This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 509


Inner City East District, Electromagnetic Energy spread like a thin snake. Just now, the Black Dwarf hit the ground in this area. hole.

The earth-shaped crocodile crawled quickly on the edge of the hole, looking for the trail of the target.

“en? Escaped…”

On Earth Traveling Alligator’s back, Black Dwarf’s eyes widened, and he scanned all around like electricity, and found that the blow just now didn’t work. , Suddenly roar towards the sky up.


In the distance, a figure rushed forward, sweeping the night sky with a harsh howling, and bursts of wild laughter.

“The Black Dwarf riding the reptile, stand for LZ.”

That silhouette dashed straight down, carrying a lance, cutting through the night sky, and piercing it.

“Wolf Soldier Regiment of Grey Rock Ridge?!”

When seeing this, Black Dwarf hero swung his sledgehammer to meet him.


The fierce battle between the two major experts broke out, and the air waves of the sixth boundary peak burst all at once, and one after another crack appeared on the ground immediately, and it seemed that the second would appear. Times of collapse.


At the same time.

In the smoke of gunpowder, the blazing wind caused by the explosion blew by, and no one noticed the fog that filled this block.

Even if someone finds something wrong, they only think that the fog is caused by a weapon used by a certain team.

Lin Chuan and his party are walking in the fog. Even if someone looks over, they cannot be seen.

“What a wonderful concealment method!”

Lin Chuan exclaimed, and looked at Six Arms, who was covered in his robe, unable to see his true behavior.

However, under Lin Chuan’s perception, he could find that the shadow tribe expert’s hand was holding something like a pot.

The mist all around radiated from this pot, forming a domain-like area, completely concealing one’s own deeds.

Such a method is unintentionally more brilliant than today’s mechanical devices. Only a treasure can achieve such an effect.

If Lin Chuan arranges it, it can be done with a special mechanical device. However, the required mechanical device, both in quantity and volume, is far larger than this old pot.

“Mister Chuan is too complimented. This kind of treasure is the only one in our ethnic group.”

“Unlike today’s mechanical devices, they can actually achieve the same The effect, and this kind of mechanical device can be mass-produced…”

Six Arms said, he is not self-conceited, but feels.

The treasures of ancient times are magical, but they cannot be mass-produced. There are only a few pieces, and they are extremely difficult to repair.

The internal damage of this old basin is quite large, and I don’t know how long it will last, and it may completely lose its effectiveness.

It is precisely for this reason that the system of the ancient era will fade with time.

“Mass-produced mechanical devices, cannot be compared with this kind of treasure……” Lin Chuan shook the head, a pertinent evaluation.

Six Arms did not speak, he looked at the distance, and there were hundreds of Mechanical Bees flying quietly in the mist.

At the beginning of White Nightmare Oceanic Trench, Six Arms was in the hands of these Mechanical Bees, but suffered a lot.

In just a few months, Mechanical Bee seems to have improved again and changed from before.

This also means that the young Mechanic’s battle strength has improved again…

This is where Mechanic terrifying!

“Mister Chuan. We will do it later, do we need to wipe out the Black Dwarf Regiment?”

Under the hood of the robe, Six Arms flashed cold light in his eyes, he knew it well It is speculated that Black Dwarf Regiment arbitrarily attacked and killed the people of Human Race, this Mechanic should have a murderous intent on Black Dwarf.

Lin Chuan waved his hand and said: “We are not here to fight with them, if not necessary, don’t have a conflict. With Grey Rock Ridge’s wolf soldiers coming forward, we can achieve the purpose of this trip. ……”

He is not happy with Black Dwarf Regiment’s style, but in such a chaotic situation, there is no need to meddle with each other. It is safe to withdraw when the goal is reached.


At this time, the fighting ahead became more intense, and on the ruins, the power of the two experts exploded more and more powerful.

The Black Dwarf hero, thanks to the Earth Traveling Alligator and the formidable power of the giant hammer, its power has faintly exceeded the sixth boundary level.

And the tall man of Grey Rock Ridge showed the same shocking strength. With a lance against the enemy, not only the fleshy body strength, but also the impact of the Black Dwarf hero and the Earth Traveling Alligator. force can also rely on its own speed to take advantage of some advantages.

The fighting between the two sides became fiercer and the scope of action became larger and larger, moving towards the south of Inner City.

This movement caused the Guard Squad and City Guard who were monitoring to be frightened. If the fighting involved the southern part of Inner City, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The southern district is the busiest area in Shihai Mountain City.

And at this moment–

In the underground passage of the city, Monte and Shi Di, led by Fowler, are fleeing in an extremely embarrassing manner.

Just now, Fowler reacted to the Black Dwarf hero’s attack first, and used all the energy consumption of the Floating Disc to form a protective cover to withstand the attack.

When the ground collapsed, Fowler and the others had escaped from the underground passage.


The monitoring device shows that two experts on the ground are approaching, seeming to follow them.

“His Royal Highness. The expert who blocked Black Dwarf does not seem to be a reinforcement. He seems to be leading Black Dwarf over…”

Fowler looked at the surveillance and said with some concern.

“Grey Rock Ridge’s Wolf Soldier Regiment! Of course they did it intentionally.”

Monte complexion ashen, in the monitoring screen, saw Grey Rock Ridge’s Wolf Soldier Regiment expert appear , He realized how bad the situation is now.

Black Dwarf Regiment, for the major influences of Northern Land, is certainly a public enemy.

Wolf Soldier Regiment of Grey Rock Ridge has always been neutral in relation to the influence of Northern Land.

The only thing that can’t be dealt with is the Northern Land Royal Clan.

There seemed to be an unknown grievance between Wolf Lord of Grey Rock Ridge and Northern King, which made this terrifying influence stand on the opposite side of Royal Clan.

Monte knows very well that if he is exposed to the Black Dwarf hero and the Wolf Soldier Regiment expert now, I am afraid that the two experts will immediately cease the war and kill him simultaneously.

“Black Dwarf Regiment, Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Soldier Regiment…, this time, this Highness, if we can go back safely, I will definitely want you to look good…” Monte’s face was slightly distorted, secretly cruel.

Fowler’s mechanical eyes took Monte’s reaction into the entire scene. He probably guessed the psychology of the Third Royal Son.

What a pity…

Fowler secretly thought, whether you can go back safely, it depends on your luck…

dong dong dong ……

The dull voice suddenly sounded. Before Monte and the others could react, the underground passage in front suddenly collapsed, and one after another figure sprang out.

This is a Black Dwarf unit, wearing barbed black armor, which is the armored Heart-Origin Equipment loved by the Black Dwarf race.

This clan group has a fanatical belief in ancient traditions.

Black Dwarves believes that only heavy armor can better defend against the enemy.

Therefore, on the continent, only the Heart-Origin Equipment worn by the Black Dwarf group is covered with armor.

Of course, Black Dwarves would think so, and it is not without reason.

After all, Black Dwarf is mostly Innate Divine Strength. Wearing such a heavy armor does not feel cumbersome.

The weapon of this Black Dwarf unit is a uniform shotgun, with a dark barrel that is twice as long as that of the same type of gun.

That is a special skill of dwarf, a cast barrel!

“Black Dwarf’s shotgun team!?”

Shi Di screamed strangely, with a look of horror on his face. This is the elite unit of Black Dwarf Regiment, and they are here to snipe them.

At this time, Fowler had already pulled Monte and stepped back to the corner.

Also, the device on his wrist flickered and opened a protective cover.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Intensive gunfire sounded, and the harsh sound resounded across the night sky. This Black Dwarf shotgun team opened fire simultaneously, and the tongue of fire was long Two-fingered bullets shot out, piercing everything in front of them, and punching a hole the size of a one by one fist.

In an instant, one by one holes were punched out of the walls and ground in front.

Even if the protective cover was opened, it only resisted the first round’s blast, and it squeezed and was bombarded to the depletion of the device’s energy.

This is the shotgun team of Black Dwarf Regiment. This special firearm, which looks like a shotgun on the outside, is actually a Four Stars Level high explosive launcher.

This weapon has a long range and large formidable power, which are its advantages.

The disadvantage is that it can only fire in two bursts and requires time to reload. The recoil is extremely large, and the general fourth boundary expert also needs to rely on shock absorbers for continuous use.

In the hands of Black Dwarf, these shortcomings are not shortcomings. The Black Dwarf shotgun team formed from this has once launched a ground-to-air Legendary battle with Dragon Race.

Now, the sight of a passage in front of me has just confirmed the rumors.

On the other side.

A branch passage of the underground passage, Fowler took Monte and ran wildly.

“His Royal Highness, Mister Shi Di, there is my companion to protect you, don’t worry.”

Fowler said like this as he was running fast.

Third Royal Son gasping for breath, he rolled his eyes secretly, this is a critical moment, who cares about others, at this time, oneself can survive the key.

As for Shi Di, they are just a cooperative relationship. In such a crisis, if you change to the other side, certain/affirm will leave the other side and run away.

Of course, Monte certain/affirm cannot say these words, but he looked at Fowler deeply and sighed in secret that this is a true nobleman.

A man with ancient aristocratic qualities, in times of crisis, still has that rare Knight spirit.

Such people, no matter where they are, rays of light will soon bloom and be respected by others.

Monte made up his mind that if he can get out of trouble safely this time, he must persuade Fowler to take up a post in Northern Land Royal City. He will be offered an important position, which has a much better future than Foca Tower Governance Hall.


At this time, a violent vibration came out, and a violent explosion sounded from the rear, as if fierce fighting broke out there.

Seeing this, Monte’s complexion disappeared suddenly, and he urged to leave this dangerous place as soon as possible.


At the same time.

The underground passage at the rear has collapsed in many places, and there is also a sewer connected to it, and the stench of fish is permeated.

In a semi-collapsed passage, Lowden supported Shi Di and ran lifelessly under the protection of several mercenaries.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Behind, there are continuous gunshots from the Black Dwarf shotgun team. Lowden is holding Shi Di with one hand, and holding a light shield with the other to resist Stray bullets behind.

A long burst bomb exploded on the light shield, Lowden immediately vomited a mouthful of blood, his arm was twisted and deformed, and it seemed to be broken.

“Mr. Ai, are you okay!”

Shi Di turn pale with fright, his face is full of concern.

“It’s okay. I can hold on, Mister Shi Di, don’t worry, I will follow Mister Chuan’s instructions and send you to a safe place.” Lowden forehead was in a cold sweat, his face twisted slightly, as if Very painful.

Seeing Shi Di’s relaxed look, Lowden sneered in his heart. He became shrewd with age, how could he not understand this man’s mind.

Shi Di doesn’t really care about Lowden, but the mercenary force he can rely on now is so tight.

Just now, with the volley of the Black Dwarf shotgun team, Shi Di almost shrank behind Monte, using Third Royal Son as a shield.

He vomited blood again, Lowden took out the map and quickly drew three routes.

“Mister Shi Di, you are a native of Shihai Mountain City, which route do you think is the best…” Lowden said.

“Which route…”

Shi Di pondered for a moment, and chose one of the routes according to memory.

Immediately, Lowden waved his hand, motioning for the mercenaries to take Shi Di forward, and he came back.

Looking at Shi Di’s back, Lowden sneered secretly. In this way, no one would suspect Shi Di even if he was caught by any accident.

This is Lin Chuan’s plan. Taking advantage of the chaos, he robbed Shi Di.

I have to say that Lin Chuan is very cautious. Considering that Shihai Mountain City is the base camp of the eighth boundary expert, he has formulated a series of arrangements to push brought trouble to others to Black Dwarf Regiment.

Of course, now there are Wolf Soldier Regiment from Grey Rock Ridge, which is equivalent to having two wrongdoers.


Lowden gave a dry cough and spits out mouthful of blood again, murmured, “My Senior’s acting skills have become more and more exquisite for so many years, so I can go to movies.” Made a cameo.

The earphone in the ear immediately rang Howya’s cry: “Okay! You Old Guy don’t brag, hurry up.”

Lowden laughed, followed along.

At this moment–

The top of the underground passage ahead suddenly cracked open, and two figures flew down. One was a tall man with a wolf head emblem, and the other One is a Black Dwarf hero riding on the Earth Traveling Alligator, exuding a volcanic murderous aura.

“Catch you!” The tall man put his arms around his chest, said with a big smile.

“It’s not the Monte bastard, what about the Third Royal Son of Northern Land Royal Clan?” Black Dwarf hero stared at him and asked Senran.

Seeing this, Shi Di’s face was shocked and yelled: “I and Monte are separated. What you are looking for is him. He ran from that direction.”

The tall man, Black Dwarf hero was taken aback, and both showed contempt. The two knew about the relationship between Shi Di and Monte. Under such circumstances, betraying their allies is really disgusting.

“hehe…, Monte ran away, and Shi Di of your Shi Family is here, which is also a big fish! No loss this time, I don’t know how much Shi Hulie’s old bastard will pay to redeem you. “

The tall man said like this, he was already grabbed by the probing hand, and a wolf howl sounded all around, like a strong wind swept over the head of a wolf.


Black Dwarf hero wielded a sledgehammer and beat the wolf’s head with a hammer, screaming, “This guy is my prey, Grey Rock Ridge guy, I respect you as an expert. Yes. Divide your prey in half!”

Divided into half? !

Shi Di’s face changed horribly, and scenes of being divided into S flashed in his mind, stopping his waist, or being cut off from the beginning…every picture was so real that his legs were trembling constantly.

“Divided in half?!”

The corners of the tall man’s mouth twitched. These Black Dwarf’s brains are really not bright. Shi Di, a certain/affirm guy, has to live to have value.

If it is divided into two halves, will Shi Family pay a big price to redeem it? I am afraid it will directly launch a war against Grey Rock Ridge and Black Dwarf Regiment.

Wolf Soldier Regiment of Grey Rock Ridge is certainly not afraid of things, but, because of this kind of thing, Lord Wolf Lord will still be severely punished because of the war.

Furthermore, Lord Wolf Lord had ordered before this trip, only to detect the situation. He got involved in this riot in this way, and certain/affirm will be punished when he returns.

“You steel-headed Black Dwarf, don’t talk to me, this guy I want to live. As for the third Royal Son of Northern Land Royal Clan, you can kill him, I don’t Will take care of…”

Speaking like this, the tall man pointed to Shi Di and said: “This guy, I want to live!”

“Then there is no more to talk about , Let’s continue fighting…”

Black Dwarf hero roared, swinging the sledgehammer, and the Earth Traveling Alligator flew out from under the crotch, and pounced on the tall man.

Seeing this scene, Shi Di was immediately ashen-faced and screamed in secret. These two are great experts comparable to the seventh boundary battle strength. They fought at such a close distance, with the strength of his fifth boundary expert. , It will be crushed to death by the aftermath of fighting like ants.

Just when the tall man and the Black Dwarf hero were about to collide with each other, their complexions suddenly changed, and simultaneously moved towards one direction, stabbing a spear and smashing a hammer.

The sudden change caused Lowden, who came from a distance, to be taken aback. Then he saw the shadow in front of him and was blasted by two experts.

In this situation, it was like a black curtain that was torn apart at once, one after another black shadow flew out.

A deep, clearly used voice changer sounded, “As expected of Black Dwarf Regiment’s Black Eagle hero, and Grey Rock Ridge’s Vice-Commander Langman, they discovered us so soon… …”

hearing this, the tall man, Grey Rock Ridge’s Vice-Commander Langman complexion changed, with a sharp look in his eyes, he was bare the truth with one remark by this group of unidentified experts. Not a pleasant thing.

Wolf Soldier Regiment of Grey Rock Ridge, everyone’s information is kept confidential, and they are shown as Code Name when they are in the battle. The other party knows his identity clearly. Who leaked this out?

At this time, before Vice-Commander Langman could react, the group of dark shadows had already swooped in, moving towards Black Dwarf hero, Vice-Commander Langman, and Shi Di and the others attacked.

The strength of these black shadows is very strong. The person who spoke just now also has the strength of the sixth boundary peak, and there are two remaining sixth boundary experts.

The remaining ten or so people were experts from the fifth boundary Peak, and they were good at siege techniques. They immediately forced Vice-Commander Langman and Black Dwarf hero into a frenzy.

“The target of these guys is Shi Di, let’s join hands!?” Vice-Commander Langman growled.

“Impossible! Black Dwarf Regiment will not join forces with the enemy, even if it is facing the enemy…” Black Dwarf hero called.

Vice-Commander Langman was so angry that he didn’t really have any common language for this kind of inflexible guy.


Several black shadows flew out, moved towards Shi Di and pounced.

The latter screamed in fright and called Lowden again and again, wanting this life saving benefactor to help again.

In the distance, Lowden was a little tangled. Look at the posture of these dark shadows, not as simple as kidnapping Shi Di, but killing him.

However, if you expose your strength in this way, it will easily arouse others’ suspicion…

Lowden cursed in secret, originally thought that this attack, including Black Dwarf Regiment, Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Soldier Regiment is enough.

But it was unexpected that there are guys hiding in the dark, and hiding so deeply.

When I was struggling in Lowden, a faint mist suddenly surged, a blade light suddenly appeared, like a torch that was suddenly lit in the dark, suddenly breaking through the space, and will besiege Shi Di several times The shadow was cut into several pieces.

This knife-jin breath is filled with incomparable ice and cold, so that everyone present only feels that the blood is frozen…

The aftermath of knife-jin’s passing by, will Including Shi Di, a group of people’s clothes were cut to pieces, revealing the naked body of one by one, standing in the smelly underground passage.


Lowden eyes shined, with a turn of the eyes, it immediately locks the scattered things on Shi Di’s body.

After that, the mist was filled, and the things on Shi Di’s body were inexplicably missing.

In this scene, Lowden’s eyes almost popped out. He was a great expert from the sixth boundary Peak. Such a locked thing disappeared out of thin air.

At this time, from the earphone in the ear, Lin Chuan’s voice came: “The plan is successful. Let’s work!”

Lowden gaped, his eyes circled, and he didn’t look at it. Come out, Lin Chuan is hiding there.

become shrewd with age If Lowden is still like this, let alone Vice-Commander Langman, Black Dwarf hero, and the sudden appearance of third-party experts, these people’s sensibility has spread wildly, and they want to find that blade Traces of light, but never found any traces.

Is it Shi Family’s expert? !

Vice-Commander Langman made such a speculation and quickly rejected this idea. If it were Shi Family’s expert, with the cut just now, I’m afraid it has already taken action against them.

At this moment, a faintly discernable voice sounded, “Do you think you can hide from us if you hide your head and show your tail? Be smart…”


In the air, a vortex suddenly appeared, moved towards the black shadow that just made the sound swept away.

This change was too sudden and too fast. The shadow was unprepared and felt the terrifying wave from the vortex, so he rushed forward and rolled on the ground.

At this moment, a blade light suddenly appeared, just facing the black shadow.

“What’s going on…”

The black shadow screamed, standing in midair, running power, rolling sideways, but still did not completely avoid this blade. , The Heart Origin Induction Helmet on the head was cut open all at once.


The fragments of the helmet splashed all over, and the black figure screamed, “So it’s you!? He…, there are faces that say we hide our heads and show our tails, aren’t you also…”

next moment, the black shadow flew away, without even turning his head, while his body flickered, it was already disappear without a trace.

The rest of the shadows also retreated quickly, leaving Vice-Commander Langman and Black Dwarf hero with a dull face.

“So, the two sides are opposite…” Vice-Commander Langman muttered.


Suddenly, a horrible aura emerged, making Vice-Commander Langman’s face suddenly changed. If he didn’t dare to stay, his head would not fly away. .

The same is true for Black Dwarf hero. With a shot of Earth Traveling Alligator, he rushed to the ground, roared to greet his subordinates, and disappeared into the night.

“My dear…, eighth boundary expert?!” Lowden’s face changed continuously, and he muttered secretly.

With his strength, it is natural to know what the sudden breath represents…

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