This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 508

In the Shihai Mountain City late at night, the flames of the explosion kept beating, and the entire eastern part of the Inner City had a scene of destruction.

The loss at this time is far more than the previous two days. The destroyed buildings alone and the casualties are enough to make the big shots of Shihai Mountain City chill.

Not to mention the casualties of the Guard Section, the City Guard, the destroyed airships, the destroyed Floating Vehicle…, these pensions, repairs, and other expenses are all one Breathtaking numbers.

Governance Hall’s command room, Old Kerirone, Kerirone father and son looked at the monitoring screen, both of them had greasy sweat oozing their foreheads, as if they had been soaked in oil, they also exuded a smell of wine.

At the reception, I had a very happy conversation with Third Royal Son Monte. After returning, Old Kerirone came to have a good time and wanted to talk to his son and talk about future plans.

The Northern King birthday banquet at this time is a good opportunity for Old Kerirone to be promoted. If he could go further in his twilight years, it would be better.

The father and son received news of the riot before they had a word, and the royal family was attacked.

This time, Old Kerirone can lose one’s head out of fear. If Third Royal Son is attacked in Shihai Mountain City, then he will be finished.

At this moment——

Looking at the monitoring screen in the Light Screen, staring at the ruins of the eastern part of Inner City, Old Kerirone kept wiping sweat, and his legs kept steadily Shaking, face deathly pale without a trace of blood.

“His Royal Highness, there will be no accidents, right? And Mister Shi Di…, neither of them can be accidental!”

Old Kerirone screamed, The voice is like a chicken pinched around the neck.

“Nothing will happen, father, there will be nothing wrong.”

Kerirone was also crying, originally thought tonight’s reception, and talked with His Royal Highness Monte and Mister Shi Di for a while, It was a great chance in life.

But didn’t expect, this occasion is likely to be the beginning of a bad luck…

If Third Royal Son is attacked and Mister Shi Di is killed, then his Promotion will inevitably make high-level associations and scruples, and the future will be slim.

“Report! Magistrate Kerirone, His Royal Highness Monte and Mister Shi Di have escaped from the Eastern District.” A subordinate report reported.

hearing this, Old Kerirone’s complexion suddenly returned to ruddy, his expression suddenly calmed down, and his usual majesty style was restored. The speed at which his face changed was breathtaking.

“Send the equipment team of Government Hall immediately to support His Royal Highness Monte, fast!”

“Must guarantee the safety of His Royal Highness Monte and Mister Shi Di.”


Old Kerirone gave orders calmly, commanding a certain degree, full of General demeanor.

“Kerirone, you go with the guards of Government Hall to support His Royal Highness Monte.” Old Kerirone said in public.


Kerirone’s eyes widened, and now the east of Inner City is so dangerous, let him follow the Government Hall guards. If an accident happens accidentally, wouldn’t it be over? play?

“Hurry up!”

Old Kerirone stretched out his foot, and fiercely stepped on this son, and his eyes were fierce, making Kerirone obediently.

Looking at the back of little Kerirone, Old Kerirone sighed, this can’t be blamed for his cruelty. For him and for his son, it was a big deal.

If during the escape of His Royal Highness Monte, Kerirone can lead the guards and join the team of Third Royal Son, it is equal to the real connection with His Royal Highness Monte.

The crown prince of Northern King, although the iron is the Royal Daughter of shocking and stunning, but the Third Royal Son is also the hero among men, in the future in the Northern Royal Clan, it must be a pivotal existence.

Kerirone’s family can rely on the Third Royal Son, and it will be flat in the future, that is to be expected.

If, in case, Third Royal Son and Shi Di really have an accident, they are also a saying on Old Kerirone, and even oneself’s biological son is sent out, what else can others say? ?

Furthermore, even if there is another accident, the kid Kerirone will also have an accident. Then there are still many illegal children of Old Kerirone, which will not be impossible…

Think about this, Old Kerirone sighed, he is so painstaking, I hope oneself’s son can understand it, and in the future, Kerirone will consider it the same way when he is his age.


peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

In the eastern district of Inner City, successive explosions sounded continuously. In an alley, one after another figure Flying over the Floating Disc.

“His Royal Highness, Government Hall and Guard Section are not safe. I contacted Count Agenon and he asked us to go to the territory of the Rock Family.” Fowler said.

“Of course, the Rock Family territory, if it is concerned with the defense force, is also cream of the crop in the entire Northern Land.”

Facing the strong wind, Monte spoke, trying to maintain the words The clarity.

On the Floating Disc on the side, Shi Di looked at the information on the communicator with an ugly face. The chaos in the city is now more terrifying than expected.

Not only the eastern district of Inner City, but also the main roads of Shi Family territory, there is also Black Dwarf Regiment. This is the news from the family just now, so he must not go back like this.

Tonight’s Shihai Mountain City, the number of Black Dwarf Regiment, there are a full 20,000 people, and only one-fifth of them are ambushed in the eastern district of Inner City.

“Those Black Dwarf Regiment, even if they are resurrected, they are still so rampant! This time I go back, I must implore the Royal Father to wipe out the Black Dwarf Regiment in Northern Land!” Monte gritted his teeth and said.

Shi Di looked at Third Royal Son, his face twitched slightly, at this time, he did not dare to say the real reason for the Black Dwarf Regiment’s raid.

The cause of all this is that not long ago, the Deathsworn unit of Shi Family slaughtered Fire Gnome Village in Shihai Mountain Mystical Place.

Fire Gnome, Black Dwarf…, these two evil races were extremely solid allies a long time ago.

The news that Fire Gnome Village was slaughtered reached Black Dwarf, and it was such a crazy move.

In Black Dwarf’s view, this move of the Shi Family is that the Northern Land Royal Clan wants to start a war and erase the Black Dwarf tribe from the territory of Northern Land.

Rather than just waiting to die, it is better to take the initiative.

So, the attack this time, Shi Di, and Third Royal Son are equal to being affected.

Surely Shi Di dare not say such a cause, it will affect the relationship between Shi Family and the Northern Land royal family.

“Let this secret be obliterated, and when I go back this time, I have to arrange it carefully and confuse the audiovisual. By the way, it is not bad to provoke the Northern Land royal family and fight against the Black Dwarf clan…” Shi Di thought so.

Ahead, Fowler was talking with Monte while watching Shi Di’s reaction in his eyes.

“The cause of Black Dwarf Regiment’s attack on the Northern Royal Family, this is an opportunity to provoke the relationship between the royal family and the Shi Family…”

Fowler uses the within the body’s communication device, Talk to Lin Chuan.

On the other end, Lin Chuan’s response came: “It’s not anxious. The internal struggle in Northern Land has nothing to do with us. If you don’t get involved, don’t get involved. Just get things in your hands.”

“Mister Chuan is really afraid of trouble…”

Fowler sighed secretly. In his opinion, with the power held in Lin Chuan’s hands, The Northern Land has turned upside down, all with ease.

However, this youngster has always been very cautious about these. Such an attitude makes Fowler always feel that this is too cautiously.

However, considering Lin Chuan Mechanic’s career, Fowler can also understand that Mechanic has always done things so rigorously.

dong dong dong ……

At this moment, there was a violent muffled noise in a distant direction, like some kind of large animal, running wild and trampled on the ground The scene of the earth trembling.


On the Floating Disc, a light curtain pops up, showing the night vision picture behind it.

Suddenly, the entire group’s complexion changed suddenly. On the roof of the building behind, a huge rare beast jumped from floor to floor. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a crocodile with a length of ten meters and a height of three meters. rare beast.

“Earth Traveling Alligator!?”

Monte’s face changed suddenly, and he couldn’t help screaming. This is a rare beast that Black Dwarf can tame.

Earth Traveling Alligator, this is a rare beast that lives in the underground rock formations. It is said to have the blood of the Lesser Dragon. The adult Earth Traveling Alligator is comparable to the fifth boundary expert.

In the Black Dwarf clan, tame the Earth Traveling Alligator is the symbol of hero, and only the great experts in the Black Dwarf clan have such mounts.

Generally speaking, the Black Dwarf expert who tamed the Earth Traveling Alligator, at least is the sixth boundary.

“Hurry up?!” Shi Di yelled, his face flustered.

The Black Dwarf expert that controls the Earth Traveling Alligator is not an ordinary sixth boundary. They are good at a combined battle skill that can erupt formidable power higher than their first boundary.

Fowler nodded, pressing the switch, activated the Floating Disc full-speed mode, instantly doubled the speed, and flew away.

“Despicable Human Race! Do you still want to run?”

In midair, a sound like a hammer hitting a rock exploded, and the Earth Traveling Alligator was like lightning in the night , Has been swept up to the sky.

A terrifying oppression struck, and the ferocious breath of Earth Traveling Alligator suffocated everyone present.

On the back of the Earth Traveling Alligator, a figure is sitting, holding a sledgehammer in both hands.

The size of Black Dwarf is quite tall in dwarf, but it is still inferior to the average height of Human Race.

However, the races on the land never think that the dwarf is short, because the growth of the clan group develops horizontally.

The size of the adult dwarf is far greater than that of Human Race.

In White Dwarf Kingdom, this situation is not obvious, because in the Dwarf Race group, White Dwarf has the most slender figure. Of course, this is relative to other Dwarf Race groups.

When it comes to the Dwarf Race group, the most powerful race is undoubtedly Black Dwarf.

This clan group, a long time ago, was the fighting race in the Dwarf Race group. It was warlike by nature, and it is precisely because of this that Black Dwarf betrayed dwarf clan in the past.

It is said that the root cause of Black Dwarf’s betrayal is that the clans are too militant and don’t like ease. In the end, it hit Fire Gnome and hit it off, causing a boundless storm on the continent.

The Black Dwarf on the back of the Earth Traveling Alligator is undoubtedly extremely tall in the Black Dwarf group, a full head higher than the average Human Race.

He is holding a three-meter-long giant hammer and spinning between his palms. The black giant hammer has a dazzling Electromagnetic Energy dance, like an electric dragon breeds.

“The bastard of the Northern Royal Family! Die…”

With a roar, the Earth Traveling Alligator flew down, and the electric dragon went straight down, terrifying The power fluctuations spread.


next moment, a thousand-meter-diameter explosion burst, and the entire Shihai Mountain City saw this amazing sight…

” Black Dwarf is a madman! Using this forbidden move in the city is really a madman, a madman…”

In the distance, a team of wolf soldiers approached quickly, and the tall man in the lead was surprised when he saw this scene. Besides, he laughed loudly, full of excitement.

“This is a good opponent! You have to compete well! Clash with me!” the tall man yelled.

At this time, in this area, a faint mist breeds, and the smoke begins to spread.

In the fog, Lin Chuan, Six Arms and the shadow races were walking forward. Looking at this scene, Lin Chuan couldn’t help but wrinkle frowned and Black Dwarf Regiment’s wanton killing behavior, which made him very unhappy.

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