This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 514

“Mister Chuan, this is how things are…”

Under the gaze of this young Mechanic, Shi Di felt extremely stressed, and hurriedly stated the belly draft that he had prepared.

Shi Di informed that this mechanical composition is related to Centaur Race and is a part of [Earth King Equipment]. If anyone knows that he has this broken image in his hand, Shi Family will influential.

“Mister Chuan. In Northern Land, there is not much influence, so I dare to offend Centaur Regiment. If the news of this mechanical broken picture is leaked, it will be quite detrimental to me and Shi Family…”

Speaking like this, Shi Di added fuel and vinegar, and talked about the various cultivation paths of Centaur Regiment in Northern Land.

“A part of the mechanical pictures of [Earth King Equipment]…”

Lin Chuan is slightly frowned, revealing the color of memories, and then remembering something, nodded,” I remember that the Machinery Grandmaster of White Dwarf Kingdom has been invited many times to repair the Legendary Equipment of Centaur Race. However, it is necessary to sign a non-disclosure agreement and not disclose any related things.”

“Centaur Race This kind of behavior is really ridiculous. I want to repair Legendary Equipment and keep the structure of Legendary Equipment. It’s no wonder that there has been no progress for so many years.”

Look at this young Mechanic’s With an expression and faint disdain for Centaur Race, Shi Di was overjoyed. This was exactly the result he wanted.

About Centaur Race’s invitation to Eastern Continent’s Machinery Grandmaster to repair [Earth King Equipment], the Mechanic organization was unhappy because Centaur Race required Machinery Grandmasters to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

This move once caused many Machinery Grandmasters to come to Northern Land and leave in anger.

You must know that the Machinery Grandmaster of Eastern Continent will go to Northern Land to repair [Earth King Equipment]. This is because Centaur Regiment has an unworldly war honor in the Hundred Years’ War. Come and fix it.

Otherwise, no country in Eastern Continent would be able to invite hundreds of Machinery Grandmasters at one time to gather in the grand occasion of Northern Land.

The non-disclosure agreement proposed by Centaur Regiment made a half of Machinery Grandmasters angrily leave. This was the first time the [Earth King Equipment] was repaired. It also made the Mechanic organization, especially White Dwarf The Kingdom’s Mechanic organization has quite a bit of comment on Centaur Regiment.

This inherent impression continues to this day…

For these, Shi Di is quite clear, so when he invited Lin Chuan to come, he thought about it. Excuses.

If Lin Chuan can really study something about this mechanical remnant, Shi Di will respond with such rhetoric, not only can get the help of this young Mechanic, but also use it to discredit Centaur Regiment .

Now, looking at Lin Chuan’s reaction, the effect should be achieved.

Lin Chuan’s face eased, and nodded: “Mister Shi Di’s consideration, I can understand.”

Shi Di secretly relaxed, nodded with a smile, “Mister Chuan understands. Okay, please wait a moment. I will give Mister Chuan a surprise.”

Press a button and a small box pops up on the test bench. After opening it, a massive metal covered with gray and yellow rust spots, Presented in front of Lin Chuan.

“This is…”

Lin Chuan stepped forward in surprise, the Mechanical Arm in the robe poked out, switched to the shape of a detector, and carefully inspected the massive metal .

For a moment, he sighed contentedly, “This thing has a thousand years of history, right? It was part of the [Earth King Equipment] in the Hundred Years War?”

“Mister Chuan is really Amazing!”

Shi Di looked shocked, looking at this young Mechanic’s gaze, full of admiration.

He didn’t do it deliberately. He was really surprised by Lin Chuan. This massive metal was indeed dropped from the damaged [Earth King Equipment] during the Continental War a thousand years ago. Part.

The origin of this thing, up to now, Shi Family has invited nearly a hundred Machinery Grandmasters before and after, only five people have seen the origin.

In such a short time, you can see the origin of this metal block, and Lin Chuan is the first one.

Now, Shi Di can certain/affirm, Third Royal Son Monte’s evaluation of this young Mechanic, and the news he investigated, are not at all watery.

This young Mechanic is really a genius!

Shi Di tsk tsk was amazed. After staying by Third Royal Son for a long time, he habitually wanted to praise a few words, but Lin Chuan raised his hand to interrupt.

“Mister Shi Di, I’m going to conduct research, don’t disturb me. Remember to bring the food on time…”

Lin Chuan lowered his head, and the Mechanical Arm switched to various forms , Began to analyze the bulk metal.

Shi Di nodded with a smile, quietly stepped out, stood outside the laboratory door, clenched his fists excitedly, deeply grateful for oneself’s decision.

If Lin Chuan has really researched something that makes the [Earth King Equipment] research breakthrough progress, then Shi Family’s next Family Head position, most likely he will sit .

“Shi Family’s Family Head, Northern Land’s first family influence! What a wonderful thing…” Shi Di muttered, turning to the main hall.

In the laboratory.

di di di ……

Data is constantly beating on the Light Screen. Lin Chuan will pass the collected data to Tai Gu for analysis. He controls the process. Quickly draw an amazing conclusion.

“This is the core part of [Earth King Equipment]…, unfortunately, it has been completely damaged…”

“However, the structure of this core part is very valuable… “

Lin Chuan looked at Light Screen, his complexion constantly changing.

In the collar, Kitty Lan also poked his head out and looked at the research data on the Light Screen. It can still understand some of these.

For the core part of the legendary [Earth King Equipment], even if it is damaged, Little Brat is still quite interested.

“Indeed, this core part is very valuable for research. It is estimated that Shi Family has made progress in the research of [Earth King Equipment], I am afraid it has a great relationship with this metal block…”

In earphone, Tai Gu analyzed like this.

Lin Chuan is silent, he can even infer that the Shi Family for a long time plan, I am afraid that a long time ago, when this broken core metal block was unearthed, he had beaten Centaur Regiment’s idea.

After Shi Hulie was born and successfully entered the eighth boundary, this idea was put into action.

His complexion moved slightly, Lin Chuan whispered secretly, perhaps Shi Hulie’s plan was not started 12 years ago when he learned that the research of [Earth King Equipment] had breakthrough progress.

It is very likely that Shi Hulie started some kind of plan a long time ago when he broke through the eighth boundary in one fell swoop.


Suddenly, when Lin Chuan was thinking, a spike popped out from one end of the metal block, absorbing all around electromagnetic currents.

“Hey…, there is a reaction…”

Lin Chuan was a little surprised, and then used various methods to stimulate the metal spike, but there was no further reaction.

shook the head, Lin Chuan secretly thought oneself too much, this metal block is damaged too thoroughly, even if it responds to electromagnetic currents, it cannot operate after absorption.

“The damage of this core part has reached more than 99.9%. Don’t expect to be activated. Studying the structure will be of great help to us.”

Tai As Gu said, the behavior they performed was the same as that of Shi Family over the years. According to the structure diagram of [Earth King Equipment], they were restored by the structure of this metal block.

Lin Chuan nodded, but a little disappointed, if the damage to this core part can be a little better, he will gain a lot more.

After all, he has part of the structure of [Earth King Equipment] in his hand, and he obtained first-hand information from Bayen.

In a certain way, his understanding of [Earth King Equipment] is probably not much slower than the latest development of Shi Family.

If there is a good part of [Earth King Equipment], he can quickly make breakthrough progress.

It’s just that this idea is undoubtedly unrealistic. Even if Shi Family has the intact part of [Earth King Equipment], it is impossible to take it out, that is, self-detonation is related to the explosion of the Experiment Base that year .


Kitty Lan’s paws scratched, and Little Brat’s two paws rubbed his head, and it suddenly became a little irritable inexplicably.

“en? What’s the matter…”

Noting Little Brat’s change, Lin Chuan pressed Kitty Lan’s head, so that it doesn’t have to worry, and I’ll stay here for another paragraph. time.

It is true that the structure of this metal block can be studied very quickly and can be completed in about an hour or two.

However, Lin Chuan naturally can’t be so fast. He has to keep some, and how can he stay until the afternoon, and then give a small part of the research results to Shi Di.

Otherwise, the performance is too amazing and may cause unnecessary trouble.

This is in Shihai Mountain City, the base camp of Shi Family, Lin Chuan on the surface. Although there are three Machinery Grandmasters as the backing, it is necessary to prevent Shi Family from using any tricks.

After all, when it comes to places like Sealed Territory, anything can be done in the face of the shocking temptation.


Kitty Lan scratched Lin Chuan with his paw.

Little Brat’s abnormality attracted Lin Chuan’s attention this time, and he asked in a low voice what was going on?

In the lined pocket of Mechanic’s robe, Kitty Lan sprang out, jumped onto the workbench, stretched out his claw, and scratched the spike on the metal block.

Lin Chuan was taken aback, he noticed the spikes, and lightly pierced Kitty Lan’s claws, stabbing a trace of blood.

However, Little Brat was obviously very afraid of pain and was unwilling to bleed too much. After bleeding such a trace of blood, he immediately retracted his paw.

At this time, the spike trembled again, and a slight wave of power radiated out, and then returned to its original state, as if nothing had happened.

However, in Lin Chuan’s eyes, to be precise, under the gaze of the forehead eyeball pattern, this metal block and that spike have changed.

Under the effect of the eyeball pattern, Lin Chuan “sees” the end of the spike, and the waves spread out in circles, glowing with a faint bloody brilliance.

Look carefully, there are countless scarlet motes in the fluctuations, which are tiny particles turned into by Kitty Lan’s blood.

“This thing…, is there any unknown secret…”

Lin Chuan whispered to himself, immediately running Mental Energy and injecting it into the spike.

next moment, the spike produced a sub-suction force and absorbed the Mental Energy released by Lin Chuan at once.

This change caused Lin Chuan to be surprised and immediately cut off Mental Energy.

However, he discovered that there is a close connection with this metal block, to be precise, with something unknown inside this metal block.


His vision was blurred for a while, and Lin Chuan realized that his vision suddenly expanded, presenting an all-round state.

It’s not that his eyesight has changed, but that the spirit and the things in the metal block are immediately linked together, and that thing is an exploration of the outside world.

“di di di…”

An icy electronic sound sounded, “The core component is activated, and it is testing itself… The damage is 99.997%, almost completely destroyed. Needs Huge energy, self-repair, ask Machine Lord to inject enough energy to self-repair and restore the core components…”

This cold voice rang directly in Lin Chuan’s mind, and he couldn’t help but say It was stunned.

This is the core component of [Earth King Equipment]?

It can even be activated…

Could it be said that activating the core of [Earth King Equipment] requires the blood of creatures like Kitty Lan and the need to absorb Mental Energy?

“The core component? The core component of [Earth King Equipment]?” Lin Chuan asked thoughtfully.

“[Earth King Equipment]……, there is such a record, whether it is the core component of [Earth King Equipment], it cannot be searched……”

“The degree of damage to the core component Exceeding the standard, all the records are erased…”

“Machine Lord needs to inject energy and complete at least 5% of the repair to be able to obtain the relevant information.”


The voice sounded intermittently, and its language was originally an ancient phrase of Northern Land, and then quickly adapted to Lin Chuan’s question and responded in the current standard lingua franca of continent.

Lin Chuan was silent for a while, and told Tai Gu of the incident. When the latter heard it, he almost screamed in surprise.

“Is this the core component of [Earth King Equipment]? It can still be activated…” Tai Gu was amazed.

“The core activation of [Earth King Equipment] needs Kitty’s blood and does it absorb Mental Energy?” Lin Chuan asked.

Lin Chuan feels a little strange. He knows the structure of [Earth King Equipment] quite well. He also knows many things from Bayen.

But I have never heard that these things are needed for the activation of [Earth King Equipment].

“The [Earth King Equipment] worn by Bayen more than ten years ago has not been repaired. This metal block is the strongest Regiment Commander of Centaur Regiment a thousand years ago, wearing [Earth King Equipment] The above part…”

Tai Gu speculated that the complete form of [Earth King Equipment] may require such a process to activate.

Lin Chuan nodded, this speculation is very possible.

While we were talking, the voice sounded again, “Please Machine Lord to take me out of this piece of scrap metal. The rust spots inside are eroding the core components, and the same amount of Mental Energy will be injected again to ensure that I can Maintain a short operation…”

Take it out?

How to take it out?

Lin Chuan asked with his mind, and the voice said that he still needs the blood of the strange beast just now, which is about a hundred times more than just now.


When Kitty Lan heard it, he cried out in protest and asked for its blood. This is a cat abuse! ?

Lin Chuan squinted his eyes, a hundred times the amount, which is just a drop of blood.

This Little Brat is simply afraid of pain, not even willing to release a drop of blood…

Under Lin Chuan’s coercion and lure, Kitty Lan has no choice but to stretch out her paw again. , Made a stroke on the spike.

A drop of blood penetrated into the spikes, and then, around the spikes, a layer of light silver crystals exuded, which quickly fuse together and condensed into a diamond-like thing.

“Is this a small part of the core of [Earth King Equipment]?”

Lin Chuan was very cautious about this diamond-like thing, and used the detector again to check For a while, but there is no clue.

“Such a thing, I seem to have seen something similar, at the top of [Moon Pavilion] in Elf Territory…” Tai Gu murmured.

This Smartbrain recalled that once, accompanied the soulmate to the Elf Territory, on the top floor of the [Moon Pavilion], there was an appliance, and the material on it was very similar to this.

“[Moon Pavilion]? Have you heard of it?” Lin Chuan immediately asked this thing for verification.

The diamond-like thing was silent, and the sound of “didi beep” from time to time sounded in Lin Chuan’s mind.

For a long time, it said: “In the remaining data, the word [Moon Pavilion] appears more frequently than [Earth King Equipment]. Machine Lord, if you want more information, please inject Enough energy. Also, this place is not safe, please give me a proper disguise.”

“Please rest assured, Machine Lord, I am not threatening, you, and the strange beast, As the master who activates me, I have a responsibility to protect your safety. The premise is that I can restore more than 50% of the core components…”

As this voice sounded, this thing began to change, turning into one The white beads are dull and dull on the surface and look unremarkable.

Lin Chuan shrugged slightly, holding the white bead in his palm, feeling a chill, he tried to inject Mental Energy.

What surprised him was that this white bead only absorbed a small part of it and refused to absorb it again.

“The core part is too badly damaged to absorb more Mental Energy. Machine Lord has been detected. There is material to reshape the core part. Please let me absorb it…”

The white bead’s voice sounded, and at the same time, in Lin Chuan’s mind, the so-called material appeared.

Lin Chuan’s heart suddenly trembled, this material is actually [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]? ! Want to use divine stone to reshape the core part?

“Do you need to absorb [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]? It can be certain/affirm. This is the core part of [Earth King Equipment]!”

Tai Gu is Excited, Cromwell went to Northern Land and brought back [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] and the first draft of the structure of [Seventh equipment].

From various indications, the key part structure of [Seventh Equipment] is the core part of [Earth King Equipment] that we borrowed from.

In this case, the core components of [Earth King Equipment] need to be reshaped from [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]. Isn’t this normal?

“Chuan Boy, this is a good thing! If this thing can really be repaired, when the time comes directly used as the core of the [seventh equipment], wouldn’t it be good?”

“Maybe, the [seventh equipment] you made is far more than that piece of Legendary Equipment from Cromwell…”

Listening to Tai Gu’s excited shout, Lin Chuan ignored it. Carefully cut out a piece of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], and try to blend this white bead.

Immediately, I saw the white bead adhered to the thumb-sized [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], and it was quickly absorbed and integrated.

The surface of this white bead has a faint brilliance, and the voice that rang in Lin Chuan’s mind is also louder.

The white bead’s voice sounded: “Machine Lord, this [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] contains a lot of impurities. I need three days to remove some of the impurities before I can continue to absorb it. If there is purity The higher [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] can be absorbed continuously…”

Lin Chuan: “…”

Tai Gu: “…”

Twisting this white bead, Lin Chuan has the urge to stamp it under his feet, fiercely stomping his feet.

This small piece of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], if it was a few days ago, he was simply reluctant to take it out, or made a fortune in the ancient cave secret place, so he squandered it like this .

When I arrived at this white bead, I even disliked the [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] too much impurity, and it was all damaged, and I was picky.

“There is no way to refine [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]. It has been lost, including this divine stone, which is almost impossible to find…” Lin Chuan responded.

Suddenly, the white bead went silent. After a while, he said: “When the core components recover 1%, you should be able to obtain relevant information, including the refining of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light].”

Lin Chuan listened, lack of interest in this, this core component is damaged, even thousands of years ago, many things are out of date.

As for the refining method of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light], there is only a little divine stone on hand, which is not enough to use. Each refining will lose part of it. Lin Chuan can’t bear it.

“What else is there in your remaining data? Regarding the structure diagram of [Earth King Equipment], how many core components need to be repaired before the data can be restored?” Lin Chuan asked.

“This aspect does not need to be repaired. I just repaired a bit of the body and obtained one-tenth of ten million data, including the complete structure diagram of [Earth King Equipment].”

The white bead’s voice sounded, and then a detailed structure map was presented in Lin Chuan’s mind.


Lin Chuan was so shocked that the chinky eyes were all widened, until now, what he wanted to get, unexpectedly got it so easily.

“Machine Lord, please don’t be too happy. Your so-called [Earth King Equipment] structure diagram is not that important in my database. The difficulty of making this kind of weapon is mainly the material. …”

Immediately, white bead gave Lin Chuan a list of incomplete materials. Among them, the [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] alone required more than 2000KG.

Lin Chuan is silent.

Tai Gu is also silent.

They finally understand why the restoration of [Earth King Equipment] has not progressed for so long. The value of these materials may be able to directly hollow out a small country.

“No wonder the Centaur Regiment back then was so fierce, khorium to this level, wearing such equipment, can it not be fierce!” Lin Chuan sighed.

Tai Gu is blaming the prodigal. If these materials are put into Dark Age, he will be able to form a second Redbud Regiment, provided that he can recruit that many expert.

“Okay. Let’s not talk about this yet…”

Lin Chuan shook the head, enter the data on the Light Screen, with this gain, he can be better Shi Di’s flicker.

During this process, he asked about white bead again, do you know the breed of Kitty Lan and what kind of beast it belongs to?

“The database is severely damaged and cannot be explored. More than 10% needs to be repaired…” white bead replied.

Lin Chuan is a little helpless about this, repairing the white bead to more than 10%, and I don’t know how much valuable materials it will cost, it will have to wait.

“Machine Lord, please don’t call me’white bead’. According to the information accessed, this is a curse. Please call me [Moon Core]!” Moon Core gave oneself such a name.

Lin Chuan expressed this indifferent expression.

In the laboratory, Lin Chuan did everything, and spent another two hours. After calculating the time, it was afternoon before he left.

At the entrance of the laboratory, there are two attendants, pushing the dining car, standing there, waiting from noon until now.

“Sir. You are out!”

“Sir. Would you like to have a meal?”

When the two attendants saw Lin Chuan, they stood up straight , Salute the humble said with a smile.

Lin Chuan waved his hand and asked the two attendants to call Shi Di over.

For a moment, Shi Di hurried over. Before he could speak, Lin Chuan greeted him to come in.

Pushing the Light Screen in front of Shi Di, he said: “This thing is damaged too badly. There can only be progress. If you continue, it will take too much time and the research progress will be very slow. I didn’t That’s it at that time…”

“This…, so fast…”

Shi Di looked at the Light Screen and scanned it carefully, his eyes suddenly lit up. Looking towards Lin Chuan again, I am already admiring prostrate oneself in admiration.

“I’m starving, have a meal together, let’s talk while eating…” Lin Chuan waved his hand.

“Okay. Mister Chuan, wait a minute. I will tell the kitchen to prepare. You go and order the snack before the meal.” Shi Di bowed repeatedly and said.

Lin Chuan is slightly nodded, secretly thinking about how to fool Shi Di, and get more news and more things from Shi Family.

Also, on Fowler’s side, I don’t know how it is going…

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