This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 510


Over Shihai Mountain City, violent air currents converged, forming a violent wind, moved towards Inner City east area swept away.

Where this gust of wind passed, there was an invisible force, the burning fire was extinguished, and the rain of bullets also stagnated in the air…

Everything here seems to be imprisoned In the same way, the people in the fighting are all frozen, and they show horror, because no matter how hard they struggle, their bodies are also unable to move.

Everything in this area seems to have fallen into a static state, as if time has stopped.

Of course, this is the feeling of ordinary people. The experts on the sixth boundary are very clear that this is relying on the control of the outside atmosphere to imprison all tangible things in this area.

This is the method of the eighth boundary expert! ?

Heart origin power reaches the eighth boundary. The fundamental difference from the seventh boundary expert lies in the control of external forces to achieve an effect similar to summon wind and rain.

In ancient times, the eighth boundary expert was even considered a Spiritual God, because the various behaviors of this kind of existence have exceeded ordinary people’s cognition.

Today, the exchange of knowledge in all aspects is smooth. For the experts on the fifth boundary, the terrifying part of the eighth boundary expert is no longer a secret.

However, the more I know the secret of the power of the eighth boundary, the more I am in awe of this existence.


The wind keeps gathering, and above Shihai Mountain City, a huge phantom appears, like a giant looking down on this area.

“Black Dwarf Regiment, and Wolf Soldier Regiment, you are making trouble in Shihai Mountain City like this, attacking and killing the Northern Royal Family in the street, do you really think no one can control you…”

A sound came, like a blast of thunder, which shook countless people dizzy.

eighth boundary expert? !

A person with a heart realized this and was shocked to the extreme. There is an eighth boundary expert in Shihai Mountain City?

This is undoubtedly a heavy news to the outside world.

For those who know the inside story, they have their own minds. The eighth boundary expert of Shi Family has not appeared in front of others for ten-twenty years.

Ten-twenty years, for many people, it has been quite a long time. These insiders are speculating whether Shi Family’s Old Family Head will be out because of his old age. What an accident.

Now, this guess has been broken, the old monster of Shi Family is still alive, and the strength is still deep and unmeasurable.

whiz whiz whiz ……

one after another figure flies up, moved towards the outside of the city, when this eighth boundary breath appears, many people have already chosen Retreat.

On the edge of Inner City, the Black Dwarf hero is riding the Earth Traveling Alligator, yelling, letting his subordinates retreat, and has already rushed in multiple directions.

Although the Black Dwarf hero’s brain is a stick, he also knows that in the face of the eighth boundary of the world expert, there is no way to fight back. It is the best choice to escape immediately.

However, with a bang, there was a terrifying whistling sound in midair. That phantom waved a giant arm and slammed it down, hitting the tail of the Earth Traveling Alligator like a huge iron whip. The tail was knocked into minced meat.

A hole was also smashed into the ground, and a large hole with a diameter of 100 meters appeared. All around buildings were directly smashed to pieces.

Black Dwarf hero screamed, blood spout from mouth, the arm holding the sledgehammer was twisted and deformed, and his arms were broken by the afterwave of the blow.

“Shi Family’s old bastard, you have the ability to kill me, when the time comes, just wait for our Black Dwarf Regiment to fully conquer here…” Black Dwarf hero shouted, spouting one after another blood.

“Dare to speak insultingly…”

That voice is coldly snorted, another giant arm smashed down, “You evil Little Brat, you are the leader of this turmoil , Stay in Shihai Mountain City and accept the punishment of Northern Land law.”


The ground exploded again, and the Black Dwarf hero flew out, underneath him. The Earth Traveling Alligator’s head was smashed and died immediately.

In this scene, many people were frightened. The power of this Black Dwarf hero was clearly seen from the surveillance just now.

This is a great expert comparable to the seventh boundary. In two hits, he was seriously injured. The eighth boundary expert is too terrifying.

At the same time.

in midair, that giant’s phantom moved again, and it actually condensed into a third arm, moved towards Vice-Commander Langman grabbed it.

“Shi Family’s old bastard, I’m here to stop Black Dwarf Regiment. You just took action against me, Lord Wolf Lord will not let you go.” Vice-Commander Langman yelled.

This third arm cover pressed over and directly shot the ground where Vice-Commander Langman was all around, sinking it.


There was a muffled sound. This was a place near the park. This shot shot out the groundwater flow, and a jet of water came out directly, but Vice-Commander Langman Is nowhere to be seen.

“Did you escape? The wolf cubs of Grey Rock Ridge are still good at escaping…”

The voice murmured to himself, “Strange, the other two forces did not Do you think you can escape by hiding like this?”

A huge air current flows in the night sky and gathers on top of that giant’s head, forming a cloud layer, and strands of brilliance burst from the cloud layer. shoot out.

Then, a shocking scene appeared. The cloud was actually burning, the whole cloud exploded, moving towards all directions spread out, covering the entire Shihai Mountain City area, reflecting This mountain city is like the day.

Countless people in the city have a strange feeling. Under such rays of light, there is a kind of invisible, transparent body inside and out. Strange feeling.

On the other side.

Somewhere in the city, looking up at the scene, Six Arms sighed and muttered: “[Heart Origin World Technique]! Eighth boundary expert, it’s really scary…”

Lin Chuan looked at this scene and was amazed. This is the terrifying of the eighth boundary expert, tracking the target, so simple and rude, directly covering the range of a city with power, leaving the enemy invisible.

[Heart Origin World Technique], the mystery of this method is actually the foundation of [Heart Origin World Lock], in terms of difficulty, it is actually the latter even worse.

Of course, the effect of [Heart Origin World Technique] is undoubtedly shocking countless times.

However, Lin Chuan is not worried about being discovered. Six Arms has promised before that, with the potting artifacts in his hands, the eighth boundary expert will not find them unless he traces his face.

The concealing power of this basin, to a certain extent, is not inferior to the tracking technique of the eighth boundary expert.

Furthermore, even if he can detect it, Lin Chuan is not worried. His [Materialized Mental Energy Membrane] is enough to ensure that he leaves silently.

While talking with Six Arms, while looking at the night sky, Lin Chuan was not idle with his hands, and was counting the things that fell from Shi Di’s body.

Six Arms’s knife, the control power can be described as superb, not only smashed Shi Di’s clothes to pieces, but did not destroy what was hidden in him.

Of course, the ability to have such control is because Fowler has already probed Shi Di before, inside and out.

Lin Chuan looked at the contents of a wallet, and Lin Chuan’s complexion moved slightly. This is often the case in this world. Inadvertently, it will bring unexpected surprises.

The things inside are not only part of the mechanical composition of [Earth King Equipment], although not all, but the most critical part.

There are two more secret letters. Lin Chuan didn’t take a closer look. However, the signature on the secret letter is worthy of inquiries.

In addition, there is a map. The text above is very old. This is the ancient secret of Centaur Race.

“Go, go, Mister Six, our goal has been achieved.” Lin Chuan waved said with a smile.

Six Arms nodded, seeing this young Mechanic in such a good mood, knowing that it must be rewarding.

As for what the harvest is, Six Arms doesn’t care. The purpose of his trip is to fulfill mutual agreement. As long as Lin Chuan delivers the materials needed by his ethnic group in accordance with the agreement, he will do everything else. do not care.

Operating the pots, the entire group moved fast in the fog and left the scene at the fastest speed.


Suddenly, a huge roar came from far away from Shihai Mountain City.

In the night sky, a pair of blood-red beast pupils suddenly lit up, like two rounds of blood moon, shining into Shihai Mountain City.

In an instant, the extremely cold and violent aura permeated, the wolf howling of hiding the sky and covering the earth came from afar, and the breath of one after another terrifying beast swept the entire city.

In the city, countless people once again experienced the situation just now. Their bodies were unable to move. What’s more terrifying than before, it seems that the blood in the body has also solidified this time.

“Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord?!” Someone asked in amazement.

whiz whiz whiz ……

Inner City is everywhere, one after another figure flies out, it is Vice-Commander Langman, standing with a group of wolf soldiers under him On a tall building, panting heavily.

The situation just now was very dangerous. When Shi Family’s old monster took the shot, it was not Black Dwarf Regiment that immediately dealt with, but with a powerful force to suppress this Wolf Soldier Regiment.

“Good risk! Good risk…, if Lord Wolf Lord hadn’t arrived, we would be in danger today.” Vice-Commander Langman forehead braved cold sweat and barked heartless said with a smile.

This melee will lead to Shi Hulie of Shi Family, which Vice-Commander Langman did not expect.

You know, Shi Family, the old bastard, hasn’t been out for some years. In the past, no matter how fierce the Shihai Mountain is, it hasn’t been too much.

This time, did it appear like this because of an attack on the Northern Royal Family?

Vice-Commander Langman’s eyes rolled, he felt something was wrong, but he had no other clue.

“Which side are the two mysterious influences? It seems that they are still hostile…” Vice-Commander Langman muttered.

At this moment–

In the night sky, a huge wolf shadow broke through the sky. It was not a phantom, but a giant wolf like a hill.

Giant wolf is born with two wings, and between the flaps, it generates gusts of wind and stops in midair outside Shihai Mountain City.

“I trust you have been well since we last met! Grey Rock Wolf Lord…” Shi Hulie’s voice sounded, with a hint of vigilance.

“hehe…, your this bastard is also alive and well, you haven’t died for so long…” A big laugh came from the huge flying wolf’s back.


In the city, countless people looked up. Many experts had their eyesight and wanted to see the true face of the eighth boundary expert, but found that their eyesight was blocked and invisible. Force field obscuration.

In the night sky, only the wind swept through, and no one could hear the conversation behind the two eighth boundary experts…

After a while, the huge flying wolf suddenly bloomed on the back. A group of shining brilliance, as gorgeous as a silver moon in the night sky, moved towards Shihai Mountain City, spreading, and also performing a tracking technique covering the whole city.

Seeing this scene, we have arrived at Lin Chuan and Six Arms in the south of Inner City, and had to stop and hide in a hidden corner.

It is true that Six Arms is very confident in the secret treasure in his hand, and Lin Chuan is also very confident in his own concealment methods. However, the two eighth boundary experts simultaneously perform the tracking technique, and still have to give enough respect.

If this is not careful and a trace is detected, then the two eighth boundary experts will face the Thunder offensive. There are probably not many that can compete with this in the world.

Standing in the shadows, Lin Chuan watched the changes all around. It was a temporary escape, and just took this opportunity to feel the eighth boundary expert level.

At the forehead, an eyeball pattern emerges, and a Mental Energy is like a thin line, winding away in the fog, and then continuously spreading, hiding in the fog, and carefully releasing the breath of the eighth boundary expert.

Next moment, Lin Chuan’s vision in front of him suddenly changed. He felt that outside of the fog, the force of nature from the outside world was agitated like a wave of anger, frantically rushing to all directions of the city.

This situation is just like the tsunami of Foca Tower in the past. The turbulent sea swept over it. Under the cover of the sea, how many things can be hidden.

This is the simplicity and rudeness of [Heart Origin World Technique]. It mobilizes external forces and uses them for their own use. The force of nature is what they see in their own vision.

“Is this the heart origin power boundary of the eighth boundary…”

Lin Chuan muttered to himself, the forehead’s eyeball pattern kept rotating, vaguely, around the eyeball pattern, One after another small mysterious lines appear, which seems to be constructing a complete pattern.


In the robe, Kitty Lan is also restless, the aura of the huge flying wolf in the night sky makes it a little restless inexplicably, I want to charge Ahead, showing the body of Gigantification, flow with this huge evil spirit.

Little Brat has a feeling. It seems that he can talk with this giant flying wolf.

This is just a feeling, a sense of intimacy engraved in the bone…

Immediately, Kitty Lan shivered all over his body. He was thinking about something, it was a little kitty, Why come in contact with such a huge flying wolf.

It is just a Little Blue Cat. Although the species is unknown, it must be a cute cat instead of a giant wolf with face looks sinister.

For Little Brat’s movement, Lin Chuan can clearly feel that his Mental Energy is continuously spreading, forming a network, and feeling the power changes of the eighth boundary expert.

The benefits of this contact are much greater than Lin Chuan expected.

His heart origin power, of course, is on the fifth boundary, but with a solid degree, the size of the Heart Origin Wheel has long surpassed the fifth boundary level.

Mental Energy is far more than heart origin power. What he lacks is the more expert use of power.

Especially the power of Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord, the ominous beast and pure murderous aura, which is somewhat similar to Mental Energy, and Lin Chuan has benefited a lot from the use of its power.

For a time, the power of Lin Chuan within the body ran wildly, and his Mental Energy oscillated at a strange frequency, making his [Materialized Mental Energy] more and more condensed.

kacha ……

Lin Chuan forehead, the eyeball pattern flashed, and a faint light blade flashed past, cutting a crack in his Heart Origin Induction Helmet.

As a result of this change, Lin Chuan couldn’t help being surprised. He immediately woke up and quickly reduced his strength.

“It’s so risky…, it’s almost a breakthrough, it would be too embarrassing to be found like this…” Lin Chuan murmured.

On the side, Six Arms and others are speechless. This young Mechanic’s focus, shouldn’t it be that the opportunity of sudden enlightenment was interrupted, and I feel extremely sorry…

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