This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 517

dong dong dong ……

The huge site is under construction everywhere, and some workshops are already intact. Under the supervision of Kerirone, they can already be used.

All around, filled with smoke and dust. When Lin Chuan and Third Royal Son Monte were walking through, guards around them had turned on the isolation device to prevent the intrusion of harmful substances.

“This place will be officially used in half a month…” Monte looked all around, nodded said.

For architecture, he has considerable experience. In fact, Third Royal Son Monte can do many things, and it can be described as versatile.

However, these talents that he is good at have never been publicized. Most of the praise from the outside world is to promote the trade of Northern Land, and few other things are mentioned.

Lin Chuan glanced at the Northern Land royal family. Many people in this world are not as well-known as meeting each other, while a few people are not as well-known as meeting. Third Royal Son Monte belongs to the latter.

I have only met Monte a few times, and I can find that he is outstanding, much better than the rumors.

This is not a Third Royal Son who only presides over trade. Its conversation, insights, etc., inadvertently revealed, are quite extraordinary.

If it is not contemporary, push forward one generation, or two or three generations, Third Royal Son Monte is the next Northern King’s most powerful competitor.

However, the situation of this generation caused the other royal families of Northern Land to face the throne, and they could only sigh, because a Northern Land Royal Daughter came out.

There are not many rumors about the Northern Land Royal Daughter. Most of the rumors are about how outstanding the Martial Way aptitude of the Northern Land Royal Daughter is. It is the strongest among the Youngster Kings of this generation. One, and is expected to be a peerless genius who will catch up with the current Guard Department chief in ten years’ time.

As for other aspects, it is rarely circulated…

Actually, no matter how the Northern Land Royal Daughter’s aptitude or talents, these are not important, the location of this generation Northern King , Only she came to sit.

Because the Northern Land Royal Daughter pulled out the [Rock Heart Sword] symbolizing the Northern King seat on the one-year-old royal ceremony.

For thousands of years, since the Northern King that created the prosperity of the Northern Territory passed away, there has never been the Northern King’s sword that the Northern Royal Family has pulled out.

It is said that the news at that time shocked the entire Mysterious Star Empire and even Eastern and Western Continents.

Even if Lin Chuan crossed over, more than ten years later, this news was mentioned from time to time…

The Lord of [Rock Heart Sword] must be the King of the North!

When the Northern King of that generation passed away, this legacy of the king was left behind.

For thousands of years, countless people have tried to pull out [Rock Heart Sword], including some outsiders, but none of them succeeded.

In other words, since more than twenty years ago, the position of the Northern King has been determined, and the Prince Princesses of this generation have no hope of competing.

Calculating the age of Third Royal Son Monte at that time, it was probably less than 10 years old. Such a smart person, who should have been a little city at that time, was hit by such a blow.

Lin Chuan took a look at Monte, thought these thoughts in his mind, and then said: “It doesn’t take that long. After about a week, some workshops will be operational. Just so, take advantage of this time. Northern King’s birthday banquet, I thought of Northern Land Royal City, and facilitated some Heart-Origin Equipment orders.”

“Mister Chuan is going to Royal City. It happened to be together. In fact, any mechanical equipment orders can be sent to I mention. As soon as we see it, Mister Chuan just speaks and doesn’t need to be polite.” Monte said with a smile.

“His Royal Highness, let’s take a look at the samples first…”

Lin Chuan led the way, and the entire group entered a warehouse with boxes full of boxes. Shipped by Mechanical Honeycomb.

Open a few boxes and pass the Light Screen to Monte. There are the types of mechanical devices in the boxes and their related uses.

Monte casually scanned both eyes, then his gaze condensed, holding the Light Screen and looking carefully.

After watching for a while, he looked excited, stepped forward to open the one by one mechanism in the box, and tried it out one after another.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ……

A spherical mechanical device rolls on the ground, and when it hits an obstacle, it will automatically change direction. Wherever it goes, it’s on the ground. , On the wall, all the dust in the air was sucked in.

Looking at the clean floor, walls, and work room where the air is sober, Third Royal Son Monte’s eyes are a bit straight, he looked at the Light Screen firmly, with incredible expression in his eyes.

The cleaning function of this kind of mechanical device is not uncommon. It is sold everywhere. The climate of Northern Land has been criticized. Royal City’s cleaning mechanical device has hundreds of times more power than this.

However, these devices for cleaning and filtering toxins are expensive, and they cost nearly a thousand Gold Coins. The cleaning machinery used in Royal City to fight the polar ice sand storm is as high as a building. , The cost is as high as tens of millions of Gold Coin.

However, Lin Chuan’s cleaning mechanism only costs 500 Gold Coin.

According to the instructions, the efficiency of this mechanical device to filter toxins in dangerous environments is 30% higher than that of the same type.

Not only this ball cleaning device, but also other mechanical devices are urgently needed by Northern Land, and the price is lower than similar products.

“Mister Chuan, does the function of these things match the description?” Monte whispered to verify.

Lin Chuan looked at the Third Royal Son and said, “His Royal Highness Monte should be quite proficient in mechanical aspects. You should be very clear about the functions of these things.”

Third Royal Son Monte shivered slightly, raised his hand and waved to make his followers retreat. He wanted to talk with Lin Chuan alone.

The door of the workshop is closed, and Third Royal Son Monte opens the one by one box, freely extracts the mechanical device inside, and tries out one by one.

Lin Chuan stood aside, did not speak, just watched quietly.

Of course he knows why Monte is so excited. The price of these mechanical devices is up to half lower than similar products, but the performance has to be increased by 30%.

These mechanical devices, if they are put into Northern Land, will have a great impact on other products.

Of course, if Monte’s hands are sold at a relatively reasonable and slightly lower price, the benefits he will gain are incredibly amazing.

The amount involved is not the tens of millions of Gold Coin cheques to Kerirone, but an astronomical figure.

“This is the scientific and technological concept of another world, and its impact on this World…”

Lin Chuan secretly thought about the mechanical research of this World in civilian use and related concepts Wait, it’s really outdated.

He just made some machines on Earth with the mechanical technology of this World, which caused such an impact on Monte.

Looking at Monte in silence, watching the expression of the Third Royal Son, from some doubts, unbelievable, to shock, to shock and ecstasy…

“Mister Chuan. Are these devices made by you? The price is really so much, is it not sold at a loss?” Monte asked repeatedly.

Lin Chuan nodded, said that this is some mechanical composition that he thought of in his spare time. As for the price, certain/affirm is much higher than the cost.

In fact, the cost of these mechanical devices is not even one-tenth of the marked.

This is still in the absence of a manufacturing assembly line. If this Smelting Plant is opened and related assembly lines are made, the actual cost can even be reduced to one-twentieth.

Of course, Lin Chuan would not say about these secrets.

“These prices are too cheap, too cheap, Mister Chuan, you can’t sell like this, it will have a big impact on the Northern Land trade market…” Monte said, shaking his head again and again.

Lin Chuan shrugged, “I know it will have an impact, but this is not something I want to care about, is it? Your Highness Monte, I know that you are in Northern Land and are in charge of related affairs. If you have Interest, I can leave it to you to operate it.”

Monte was taken aback, his complexion changed, and various emotions surfaced under his eyes. Then, he took a deep breath, held the communicator, and sent a message.

“Mister Chuan. Wait a minute, I invited a friend over, and when he arrives, we will talk in detail.” Third Royal Son Monte said softly.

Lin Chuan was slightly taken aback, nodded.

He was actually a little surprised. Monte’s reaction was a bit beyond his expectations. This batch of mechanical devices was his 1st Step to disturb the situation in Northern Land.

Such civilian mechanical devices fall into the hands of people like Monte, and they can play too many roles.

Whether you want to grab immense wealth from it, or you want to expand your influence, or do other things, there are plenty of articles to do.

Lin Chuan guessed that, like Third Royal Son Monte, who has both wrists and wild hope, the goal of life is to not look forward to the Northern King seat, so you should take second place and become the second most powerful figure in the north.

Or, expand influence beyond Northern Land.

People with ability, ambition, and young have the same goal, which is to move to a higher level.

However, from the look of Third Royal Son Monte, Lin Chuan seemed to see something different. Although it was only a flash, how could he hide his feelings.

For a while, the door of the workshop was still closed. Lin Chuan suddenly felt his body tight. He immediately realized something and relaxed again.

At this time, Third Royal Son Monte looked up and looked towards Lin Chuan behind him, with a respectful salute, “teacher, you are here.”

Lin Chuan turned and looked towards behind, beside a box, stood a middle-aged man, standing there quietly, like a was there at the beginning.

This is a man with a calm complexion, a square face, no sharpness between his eyebrows, full of peace, wearing a robe with a rock pattern, there is a kind of silence between his hands and feet.

The man’s fingers are very long, longer than an ordinary person, and he is a hand that is naturally suitable for playing musical instruments.

However, the Mental Energy scattered all around by Lin Chuan felt that this man’s strength would not be far away even if he didn’t reach the eighth boundary.

quasi eighth boundary expert! ?

Lin Chuan’s heart jumped, and a series of Northern Land expert data passed in his mind, including the recently discovered data related to those eighth boundary experts, but none of them matched.

“This is…, Monte’s teacher?” Lin Chuan looked towards Monte, asking somewhat strangely.

As for how this middle-aged man came, Lin Chuan didn’t seem to care about his strength, but only two realms. Naturally, he didn’t notice that the middle-aged man deliberately concealed it. breath.

Third Royal Son Monte smiled and introduced to Lin Chuan: “Mister Chuan. This is my teacher, Consecrate of Northern Royal City, Consecrate Gong.”

surnamed Gong? !

Lin Chuan was stunned and nodded in greeting, “Teacher Gong. Hello.”

“Mister Chuan is too polite. Although I am the teacher of His Highness Monte, I dare not be you Teacher, I don’t have this ability.”

Consecrate Gong waved his hand again and again, pointing to the contents of these boxes, and exclaimed: “A year ago, at the Machinery Grandmaster party in Royal City, I heard The name of Mister Chuan. But I didn’t expect it, you are better than I heard. The Mechanic circle of White Dwarf Kingdom is even better…”

Speaking like this, Consecrate Gong looked at Lin Chuan, Frequently nodded, the attitude is extremely polite.

Under the gaze of Consecrate Gong, Lin Chuan felt completely different. He didn’t feel anything in him, but Mental Energy defended automatically.

This kind of instinctive defense is a method comprehended after witnessing the Grey Rock Wolf Lord’s confrontation with Shi Hulie that night. In some respects, it is equivalent to an eighth boundary expert’s ability to comprehend.

Sure enough, it is a real quasi eighth boundary? !

Lin Chuan’s heart was slightly awkward, and immediately mobilized the power of within the body, quickly spreading a silent shield to hide his true strength.

The true strength of this Consecrate Gong is probably better than Sword Grandmaster Heng Feng. It should be half a foot into the threshold of the eighth boundary for some years…

For his expert, Lin Chuan dare not care, want to prevent revealing his own strength.

“Mister Chuan is only in his early 20s…”

At this time, Consecrate Gong looked back and exclaimed: “Formally introduce myself, I am Gong Bieqian, Northern Land Royal City At the same time, I am also a member of the Northern Land Gong Family.”

“Northern Land Gong Family? Is it a branch of the continental family…” Lin Chuan nodded, with a more polite attitude.

Continent family Gong Family, this name is not self-proclaimed, but the name of the outside world for Gong Family. Just because of this alone, one can imagine the huge family of this family.

Let’s not talk about the continental family Gong Family, the Northern Land Gong Family, but Lin Chuan’s understanding these days is the second only to Northern Land royal family, the huge influence of Centaur Regiment.

Compared with the local influence established by eighth boundary experts such as Shi Hulie, the Gong Family, which has only been rooted in Northern Land for only 600 years, has a rather shallow foundation.

However, this branch of the Gong Family is not inferior to the Shi Family.

In addition, the Gong Family is backed by other influences of the continent, and the confidence of the Northern Land Gong Family branch is much harder than the family influence established by the eighth boundary expert.

Looking at the Gong Family taking root in Northern Land 600 years ago, this is what other influences have worked hard to do so far and have not done it yet.

And Gong Bieqian, this person’s strength is so terrifying, you can see the background of the Northern Land Gong Family branch.

Third Royal Son Monte, is it tied to the Northern Land Gong Family branch…

Lin Chuan thought secretly, but on the surface, he talked about these mechanical devices with Gong Bieqian. Gong Bieqian’s identity was just a little surprised.

Gong Bieqian didn’t care about this. Instead, he felt that this was normal. This young Mechanic would be so polite to him, because Gong Family not only made Martial Way experts frequently, but Machinery Grandmaster also made a lot.

For example, now, a collateral child of the Gong Family, called Gong Guanyang, is a well-known figure in Eastern Continent’s young generation Mechanic.

Lin Chuan’s politeness is due to the deep relationship between the Gong Family and the Mechanic circle…

“His Royal Highness, you asked Consecrate Gong to come over. Regarding this batch of products Is the transaction going through the Gong Family?” Lin Chuan asked.

Monte and Gong Bieqian exchanged their eyes, and the latter was lightly coughed and said: “Mister Chuan. I am here not for the transaction of this batch of products, but for the things you went to Shi Di yesterday. . Is it convenient for you to tell us something?”

Lin Chuan couldn’t help but be surprised. He looked at Third Royal Son Monte and Gong Bieqian, but he laughed in his heart. This worldly matter Unexpected surprises always happen inadvertently.

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