This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 516

In the early morning.

A golden light appeared in the sky of Shihai Mountain City, and the sky gradually brightened.

Lin Chuan was sitting in the lobby of the residence, drinking [Sea Giant Potion] while watching the sky outside the window, a ray of sunlight shining on his face, with an inexplicable look.

In the corner of the hall, Kitty Lan is lying on the soft cushion, sleeping soundly.

The little girl, the puppets were resting in their respective rooms, and there was a noise in their rooms from time to time, indicating that they did not fall asleep.

Last night, when she came back from the secret room, the little girl Laknia tried again, holding Kitty Lan to sleep, but Little Brat relentlessly refused.

Little Blue Cat said that apart from the owner, it has no habit of sleeping with other creatures.

In this regard, Lin Chuan sneered secretly. This Little Brat used to be the most tired of beautiful girls, but after the body mutation, he was worried that the huge half of the body appeared in his sleep, so he refused this originally. Little Brat enjoys the fun of meowing.

As for the puppet, he is responsible for the job of guarding. Before Lin Chuan has a rest, he never sleeps.

Of course, also because of the [Activated Body], the puppet can stay up for seven days and nights in a row, maintain high-intensity fighting, physically exhausted, and maintain extremely strong energy.

Then, choose a time and sleep for eight hours, which can replenish the energy for a week.

Lin Chuan is quite envious of the innate talent of [Activated Body]. He will lose concentration for three days and three nights at most.

“How is that child…”

Lin Chuan asked Tai Gu in a low voice, referring to another Innately Talented Lifeform who was taken in in Dava Golden City.

In the earphone, there was a sound of electric current zi zi, Tai Gu opened the mouth and said: “Very well, the progress of that Little Brat is faster than you and I expected. Maybe, go on Within two years, he will be able to surpass the puppet in battle strength. This is the strength of the pure Innately Talented Lifeform. The puppet is flawed after all…”

Speaking of which, Tai Gu sighed, yes The puppet thing is very sorry.

Lin Chuan did not speak. Whether the missing heart of the puppet can be found is an unknown.

Even if the Black Net Organization is eradicated in the future, even if the heart has clues, it is estimated that it will be difficult to maintain integrity after so many years.

At this time, Tai Gu’s voice came from the earphone: “You really have to deal with Shi Family. This is the influence of the eighth boundary expert, one of the largest influences in Northern Land. Are you sure? Have you thought about it all night, do you have a countermeasure?”

Lin Chuan poured another [Sea Giant Potion], shook the reagent bottle, and the sunlight from outside the window reflected the dazzling one after another blue Prismatic.

“Your Excellency Tai Gu, you made a mistake. I am not trying to deal with Shi Family, but from Shi Family, I got the latest research progress of [Earth King Equipment], and one The sample is enough. These are two different things. The former needs to have the same strength as the eighth boundary expert. The latter, this is just a transaction, we will take what we need.”

“Of course, Shi Family What they get may be very different from what they want. But by that time, we have left Northern Land. What does it matter.”

“I sat all night, and Not thinking about how to deal with Shi Family, but about how the related structure of [Seventh Equipment] can be combined with the core structure of [Earth King Equipment].”

Lin Chuan said.

If you really want to confront an eighth boundary expert head-on, he will never do it, even if he has the ability to face the eighth boundary expert head-on, he will not do it.

Shi Hulie has an indispensable hatred with Bayen and Centaur Regiment, not with him.

Lin Chuan will not be stunned by Bayen and eighth boundary expert. Even if the majestic Centaur/troops promises to pay the entire Sealed Territory, he will not be willing.

The resources and treasures of a Sealed Territory are tempting, but life is more important…

But well, from Shi Family, get the relevant core of [Earth King Equipment] Information, that’s another matter. When it comes to Mechanical Domain, Lin Chuan holds the detailed information of [Earth King Equipment].

Also, in the case of getting [Moon Core], if you negotiate with Shi Family again, he will have an absolute advantage, which is equivalent to a dimensionality reduction blow.

“Besides, the conflict a few days ago shows that Shi Family has many enemies, Fire Gnome Leeman, Black Dwarf Regiment, and Grey Rock Ridge’s Wolf Lord…, these people are all potential allies. ……”

“These influences are united, not to mention Shi Family, even the entire Northern Land can upset the sky……”

Lin Chuan indifferently said, his trip The purpose of “Earth King Equipment” has never changed. It is to improve the “Seventh Equipment” of [Earth King Equipment].

However, with the Sealed Territory news, there is naturally one more target.

As for the grievances of Northern Land, Centaur Regiment, etc., he never cared too much about the survival of Northern Land.

“You kid…”

Tai Gu was a bit speechless, “In the past history, Centaur Regiment has made outstanding contributions to Eastern Continent in the Hundred Years War. And the war against Sea Beast Regiment…”

Lin Chuan shrugged slightly, “So…, I will help Bayen. This is also a tribute to Centaur Regiment. However, I can do it. If you don’t help others, you will lose oneself, Tai Gu, this may be the reason why you become Smartbrain.”

Tai Gu was silent for a while, without words, he never told carefully, he died in battle. The things before and after, but with the keenness of this young Mechanic, I should have guessed it.

“Your Excellency Tai Gu, our unanimous goal is the Black Net Organization. This is an agreement we reached at first. This has never changed, and I will do my best to complete it.” Lin Chuan said.

“We realize that now, do you think I will trust your guarantee…” Tai Gu coldly snorted, as to Lin Chuan’s guarantee, he doesn’t believe in Lin Chuan’s guarantee at all. Based on his understanding of this young Mechanic, If you face danger when dealing with the Black Net Organization, I am afraid you will get out without the slightest hesitation.

Lin Chuan laughed, but he was nodded a little gratifying. After acquaintance to the present, Tai Gu has finally changed a bit, which Smartbrain itself may not realize.

While talking–

On Induction Goggles, a light spot appeared, and then [Moon Core] the electronically synthesized voice sounded coldly.

“Machine Lord, I repaired a part of the core, which can temporarily recover.”

“Now my function, mainly for some simple calculations, consultation, and other related functions Not at the moment.”

“The body of the Machine Lord I scanned just now, Mechanical Arm, has a few comments, I hope Machine Lord can listen.”

Lin Chuan and Tai Gu were both taken aback, and they were all intrigued. As the core components of [Earth King Equipment], what advice can [Moon Core] give?

Without waiting for Lin Chuan to speak, [Moon Core] continued: “Machine Lord, the cultivation method you are studying now, the battle skill, the weapon you carry, and the mechanical arm, and even the seventh equipment ], the compatibility is less than 30%, which is terrible.”

Hearing this, Lin Chuan and Tai Gu are silent. If it weren’t for [Moon Core] to be a Smartbrain device, they all felt that this thing was too open. I’m talking nonsense.

Admittedly, [Moon Core] is not wrong. Lin Chuan’s current cultivation cultivation method, Battle Skill, weapons, and Mechanical Arm, the future [seventh equipment], the compatibility is indeed not enough.

Lin Chuan is very clear about this. After all, his until now focus is on the deduction of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], as well as the research and development of mechanical devices and Heart-Origin Equipment on.

His own Battle Skill, he once pioneered a trick, but later on, he didn’t have enough time and energy. It was the most direct and effective way to cultivate formidable power.

As for [Cracked Scale Arm], it also needs to be upgraded to truly fit itself. It needs to go to the Machinery Grandmaster to improve it through Mechanical Throne, and finally fit itself.

The other equipment on the body, as well as the [seventh equipment], is even more so…

The various methods that Lin Chuan possesses lack long-term precipitation, and the natural compatibility is not enough.

However, [Moon Core] said that 30% of them have no compatibility. This is something Lin Chuan cannot agree with.

In his opinion, he is extremely skilled in the use of these methods, and he has 60% compatibility.

“Why is it 30%? You talk about the reasons.”

Lin Chuan asked, although he did not agree, but he really wanted to hear the basis of [Moon Core].

“The cultivation method of Machine Lord cultivation, feedback from the incomplete database, should be one-of-a-kind, but the relationship between each layer cultivation method is somewhat weak.”

“The real super-class cultivation method in the world is that each layer complements each other. From a single layer, it may be only first-class. However, every time one layer is completed, there will be a progressive effect. It’s super class.”

“Machine Lord’s cultivation method lacks foundation in each layer. It can only be regarded as the top level of the first class and cannot reach the real super class. Moreover, it is in the incomplete database. According to relevant records, the follow-up of this cultivation method is very problematic. Even after the changes of Machine Lord, the problem will be improved a lot, but the fundamental problem still exists…”

Listening to [Moon Core] alone [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], I just talked about a set of things, Lin Chuan and Tai Gu were a little confused.

As for [Moon Core], Lin Chuan and Tai Gu did not refute, and they even sounded fascinating, because everything they said was on a key point.

[Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], Lin Chuan has now deduced to fifth layer, the sixth layer has been conceived, he did not continue to deduct it.

On the one hand, it is his heart origin power cultivation base, which is still far from the sixth boundary. After the fifth boundary, Lin Chuan has enough potion assistance even with the acceleration of stone ball ability. The cultivation speed is also far inferior to the fifth boundary.

Lin Chuan estimates that at the fifth boundary, he will stay for at least two years. If the energy is scattered, it may take longer.

So, his deduction of the sixth layer is not as focused as before.

On the other hand, as [Moon Core] proposed, Lin Chuan can also perceive that the fifth layer deduces the sixth layer from the [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art method], and he obviously feels some stagnation. Place.

These stagnations are not that Lin Chuan’s comprehension is not enough, but that he feels that this cultivation method fifth layer is not quite right, if it is to push the sixth layer.

In this regard, Lin Chuan believes that his own deduction of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] is not thorough enough.

Now that [Moon Core] raised this point, Lin Chuan suddenly understood that it was not that he did not deduct it thoroughly, but that this cultivation method started at the fifth layer, and there were indeed some problems.

At this time, Tai Gu suddenly asked: “Super-class cultivation method? [Moon Core] Is there a so-called super-cultivation method in your era? That generation of Centaur Regiment Leader, Is cultivation a super cultivation method?”

[Moon Core] fell silent, zi zi sounded from time to time, and then said: “Machine Lord, it is detected that this is a powerful Smartbrain, if I can absorb, enough to restore more than 50% of the core components…”

Suddenly, Lin Chuan opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

Tai Gu was stunned, and immediately yelled, [Moon Core] This is just a little bit bigger, and [Earth King Equipment] a little bit of the core components, but also wants to absorb him. What’s the point is The ant wants to eat an elephant, no, this is the ant who wants to swallow a great dragon, what a foolish dream.

“Your Excellency Tai Gu is my friend. If you speak rudely, you will be reverse devouring…” Lin Chuan warned.

[Moon Core] fell silent again, zi zi’s electric current sounded from time to time, and then said, “Sorry! Tai Gu, I have put you on the friendly whitelist. I don’t know you and Machine. Lord’s relationship. It’s also very strange, Smartbrain is so emotional, I used to…”


There was a zi zi sound, [Moon Core] was silent again, this time has passed for a long time, until Lin Chuan and Tai Gu thought that [Moon Core] was short-circuited because of abnormal data.

For a long time–

The voice of [Moon Core] sounded again: “The data touched just now cannot be retrieved because of its incompleteness. The database needs to be restored to 30% before it can be retrieved. “

“Let’s talk about the topic…” Lin Chuan shifted the topic to [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] again.

“Machine Lord, this cultivation method of your cultivation has relevant records in the remaining database. According to current time calculations, 942 years ago, Human Race had consulted the complete core and was I deduced it completely, and came up with an imperfect follow-up cultivation method……”

Lin Chuan and Tai Gu were dumbfounded, what [Moon Core] said was a shocking experience. The secret!

It is not a secret that Cromwell went to Northern Land secretly. Lin Chuan and Tai Gu also knew about his relationship with Centaur Regiment.

However, the following cultivation method formula of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] was actually promoted with the core of [Earth King Equipment]. This is really an amazing secret.

Actually, from the information disclosed by [Moon Core], I am afraid that after the sixth layer of the cultivation method, this core Smartbrain is perfected.

Lin Chuan thought quietly, one after another inspiration emerged in his mind, and he continued to deduced [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], the forehead eyeball pattern appeared, and the chest pendulum pattern continued to circulate. For this cultivation method The first five layers are deliberated and further improved.

The reminder of [Moon Core] gave Lin Chuan a lot of inspiration. He has the power of a stone ball. As long as the problem is found, it is not difficult to solve it.

Even if it is a peerless cultivation method such as [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art], for Lin Chuan, further improvement can also find a breakthrough.

For a moment, Lin Chuan frowned and discovered that it would take a long time to further improve the [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] with his own Martial Way heritage.

Preliminarily estimated that it will take at least five years…

This is still based on the fact that he will continue to study the Martial Way in the past five years.

When he was in distress, Tai Gu exclaimed. He communicated with [Moon Core] and found that the core of this Smartbrain class, the cognition of Martial Way, is simply deep and unmeasurable.

“No wonder…Centaur Regiment was invincible in Eastern Continent. The leader of Centaur Regiment is one of the continental strongest experts. The Centaur Regiment Leader equipped with [Earth King Equipment] is said to have not Any expert, dare to compete head-on…”

Tai Gu tsk tsk sighed.

About this rumor, Tai Gu heard about it from Cromwell later when he went to Dead Bones Moss Tower again.

Cromwell once mentioned that the current continent expert, in addition to Centaur Regiment Leader, Western Continent Dragon Race patriarch and a few other strong hits, he can follow one-handed.

With the arrogance of the continent madman, being able to say this shows the strength of the Centaur Regiment Leader.

It’s just that the communication with [Moon Core] made Tai Gu truly understand how powerful the former Centaur Regiment Leader was.

It is the ninth boundary Peak expert, and it has the [Earth King Equipment]. Centaur Regiment has its leader, and it is the invincible Legion. This is what the world knew about the Centaur Regiment Leader at that time.

However, the world has a misunderstanding, because the glory of Centaur Regiment underestimates the strength of its Leader.

“During the Hundred Years’ War, I am afraid that the strength of the Centaur Regiment Leader is the strongest on the Martial Way, surpassing the Dragon Race patriarch…” Tai Gu judged like this.

Lin Chuan was shocked and did not speak. On Martial Way, he thought he was inferior to Tai Gu. Since the latter judged this way, it was almost like that.

“The core of [Earth King Equipment] is probably Smartbrain, which is the most proficient in fighting operations. For Martial Way, for fighting, it is far more than Smartbrain like Mechanical Throne…”

Tai Gu sighed. After a short conversation with [Moon Core], he felt like communicating with an impeccable Martial Way Peak expert. [Moon Core]’s views on all aspects were so sharp.

This is still the [Moon Core] that is seriously missing from the database. If it is the core of the complete [Earth King Equipment], the Centaur Race Leader equipped with this weapon is sufficient to surpass its own boundary.

The battle strength beyond the ninth boundary? !

In that era, only Cromwell, facing the Sea Beast Regiment coalition of Five Seas, had such a battle strength and still combined Martial Way and machinery.

“[Moon Core], how do you think [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] can be improved and how the subsequent cultivation method can be deduced? In order to solve the fundamental problem.” Lin Chuan asked directly.

“Lack of the core database, unable to perform the follow-up cultivation method perfect deduction, you can only improve the continuity of the previous five layers cultivation method, Machine Lord, you need to restore the core to more than 40% to be able to cultivation The subsequent deduction of method……”

“In addition, there are signs in the remaining data that the original deduction of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] is a Battle Skill that can complement each other and exert the greatest formidable power However, the cultivation took too long. At that time, Cromwell was too old to conduct cultivation.”

“Machine Lord, your age is very suitable for the battle skill of cultivation, as long as the core part is restored to 4.5 Into the left and right…”

Listening to [Moon Core], he began to mention repairing the core again. Lin Chuan waved his hand and interrupted. The Smartbrain core looks very procedurally thought secretly. In fact, there are so many minds. Constantly showing one’s own value is to repair oneself as soon as possible.

In this regard, Lin Chuan said he was helpless, and he also wanted to repair [Moon Core] as soon as possible, but he really didn’t have that many [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] on hand.

Not to mention, the other things on the list listed in [Moon Core], what [crystalline dragon scale], [Black Iron Thunder Angle]…, I have never heard of this thing, Even if there is, can you take it out like this, and first perfect the core for [Moon Core]?

Of course Lin Chuan will not. If there are these rare materials, he will first use them to create a stronger [seventh equipment].

What [Moon Core] said is indeed correct, and Lin Chuan agrees.

However, if a perfect [seventh equipment] can be made, Lin Chuan’s own battle strength will undergo a qualitative change in a short time.

With his current strength, wearing a perfect [seventh equipment], I am afraid that the eighth boundary will be able to deal with it for a while.

This super weapon that can increase instant battle strength in a short period of time, even if it is likely to have side effects and limited use, is more direct than the strength that can be obtained for a long time.

At this time, lines of writing appeared on Induction Goggles, which is the coherent method of the previous five layers given by [Moon Core] [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art].

Lin Chuan was suddenly startled. Before he could react, forehead’s eyeball pattern had already started to move. The heart origin power and Mental Energy within the body started to run immediately, like a trickle, gradually spreading to whole body.

In a short period of time, Lin Chuan’s breath has changed. All aspects of the body’s functions have been restored to Peak all at once, the sensitivity has been significantly improved, and Mental Energy has become more condensed.

This change was so obvious that Tai Gu and Kitty Lan sleeping in the corner were aware of it, and Little Brat even yelled and rushed over, thinking that something happened to the owner.

“Is this the formula for the previous five layers?”

Lin Chuan couldn’t help but marvel, these formulas are really amazing, so that he has amazing changes in such a short period of time .

If the former five layers of [Wind Wheel Mist Suppressing Art] are really completely connected, his own strength will take another leap.

“Machine Lord’s Martial Way aptitude is very amazing. In the remaining database, it should be the highest column. If you focus on the Martial Way, it may become the strongest expert in the world after the Hundred Years’ War, breaking the ninth boundary. Wall…”

“Of course, if you want to achieve this step, you need to repair the core to more than 70%…”

Listen to [Moon Core] and start to mention repair again, Lin Chuan couldn’t help but curl his lips. He had to admit that if [Moon Core] can be completely repaired, it should be a great help.

Unfortunately, he really doesn’t have that many repair materials…

As soon as his thoughts turn, Lin Chuan sighs: “[Moon Core], I also want to repair you as soon as possible, but , You know, I don’t have that many materials. The list you listed is now extinct treasure.”

Speech paused, Lin Chuan said again: “However, we are going to open Sealed Territory, Northern Land Sealed Territory in the far north. I don’t know if there is any information in this area in your remaining database. After opening there, I believe it can greatly repair you.”

[Moon Core] is silent again , Zi zi’s electric current sounded, it should be searching for related information of Sealed Territory.

For a long time, [Moon Core] spoke again. It inquired about the remaining data and found some Sealed Territory information.

“As Machine Lord said, Sealed Territory has materials to repair my core. The birth of [Earth King Equipment] was also made from Sealed Territory…”

” To open the Sealed Territory, you need the descendants of the Centaur Race special pattern to open it. This is not difficult. The required [Earth King Equipment] is just the body…”

“Machine Lord, don’t worry. I will try my best to help open Sealed Territory.”

“Please Machine Lord once again give me a piece of [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light] and inject Mental Energy. I will hurry up and fix it.”


Faced with the request of [Moon Core], Lin Chuan had no choice but to bear the pain again, threw a divine stone to it, and injected a burst of Mental Energy.

As the voice of [Moon Core] went silent, Tai Gu was still amazed. This time I really found a treasure. If [Moon Core] can really be completely repaired, Lin Chuan , And the power of the Redbud Organization, will expand rapidly.

“Don’t be happy too early, you need at least 2T [Stone of Shadow and Flowing Light]…” Lin Chuan poured cold water.

Tai Gu choked, this is indeed an unbearable repair cost…

“Sealed Territory is to be obtained anyway…”

Lin Chuan groaned and made a decision, “In that case, be prepared to clarify the situation of Shi Family, and then…”

looked towards the window, the sun finally jumped out from the east completely, Lin Chuan murmured: “Those guys probably want to muddy the water in Northern Land. They want fishing troubled waters. Let me do it, muddy the deep water thoroughly and see who can touch the big fish.”

Get up, Lin Chuan moved towards the door, today he has an appointment with Third Royal Son Monte, and it happens to be from the Northern Land royal family to see if he can get some useful information.



In the northern district of Shihai Mountain City, compared to the entire mountain city, there are fewer people in the northern district. This is the real old town of the city. After the expansion of Shihai Mountain City, the number of residents here is decreasing every year.

The original appearance of this mountain city, the North District is the real downtown, and the other four districts have no who.

It’s just that after the prosperity of Northern Land, Shihai Mountain City became the hub city of Northern Land. It is foreseeable that the northern district, where smelters and mines are distributed, will gradually decline.

After all, once life is rich, creatures will pursue spiritual enjoyment. Who wants to stay in this place full of dust and smell of metal…

Lin The location of the Smelting Plant in Chuan is here.

After Kerirone received the huge sum of money, there were green lights all the way, from site selection to related procedures, everything was done properly.

Smelting Plant does not need to be rebuilt at all. There is a ready-made site, which is a deserted site, which has been held in the hands of Kerirone and wanted to sell it.

No, since Lin Chuan is here, he wants to build a huge Smelting Plant. Kerirone will follow the boat and assign this site to Lin Chuan, saying that it is a concession for Governance Hall, which can be rented to him for free. A hundred years of time.

In this regard, Lin Chuan felt that the money he gave Kerirone was quite worth it.

If Kerirone knows the real purpose of Lin Chuan’s construction of the Smelting Plant, I am afraid that ten times the check will not let go.

An extended Floating Vehicle drove slowly. Lin Chuan sat in the trunk and looked at the Third Royal Son Monte on the opposite side. He said, “His Royal Highness Monte, you don’t have to come to the North District with me. It’s not a good place here.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ve been to Shihai Mountain City many times, but I have never been to the North District. I happened to be with Mister Chuan and visit your Smelting Plant by the way. “

Third Royal Son Monte’s complexion is hee, and the smile on his face is full of sincerity, saying very sincerely.

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