This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 512

gu gu gu ……

The white-haired dog’s lower abdomen undulates violently, and there seems to be living creatures in it that are squirming and growing, as if to burst the white-haired dog’s belly.

Looking at the white-haired dog’s belly, it swelled several times in a short period of time. The whole body grew like a ball. Grey Rock Wolf Lord and Vice-Commander Langman were all discolored. I don’t understand how the white-haired dog is. Unconsciously, it was conspired.

Grey Rock Wolf Lord body flashed, he has already reached the white-haired dog, growls, asks the situation in wolf language, and injects strength to help him heal.

With the incomparably pure power injected into the white-haired dog within the body, Grey Rock Wolf Lord complexion changed. The thing in the white-haired dog’s belly is completely different from what he expected, not a poison. It’s not other weird things either.

It is a mass of invisible gas, which can be sensed by his keen perception. This gas contains extremely terrifying Mental Energy.

“Grey, don’t move! I’ll heal you.”

Grey Rock Wolf Lord complexion changed, immediately opened his mouth and sprayed out a cloud of light mist, and the white-haired dog’s The body was enveloped in it, and as the light mist penetrated into its body, the white-haired dog’s swollen belly quickly shrank and recovered as before.

wu wu wu ……

The recovered white-haired dog ran over and rubbed on the legs of Grey Rock Wolf Lord. He didn’t want to explore the surroundings anymore, but he was shocked just now. , Almost thought he was dead.

You must know that the real body of the white-haired dog is the Flying Winged Giant Wolf just now, a rare alien in the world.

This kind of wolf is far more resistant to poisons and harmful substances than other creatures. From birth to now, it has never encountered such a thing. It really scared it just now. Up.

“Leader, what is going on? What is the poison of Boss Grey?”

Vice-Commander Langman asked in a low voice, Flying Winged Giant Wolf followed Grey Rock Wolf Lord There have been several decades, and for the members of Wolf Soldier Regiment, this giant wolf is like a teacher and a leader.

From joining Wolf Soldier Regiment to now, Vice-Commander Langman has seen for the first time that Flying Winged Giant Wolf will be poisoned by poisons, even the most poisonous ones in Northern Land, for Flying Winged For Giant Wolf, they can be eaten as jelly beans.


Grey Rock Wolf Lord shook the head, “This is not a poison, it is a Mental Energy attack method, and the people who use it are powerful!”

As one of the eighth boundary experts of Northern Land, Grey Rock Wolf Lord has encountered countless large and small experts, as well as experts who are good at Mental Energy.

However, the previous Mental Energy experts are far worse than those who use this method.

“Brand Mental Energy here. Anyone who comes here with hounds will be stimulated and lose their sense of smell…”

Grey Rock Wolf Lord pointed to the white hair The dog’s nose, the latter looked up and sniffed, the red and swollen nose really couldn’t smell.

Moreover, this Mental Energy attack method is very clever. The stronger the hound, the more intense the attack.

Beasts such as the white-haired dog received the most violent attack and almost burst their stomachs.

This kind of targeted Mental Energy attack method, Grey Rock Wolf Lord has encountered before, but compared with this one, it is far behind.

Not only that, this Mental Attack can also hurt white-haired dogs.

You must know that without relying on huge physical strength, the strength of the white-haired dog is not inferior to that of the sixth boundary expert.

“At least the Mental Energy expert with the strength of the seventh boundary, and probably the owner of the strange beast…”

Grey Rock Wolf Lord muttered in a low voice and couldn’t help it. Wrinkled frowned, but as a martial artist, no one is willing to deal with an expert who is good at Mental Energy.

I am good at Mental Energy’s expert, and there are too many unexpected attacks. Let alone the same level, even if it is a big boundary, if you are not careful, you will suffer a lot, and it will be difficult to find the opponent. Trace.

As for the Mental Energy expert on the seventh boundary, there is an endless stream of weird methods, and it is a headache to think about it.

It is true that the strength of Grey Rock Wolf Lord has reached the eighth boundary. With the cooperation of Flying Winged Giant Wolf, it can be said that there are few opponents in the eighth boundary.

However, in the case of head-on confrontation, Mental Energy’s expert is good at this kind of long-range attack, who will meet force with force frontally with you.

Rao is the Grey Rock Wolf Lord, thinking of fighting against the Mental Energy expert on the seventh boundary is a headache.

Frowning and thinking, Grey Rock Wolf Lord glanced at Vice-Commander Langman, and said: “Langman, give you a task. Grey has suffered, but I can’t do that. Find out the arrangement. The trap guy, he is probably also the owner of the strange beast, don’t you want the strange beast mount? Kill that person, or grab the strange beast from him, this is not one move, two gains.”

“You work hard to complete this task, and I am waiting for your good news.”

Grey Rock Wolf Lord said like this, picking up the white dog, softly comforting, and said Take it to eat delicious food, and then leave.

Vice-Commander Langman stood there, the whole person was dumbfounded, he wanted a strange beast mount, yes, he also wanted to be the Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord, but he didn’t want to court death. !

This is a Mental Energy expert at the seventh boundary level, let alone Langman, even if there are three of them, he is not sure to deal with it.

Looking at the attitude of Grey Rock Wolf Lord, we can see how difficult it is to deal with the Mental Energy expert at the seventh boundary level. With the leader’s love of Flying Winged Giant Wolf, it’s replaced by others who let Boss Grey eat it. It’s a big pain, and I’ve already cut that person a lot.

However, Grey Rock Wolf Lord threw this task to Langman. What this shows, of course, is to act and comfort Boss Grey.

“If I really go to trouble with that person, then my brain is really broken. Besides, the Mental Energy expert on the seventh boundary, which is what I can find by looking for…”

Vice-Commander Langman muttered, thinking of such an excuse, and chased after him.


At the same time.

In the hospital in the southern district of Inner City, Shi Di look pale lying on the hospital bed, both eyes are godless, as if they have lost their soul.

A machine flickering around the hospital bed, showing Shi Di’s lifeform sign is normal, but the brain waves fluctuate very sharply, going straight up and down like a roller coaster.

“Mister Shi Di was too frightened, I’m afraid I can’t record a confession…”

The medical staff kept their faces straight, so when talking to the Guard Section people, there is nothing good at all. Complexion.

In the eyes of the general public, such a big incident is the inaction of the Government Hall and the incompetence of the guards.

The official statement is that the attack of Black Dwarf Regiment caused such a large loss. However, if it were not for the inadequate detection of the Guard Section and the inadequate preventive measures, how could Black Dwarf Regiment invade Inner City? Come.

That’s 10,000 Black Dwarf Regiment, not one or two hundred. With so many Black Dwarf lurking in, are all the guards in the Guard Section blind?

In the hospital, from the medical staff to the patient’s censure, the Guard Section staff can only knock down their teeth and swallow them in their stomachs. Who will let the Government Hall always promote, say the guards of Shihai Mountain City Very elite, one guard can fight 10 thugs.

Now that the cowhide is blown out, I can only be scolded by someone pointing at the backbone…

Actually, the guards of Shihai Mountain City are wronged. With their fighting power In terms of it, it is really one of the very best in Northern Land, but compared with Black Dwarf Regiment, it is really incomparable.

“Then, when Mister Shi Di wakes up, let us know…”

The two guards laughed dryly, turned around and walked away dingy.

The door of the ward was closed. After waiting for a while, Shi Di eyes slowly opened. He did not scare him into confusion at all.

It’s just that he didn’t want to contact the guards before he smoothed his thoughts, so as to avoid any mistakes.

Of course, although he was not scared to lose his soul, Shi Di was also terrified. Anyone involved in the confrontation between the sixth boundary and the seventh boundary expert would have the horror of the end.

What’s more, Shi Di’s true strength is only the fifth boundary. It was caught in such an expert collision. At that time, it really felt like a flat boat in the sea of ​​anger, which could be destroyed at any time.

“Fortunately, fortunately…I survived, I almost died…”

Opened my eyes and looked at the snow-white roof of the ward, Shi Di Recalling the shocking scene before, his thoughts gradually turned.

He was an agile man, and soon thought of various problems. The Black Dwarf Regiment was going to attack Third Royal Son Monte, and the third mysterious team that appeared behind was aimed at him. .

What is the purpose?

Shi Di was a shivered and touched the clothes on his body. It was the newly put on sick clothes. The original clothes on his body were torn to pieces in the collision.


Shi Di relaxed, secretly thought Fortunately, fortunately, the clothes of the whole body are destroyed, the important letters, maps, and 【Earth King Equipment ] Part of the structure map is destroyed.

It’s not a pity that these things are destroyed. It’s a good thing that those letters are destroyed.

As for the map and part of the structure map, if it is destroyed, it will be destroyed. Anyway, there are backups, nothing at worst.

“The target of the influence is me. To be precise, it is our Shi Family. The family should know the news…”

“Third Royal Son Monte is also safe there. Nothing, very good, my position in the Northern Land Royal City will not be shaken in the future…”

Shi Di silently thought, stroking the things before and after, and finally relieved. In the turmoil at this time, he not only survived a catastrophe, but good things should come soon.

Thinking about this, Shi Di fell into a deep sleep with a slight smile.


On the other side.

In the secret room of the Northern Land Shihai Hall, Lin Chuan was stunned. The Mental Brand Mark he arranged in the eastern district of Inner City was swallowed by something.

“Strange…, something touched all the Mental Brand Marks…”

Lin Chuan was surprised. He arranged a lot of Mental Brand Marks, as many as nearly 10,000. , Equivalent to ten thousand miniature Mental Energy bombs.

Its role, as predicted by Grey Rock Wolf Lord, is to target hounds that are scouting around.

It is true that Lin Chuan is very confident about his own concealment, coupled with the secret treasure of Six Arms, will not leave any clues.

However, he has always been cautious, and when he left, he made some arrangements to avoid being caught by the hunting dogs with super keen sense of smell.

Lin Chuan has heard from Bayen that there are such breeds of hounds in Northern Land that can smell the scent that other hounds can’t smell.

So, he arranged 10,000 Mental Brand Marks, very small, like dust, specifically for those hounds.

It’s just that these nearly 10,000 Mental Brand Marks will be triggered at the same time. This is something Lin Chuan did not expect. He is thinking, is Shihai Mountain City really dispatched tens of thousands of hounds?

It is still said that some problems with his layout caused these Mental Brand Mark chains to explode.

For a moment, Lin Chuan put aside this doubt. Anyway, those Mental Brand Marks will only make the hounds suffer for a while, and let their sense of smell fail, which will not do any harm.

Unless a hound touches too many Mental Brand Marks, this probability is too low.

Turning his head, Lin Chuan looked towards Bayen, the latter was knocking on his head with a book by Madame Die, and was downcast translating the old language of Centaur Race there.

Yes, it is the map that Lin Chuan brought back. It is full of ancient texts from Centaur Race.

I thought that Bayen could translate it quickly. Didn’t expect this Centaur/troops to be like eating something. Look pale’s translation took almost an hour and the progress was only one-tenth.

“Mister Bayen. Didn’t you say that you are very knowledgeable in the language of Centaur Race?” Lowden squinted, mocking said with a smile.

I have to say that bragging is the instinct of male animals, especially Bayen, who used to be good at picking up girls in Northern Land. For bragging of this kind of ability, it is even more tempered to the point of perfection.

During the journey to Northern Land, Bayen kept boasting about his accomplishments in Northern Land, including his knowledge, claiming to be a language expert at Centaur Race, what ancient scripts, the completion of incomplete classics, The translation was done by him assisting elder in the clan.

It is precisely because of this ability that he was selected by the elder of the clan to participate in the secret plan of [Earth King Equipment] restoration.

Lin Chuan and the others really believe in Bayen’s boasting, mainly because the Centaur/troops itself is strong and looks quite reliable.

Now, it is the original form. Looking at the painful appearance of Bayen, Lin Chuan shook the head, it is as if nothing has been reviewed. The expressions of the students in the examination room are too vivid.

On the side, Madame Die was holding a thick book, like a big brick, fiercely smashed Centaur/troops on the head, coldly said: “Fortunately, you had the face to say that you learned in Centaur Race. It’s better than your big brother that day, but I didn’t like patriarch’s busy schedule and walked far to Shihai Mountain City. I really believed you at the time, you liar!?”

Looking at Madame Die, angry With the uneven appearance, a group of comrades can make up for the past. Madame Die was only 20 years old at that time, and there was a pure girlish heart. Under the rhetoric of the veteran hunter Bayen, I naturally felt that this Centaur/troops said everything. Really.

Looking back now, they are all lies. Bayen came to Shihai Mountain City, where is what to travel Northern Land, but another task.

“Beautiful Young Lady Die, why do you favor a man like this? Why don’t you have a year-end relationship with my old handsome guy…”

Howya came forward and shouted sincerely Road, but was kicked flying by Bayen.

“Mister Chuan. Can you help…” Bayen begged.

Lin Chuan curled his lips and despised this Centaur/troops. Because of this guy’s bragging, he didn’t have an in-depth study of the language of Centaur Race on the way to Northern Land, so where is it now?

“Mister Bayen, if you want to take revenge and find out the true culprit of the year, you should speed up the progress.”

“I guess, this map and the Experiment Base of the year exploded, There is a great connection.”

“Furthermore, the continuous attacks tonight are probably not only because of the Northern King birthday, so many influences appearing simultaneously, it shouldn’t happen for no reason…”

Lin Chuan slowly said.

Everyone is hearing this, all heart shivered with cold, Bayen’s face is even more whole, immediately buried his head, and fully translated the ancient writing on this map.

“Very good, come on!”

Lin Chuan gave a cool encouragement, sat down aside, poured a drink, and watched the monitor.

At this time, it was dawn in Shihai Mountain City, the sky was raining, and the voice of hua la la came from the surveillance. Lin Chuan squinted his eyes and stretched his body, feeling a touch of comfort.

When he stayed in the house, he liked such a rainy day. Hearing the sound of rain, he felt a sense of tranquility inexplicably.


On the opposite side, Kitty Lan was lying on the girl’s lap, and Lymira was feeding her a little while the puppet was holding a massager and giving it to Little Brat massage, so uncomfortable.


Kitty Lan called to Lin Chuan and told what happened just now. It is indeed the Flying Winged Giant Wolf of the Grey Rock Wolf Lord. An inexplicable connection.

This feeling is like a resonance, which Little Brat has never encountered before.

“The appearance of Little Brat, even if it is Gigantification, is not like a giant wolf!”

“Or, the beast tribe to which the little thing belongs is the same as the Flying Winged What is the connection with Giant Wolf…”

Lin Chuan speculated like this.

When you have the opportunity, ask about Fire Gnome Village Head Leeman, then Fire Gnome said that the relationship with Grey Rock Ridge is not bad.

Drinking the drink, Lin Chuan squinted his eyes and fell into a false sleepy sleep, his thoughts also stopped.

I don’t know how long it has been–

I heard Bayen growl, “It’s done, I’ve said it all, my clan’s old sayings can’t bother me, but it’s been too long. It’s so strange after working.”

Opening my eyes, watching the majestic Centaur/troops dancing there, a group of companions also showed surprise.

Lin Chuan checked the time. Three hours passed, and it was already morning.

Preparing to get up and look at which area this map is, they saw Lowden, Howya, and Six Arms all in a dignified mood. When they saw Lin Chuan wake up, they hurriedly greeted him.

“Mister Chuan. It’s incredible…” Lowden said solemnly.

Lin Chuan walked forward quickly and took a look at the map. He didn’t actually see any clues, he showed Tai Gu.

Immediately, Tai Gu’s cry out in surprise came from earphone: “This map, this other Centaur Race, actually has a map of this place!?”

This place where is it?

Lin Chuan looked at the map, and it was not correct with the regional map in the information library, and there was no similarity.

“The complete Sealed Territory!”

“It is the place where there are many ancient secret places, which are similar to the current Four Great Territories…”

Tai Gu was silent for a moment, and said the answer.

Lin Chuan opened his mouth and finally understood that the Experiment Base would be blown up at the beginning. If this map is exposed to the world, let alone the influence of Northern Land, I am afraid that the influences of the Mysterious Star Empire will be swarmed. And to.

Of course, Centaur Regiment is still there. There are not many influences that can expedition to Northern Land and can retreat all over the body.

Lin Chuan shook the head, no wonder the influence of those eighth boundary experts will do it, and the old fire Gnome Village Head, really concealed the most important news.

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