This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 511

“It turned out to be like this…”

“The control of power by the eighth boundary is really artistic…”

Lin Chuan muttered softly, although his sudden enlightenment I was interrupted, but my own gains were also very rich. The two eighth boundary experts used tracking techniques in this way, which was extremely shocking in the eyes of others.

Here in Lin Chuan, I feel more about the use of power…

It is true that his current power is still far away from the eighth boundary, but just know it. For Lin Chuan, the skills used, the improvement and simplification, and the use of some rudimentary little skills, for Lin Chuan, it is a matter of have the words at hand.

As for the interruption of the sudden enlightenment process, Lin Chuan didn’t care. He had experienced this situation a lot, and it was not the first time that it was interrupted.

“Let’s go. Mr. Six Arms, let’s go back now…”

Lin Chuan said like this, the Mental Energy around the body spread out like a spider web, It spreads in the mist all around, forming a big net, enveloping the entire group.

Suddenly, Six Arms noticed that the breath of the two eighth boundary experts in midair disappeared, that kind of oppression disappear without a trace.

“this method, pseudo eighth boundary……”

Six Arms, and a few of his subordinates can’t help but be shocked. They are all great experts in this line, and they naturally understand this Lin Chuan’s display of this The method is somewhat similar to the barrier of the eighth boundary expert.

Generally, this can be achieved. They are all pseudo eighth boundary experts who stepped out with half a foot. For example, the seventh boundary Sword Grandmaster before, discussed and exchanged with Tai Gu for half a month, and stepped forward steadily. After half a step, this can be done.

“This is just what I have just felt that I can isolate the large-scale exploration of the eighth boundary expert. If the scope is reduced to our door, it will not work.”

Lin Chuan Speaking truthfully.

The ability to isolate the eighth boundary expert’s detection is not something he can do with his current strength, but with this secret treasure of Six Arms, he can do this.

Do you think I would believe it…

Six Arms took a look at this young Mechanic, secretly slandering him, but he had fought against Lin Chuan, if he had to rely on that battle The secret treasure in his hand, I am afraid that in a face-to-face confrontation, with the endless means of Fighting Mechanic, he has long been defeated.

The battle strength of this young Mechanic is comparable to a seventh boundary expert, and its Martial Way innate talent is so high that it will scare individuals to death.

For such a genius, at this stage, Six Arms will not question the mystery of the eighth boundary.

As for Lin Chuan, Six Arms does not believe it with only a slight insight. Thinking of the various methods of this young Mechanic, Six Arms would rather believe that this youngster’s perception of the Martial Way boundary has already touched At the threshold of the eighth boundary.

For this misunderstanding, Lin Chuan did not explain, the entire group quickly left, and soon disappeared into the darkness.



in midair, the huge flying wolf roared, slightly agitated.

On the back of the wolf, sitting a man wearing a large gray cloak and a wolf-shaped mask is the Wolf Lord of Grey Rock Ridge.

The relationship between Wolf Lord and Flying Winged Giant Wolf is just like a family member. I immediately felt that the mount was wrong. The giant wolf head was patted, and he whispered a few words in a low voice, just like a wolf roar.

“roar roar……”

Flying Winged Giant Wolf howled for a while, and the Wolf Lord suddenly showed a surprised look. This strange beast that has been with him for many years actually said that in Shihai Mountain City I found a terrifying strange beast breath.

The terrifying strange beast breath! ?

Grey Rock Wolf Lord’s heart was shaken. He knew the meaning of giant wolf very well, representing the strange beast in the city, at least not inferior to it.

This is an extremely shocking discovery…

You must know that his Flying Winged Giant Wolf mount is a alien species left over from the ancient era. It stands to reason that this world is early You can’t find other alien species.

Thinking about it, the power cast by Grey Rock Wolf Lord suddenly converged, looking at the giant phantom, who was on the opposite side, hovering in mid-air, and said: “There is no trace. Those guys are too good at hiding, I’m afraid you can take action. I just flee Shihai Mountain City. Forget it, anyway, it’s the city you are in. I don’t care about it.”

“This time, my Wolf Soldier Regiment is not here to make trouble. Yes, but came to help. You don’t need to thank me or pay me.”

“My Grey Rock Wolf Lord has always been willing to help others, seeing the heavy losses in this city Come on, you take care of this mess…”

Grey Rock Wolf Lord laughed heartily, patted Flying Winged Giant Wolf, and then moved towards the city and flew away, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Looking at the direction where the giant wolf disappeared, the huge phantom stared indifferently for a while, and also disappeared.

For a time, in Shihai Mountain City, calm was restored. The melee scene that almost blew up the entire city just now disappeared in an instant. Everything seemed to have never happened before, just like a scene. nightmare.

Of course, if the scene of destruction in the eastern part of Inner City does not exist, some people might think it is a nightmare.

Now, looking at the disaster site in the eastern district of Inner City, where more than half of the disaster site has been destroyed, those high-level people in Shihai Mountain City feel that their legs are a little weak. How can they face the high-level people in the north tomorrow? People, the pressure of public opinion…

At the same time.

Somewhere in Shihai Mountain City, in the depths of a huge manor, among towering trees, a white-faced old man sits upright, all around piled pieces of Energy Crystal, the old man within the body generates a suction , Madly absorbing the power in Energy Crystal, the fluctuations blooming on his body are like huge waves.

The huge phantom sprang out of the old man and caused an almost invincible shock effect.

This old man is the Helmsman of the Shi Family, the peerless genius of the Northern Land, and one of the eighth boundary of the Northern Land-Shi Hulie.

huhuhu ……

The breath of the old man continued to converge, the stormy sea-like momentum gradually disappeared, and then the Energy Crystal pillars all around stopped moving, this woods It has been restored to its original state.

Opening his eyes, Shi Hulie looked around, got up and walked into the courtyard of the woods, where a pot of tea had just boiled, he picked up the teapot and poured it into the jade green cup.

For a while, the refreshing fragrance of tea permeated, and the forest was suddenly filled with extramundane aura, seeming to be completely isolated from the outside world.

Taking a sip of tea, Shi Hulie sighed, looked towards the distance, and muttered: “The guy who has disappeared for so many years, but suddenly moved out today, wanting to grab something from my hand, it’s really a crazy dream.”

sneered, Shi Hulie beckoned, and a white shadow flew over. It was the white cloak figure that surrounded Fire Gnome Village before.

“Master Hulie, you can figure it out. As expected, you will be earth shattering as soon as you shoot. He killed the Black Dwarf Regiment like a dog, and let the Grey Rock Wolf Lord retreat without fighting. A great achievement…”

The figure in the white cloak opened his mouth, without repeating Ma Pi, speaking endlessly, unlike the appearance of aloof and remote in front of people, like two people.

“Okay. Stop flattering, it makes my Senior blush…”

Shi Hulie waved his hand and interrupted the white cloak figure’s advocacy, not to say He doesn’t like listening to Mapi.

Among the younger generations of Shi Family, the white cloak figure’s hemp skill can be said to be unsurpassed. That’s why it is reused in this way and is responsible for commanding the hidden power of Shi Family.

Otherwise, with the white cloak figure’s ability, Shi Family’s juniors are not as good as it, and there are at least dozens of people who are better than the Shi Family. It’s not his turn to control Shi Family. The strongest team, the top five characters of equivalent to family.

The reason Shi Hulie interrupted was to ask about important matters. Some of the influences that appeared tonight were in his expectation, such as Black Dwarf Regiment, Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Soldier Regiment…


Others were beyond Shi Hulie’s expectation. The two mysterious teams that appeared later made him a little unpredictable.

“While encircling Fire Gnome Village, the guy who snatched the ashes of Fire Gnome previous Village Head, is there any news…” Shi Hulie solemnly asked.

“This…, Master Hulie, there is no news yet. That person seems to have evaporated…”

The white cloak figure said hesitantly, secretly anxious, he is the most The worry is that Shi Hulie asked about this as soon as he left the customs.

The real purpose of encircling Fire Gnome Village is to seize the ashes of the previous Village Head Monte and confirm whether it is really dead.

Now, the ashes are gone, and the person who stole the ashes is also lost. How the white cloak figure is not flustered, he is thinking about pushing all the responsibilities to those bastards in Grey Rock Ridge .

Anyway, during the encirclement and suppression of Fire Gnome Village, Grey Rock Ridge’s Wolf Soldier Regiment did come out and blocked it. This is the best backer.

Before the white cloak figure could speak, Shi Hulie waved his hand and said, “If there is no news, there is news. If you can do this without a trace, there is really only the family where the guy is. Unexpectedly, Was that guy really not dead at the time, hmph hmph hmph……”

Looking at Shi Hulie’s sneer softly, the white cloak figure stood aside, quietly waiting for the next step.

After talking to himself for a while, Shi Hulie frowned again, “The four waves of influence tonight, sure that the third one is the influence of that guy, what about the fourth one?”

“From the signs just now, it should be the enemy of that guy, who was qualified to be his enemy at the beginning, besides us, is there anyone else…” Shi Hulie muttered to himself.

Thinking for a moment, Shi Hulie ordered the figure of the white cloak to mobilize all power to interrogate strange visitors in the city.

Waving the white cloak back, Shi Hulie frowns, sipping green tea, muttered: “These guys won’t come early or late, but it’s on my side. Study [Earth King Equipment] If there is progress, I still choose to make trouble on the Northern King’s birthday. Is there any conspiracy…”

After thinking for a while, Shi Hulie stretched his brows, “No matter what conspiracy you have, as long as [Earth King Equipment 】 Research, can make breakthrough progress within this month, when the time comes, even if you join hands together, Monte will come back from the dead, what can you do to me.”

“Finally, several decades ago, I I got an absolute head start. One step ahead means step by step. Now as long as this critical juncture is passed, the entire Northern Land is my decision. hmph hmph hmph……”

Shi Hulie drank the green tea in his cup, got up and moved towards the depths of the forest.

At the same time.

Everywhere in Shihai Mountain City, one after another Floating Vehicle is speeding, and rescue operations are being carried out everywhere. In order to restore some of the reputation of Government Hall, the top management has made great efforts.

In the eastern district of Inner City, a slender man with a white dog pet, followed by a burly man, moved towards an alley.

In the shadow of the alley, the white-haired dog sniffed around, making certain/affirm wu wu sounds from time to time, wagging its tail to the slender man.

“Is it here? That strange beast stayed here…” The slender man pondered then said.

Behind him, the burly man is also glanced around, with a look of excitement on his face. If Lin Chuan and the others are here, he will definitely recognize him. This person is the Vice-Commander Langman of Wolf Soldier Regiment.

As for the identity of the slender man, I am ready to come out…

“Leader. When the time comes, you can really capture the strange beast, just give me a mount, see here I was born to death for Grey Rock Ridge for so many years…” Langman lowered his voice and pleaded.

The slender man squinted at Langman, with disdainful contempt in his eyes. Does this guy still have the face to say that Grey Rock Ridge was born and died? It’s mostly troublesome…

The action at this time was originally for Langman to come to Shihai Mountain City to investigate. This guy froze with Black Dwarf hero, but there is still news that Shi Hulie was old bastard has left the customs.

If it weren’t for him to be in the vicinity, it would be unknown whether Langman could stand and leave tonight.

Such an inadequate guy still has the face to have a strange beast as a mount. I really want to give Langman a strange beast. I don’t know what bigger mistakes will be made in the future.

What’s more, the slender man sneered, “You kid, do you think the strange beast mount is casually tamed? Just you, I’m afraid it’s not enough for that strange beast to shoot with a paw, let alone this strange beast can Appearing in Shihai Mountain City, I’m afraid I already have a master.”

“Tonight’s Shihai Mountain City is a bit weird, I’m afraid there is still a strong expert…”

Langman opened his mouth, just about to say something, but when he heard the white-haired dog scream suddenly, he fell to the ground, his hind legs twitched vigorously, and there was a puddle of liquid on the ground. It was actually being tricked by something NIAO Now…

Seeing this, the slender man, Langman startled, rushed forward to check the condition of the white-haired dog.

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