This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 513

In the secret room, everyone’s breathing is a bit heavy. Except for the two girls Lymira and Laknia, they don’t know the value of Sealed Territory.

Others know how amazing the value of Sealed Territory is. Such a place represents a heart-shaking treasure, and it is a treasure that is hard to find today.

[Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], Black Diamond Mithril, Blue Tiger Dazzling Ore…, these rare ores that disappeared in legends, as well as plants that have extraordinary effects on living creatures in ancient legends, Medicine ingredients, etc., may be found in Sealed Territory.

Don’t say anything else, just the Ancient Land where Fire Gnome Village Head Leeman is located. The Sealed Territory has at least more than one hundred. This is a crazy number.

Lowden and Howya swallowed saliva, these two Old Guys thought of [Redbud Note Book] mentioning that in the dark ages, and even older years, there are magical springs that make people young.

It is said that the long lifespan of Elf Race has something to do with that kind of magical spring water. If you can get a little, the young is a teenager, and it matches with the [Redbud Pond] in Dava Golden City, the breakthrough seventh boundary. Sure at least 80 to 90%.

Even after the breakthrough seventh boundary, there is hope to look forward to the eighth boundary……. What a wonderful thing this is.

Lin Chuan glanced around, and everyone else in the room had their own minds. They were a little bit unable to control the temptation of Sealed Territory.

“Sealed Territory…, if there are those rare materials, I might be able to complete the [seventh equipment] and the [Cracked Scale Arm] upgrade in a very short time. By then… …”

Lin Chuan’s mind trembled when he thought of this.

At this time, Tai Gu’s call came from the earphone: “You brat, don’t worry about the ones that are there or not, there is a problem with this map…”

Lin Chuan was taken aback. Before he could observe carefully, he listened to Bayen said solemnly: “What are you happy about, this map is wrong.”

Suddenly, everyone was thrown into a basin of ice water, simultaneously staring at Bayen, Madame Die is also the man who fiercely stares at her, and she also wants to get the spring of youth forever.

The majestic Centaur/troops stared at the map, suddenly laughed, and barked his teeth. “This map is indeed wrong. To be precise, the map Shi Hulie got was originally wrong. This is really true. Good news!”

Bayen laughed and told a group of companions that this is the top-secret drawing method of Centaur Race. Except for a few people in the clan, it is almost impossible to restore the correct map. .

shua~ shua~ shua~ ……

In the secret room, Bayen redrawn the map. He used a kind of animal skin, which belongs to the Gudo Beast unique to Centaur Race territory. Leather.

This kind of leather is very hard and requires a special carving knife made by Centaur Race to be able to mark it freely.

For this kind of drawing, Bayen’s level is obviously far better than that of translation ancient writing, and it is almost done in a moment.

I engraved the translated ancient writing, word by word, and examined it. Nodded, Bayen is very satisfied with oneself’s craftsmanship.

A group of companions are a little skeptical. The hide map looks no different from before.

“The last crucial step is still missing!”

Bayen said, amidst the exclamation of the girl Lemira, she cut her wrist and blood spewed out. All of the Gudo Beast leather was dyed red all at once.

Looking at this majestic Centaur/troops’ heroic bloodletting method, Lin Chuan and the others twitched slightly. They all wanted to ask if so much blood was needed?

At this time, I saw that the surface of this Gudo Beast skin began to change, Bayen’s blood actually seeped in, and the map on the entire leather changed little by little, showing a completely different difference from the previous one. A map.


“This is a unique map made by Centaur Race.”

“Shi Hulie should have been given this map for a long time, and it has not been printed yet. The deciphered map should not have discovered the secret of this map at all.”

Bayen certain/affirm said.

As for the method of deciphering and drawing this kind of map, apart from patriarch, only a few elders know about Centaur Race, and they are generally used to draw the top secret treasure of Centaur Race.

Looking at the blood completely seeping into the skin of Gudo Beast, the pattern on it was completely changed, not only that, but even the ancient writing was rearranged.

“Extreme Northern Land…”

“Only the real King of Centaurs can enter…”


Look The ancient writing on the map, everyone was a little confused and looked towards Bayen, waiting for the answer from the son of Centaur Clan Head.

Bayen was in a daze, his complexion constantly changing, and then he appeared in a daze.

“so that’s how it is, so that’s how it is…”

Bayen muttered to himself, then yelled, pounded his chest and cried loudly, “How am I? I didn’t find it at the beginning. If I found out earlier, they might not be dead.”

Looking at Bayen who suddenly lost self-control, everyone hurriedly stepped forward to comfort them, guessing that this majestic Centaur/troops should have thought of that year. Some of the things, the mood suddenly collapsed.

Lin Chuan took out a small [Sea Giant Potion] and poured it directly into Bayen, who gradually calmed down.

“My original thoughts were all about wearing [Earth King Equipment] and becoming a Centaur Race strongest expert. I overlooked too many things…”

Bayen calmed down , Sigh deeply. More than ten years ago, the purpose of his participation in [Earth King Equipment] restoration was actually to surpass his big brother and become the strongest in the clan.

Through childhood, Bayen has always admired his elder brother, who is better than him in every aspect.

As for the ownership of Centaur Race next Clan Head, no one in the clan has any disagreement. It is all because of Bayen’s big brother, including his oneself.

However, in his heart, Bayen still hopes to surpass his big brother in a certain way.

And the most likely to surpass is the strength of Martial Way, the difference between the two has not been much.

After that, the elder of the clan secretly searched for Bayen and proposed a plan to repair [Earth King Equipment]. The latter immediately agreed.

During the Experiment Base, Bayen’s thoughts were all on this. At other times, he would either look for Madame Die for you or me, or be assiduously cultivation.

As for some discordant things that happened in the test site, Bayen did not pay attention.

Recalling now, Bayen clearly remembers that a few days before the explosion of the Experiment Base, the atmosphere in the base was very tense. At that time, he thought that the restoration of [Earth King Equipment] had reached a critical juncture.

Now that I want to come, I am afraid that at that time, the elders in the clan had already noticed that something was wrong, and they were speeding up the test process.

“If then, I could find the clues earlier, maybe everything would be different…”

Bayen clenched his big fist, fiercely beat the table, in the Experiment Base In the days before the explosion, the final test of [Earth King Equipment] was possible several times.

However, the elder in the family was worried about his safety and delayed the test time.

If he can put on [Earth King Equipment] earlier, his battle strength will leap forward and he is very sure to save the final situation.

“There is no that many things in this world, Mister Bayen, look forward to everything, and talk about the true meaning of these ancient writing…”

Lin Chuan Shen Sheng Speaking, Mental Energy’s shock was used between the words, allowing the Centaur/troops to quickly escape from the grief.

More than ten years ago, what happened was a foregone conclusion. Now is not the time to regret. The right thing is to do what is right now.

Bayen nodded, the blood of his eyes gradually faded, said solemnly: “Shi Hulie this dog, and the bastards who blow up the Experiment Base, their real goal is Sealed Territory on the map. And ancient writing The King of Centaurs mentioned above has not appeared in Centaur Race for a long time.”

Looking up, Bayen said word by word: “The real King of Centaurs was during the Continental War a thousand years ago. At that time, the Centaur Regiment Leader is the real King of Centaurs.”

Everyone complexion changed and understood what Bayen meant. The so-called King of Centaurs is the wearer of [Earth King Equipment].

For a time, all the clues collected before were connected all at once, and everyone thought of the real reason for the explosion of the Experiment Base more than ten years ago.

Centaur Clan Head elders who are carrying out the [Earth King Equipment] restoration plan, I’m afraid the real purpose is to open the Sealed Territory on the map.

And the leak of this news, I am afraid it was not more than ten years ago, but some influence was known very early.

After all, Centaur Race carried out the restoration of [Earth King Equipment], which started after the end of the Hundred Years’ War, and has continued to the present. Certain/affirm is spread out.

It is true that the restoration of [Earth King Equipment] has been unsuccessful, but it is impossible to say that there is no other influence staring at it.

12 years ago, [Earth King Equipment]’s upcoming repair was successful, which naturally aroused the prying eyes of other influences.

It’s just that the elders of Centaur Race didn’t expect that the other party would be so cruel.

Lin Chuan shook the head, sighed, the reason why those peeping influences dare to be ruthless is because, over the years, Centaur Regiment has become weaker and less deterrent than before.

For other influences in Northern Land, certain/affirm does not want to see the reappearance of such a strong Centaur Regiment, and the temptation of Sealed Territory. All these factors put together, it was 12 years ago. The Experiment Base was blown up.

The Sealed Territory in Extreme Northern Land!

This is the source of those things 12 years ago. Lin Chuan estimates that the tragedy that occurred in Northern Land Royal City 11 years ago is also inseparable from this source.

In the earphone, Tai Gu’s voice rang, telling Lin Chuan a speculation that the Sealed Territory should have been guarded by Centaur Race, which is also the secret to the rise of Centaur Regiment.

And [Earth King Equipment] is probably also manufactured from that Sealed Territory.

“This Sealed Territory is not trivial, you must go in, boy, I guess that Cromwell went to Northern Land in the past, I am afraid that he also entered the Sealed Territory…” Tai Gu said.

Lin Chuan’s heart was shaken, he also thought of this, [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] this kind of divine stone, and the design composition of [seventh equipment], and then there is the divine stone. The manufacturing of the body…

As for the manufacturing style of Cromwell’s life, these things are obviously inconsistent with it. Tai Gu’s guess is most likely to be correct.

“The Sealed Territory, must go in…” Lin Chuan decided secretly.

Open the construction diagram. This is the construction diagram of the [Earth King Equipment] part. Lin Chuan took a closer look and got an idea.

“Since Shi Family has made considerable progress in the research on [Earth King Equipment], let’s just take a look…” Lin Chuan muttered.


The next day, early morning.

Various fortifications are underway throughout Shihai Mountain City to rebuild damaged buildings.

The atmosphere in the whole city is very tense. You can see Guard Squad patrolling everywhere, as well as City Guard, as well as assisting armed forces sent by major influences.

The fierce battle that night put Shihai Mountain City in a state of wartime security. Magicate Old Kerirone delivered an impassioned speech yesterday, denounced the atrocities of Black Dwarf Regiment, and announced the state of wartime security. It will last until the end of Northern King’s birthday.

In the southern district of Inner City, the early morning fog lingers, today is cloudy, the fog in the mountain city will not dissipate until nearly noon.

Sitting on the elongated and luxurious Floating Vehicle, Lin Chuan looked out the window, seemingly casual, in fact, in the mist, there is a fog inspired by Six Arms, and his spread of Mental Energy net.

The purpose of this trip is that Shi Di strongly invited Lin Chuan to Shi Family.

Thinking of the Shi Family where the eighth boundary expert sits, Lin Chuan has made sufficient preparations to prevent any accidents.

In the light fog, the Floating Vehicle drove over a bridge, and the terrain gradually climbed, moving towards the direction close to the top of Shihai Mountain.

Looking at the lake under the bridge, the driver in the car told him that he had arrived at the Shi Family’s territory. All around, all the places he saw were the Shi Family’s location.

“Mister Shi Di’s family background is very prominent! This place is really big…” Lin Chuan said with a smile.

On the side, Fowler also lamented that this place should be the most beautiful place in Shihai Mountain, but it has become the private domain of Shi Family.


The Floating Vehicle drove into a forest and galloped on the road between the forests. Lin Chuan looked around and could sense that one after another in this forest was vaguely Strong breath.

These breaths are at least the fourth boundary expert. There are as many as 100 fifth boundary experts, and there are even fifth boundary peaks.

These people, just guards, have such a powerful strength.

Lin Chuan really realized the heritage of Shi Family in Shihai Mountain City. This family has been operating here for so many years, and there is an eighth boundary expert sitting in town. It is really an evil dragon in this place.

At the end of the road, there is a tall building, faintly discernible among the shade of the trees…

The Floating Vehicle stops, Lin Chuan and Fowler get off the car, Shi Di is already full He greeted him with a smile.

“Mister Chuan, Mister Fowler. The distinguished guests are here, please come inside!”

Shi Di is extremely enthusiastic, taking Lin Chuan, Fowler, moved towards the building, and pays Ask Lowden.

“Lowden suffered a serious injury that night. He is also a little old and is still lying down.” Lin Chuan sighed, said.

“I will send the family’s best doctor, must heal Uncle Ai.” Shi Di promised.

Lin Chuan nodded with a smile, but it was cold in the dark. The fierce battle that night was more than a day, and it was 3rd day. I didn’t see Shi Family asking about Lowden’s situation.

Now, I only say these polite remarks after meeting. It can be seen that Shi Di’s temperament is thin and cool, and life saving benefactor can be treated the same way.

The three of them walked into the hall, Shi Di wanted to say some kind words, but Lin Chuan interrupted him.

“Mister Shi Di, I am not interested in the rewards, breakfast or lunch. You are looking for me this time, the mechanical composition that is worthy of collection, let me take a look. ……” Lin Chuan said straight to the point.

Shi Di was taken aback, and then the smile on his face became brighter. He was not at all annoyed by the interruption of the topic, but felt normal.

Mechanic is like this. If Lin Chuan’s words are so smooth, Shi Di feels something is wrong.

“Of course, Mister Chuan, please…” Shi Di raised his hand and made an invitation gesture.

The three of them are preparing to enter the laboratory in the back garden. A young girl walked downstairs. She was dressed in Chinese clothes. Her complexion was transparent and fair. There was a sultry charm among her eyes. .

Seeing the three of Shi Di, the girl had a cold attitude, she just glanced lightly. When she saw Fowler, the girl eyes shined and walked over quickly.

Looking at this girl floating like flying, Lin Chuan’s eyes jumped, not astonishing the girl’s appearance.

It is the shoes worn by this girl, with a full half foot on the heel, but it moves like flying, and it can pose such an elegant and curling posture.

For this, Lin Chuan is amazed, and it is a pity that the strength of this girl is only the second boundary, and her body style and footwork may be somewhat eclipsed by the fourth boundary expert.

It’s a pity that this martial arts aptitude…

The girl walked closer and bowed slightly to the three of them. Her eyes circled around Fowler before landing on Shi Di. lightly said with a smile: “Second brother, there is a guest here, why don’t you introduce it to me?”

“You this girl, why suddenly want to meet the guest of second brother today.”

Shi Di shook the head, introduce this girl to Lin Chuan and Fowler, who is his younger sister, who is ranked sixth in the Shi Family Ranked Tenth, named Shi Lanyi.

“It turned out to be Mister Chuan, Mister Fowler…”

Shi Lanyi looked at Lin Chuan and Fowler, and then said with a smile: “Mister Fowler doesn’t seem to be a machine So familiar, not equal to me will show you around. The surrounding scenery of this second brother’s residence is beautiful…”

“Girl, don’t mess around.”

Shi Di sullenly, turned his head and looked towards Lin Chuan, and said, “However, this girl is not wrong. I’m afraid Mister Fowler is not interested in this, so let her take it around for a while?”

Inwardly, Shi Di naturally didn’t hope that more people would know about the mechanical composition of [Earth King Equipment].

Even though, the mechanical composition he will show Lin Chuan is only a small part of [Earth King Equipment], but it is also top secret.

Actually, if you change to someone else, Shi Di will not worry that many, and will quietly get rid of it after the worst.

However, Lin Chuan’s identity is different. If this talented Mechanic had an accident in Shihai Mountain City, it would be the Mechanic organization of White Dwarf Kingdom.

The energy of the three Machinery Grandmasters, even the eighth boundary expert, is unwilling to provoke…

So, if Fowler is taken away, Shi Di is willing to see it.

“Indeed, Mister Fowler helped me a lot along the way. Why not take it with Young Lady Shi and relax here.”

Lin Chuan said like this, look Looking at Fowler, the latter smiled and saluted, without faulty behavior.

The two looked at each other, and quickly looked away, tacitly understanding each other.

Lin Chuan means that since Fowler is being watched by a woman again, that would be great. It happened to get more Shi Family information from Shi Lanyi.

As for Fowler, he is secretly proud. Who says he can only hunt for beauty and is not doing his job properly when hooking up with women.

His ability is now in great use. When he returns, he must show Lowden and the others.

Looking at the backs of Fowler and Shi Lanyi, Lin Chuan and Shi Di walked into the back garden, where there is a large-scale laboratory.

The equipment in the laboratory is more advanced than Lin Chuan imagined.

Shi Di moved very quickly. After turning on the security device in the laboratory, he took out a box, took out a somewhat old blueprint, and unfolded it in front of Lin Chuan.

“Mister Chuan, look at this thing. This is a rare mechanical composition collected by our Shi Family. Are you interested?” Shi Di said with a smile.

Lin Chuan sat down, took out the instrument, studied the mechanical composition carefully, and then fell into a thoughtful state, seeming to be studying the blueprint.

In fact, he sneered in his heart. He just took a look and recognized that this mechanical blueprint was obtained from Shi Di the night before, and there was only one third from the previous one.

This guy is really cautious…

Lin Chuan thought for a while and decided to give this guy a strong medicine, otherwise, Shi Di would not be able to come up with anything useful.

On the side, Shi Di has been observing Lin Chuan’s reaction, secretly speculating about what clues this young Mechanic can study on this residual picture.

As Lin Chuan expected, Shi Di did not have much confidence in this young Mechanic.

Admittedly, according to Third Royal Son Monte’s previous remarks, in the past two days, Shi Di has also given momentum to investigate some things about Lin Chuan.

He admitted that this youngster is a rare Mechanic Talent, but Lin Chuan is too young.

In the mechanical composition of [Earth King Equipment], the family has secretly mobilized a lot of manpower and material resources. In the past ten years, progress has been slow, and recently it has reached a key bottleneck.

Shi Di still remembers that Mechanic, who was invited in the family Experiment Base, was a lot older. He studied a broken mechanical drawing for several months without any progress.

Lin Chuan is so young, is there really something unique in this respect?

Shi Di is very skeptical about this, so today he invited Lin Chuan to come over, he just wanted to take a look at this young Mechanic’s performance, if there is no clue, then he will be politely sent away. .

At this time, Lin Chuan took out the Light Screen on the table, tapped quickly on the holographic keyboard with both hands, and quickly resolved the details of this mechanical residual image.

“Nice mechanical composition, very valuable for collection, but a pity…”

Lin Chuan shook his head, said with some regret, pushed the Light Screen to Shi Di, and stood up , Moved towards the door and walked outside, “Mister Shi Di, this mechanical composition is a broken picture, it’s very difficult to deal with, I’m not very interested. So, let’s do it today, this mechanical broken picture is worth my visit. Such a trip, but that’s all. I won’t stay much longer, and I have to take charge of Smelting Plant when I go back.”

Seeing Lin Chuan was about to leave, Shi Di hurried forward. , Grabbing Lin Chuan’s robe, said with a smile on his face: “Mister Chuan. Actually, I have other parts of this mechanical composition…”

Lin Chuan turned his head and looked at Looking straight over, his complexion was a little cold, as if he was quite unhappy with Shi Di’s approach.

Suddenly, Shi Di only felt a little suffocation in his chest. Somehow, under the gaze of this young Mechanic, he felt a tight oppression all over his body.

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