This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 507


When Lin Chuan and the others disguised themselves and came out of a secret passage not far from Northern Land Shihai Hall, an astonishing explosion sounded towards the east of Inner City. .

The flames rose into the sky, reflecting the night sky like daylight, one after another pillar of fire, like a Fire Dragon, rushed to the sky, piercing several airships in midair.

Watching the airship falling with heavy smoke, Bayen, Lowden and the others were speechless. The sudden incident was obviously much bigger than the previous day.

“How many troops are here…”

Bayen was speechless. Based on his experience in the war, the troops who launched this attack were at least a thousand elite troops.

The elite troops mentioned here are not ordinary elites, but the ace troops equivalent to Centaur Regiment.

“Don’t worry about how many troops are here, work separately! You are responsible for rescuing the Third Royal Son.”

Lin Chuan said like this, greet Bayen, and his companions split into three.

Lowden, Howya, and Fowler, with a team of mercenaries, went to rescue Third Royal Son Monte.

Of course, this is just a cover, in fact, it is to lock the position of Monte and Shi Di. As for the life and death of the latter two, Lin Chuan doesn’t care much.

Bayen, together with the members of Madame Die’s intelligence organization, is responsible for secret investigations. If necessary, they can naturally get involved.

And Lin Chuan is with the team brought by Six Arms. The goal is very simple. The goal is Shi Di.


Lin Chuan wore a black cloak. Together with Six Arms, the two of them flashed in shape and disappeared into the night.

At the same time.

In the eastern part of Inner City, the fighting situation has reached the extreme. Numerous Armor Piercing Explosive Bullets covered that block. The scene made people numb.

Even if the folk customs of Northern Land are sturdy and terrifying, it is rare to see a terrifying battle like a fierce war.

The block has been completely destroyed, the royal family’s motorcade has become a pile of wreckage, and the ground is full of the bodies of Royal Clan guards, all being beaten like rags.

On the ground, there are the corpses of surprise attackers. There are not many corpses, but you can see the true colors of these surprise attackers.

That is a dwarf with a limestone pattern on the skin!

Grey Rock Dwarf, a branch of Black Dwarf! ?

In the alley on the corner of the street, a royal guard protects Monte, Shi Di hides inside, watching not far away, the helmet is cracked, revealing the Black Dwarf with limestone pattern skin, Monte complexion ashen.

“Black Dwarf?! Damn Black Dwarf, how dare you attack me in the street?!” Monte gnashing teeth, almost breaking his teeth.

On the side, Shi Di clutched his arms with a sullen face, revealing a sharp killing intent. His anger was even greater than Monte.

This is in Shihai Mountain City, Shi Family’s base camp, which is equivalent to the gate of his house, but it has been attacked so fiercely, this is simply a naked face slap on Shi Family.

“Black Dwarf, they are getting more and more rampant in Northern Land!?” Shi Di growled lowly.

Black Dwarf is hostile to most of the influence of Northern Land. The evil Dwarf Race in this legend has the same behavior in reality as in the legend.

In the old Northern Land, the Black Dwarf was a large ethnic group, but it was extremely overbearing, trying to exterminate all the Northern Land races, leaving only the Black Dwarf and Fire Gnome ethnic groups.

This practice aroused public outrage from other influences in Northern Land, and the influences joined forces to wipe out Black Dwarf.

However, Black Dwarf has not been completely extinct. After nearly a thousand years, it has grown stronger over the past century.

In the past ten years, Black Dwarf’s influence has had friction with Northern Land Royal Clan, Shi Family, and major influences throughout Northern Land.

However, these conflicts are small-scale, but it is unexpected. This time Black Dwarf chose Shihai Mountain City to attack the royal family on the street.

If this succeeds, let alone the entire Northern Land, the entire Mysterious Star Empire will have an earthquake……

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

The explosion sounded from the array, getting closer and closer, and Monte and Shi Di’s expressions suddenly changed. If they were surrounded by Black Dwarf’s troops, they would bode ill rather than well.

However, charging ahead like this is also very dangerous!

“This trip, I shouldn’t keep advising, I should stay with the Royal City Iron Guard…” Monte muttered, his face changed.

“His Royal Highness Monte. Don’t worry, after so long, Guard Section and City Guard should come to support you. When the time comes we are many and the enemies are few, it’s safe.”


Shi Di comforted, he said so, but he didn’t have any confidence in his heart. He saw the fighting power of the Black Dwarf unit just now. It was not inferior to the Deathsworn unit of the Shi Family. , Royal City’s Iron Guard Squad, Centaur Regiment’s trump card.

With the fighting power of Guard Section and City Guard, it is much inferior to this Black Dwarf unit.

Even if these reinforcements come, although it cannot be said to be a lamb in a tiger’s den, it is hard to say whether they can be rescued.

At this moment–

A harsh engine sound came, accompanied by a deafening explosion, coming from a distance.

Shi Di’s ears moved and he was happy. He heard the sound of the engine. It was the family’s Deathsworn unit and came to support.

“His Royal Highness, the reinforcements of my Shi Family are here, don’t worry!” Shi Di said with a smile.

When the Third Royal Son Monte heard it, his panic expression suddenly disappeared, revealing the usual Hexi smile, and regaining his previous royal demeanor.

Is Shi Di’s reinforcements the mysterious and powerful force?

Compared to the Iron Guard troops of Royal City, and even in some respects, they have to terrifying some…

In Monte’s head, a series of thoughts flashed in an instant, the Northern Land royal family Shi Family, a mysterious unit, has always been very curious, but also has great fear.

However, at this time, Shi Family’s reinforcements came, but it was reassuring.


On the opposite side, on the middle floor of a building, bursts of fire burst out all at once. The entire floor was blown off from it, and hundreds of figures sprang from the window. come out.

The floor of that building is 20 stories high, and the tenth floor is at least 30 meters above the ground. These figures fell to the ground like a meteor, but they smashed the ground out of one by one pits. It was unscathed.

whiz whiz whiz ……

one after another figure rushed out of the pothole, moved towards the other direction, riding a huge specially-made armored Floating Vehicle, rushing over .

wu wu wu ……

The strange whistling sound rang, these figures roar towards the sky, the sound shook the night sky, in the running, take out a round stick from behind, With a violent twist, fiery flames spurted from both ends, which seemed bright in the dark night.

The color of this flame fell in the eyes of Monte and Shi Di, and their faces changed immediately.

This is a high-quality Energy Crystal, burned through a special device, the color of the flame erupted.

This flame color is very beautiful, but also extremely dangerous.

The burning Energy Crystal itself is extremely unstable. It is a dangerous product that is more explosive than a high-explosive bomb.

“My God…” Monte exclaimed.

“No…” Shi Di cried out with a disastrous expression.

hong long long ……

The round sticks hovered, and the flames spitting from both ends shot into those huge floating vehicles with arc light, and then the body suddenly exploded. Coming, blazing fires rushed up.

The ground trembled violently. The destructive power of this explosion was too strong. Those figures that rushed past were swallowed by the shock wave of the explosion and turned into ashes.

In this way of both sides suffer, people who are all around have a tingling scalp, which is just a retreat.

“Crazy guys, really a bunch of mad guys!?”

In the distance, on a tall building, a group of figures stood, headed by a tall man with a Heart-Origin Equipment on his body. The pattern of giant wolf is watching the fighting erupting in the eastern district with great interest.

Behind the tall man, the Heart-Origin Equipment on the others are exactly the same. The fully enclosed Heart Origin Induction Helmet is shaped like a wolf’s head and exudes a murderous aura.

“Third Royal Son, the grandson of Shi Di, is really bad luck. When he arrived in Shihai Mountain City, he encountered the attack of Black Dwarf Regiment. It was really bad luck!”

The tall man chuckled, holding a bottle of wine in his hand, and screaming while laughing while drinking.

Behind him, a subordinate whispered: “Boss, you drank again while performing a mission, if Lord Wolf knew…”


Not yet finished, the tall man waved the wine bottle and exploded it on the subordinate’s head, and the wine splashed.

“If Lord Wolf Lord knows, I will say that you drank it. Who of you dare to tell, I will make him look good!?” the tall man shouted.

The other subordinates looked at each other in blank dismay, shook their heads secretly and somersaulted to perform tasks. It was really not a pleasant experience.

“Boss, it’s time to act, this time our goal is to take Shi Di back alive. Don’t be killed by Black Dwarf Regiment…” Another subordinate said.

“Of course, certain/affirm is to act, but, such a beautiful fighting scene, I want to appreciate it more, and then I will plunge into it and have a good fight with these guys!”

The tall man opened his arms and took a deep breath, feeling the smell of gunpowder in the city.

Behind him, the wolf soldiers from Grey Rock Ridge all shook their heads. Every time the head had such a reaction, it represented that he was excited. It seemed that he would have to fight a battle tonight before he could leave.

However, for such fighting, the wolf soldiers of Grey Rock Ridge have no fear at all. For them, fighting is the meaning of survival.


The tall man waved his hand and rushed out first, his figure gliding in midair, like a night bird flying across the night sky.

Behind him, one after another figure flew out, every one of them was extremely vigorous, and the strength displayed was at least the fourth boundary peak.

For such an elite unit, if Guard Section Head Rita knew about it, it would have passed out now.

Black Dwarf Regiment, Grey Rock Ridge wolf soldiers, these two elite troops comparable to any trump card army in the continent, simultaneously appeared in Shihai Mountain City and directly bombed the city. It is possible to do Out.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

next moment, the eastern district of Inner City, a street that was originally a scene of destruction, was blown up again.

Led by tall men, each wolf soldier holding a long knife, propping up the light shield with one hand, dropping from the sky into the battle group, fighting with Black Dwarf Regiment, Shi Family’s Deathsworn unit .

Blocks all around, buildings were blown up and cut apart. The amazing destructive power made the guards of Shihai Mountain City remotely monitored one by one both eyes pale and very I want to faint.

The melee of the three ace troops actually took place in Shihai Mountain City. This situation was simply a nightmare for the city’s senior officials.

The current Shihai Mountain City is like a woman exposed by L. A certain part of it is ravaged, and there’s no possibility of resistance.

Seeing this situation, hiding in the alley near the center of the battlefield, the expressions of Monte and Shi Di were ugly.

They don’t dare to go out anymore. In the face of such a melee, if they go out rashly and accidentally get hit by a stray bullet, they really don’t know how they died.

“Mister Shi Di, can we really escape safely…” Monte looked a little pale and asked Shi Di.

“Hold on for a while, the family should have reinforcements coming.”

Shi Di certain/affirm said, but his voice was a little trembling. For the power of Shi Family, of course he Be confident.

But what if the family’s reinforcements arrive late, they are like lambs here, Black Dwarf Regiment, Grey Rock Ridge wolf soldiers only need one bite to kill them.

Suddenly, the wall behind him dissolved silently, and the entire group came out, headed by Fowler.

“This dissolving device is so easy to use!”

“Of course, this is the latest development by Mister Chuan.”

“It is said that White Dwarf Mr. Kingdom, please, prohibit the organization from selling to foreign countries.”

Fowler, Lowden, Howya and the others said while stepping on the Floating Disc and flew in front of the dumbfounded Monte and the others.

“You are…, Mister Fowler…”

Monte’s eyes widened. Of course he recognizes Fowler, as well as Lowden and the others. His superior memory is one of his great strengths. .

Besides, it is the people around Lin Chuan, Monte remembers clearly.

It’s just that, in such a place, encountering Fowler and the others, there is really an indescribable sense of surprise.

“Your Highness Third Royal Son, Mister Chuan heard that there was a riot here, so he sent us to see if we can help.”

“didn’t expect, also I really ran into His Royal Highness Monte. If His Royal Highness doesn’t mind, please leave here first. This is the center of the battlefield and it’s a bit dangerous.”

“Supervising the battle on the front line of the battlefield, of course, is the brave style of the Northern Land royal family. However, with the identity of Third Royal Son coming to Shihai Mountain City this time, if there is any accident, I am afraid that more trouble will arise…”

Fowler bowed slightly and said words that made everyone present. Hearing nodded again and again.

Is this Fowler?

I heard that he is the capable person of Foca Tower Governance Hall. He is not as well-known as meeting. What a capable person!

His Royal Highness Monte is even nodded. He seems to be humbly taught and is willing to go with him.

In his heart, what he said about Fowler was that he was quickly out of high school. It was so beautiful to hear that he could escape and involve the safety and security of Shihai Mountain City, and it was so natural that Fowler was The Number One Person that Monte has only seen in his life.

“Then, let’s leave…” Monte nodded.

Fowler waved his hand, and the entourage had taken out the spare Floating Disc, Monte entire group jumped on, started the Floating Disc, and left quickly.

Not far away, in the shadows of the corners of the alleys, Lin Chuan and Six Arms seemed to be immersed in the darkness, with their eyes closed, silently sensing the departure of the Monte entire group.

“Mister Chuan. Just now I asked me to bring in Black Dwarf Regiment, murder a person with a borrowed knife, and kill Shi Di. Wouldn’t it be the goal?” Six Arms whispered.

“Then what if Shi Di doesn’t have what I want? Where should I go to contact a Shi Family member?” Lin Chuan asked.

Six Arms hearing this, shook the head, this is really troublesome, but it’s easy to cut people.

It is true that Six Arms is also cunning and ruthless, but it is mainly used in the face of the enemy. He seldom does such a calculation of the opponent, and it hurts his brain to think about it.

“Then let me inform the brothers that I should be a little bit more careful, don’t be careful, and cut Shi Di this Human Race by eight pieces. This Human Race is very weak, and only the fifth boundary is really weak. Like a chicken…” Six Arms murmured.

Lin Chuan: “…”

Think about the true strength of oneself, which is only a fifth boundary. It turns out that in the eyes of this shadow group expert, the fifth boundary is such a unit of measurement .

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