This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 502


Lin Chuan was in a hurry, only to feel that the little kitty in the pocket of his clothes suddenly became overwhelmingly heavier, pressing his chest to breathe.

The first reaction was that he wanted to throw this Little Brat out, but, thinking of this huge ominous beast, Lin Chuan would naturally not do that.

Before he could react, but felt his chest lightened, Kitty Lan jumped out, moved towards the orangutan-like ominous beast and rushed.

From Lin Chuan’s point of view, this scene is quite funny. Kitty Lan only has a head, and the front half of his body is huge.

The latter half of the body is a mini body, which makes you want to laugh.

But Lin Chuan couldn’t laugh. He stretched out his hand to grab Little Brat, but found that he couldn’t move at all, and his whole body flew along with him.

This series of movements was completed in a flash, and then a wailing was heard. The ominous beast was already crawling on the ground, bowing its head repeatedly in front of Little Blue Cat.


Kitty Lan pounced, a front paw slammed to the ground, and several traces were drawn from the ground. The emerald-like liquid was sprayed from it, and the strange fragrance immediately diffused.

Next moment, the ground quickly condensed, and in a flash, it returned to its original state.


Kitty Lan squatted there, staring at the big head, with the big eyeballs, fiercely staring at the orangutan-like ominous beast .


This ominous beast was so beasted that it immediately fell to the ground and prostrate oneself in admiration.

On the side, Lin Chuan got up from the ground, patted the dust on his body, looking at the scene in front of him, he was really speechless.

I was worried that Little Brat is in danger. Didn’t expect this to happen. Even such an ominous beast was so obedient in front of Kitty Lan.

“The origin of this Little Brat is probably more amazing than we guessed…” Tai Gu exclaimed.

Lin Chuan slightly nodded, stepped forward and patted Kitty Lan’s paws. He wanted to rub Little Brat’s head to show his praise. However, after Gigantification, Little Brat was too big and could only get Upper paw.


Kitty Lan called out docilely, but the sound was thunderous, scared this ominous beast lying on the ground, not daring to move.

Lin Chuan rubbed his ears and was shocked.

Little Blue Cat’s huge cat face suddenly collapsed. This is the reason why it dislikes body Gigantification the most. It is not cute at all. How can I mix food and drink in the future.

Actually, it didn’t think about Gigantification at all just now, but the atmosphere of this place was very strange. After taking a few puffs, Kitty Lan became inexplicably excited, and his body became involuntarily enlarged.

Meow…, this is bad, what if you can’t shrink it after going out?

The meow of this kitty, don’t you have to stay in such a secret cave and be with this ugly ominous beast? This kitty is not willing to…

huge cat head A series of scenes flashed across his head, all of which were the tragic situation it might face after it could not be reduced.

When I think of this, Kitty Lan is not good at all. What fun is there in such a meow…

“Don’t think about these unnecessary things, Kitty, it’s a good job. “

Lin Chuan immediately comforted, and asked: “Can you have sex with this evil?”

Kitty Lan nodded, and then moved towards an ominous beast with a low growl When he got up, the latter wu wu’s response did not know what he was talking about.

Lin Chuan frowns, looking at the half-headed giant cat, and the orangutan-like fierce flow, to him, there is a feeling of talking about a chicken and a duck. Between the two different species of beasts, it is true Can you communicate without barriers?

The fact is that there is really no obstacle to the communication between Kitty Lan and the ominous beast.

After the two big men exchanged, they seemed to be excited, they were actually dancing and dancing, one meowing and the other wu hou wu hou yelling, it seemed that they had become good friends.

For a moment, Kitty Lan’s body gradually shrank and turned into a mini cat again. Lying in the palm of Lin Chuan, she stretched her waist and gestured with her small paws. The first sentence was: “And only small The beast communication of child IQ is too difficult…”

Lin Chuan: “…”


He expressed suspicion. Just now he was very happy watching Kitty Lan. Besides, he said that other ominous beasts are the IQ of a little child. This Little Brat is only two years old and he is a real kitten. .

“Meow…Master, this kitty has reached an agreement with the gorilla. It will take you to the deepest part of this place. There are many good things. According to it…” Kitty Lan Tail Shaking, a sign of credit.

With this fierce stream, I learned that it is an ancient beast, which should have existed a long time ago.

In the words of a gorilla, its previous owner called it “Thorn Beast”.

“Thorn Beast?” Lin Chuan slightly frowned.

Tai Gu knows nothing about this.

Kitty Lan continued, according to the words of the gorilla Thorn Beast, this secret place and the Ancient Land cave outside were not built by its owner.

Its owner also accidentally discovered this place and directed “Thorn Beast” to transform it.

After the master passed away, it has been sleeping here, and if there is an intruder, it will be responsible for killing it.

However, Lin Chuan was the first to break into this place from its deep sleep to the present.


The gorilla Thorn Beast growled low, bowed his head to Kitty Lan, and looked at Lin Chuan’s eyes with awe.

In the heart of this ominous beast, being able to tame upper-level beasts like Little Blue Cat is naturally a more powerful existence.

Lin Chuan looked at this ominous beast, nodded, and motioned to lead the way.

“The last real master of the Ancient Land cave, what good things will be left behind?” Lin Chuan was looking forward to it.

“A place like this is a great place to store treasures. If I had such an Ancient Land cave in the first place, certain/affirm would also choose this place. It might be a stunning treasure.” Tai Gu was also very excited.

In Tai Gu’s eyes, only such treasures will be paid close attention to.

Before the Dark Ages, too many good things on the continent were cleaned up, and now if you want to find it, you can only rely on the treasures left by the predecessors.

Following behind the gorilla Thorn Beast, Lin Chuan crosses one after another passage. The passages here are like a maze. If it weren’t for this ominous beast to lead the way, there would be no right way in a short time. .

Walking to the end of a passage, Lin Chuan came to a cave, which is the deepest part of the secret place.

hua la la ……

Half the area of ​​this cave is occupied by an extremely thick trunk, and a green liquid flows out from the cracks in the trunk. Infiltrate into a pipe.

all around, filled with emerald green gas, the concentration is more than a thousand times higher than outside.

“What’s going on with this trunk…” Lin Chuan’s eyes widened, shocked.


Kitty Lan called out, and its head and the front part of the body began to Gigantification again.

“This is the trunk of the Life Tree?!”

Seeing this scene, Tai Gu immediately exclaimed, “Boy, don’t get too close, otherwise, you may I will fall asleep and never wake up again.”

Lin Chuan heard this and stopped immediately.

“Life Tree? What species is this?” Lin Chuan stood at the entrance of the cave and asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know…”

Tai Gu’s answer once again made Lin Chuan speechless.

This Smartbrain added: “I only know Life Tree, one of the earliest species that appeared in this World. Its sap has an incomparable life force. Long, long ago, it was said that Life Tree juice was immortal. One of the secret medicine ingredients.”

Eternal life? !

Lin Chuan’s heart is shaken. For the creatures, this is a temptation that can never be rejected.

“However, this is just a legend. The Life Tree juice does contain incomparable life force, but it cannot allow creatures to obtain immortality, or that immortality is not the same as imagined.”

Tai Gu talked about an incident that occurred in the dark age, a terrifying incident about Life Tree juice.

At that time, Elf Race unearthed a jar of strange liquid, which later proved to be a whole jar of Life Tree juice.

This news shocked the hidden ethnic groups in the major domains at that time, and also aroused many influence prying eyes.

On one night, this jar of Life Tree juice was stolen, and no one knows which influence was responsible for it.

Soon, a group of people on the continent fell asleep overnight, and no one could find the reason for the drowsiness.

After that, another hundred years passed, and when Tai Gu turned out to be born, the creatures of the clan group one after another woke up, as they were before going to bed, without aging.

This incident has aroused the attention of many influences, and after tracing the reasons, it is inferred that the creatures of this ethnic group have taken Life Tree juice.

The divine medicine of immortality!

The legend about Life Tree juice began at that time, but soon someone discovered that it was wrong.

The creatures of the clan group, after follow-up investigation, found that before going to sleep, their behavior and personality have changed greatly, and some are even different.

Furthermore, in the long-term follow-up investigation, it was also found that after awakening, these creatures age at a very fast rate, which is half shorter than the original average lifespan.

“You brat think, do you want this kind of immortality?” Tai Gu said.

Lin Chuan was expressionless, looked up towards the ominous beast of the gorilla, and watched it walk to the trunk, drinking the emerald-green sap, his spirit was tired, it seemed It is possible to fall asleep at any time.

Immediately, Lin Chuan pressed the Heart Origin Induction Helmet and adjusted the anti-virus function to the maximum.

Then put on a mini helmet for Kitty Lan to prevent any accidents.

“Tell the gorilla ominous beast and let it pick up the good things here.” Lin Chuan told Kitty Lan.

Little Blue Cat yelled for a few words, the gorilla ominous beast rushed to the other side of the cave and dragged out a small box.


Put the small box in front of Lin Chuan, the gorilla ominous beast could no longer support it, and fell asleep.

“This place is really weird…”

Lin Chuan took the box and quit immediately, not dare to stay here.

Fortunately, Lin Chuan had the habit of recording the route before entering, and it didn’t take much time to come to the door of the secret place. The emerald aura concentration here was much thinner, and he was only slightly relaxed.


On the detection instrument, a series of data jumped out, which was about the gas of Life Tree juice atomized in this place.

Looking at the data carefully, Lin Chuan frowned, sometimes stretched, and then sighed.

“The concentration of breath here is of great benefit to living beings. The concentration of breath in the cave just now is on the red warning line, which is really strange…” Lin Chuan murmured.

“Life Tree liquid is very mysterious. The incident of that jar of Life Tree juice is by no means that one. In the dark ages, many influences had this thing and many experiments were carried out. How was Fire Gnome expelled? Those who came out of the Gnome alliance are probably also related to this…”

Tai Gu talked about some past events. He had heard about it, but he didn’t know it deeply.

“I’m strange, you brat always likes to study these things. Why didn’t you even sample a little Life Tree juice just now? It’s not like you!” Tai Gu said strangely.

Lin Chuan shook the head. On Earth, he feasted on Resident Evil movies and played such games. For this kind of similar things, he is insensitive.

Furthermore, what he is interested in is Mechanical Domain. This kind of knowledge related to potion should be given to professionals.

“Look at the last owner, what is left…”

Lin Chuan put down the box and cracked the code on the box expertly. It only cost less In one minute, it was unlocked.

Suddenly, one after another Guanghua rushed out, dazzling Lin Chuan’s eyes. There are only three types of things in this box.

One is the Energy Crystal that is dark as night, the other is the beautiful [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], and the other is three sets of simple weapons.

Of course, there is also a thick book made of animal skins, similar to the handwriting experience. The text on it is crooked, and Lin Chuan doesn’t even know a word.

“This is the kind of Energy Crystal in the depths of the Black Sea…, such a big piece, fuck, we are developed…” Tai Gu couldn’t help but burst out.

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