack the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, the situation is probably like a hot knife through butter.

Will Mysterious Star Empire allow such things to happen?

Of course that is not allowed, even if there is a slight possibility, it will never be allowed!

So, the real murderer who dominates all this may be the Mysterious Star Empire royal family.

However, this is just a guess, and it is more likely to be other influence in Northern Land.

Including Shi Hulie, the owner of the azure coat of arms, although it is in the territory of Northern Land, it has the influence of summon wind and rain, but it is still incomparable with the current Centaur Regiment.

If it is Centaur Regiment and re-owns [Earth King Equipment], then in the territory of Northern Land, who dares to control its sharpness?

What about the eighth boundary expert? All fighting broke out The powerful Centaur Regiment, during the Hundred Years’ War, had a glorious record of slaughtering Legion led by a ninth boundary expert.

Which influence would I be willing to see, such a Centaur Regiment, I am afraid that the Northern Land Royal Clan today may not be hopeful…

Lin Chuan thought, sighed This is a relatively peaceful era, when the influence inside continent is getting more and more intense.

“From Shi Hulie, can you find out the real murderer?”

Bayen brows tightly knit, I know how difficult it is. If the thing in the past was related to the owner of the azure coat of arms, Once the latter knows his existence, his side, including these friends, are in great danger.

For a time, this Centaur/troops only felt that the first two were big, and he was very bad at thinking and strategy.

Later, Bayen remembered something again and asked Village Head Leeman about the tragedy that occurred in Northern Land Royal Clan 11 years ago.

“This tragedy should be a battle within Royal Clan, but you just happened to be a scapegoat. This is also a clue, because the news of your death has never been heard, indicating that this murderer was also involved The battle within Royal Clan.”

The Fire Gnome old man said.

Bayen’s face twitched, clutching his head, the more he knew the truth, the more angry and aggrieved.

Experiment Base was bombed. He escaped by chance. He was tortured by injuries for more than ten years, so forget it.

Originally thought that when he returned to Northern Land, his life would start again, but didn’t expect that since 12 years ago, conspiracy fell on him.

“Don’t worry. I will try my best to help you solve your dilemma.”

Village Head Leeman said this, and took out a list with various Kind of materials, invited Lin Chuan, hoping to use the power of White Dwarf Kingdom to solve the matter together.

“If there is a major change in Northern Land, the Mysterious Star Empire will not talk about it, and the White Dwarf Kingdom will also be affected. Young Mister Chuan, I hope you can help!” Fire Gnome old man said resolutely.

Lin Chuan nodded, very firmly said that he will definitely help.

Secretly, Lin Chuan is a bit greasy and crooked. This old fox is really thick-skinned and pretends to be worried about Northern Land. This is obviously to pave the way for the future.

If it is Village Head Leeman, the two [World Heart Origin Lock] will be lifted, and then the enemies will be resolved. Taking advantage of the good relationship established with Centaur Race this time, he and Fire Gnome in Northern Land The influence will suddenly rise.

With this movement, Lin Chuan shook his head secretly. This is the nature of Fire Gnome. If the Old Guy is not injured, it is now a more terrifying existence than Shi Hulie.

Seeing Village Head Leeman smashing everyone’s favorability there, Lin Chuan didn’t stay either. He went out and wandered around on the pretext of visiting the Ancient Land cave.


In the inner pocket of Mechanic’s robe, Kitty Lan squirmed and greeted Lin Chuan, scratching his master with his paw, doing only one person and one Only understand the communication between cats.

“Meow…Master, in another room just now, besides the dark and swarthy Fire Gnome old man, there are others listening…”

Little Blue Cat reported that it was soliciting credit. It actually wanted to tell Lin Chuan a long time ago, but the Fire Gnome old man gave it a terrifying feeling that made Little Brat dare not act rashly.

“Oh…, I also noticed…” Lin Chuan looking thoughtful.

When talking to Village Head Leeman secretly, he was always a little strange, he seemed to be spied on, but he couldn’t find a specific location.

It now appears that in this Ancient Land cave, its monitoring methods are also extremely secretive, and they are not conventional methods.

In the earphone, Tai Gu’s voice sounded: “Chuan Boy, go in through that passage…”

Lin Chuan was taken aback, followed the word, walked into a passage, and followed Tai Gu said, walking while observing the walls all around.

For a short while, he noticed the strangeness on the wall. Under the moss, one could see a blurry pattern, which was carved a long time ago.

These patterns consist of simple patterns and some ancient characters. Lin Chuan can’t understand at all, or even know the origin of the characters.

“Your Excellency Tai Gu, what do these patterns and ancient texts represent…” Lin Chuan asked.

“I don’t know.”

Lin Chuan: “…”

He couldn’t help but slander. Since he didn’t know, why let him come over? Let him study the meaning of it. He is Mechanic, not an archaeologist or linguist…

Tai Gu said: “I am not an archaeologist or linguist, so why should I know the meaning of this pattern and text? It’s like Heart-Origin Equipment. As long as the martial artist knows how to use it and can perform daily maintenance, do you still know how to make it?”

Lin Chuan startled, didn’t say anything, waiting for this Smartbrain The following.

“This is a kind of secret portal of Ancient Land, which obviously has not been opened. The Fire Gnome of Leeman, it seems that the exploration of this Ancient Land cave is only half a bucket of water… …” Tai Gu chuckled up.

“Of course. Leeman’s Old Guy, how can it be compared with the counties of Tai Gu, if it were in the dark age, this kind of scheming guy would not be worthy of giving you shoes.” Lin Chuan certain/affirm said.

In earphone, Tai Gu smiled happily. He actually knew that this kid was deliberately flattering, but he just liked to listen, because Lin Chuan was so sincere in flattering people.

Of course, Tai Gu also feels that if it comes to the dark ages, Fire Gnome like Leeman is nothing but a clown.

“Go elsewhere, I want to confirm, Leeman, Old Guy, how much exploration has been done here. There is nothing that is not good about the things stored in this secret portal!” Tai Gu urged.

Lin Chuan walked without incident, but quickly spread Mental Energy, exploring the vegetation here.

Half an hour later, after he finished exploring, Tai Gu also came to the conclusion that the exploration of the area near this passage by Village Head Leeman was almost zero.

“hmph huh…, Fire Gnome with a simple sight…”

Tai Gu smiled triumphantly, “Boy, we are developed. I can certain/affirm, this Fire Gnome old bastard, for this Ancient Land cave, the level of exploration is probably not even three percent.”

“Don’t talk about it, I can’t be out for too long. How can I get in the secret portal?” Lin Chuan asked hurriedly.

Regardless of Leeman and Old Guy, Lin Chuan doesn’t care about the extent of the exploration of this Ancient Land cave. He just wants to take advantage of this gap and quickly put the good things in the secret portal. Take it away quietly.

“Remember some of the patterns you saw just now, those places…” Tai Gu reported several positions.

Lin Chuan nodded, he naturally didn’t remember, but he recorded it all.

Following Tai Gu’s instructions, Lin Chuan came to those places and pressed the patterns engraved in those places with a special technique.

Then, under the detection of Mental Energy that enveloped here, he felt a slight vibration.

Lin Chuan was stunned for a moment, and quickly returned to the original wall, and when he took a closer look, he found ripples like water ripples on the wall.

“It’s amazing! What is the principle…” Lin Chuan exclaimed.

“Didn’t I say that I didn’t make this portal, how do I know? This is a masterpiece of ancient times, Gnome, and dwarf——【Void Haze Gate】! It is comparable to a certain skill of Elf It’s called Shuangjue.” Tai Gu said.

Lin Chuan didn’t ask any more, the body moved, he has already dashed into it.

The wall immediately became like a stream of water, spreading ripples, and then restored to its original shape.

oh la la ……

The feeling of passing through [Void Haze Gate] is really like passing through a water stream, Lin Chuan came to a strange place, this is a cave , Very similar to the Ancient Land cave outside.

The difference is that all around is exuding emerald green breath, like emerald grinding dust, sucking a mouthful, but it bursts in the respiratory tract, turning into incomparably pure energy, spreading To the whole body.

“The concentration of this breath is a thousand times that of the cave outside?!” Lin Chuan was amazed.

“Of course, this is where the secret place in the Ancient Land cave is…” Tai Gu said lowly.

In front, there was a slight sound of running water. Lin Chuan calculated the time, stopped staying, and moved forward quickly. He found that the ground was soft. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a plant-like texture.

Turning into a passage, an angry roar came from the front suddenly, a bark-like leather, orangutan-like ominous beast, moved towards this side and hit it straight.

These giant beasts are exactly the ominous beasts that Village Head Leeman tamed, but they are bigger, running like lightning, shaking all around and the walls are constantly trembling.

Lin Chuan sighed, “Treasure hunting is still a work of hard work after all, it’s really impossible to rely on your brain alone…”

Mumbling like this, thoughts move, palms up, The vigorous heart origin power, mixed with the huge Mental Energy, quickly condenses and takes shape.

In an instant, a half-meter-long blade popped out of Lin Chuan’s palm. The blade was like nothingness, faintly discernible, with a suffocating cold edge.

“Don’t let Leeman’s old fox find out, do it quickly!” Lin Chuan pupil light condenses.

When Tai Gu saw this, he couldn’t help feeling that there was only this time for this kid to go all out.

At this moment, in the inner pocket of Mechanic’s robe, Kitty Lan poked her head out and looked at the orangutan-like giant beast. Little Brat was terrified at first, and then, somehow, within the body produced a With a strange induction, the jewel-like cat eyes suddenly stood up.


A low roar came from Lin Chuan’s arms, and he saw a small head grow bigger and bigger, almost as big as a giant beast’s half body. Great degree.

Lin Chuan was taken aback for a moment, and then exclaimed, “Oops!”

Kitty Lan, who suddenly grew bigger, was really not too heavy, Lin Chuan was caught off guard for a while, Before falling down.

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