This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 503

In the box, one after another black Energy Crystal is piled together, exuding a mysterious brilliance, this kind of luster is fascinating.

Lin Chuan has not seen the Energy Crystal of black. However, such pure black, like the darkness under the night, is the first time I have seen it.

With his keen perception, he can clearly perceive that the power fluctuation contained in the black Energy Crystal is a trait that has never been encountered before.

“Energy Crystal from the depths of the Black Sea?” Lin Chuan murmured.

“Yes, kid, you don’t know how precious this thing is, even if it is [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], it’s inferior…”

Tai Gu is excited Scream, this black Energy Crystal has a very terrifying name in ancient times-[Dark Devouring Crystal], and its usefulness is too much.

Lin Chuan shook his head slightly, interrupting Tai Gu’s preparations for endless explanations, quickly took the detector and checked the contents of the box. After there was no problem, he put the box in properly. Great.

Fortunately, wearing Mechanic robes can hold a lot of things. This is why Lin Chuan likes wearing Mechanic robes and wandering around. One is that it is convenient to install things, and the other is that Mechanic’s identity is easy to use.

“Let’s go. The contents of this box are so precious, don’t let Leeman and Old Guy find out.”

Lin Chuan muttered like this, and went out of the secret place. The door was re-sealed and reunited with his companions if nothing had happened.

At this time–

In the depths of the cave, Village Head Leeman is already in front of everyone, and has a wave of favorability. Whether it is Lowden, Howya, or Bayen, they all think it. He is a respectable elder.

It is Lymira, who also made a great difference to the big brother of the adoptive father.

“Mister Chuan, you are back.”

Village Head Leeman is slightly nodded, and will briefly talk about the plan made with Bayen.

This plan is actually the Fire Gnome elder, and Lin Chuan made a plan before, but some adjustments have been made.

“At present, it seems that the enemies we are facing are very powerful, Shi Hulie, Noble Descendant Zhong, Northern Land Gong Family, the influence of these three eighth boundary experts are likely to be enemies.”

“However, we also have allies here. Grey Rock Ridge’s Wolf Lord and Shi Hulie have never dealt with each other. I can contact you in this regard.”

“If you add Centaur Regiment, it will be enough. These enemies. The key is to find the real culprit…”

“Since Mister Chuan is in Shihai Mountain City, Shi Hulie, you are in charge of the investigation.”

Village Head Leeman talked about the plan.

Lin Chuan had no objection, and discussed some details of the plan with the Fire Gnome elder, and asked about some things in the cave under the pretext, but Village Head Leeman turned the topic off, and tactfully refused to answer.

Then, a group of companions did not stay, led by an orangutan-like ominous beast, preparing to leave the cave.

Before leaving, Lin Chuan looked at the ominous beast and asked Village Head Leeman what kind of beast it is that can be tamed so obediently.

“This is a secret…. If the plan is successful, I will give it as a reward and give it to Mister Chuan. I will also give it away. These ominous beasts can be tamed, but it is very time-consuming and extremely precious! “The Fire Gnome old man whispered.

Lin Chuan nodded with a smile, leave with his companions.


Out of Shihai Mountain Mystical Place, the Floating Vehicle drove onto the avenue, Lin Chuan touched the box under his robe, and felt relieved.

In earphone, Tai Gu sneered: “hmph… Leeman, the Old Guy, is very dishonest! It sounds like those’Thorn Beast’ were tamed by him, I’m afraid he even’Thorn Beast’ I don’t even know the name of him.”

Lin Chuan doesn’t care. Fire Gnome is cunning by nature, let alone a guy like Leeman. In the original seven seventh boundary, both strength and background are possible. Be the first guy.

Even if Village Head Leeman said that ten out of ten is true, Lin Chuan would only believe half of it.

Perhaps, Village Head Leeman is not the only descendant of Cromwell at all, but only got a part of the inheritance of the continent madman…

Perhaps, the seven seventh boundary disputes, Village Head Leeman is also uneasy and kind…

Perhaps, the Experiment Base was bombed 12 years ago, and there was also a copy of Village Head Leeman behind it…

For these speculations, Lin Chuan maintained Doubt, the only thing he believed was the truth that oneself investigated.

Of course, there is one more thing to confirm, Shi Hulie and his side must be hostile.

This has been confirmed since the chaos of Shihai Mountain City that night.

“Shi Hulie, the owner of the azure coat of arms…”

Lin Chuan muttered to himself, it seems necessary to learn more, Shihai Mountain City, the summon wind and rain The mysterious existence.

In the carriage, the atmosphere was a little calm. Everyone thought that the enemy they would face was probably the three eighth boundary influences, and they were all a little frustrated.

“Bayen, don’t be bitter, it’s not that we have to deal with the three eighth boundary. If it really starts, there will be your Centaur Regiment…” Lowden comforted.

The majestic Centaur/troops sat there with a solemn face, hearing this shook the head, he just knew the truth, but he still hadn’t recovered.

Turning his head, looked at Lin Chuan in the back row. Seeing that the latter looked out the window, there was not much anxiety, Bayen couldn’t help but feel relieved.

I have met this young Mechanic for a short time, but I have seen various methods, and Bayen admires Lin Chuan more and more.

Now, seeing this young Mechanic so calm, the majestic Centaur/troops is also a lot easier, presumably for Lin Chuan, it is not very difficult to investigate the true murderer.

In fact, Lin Chuan at this moment did not consider these at all, but listened to Tai Gu again talking about the treasure in the box.

“[Dark Devouring Energy Crystal], Chuan Boy, this thing is very rare even for Sea Beast Regiment, let alone the creatures on the continent.”

“In our time , [Dark Devouring Energy Crystal] was completely mined by Sea Beast Regiment, and there is not a single vein, even the smallest vein.”

“However, this thing has many uses, each If you can use [Dark Devouring Energy Crystal] in the manufacture of a divine weapon, you will get special abilities……”

Tai Gu said of the preciousness of this black Energy Crystal because it is too rare. In value, it is more precious than [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light].

In ancient times, powerful creatures on the land once fought Sea Beast Regiment fiercely for [Dark Devouring Energy Crystal].

Dark Age and Tai Gu hold the divine item in their hands. The Energy Crystal is [Dark Devouring Crystal].

The transformation of [Void Bone Shadow], if there is [Dark Devouring Crystal], it may be able to further breakthrough and give full play to the strength of the sixth boundary expert.

There is also the [seventh equipment], if it is [Dark Devouring Energy Crystal], combined with [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], it may be made better than the one worn by Cromwell Model.

“This is a heavy treasure…”

Lin Chuan murmured in secret, and touched the small box under his robe, a little uneasy, carrying such a box of heavy treasures. It is really dangerous in Shihai Mountain City.

Excluding the [Dark Devouring Crystal], there are three [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] in the box, which happen to be what Lin Chuan urgently needs.

As for the three sets of simple weapons, Lin Chuan hadn’t had time to look at them because they left too hastily.

Suddenly, Lin Chuan’s complexion moved slightly, and he turned to look towards Shihai Mountain Mystical Place, secretly thought: Sure enough, leaving the secret place quickly just now was the right choice. That’s the source of that anxiety…

At the same time.

Cave, secret place, deep.

In the cracks of the tree trunk, the emerald green Life Tree juice constantly seeps out, seeping into the ground, and the emerald green mist all around becomes more and more diffused.

On the side, the huge ominous beast was crawling there, occupying a small area here, it fell into a deep sleep, and it snored from time to time.

At this moment, somewhere in the trunk of the tree squirmed, and a figure stood out.

This figure is the appearance of an old man, but his whole body is bark. His figure gradually emerges and quickly condenses into a complete body. Only the knees are submerged in the trunk.

The eye sockets of the old man with bark, the emerald green juice flows from time to time, scanning the surroundings, every breath, there is a strong Life Aura spit out.

Seeing the huge Thorn Beast creeping on the ground and falling into deep sleep, the bark old man grinned, showing a fierce color, “This useless Thorn Beast finally came to a good container and can let it go. I was taken away, and I was taken away with that box of treasure. What do you want?!”

The old man bark fiercely cursed, and with a wave of his arm, he stretched out continuously, like sword-like vines, stabbing straight To the sleeping Thorn Beast.


In the huge tree trunk, there was a muffled noise, and the branches and leaves popped out, tying the bark old man’s arm and pulling it back little by little.

“huhuhu…, the power of the damn Life Tree!”

The old tree bark was panting, and the face of the old tree bark was constantly distorted, extremely hideous, he desperately I want to struggle, but I can’t get rid of the bondage of these branches.

For a moment, the bark old man gave up, his arm turned to its original shape, and he gasped: “Okay! I don’t kill, anyway, there are ways in this world that make it better for people to die…”

“As for this Thorn Beast, let it continue to watch the door here. Although it is a bit stupid, it is the only Thorn Beast that can be used. It is a pity that the young Human Race just now is good in all aspects. What a great container…”

“With this container, I might be able to get out of here. What a pity…”

“Besides, this young Human Race I also brought a strange beast. What a pity, what a pity… This is also a good container, although it is a beast…”

After muttering for a while, the mood of the old bark suddenly exploded, low. Roared.

“This damn Ancient Land cave, the previous master is incomplete, and this one is seriously wounded and dying. Why should I be so bad luck……”

“Whatever Come to a complete container, and the body is better enough. The owner of the Ancient Land cave, one by one, hides this place strictly, these bastards?!”

“Wait Well, wait a minute, anyway, thousands of years have been waiting, as long as I can get out of trouble, Northern King, Centaur Race, and Cromwell, you all wait for me…”

“Not right It’s been a thousand years. These guys should be dead. If I get out of trouble, I will kill their children and grandchildren to the last one……”

“So sleepy! This damn Life Tree power , Too sleepy…”

The old man bark muttered like this, his body gradually sinking into the tree trunk, and gradually disappeared.

He didn’t notice that at the entrance of this cave, there was a small raised particle right here.

This is a disguised form of Mechanical Bee, recording all the changes in the cave one after another.


On the other side.

A group of comrades have returned to the Northern Land Shihai Hall, Lin Chuan headed into the laboratory and transmitted everything that happened in the secret place cave to Tai Gu, who was shocked by speechless.

“What is this? The creatures bred in Life Tree?”

Tai Gu was a little incoherent. He did not expect that such a thing was hidden in the deepest part of the secret place. .

Lin Chuan pondered for a moment, and said: “It should not be bred by Life Tree, but an expert. Because of Life Tree, it has become this form. He said that a thousand years ago, this can be considered It’s a kind of immortality.”

Tai Gu was silent, this Smartbrain had a chill. This form of immortality, but no one wants to accept it.

On the side, Kitty Lan was also stunned. He looked at the old man with bark, and the cat’s hair was a bit exploded. If such a thing occupies the body, then it is finished.

Lin Chuan opens the Light Screen, enters this image, and analyzes the data.


For a moment, a series of data were displayed. Lin Chuan looked at it, and his brows stretched out.

“According to the data, the accent of this thing is very similar to the accent of Mysterious Star Empire north of Mysterious Star Empire, near the Great Mysterious Star Prefecture a thousand years ago. It should be an expert who has lived there for a long time.”

“He also mentioned Northern King, Centaur Regiment, and Cromwell. It seems to be a hostile relationship. This guy should be a very powerful martial artist thousands of years ago.”

” Come, it’s easy to find out the identity of this thing…”

Looking at the interface being searched, Lin Chuan waited for a while, the Light Screen flashed, and there were several results, all thousands of years ago. A qualified expert with Cromwell.

One of the messages caught Lin Chuan’s attention.

Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, Imperial Knight Regiment, the 127th Commander.

continent adjudicator.

Imperial Knight King.

One of the ninth boundary experts of Eastern Continent, Kesinaly!


Tai Gu exclaimed, mentioning the name, of course he knew that this was a legendary expert who bloomed like diamonds during the Hundred Years’ War a thousand years ago.

Thousands of years ago, in the land warfare, the stars were shining, and Legendary-like experts continued to emerge. The Imperial Knight King Kesinaly was definitely one of the most shining Legendary characters.

The Mysterious Star Empire back then, the Mysterious Star Emperor with the ninth boundary strength, is the true uncrowned king of Eastern Continent/road.

The continent adjudicator, the Imperial Knight Regiment led by Kesinaly, once fought with the Dragon Race Legion of Western Continent and retreated.

Northern King and Centaur Regiment, the two joined forces to sweep the continent’s invincible army.

South of Empire, Nanluo Province, the predecessor of Duncadan Province, is actually the three major legions in the south.

Empire Military Department, Guard Department, and the two major equipment organizations can each gather millions of elite divisions within one day.

Besides the official, there are many peerless experts, and…

Later on board the continent’s strongest madman.

The Empire of that era was so powerful that it was suffocating. Otherwise, the truce agreement of the continent would not have been contributed to by the Mysterious Star Emperor…

“Knight King Kesinaly… …”

Lin Chuan tapped the desk lightly, looking thoughtful, “This is really a huge bomb of formidable power!”

“Fortunately…, you didn’t go in at the time, otherwise It’s in trouble…” Tai Gu said gratefully. Fortunately, he knew the danger of Life Tree juice.

Lin Chuan shook his head slightly, in fact, without Tai Gu reminding him, he would not go in at that time.

At that time, he stepped into the cave deep in the secret place with one foot, and the warning of the forehead eyeball pattern was unprecedented tingling.

And taking a step back, but nothing happened, he knew that the cave was very dangerous.

Originally thought the danger came from Life Tree. It turned out that the real reason was this…

Knocked on the table lightly, Lin Chuan suddenly laughed, “This trip is the biggest The harvest, it seems that this is it. Such a dangerous thing, if you make good use of it…”

For a moment, Lin Chuan got up and went to Fowler. He wanted to know as soon as possible, Rock Family, and How about the relationship between Shi Hulie?

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