This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 506

In the shadow in the corner of the secret room, Six Arms was sitting there, still showing the size of his figure, almost catching up to Bayen.

How did such a big guy come from? No one at the scene knew. If he was an enemy…

Lowden touched his neck and understood this deeply. If Mister Six is ​​an enemy, they may have suffered heavy casualties, and they may not be able to see how the enemy’s sneak attack is.

Lin Chuan’s surprise was even greater than that of other companions. He knew the size of Six Arms, which was not generally tall.

Now, Six Arms looks like Bayen. The ethnic methods in these shadows are really weird…

Of course, he knows how Six Arms came, yes Immediately behind Fowler, like a shadow, followed silently.

“hmph…, the people in the shadows, isn’t that what they are best at…”

Tai Gu muttered, his tone a bit difficult to understand.

Lin Chuan was slightly startled, a little strange that Tai Gu’s attitude towards these groups in the shadows before his death seemed a bit hostile, but between the words, there was a sense of protection.

The relationship between the original Redbud Regiment and the group in the shadows looks quite complicated…

With a slight turn in his thoughts, Lin Chuan introduced Six Arms to everyone, saying that he was in White A power of Dwarf Kingdom.

“Mister Chuan. If you have any instructions, please don’t hesitate to speak. As long as I don’t let me assassinate the eighth boundary, I will do my best.”

Six Arms walked out of the shadows, He wears a half mask, covering the upper half of his face, and looks like a big man with a square face.

Under the windbreaker, you can see the high and bulging muscles. The curves of that muscle are very exaggerated. Even Bayen looks a little inferior and pales in comparison.

Six Arms, like this, gives people the first feeling that they rely on the strength of the body to take an extremely tough expert.

Lin Chuan is secretly nodded. He appreciates this appearance very much. This is very confusing. Once the battle begins, the Blade Skill of Six Arms becomes a killing move.

“You heard the plan just now. Track that Shi Di. If there is something related to [Earth King Equipment] on him, just grab it…” Lin Chuan said.

“Understood. Actually, I don’t need Mister Chuan’s order, my men are already following Shi Di…” Six Arms said.

Lin Chuan nodded, very satisfied with Six Arms’ execution.

Bayen sighed and gave Six Arms a thumbs up. With such an expert joining, he would be more confident against Shi Hulie.

At this moment–

Six Arms shook his body, his face twitched slightly, and said: “Mister Chuan. The situation has changed, Northern Land Third Highness Monte, and Shi On Di, teams of unknown origin have appeared…”

Everyone was hearing this, they were all surprised. They are still planning on this side, why is there a situation over there, which side is it? Action, faster than one’s own side.

At the same time.

Shihai Mountain City, Inner City, on the road leading to the royal residence of the Eastern District, a Floating Vehicle team is galloping.

On one of the Floating Vehicles, the Third Royal Son Monte leaned on a chair, holding a glass of wine, looking at the night outside the window, drank the glass of wine, exhaled, nodded with satisfaction .

The harvest tonight is better than expected, which makes Monte feel very good.

Turning his head and looking at Shi Di on the side, the latter is holding the communicator and chatting with people enthusiastically.

Look at the probe, Monte brows frowned, “Beya? Count Agenon’s wife, Mister Shi Di, you’re playing with fire! You must understand that Count Agenon sees his wife. How tight is it, if you secretly communicate, when the time comes will affect our mutual cooperation.”

“You have to control oneself! The beauty of Northern Land is not enough? Why bother to get angry like this… “

Hearing the persuasion of Third Royal Son, Shi Di looked up and shook his head with a smile, “His Royal Highness, you have been in Royal City for a long time. You don’t know many things. Count Agenon is tight to Beya, then It’s past tense. Now, his tastes are diversified. Beya, Hussy, is no longer his tightest wife.”

“Oh? What’s the matter? Count Agenon’s body… …”

When Monte heard it, he immediately understood what Count Agenon’s physical condition was, of course, a secret.

However, for Shi Di and Monte, the secrets of Northern Land large and small are not secrets to them.

Northern Land Royal Clan, Shihai Mountain City Shi Family, that is a huge monster that is overwhelming in Northern Land. If they want, they can find out.

What’s more, Count Agenon’s body is caused by the Rock Family’s internal fighting. Even if it is concealed, other influences can be more or less inferred from the internal fighting. Something out of it.

“Isn’t it…, Count Agenon is getting better…”

Shi Di laughed, “I don’t know how he cured it. In short, it’s all right. Now Agenon is a real man.”

“That’s it! No wonder…”

Monte suddenly laughed, “No wonder, Beya, that woman can become Madame of Count Agenon is because she will serve men, has a scheming mind, and knows the current affairs. Now, this position of Count Madame seems to be in a few years.”

“when the time comes On the Royal Father’s side, if you know some news, maybe you will be engaged. As Beya, she should know…”

Shi Di even nodded, “Yes. She knows well, so , I would take the initiative to contact me, wanting to have a way back. Why should I refuse such a woman?”

“Yes. Beya, a woman who is very feminine…” Monte also Even nodded, looked at Shi Di, and the two laughed tacitly, revealing an expression that a man understands.

After talking about Fengyue for a while, Shi Di shifted the topic to business, “This Lin Chuan, as you said, is so good? Why has His Highness Monte never mentioned it before.”

Lifting a bottle of fine wine in the car cabinet, and pouring another glass, Monte shook the glass, watching the liquid inside swirling in a beautiful curve, and laughed: “Of course I didn’t mention it, because I didn’t think about it. I will meet this person in Northern Land.”

“Actually, what I just said about this youngster is far less than one-tenth of what I know…”

Shi Di’s eyes widened slightly. In the Northern Land Shihai Hall, the information Monte said was enough to shock him.

Lin Chuan’s age, but 20 years old, such achievements in Mechanical Domain are enough to guide the director of Royal City Mechanical Repairs Office, which is already shocking.

And Monte said, the achievement of this youngster in Mechanical Domain is ten times what it said?

“I don’t believe it.”

Shi Di shook his head. He is also a Martial Way genius himself, one of his grandfather’s most valued descendants.

Compared with those Youngster Kings, Shi Di thinks he is inferior, but how can he be regarded as the Peak column of young martial artist.

In his opinion, Lin Chuan’s achievement in Mechanical Domain, cf. Martial Way, should be Youngster King level.

This is already shocking the world, and it is more than ten times better. What is the concept…

Monte smiled and toasted, drank it, and sighed: “Before in Royal At the Machinery Grandmaster party in City, I heard Gnome and Dwarf’s Machinery Grandmaster talk about the name Lin Chuan. I heard some things about it, but I didn’t believe it. Until the new director of Royal City Mechanical Repairs Office came, I looked into it. I’m really scared…”

“I said two things, you should understand the value of this Mechanic Talent…”

Monte said: “First, he is not actually a Mechanic of artisan faction. To be precise, he is better at academics.”

Shi Di’s eyes widened suddenly. He is actually better at Mechanic’s genre. Monte needs to be clear.

After all, as a descendant of the Shi Family, they all have an important task, which is to repair and perfect the structure of that thing.

Lin Chuan’s level in Heart-Origin Equipment and mechanical devices is sufficient to guide Royal City Mechanical Repairs Office’s expertise, but is not his best?

Seeing Shi Di so surprised, Monte laughed proudly, raised two fingers, and said: “Secondly, he was under the Mechanic test at the age of 19, and his test results, I listened to the party The Machinery Grandmasters on the website were all scolding. He was concealed by the invigilator at the time, White Dwarf Kingdom Dean Takks, and locked up with permission. Then he was cut off and accepted as a oneself student.”

“Yes. Dean Takks, the student of the mechanical master of White Dwarf Kingdom, is the one you always wanted to invite but didn’t invite…”

Looking at Shi Di’s stunned look, Monte smiled happily. Get up, “Such a Mechanic Talent, with my identity as the Northern Land Third Royal Son, is difficult to make in-depth friendships. You also know Mechanic’s temper… I didn’t expect to give me such a good opportunity tonight, this time Shihai Mountain City is really right.”

“Indeed, I am back right this time…” Shi Di showed excitement. If Lin Chuan can repair the structure of that thing, then Shi Family Ren’s Family Head is most likely to be his.

While speaking ——

Shi Di suddenly complexion changed, a device on his body vibrated violently, and he exclaimed badly.

next moment, all around the buildings burst, countless fire snakes spewed out, gunshots rained down, and one bullet burst into the air, burning up and shooting into the convoy frantically In the bulletproof armor, it burst open.

“Damn…, is Armor Piercing Explosive Bullet?!” Shi Di flustered and exasperated roared.

The convoy stopped immediately, and the royal guard rushed out, spreading a thick light shield on the arm, and laying a shield wall in front of the Floating Vehicle where Monte was.

The rest of the guards took Monte and Shi Di and evacuated quickly.

At the same time.

In the burning building, one after another team rushed out. It was one by one carrying heavy weapons, dense Armor Piercing Explosive Bullet and burning Shield Breaking Arrow, just like a rainstorm in the sky, hiding the The sky and covering the earth are coming.

The shield wall built by the royal guards was disintegrated in an instant, one after another the body of the guard fell to the ground……

wu wu wu ……

The harsh sirens sounded over the city. This is the combat readiness level.

In the distance, the elites of Guard Section and City Guard were dispatched at the fastest speed, and the airships rushed into the night sky.

On one of the airships, Guard Section Head Rita’s clothes are a bit messy. She just wore a costume 10 minutes ago and came back from a cocktail party in the Northern Land Shihai Hall. She is considering how easy it is to relax, right? It’s time to make an appointment with a handsome guy and spend a good night together.

Then the combat readiness alarm went off, and Rita turned pale at the time. Her keen instinct told oneself that this might have something to do with Third Royal Son Monte.

The Northern Land royal family was attacked in Shihai Mountain City…

This thought flashed across her head, and Guard Section Head Rita’s head was about to explode immediately, she was so angry I feel like crying.

At the same time, the large and small influences of Shihai Mountain City also heard the sirens. Their complexions changed suddenly, and they exclaimed No way. Isn’t it true that the Third Royal Son was attacked?

On the other side.

In the secret room of Northern Land Shihai Hall, Six Arms was immediately and reported the situation.

“That block is gone. This is a big deal!” Six Arms exclaimed.

This battle can’t be done just by holding such an armed force in your hand…

Lin Chuan has already got up and moved towards the secret room. How can I miss such a good opportunity for fishing troubled waters.

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