This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 518

“His Royal Highness is so familiar with Mister Shi Di, did he tell you what Mister Shi Di asked me about?” Lin Chuan looked towards Third Royal Son.

“Mister Chuan. Shi Di and I are friends, but the relationship with Shi Family is not a friendly relationship. This is a one-size-fits-all relationship. Shi Di is looking for you. I didn’t care about it. I learned later that it was Shi Family’s business.”

Third Royal Son Monte smiled and said ambiguously.

Lin Chuan frowned, and his face showed some unpleasantness. It seemed that it was because Monte and Gong Bieqian wanted to intervene in his cooperation with Shi Di, which made him a little unhappy.

Gong Bieqian was smiling, and took out a bottle from his robe, which contained emerald green liquid. The shape of the bottle was a bit like an elongated alcohol lamp.

He rubbed his thumb and forefinger, and he ignited a ray of flame out of thin air, igniting the bottle.

The flame burning at the mouth of the bottle turned out to be like frost, and the white mist drifted away. The scene was inexplicably magical.

For a while, there was a fresh breath in the air. After taking a sip, the whole mind became clear and thoughts were much faster than usual.

“This is…” Lin Chuan looked surprised, and looked at the bottle with surprise.

“Yes. [Ice Flame Fluid] produced by Ice Spirit Race, for Mechanics, is more effective than [Sea Giant Potion].”

Gong Bieqian opened his mouth with a smile, and pushed this bottle of [Ice Flame Fluid] to Lin Chuan, “Ice Spirit Race produces only ten cases of [Ice Flame Fluid] every year. I have some friendship with Royal Clan of Ice Spirit Race. I can get one box. I have one box per year as a gift, if Mister Chuan doesn’t dislike it.”

Looking at the bottle of [Ice Flame Fluid] in front of you, Lin Chuan’s surprise He didn’t pretend in the slightest, he really didn’t expect, Gong Bieqian had such a good thing in his hands.

The effect of [Ice Flame Fluid] is not as simple as that of [Sea Giant Potion]. The former is ten times more effective than the latter.

This treasure is produced from the highest mountain in the Ice Spirit Race territory-Blade Roll Peak. The surface of the mountain looks like a spiral ice blade. The mountain is steep and the temperature is cold. Western Continent is famous for its dangerous places.

[Ice Flame Fluid] is produced there, this kind of good thing is not like [Sea Giant Potion], as long as you venture deep into the Black Sea, bypass the warnings of Sea Giant, and mine to the Sea Giant territory Sea rocks are so simple.

This kind of precious medicinal liquid needs to be cultivated artificially, and only in the unique environment of Blade Roll Peak can it be cultivated.

Ice Spirit Race’s [Ice Flame Fluid] only has ten boxes per year, sometimes even less than ten boxes.

For Mechanics, this is a luxury product of money cannot buy. Getting a bottle is enough to make other Mechanics envy and hate.

Gong Bieqian has something to do with it. I get a box from Ice Spirit Race every year. Suddenly, Lin Chuan looked towards Gong Bieqian and his gaze softened a lot.

“Then I’m welcome. Your Highness, Consecrate Gong, what’s the matter, just ask.” Lin Chuan nodded, said happily.

hearing this, Monte couldn’t help but looked towards Gong Bieqian. He really admired the teacher’s methods.

Last night, Monte was still worried about how to impress Lin Chuan. He knew that such a mechanical talent had a deep background and it was too difficult to impress.

In terms of money, will Mechanic be short of money? I am afraid that Lin Chuan has more than ten times more funds than him.

As for beauties, let alone, from the contact at the cocktail party that night, he knew that Lin Chuan was not so keen on female sex.

The only things that can be impressed are things related to Mechanical Domain, such as rare materials, precious mechanical compositions…not even Monte.

And Gong Bieqian said, don’t worry about these, he must have a way to impress Lin Chuan.

One box of [Ice Flame Fluid] every year!

Monte has to sigh that the relationship between the people of the Gong Family is really Heavenspan. You can get a box of this treasure every year from Ice Spirit Race.

This is the reason why he is willing to worship under Gong Bieqian. This teacher is not only knowledgeable and brilliant, but his huge network of relationships is also very important to Monte.

Gong Bieqian waved his sleeves, gathered a wisp of Ice Flame mist in his palm, and then blew a breath. The mist spread out, isolating the work room, and the outside sound could no longer come in.

looked towards Lin Chuan, Gong Bieqian said with a smile: “I just want to ask, Shi Di asked Mister Chuan, is it about the research on [Earth King Equipment], about this legendary weapon Repair, what insight does Mister Chuan have?”

Surely it is [Earth King Equipment]…

Lin Chuan’s heart is bright, it looks like 12 years ago, the Experiment Base’s Explosive, the branch of the Northern Land Gong Family is also likely to be a participant.

Sweeping past Monte without a trace, Gong Bieqian, Lin Chuan pondered for a while, and did not hide anything, and said one after another about the things that happened in the Shi Family territory that day.

I heard Lin Chuan say that he was sure to break through the research bottleneck of [Earth King Equipment], Third Royal Son Monte and Gong Bieqian’s breath suddenly became heavy.

“Mister Chuan. The Shi Family has a big picture. Helping them like this will cause chaos in Northern Land’s internal affairs…” Gong Bieqian whispered.

“Consecrate Gong said, since you gave out this generous gift, I turned my head back and rejected Shi Di.” Lin Chuan nodded said.

hearing this, Monte and Gong Bieqian were suddenly lagging, and the originally prepared drafts could no longer be carried out.

Originally, Gong Bieqian asked the young Mechanic to do some secret things on the grounds of the stability of Northern Land, but unexpectedly, the other party was so straightforward that he would directly reject Shi Family.

As soon as his thoughts turned, Gong Bieqian shook his head secretly. He still considered other people with the idea of ​​oneself.

Mechanic, a genius like Lin Chuan, has a deep background and is not a fake Shi Family. Open and aboveboard rejected Shi Di, and Shi Family has nothing to do.

Lightly coughed, Gong Bieqian said: “Mister Chuan. I want to ask for another thing. Shi Family is unpredictable and researches [Earth King Equipment] privately. If it weren’t for Shi Family’s great power, Northern Land Royal Family Sanctions have been imposed a long time ago. But…”

“Shi Family’s research on [Earth King Equipment] has reached a certain stage. Since Mister Chuan has just stepped in, why not take all the research results. when the time comes, handed over to Centaur Regiment, Centaur Race must be rewarded, and the Northern Land royal family will also be grateful…”

Between words, Gong Bieqian is standing in the stability of Northern Land with one heart. The set off points considered for the people of Northern Land, combined with Gong Bieqian’s calmness, are extremely convincing.

Lin Chuan groaned, nodded, and seemed to be moved by Gong Bieqian.

“I don’t like to participate in the internal affairs of Northern Land, the research results of [Earth King Equipment], if I have complete information, I can give Consecrate Gong a copy.” Lin Chuan was very simple, nodded agreed and looked over.

Gong Bieqian knew it, and immediately produced a list with a series of remunerations. Lin Chuan could get as much remuneration as he gave.

“Consecrate Gong’s way of doing things is very Mechanic…”

Lin Chuan said with a smile, looking at Gong Bieqian’s gaze, there was a trace of approval.

Gong Bieqian laughed and secretly relaxed. Fortunately, the Gong Family is considered half of the Machinery Grandmaster family. It is quite familiar with Mechanic’s set. Otherwise, if at first, it will be around Lin Chuan. , I’m afraid there is no more to talk about.

“Our Gong Family is actually a Machinery Grandmaster family in essence. There are no less than a hundred Machinery Grandmasters that have been out over a thousand years. The most famous of these is the student of the continent madman Cromwell, Gong Tongbo. That is a century ago. After the war, the Machinery Grandmaster ranked in the top 100 on continent…”

Gong Bieqian talked about the glorious history of the Gong Family in order to build a relationship with Lin Chuan.

“Oh…, a student of Mister Cromwell…”

Lin Chuan brows slightly raise, with surprise, “I have never heard of this, but, a student of Mister Cromwell They are all low-key, only a few are well-known in the world.”

Gong Bieqian nodded with a smile, telling a secret past, because some of the students under Cromwell’s school are famous families on the continent. The royal family, the ancient influence, does not need to be publicized.

“Gong Family is worthy of being a continental family…”

Lin Chuan praised, and between words, he seemed to be close to Gong Bieqian again.

Third Royal Son Monte also took Hexi’s smile and joined the teacher. During Lin Chuan’s discussion, the three talked secretly for a while.

Then, Gong Bieqian disappeared silently just like when he came.

With Lin Chuan’s eyesight, he did not see clearly how Gong Bieqian left.

After that, Lin Chuan and Monte stayed in the field for a while, got on the Floating Vehicle and left.

Returning to the residence, Lin Chuan turned on the Light Screen and looked at the information on the screen, lost in thought.

“This situation in Northern Land seems to be rising winds, scudding clouds…” Tai Gu whispered.

Just now, Lin Chuan and Gong Bieqian, Monte had a conversation with Tai Gu. This Smartbrain was astounding.

Originally thought Third Royal Son Monte, so close to Shi Di, should be tied to Shi Family.

Unexpectedly, this is not the case at all…

“[Moon Core], what do you think?” Tai Gu asked.

Tai Gu was very uncomfortable with [Moon Core] wanting to absorb his own actions, but he has always been very generous, and soon revealed this.

Mainly, both parties are Smartbrain, Tai Gu has a feeling of finding the same kind.

[Moon Core] was silent and did not give any response.

In fact, [Moon Core] has never responded to these questions, because its function seems to be only fighting, and it can respond to all relevant information about Martial Way, as for other issues. In terms of “database corruption” as an excuse, no answer will be given.

Lin Chuan opened the mouth and said: “Your Excellency Tai Gu, you seem to have overlooked one point. A thousand years ago, a member of the Gong Family was a student of Cromwell.”

Tai Gu One Frozen, he was a little surprised when he heard the news, but he was just surprised and didn’t think of anything.

sighed, Lin Chuan shook the head, saying that he has two Smartbrains around him, and one is the experimental subject of Mechanical Throne, and the other is the core component of [Earth King Equipment].

However, when it comes to matters in this area, I can’t give any help, Lin Chuan is quite helpless.

Finger taps on the tabletop, with a thumping sound, Kitty Lan poked his head out of the sound, crawled out, sat at the table, put on mini glasses, and accompanies the owner in a decent way. , Read the information on Light Screen.

“You little thing…”

Lin Chuan rubbed Little Brat’s head, stroked the cat comfortably, and stroked the table with his other hand.

“First of all, a thousand years ago, a member of the Gong Family was a student of Cromwell. Listening to the tone of Gong Bieqian, Gong Tongbo played an important role in the Gong Family.”

Took the 2nd.

“Secondly, the branch of the Gong Family in Northern Land has not been established for hundreds of years.”

The finger stroked another 3rd.

“Third, a thousand years ago, Cromwell’s trip to Northern Land was extremely secret, isn’t it? The news from Foca Tower seemed to know that only a student of Cromwell, one of the most powerful subordinates, knew the inside story. The descendant of that student, or successor, is the most likely Lady Yu.”

“Where is the most powerful subordinate?”

Tai Gu was silent for a while, from Foca The news that Tower received, Cromwell’s most powerful subordinate, is the guy who took over the Black Net Organization.

In other words, Gong Tongbo of the Gong Family is related to it.

At least, it is from those two people who got relevant news, and it is possible that Gong Family established a branch family in Northern Land hundreds of years ago?

Through Lin Chuan’s reminder, Tai Gu connected these all at once, and he was suddenly full of killing intents. He wanted to erase the Black Net Organization and the guys related to it.

“Is it related to the Black Net Organization? It is not important for the time being. The important thing is the continent family Gong Family……”

Lin Chuan sighed, “The water of Northern Land is better than expected Deeper! Is the Third Royal Son Monte tied to the Gong Family? And Shi Family…”

Thinking up and down, Lin Chuan’s mind about the current situation in Northern Land gradually became clear It is known that it is divided into at least five parties, the Gong Family and Shi Family behind Third Royal Son Monte.

The third party is Fire Gnome Village Head Leeman, which is probably related to the Wolf Lord of Grey Rock Ridge.

The fourth party, and the Black Dwarf Regiment from the previous two nights.

The fifth party is the descendant of Noble Zhong mentioned by Fire Gnome Village Head.

Of course, the riots in the Inner City that night, the mysterious influence that appeared, whether it was on the Noble Zhong side, it is hard to say, if not, there is a sixth party influence.

The purpose of these influences is not aimed at Northern Land Royal Clan, but at Centaur Regiment…

“Of course, there is also the Mysterious Star Empire royal family. I don’t believe it. Means, will I not install something in Northern Land…”

Tai Gu said: “It’s really troublesome! If I follow my temperament, I will directly beat Shi Family, and then hit the Gong Family branch. I don’t know, let the other guys catch them…”

Lin Chuan was snorted, “You said it was back then. If there is a [Redbud Regiment] that can command now, I will do the same. Fuck, you can change it for me!”

Suddenly, Tai Gu was speechless, where did he change it? From his point of view, the descendants of Redbud are even one percent of the former [Redbud Regiment] There is no battle strength.

If you want to reproduce the glory of [Redbud Regiment], I am afraid it will take at least 20 years. An Innately Talented Lifeform like a puppet must at least form a troop.

“No matter how deep the water in Northern Land is, our purpose is very simple. Turn on Sealed Territory and grab the treasure inside. Everything else has nothing to do with us.”

” The water is muddy and muddy, no matter what the consequences of the muddy, it will not be much worse than the original…”

Lin Chuan is frequently nodded, holding the Light Screen, and starting [Earth King Equipment] The related operations of the construction graph, this is the killing move in his hands now, so make good use of it.

At the same time, he told Tai Gu to repair [Void Bone Shadow] quickly, and then bring the descendants of Redbud to Northern Land.

“The descendants of Redbud, the team of Mister Six, and the escort that can apply to Mechanical Honeycomb, the mercenaries of the Black Market, and the intelligence organization of Madame Die, this kind of influence , It’s enough for the time being…”

Listening to Lin Chuan’s calculations, Tai Gu was a little speechless. Together, these powers are enough for the time being?

If all of these forces are launched, a war can be set off. Of course, it is indeed a little short of dealing with the eighth boundary expert.

After all, there is no real eighth boundary expert on our side, so the confidence is far from insufficient.

Of course, this is just a comparison of hard power. Lin Chuan has never been able to meet force with force with his opponent. His purpose is very clear. The structure of [Earth King Equipment] and Sealed Territory The treasure.

“There is another purpose, to find out whether the current leader of the Black Net Organization is a member of the Gong Family…” Tai Gu said suddenly.

Lin Chuan nodded, that is natural, and the Black Net Organization is an agreement between him and Tai Gu, so he will naturally fall in love.

“Then, let’s start with Shi Family first…” Lin Chuan whispered.


There are always accidents, and these days, Lin Chuan has encountered many accidents.

Perhaps, in places like Northern Land, near the vortex center, anything unexpected will happen.

Originally, I had an appointment with Shi Di to go to the Shi Family territory. This was interrupted because of an order from Northern Land Royal City.

This order was issued by the Northern King, to thoroughly investigate the stronghold of Black Dwarf Regiment near Shihai Mountain City. The Royal City will send City Guard Army and a Centaur Regiment unit to assist in the encirclement and suppression.

This order eased the originally tense atmosphere in Shihai Mountain City.


“It seems that the prestige of Northern King is still very high in Northern Land…”

On the top floor of Northern Land Shihai Hall, Lin Chuan sits In front of the window, looking at the Floating Vehicle whistled past of one after another army on the street, the whole city like a resurgence and prosperity before.

On the top floor, Fowler, Lowden and the others are all present. Originally they had their own missions, but because of the Northern King’s order, they cancelled the itinerary. Let’s wait and see for a while to see the situation. Are there any unexpected changes.

“The prestige of the Northern King is not as good as before. If it were 12 years ago, Black Dwarf Regiment would not dare to attack.” Bayen said solemnly.

The current Northern King, his birthday is 120 years old this time, and he has stayed on this throne long enough.

It is true that the Northern Land Royal Clan is brave and good at fighting. Every Northern King is a Martial Way expert, and this Northern King is even the sixth boundary great expert.

However, as a king, he has to endure all kinds of dangers of being sneak attack, being assassinated, and being poisoned all the time. Since the Hundred Years’ War, no Northern King has been in power for more than fifty years. year.

This Northern King has been in power for ninety years. If the Northern Land Royal Daughter hadn’t been born, maybe he could stay in thirty-forty years, and he would take his eldest son as his original successor. The person died.

“After all, I am getting older. When my Senior was in Northern Land, I heard that the Northern King was also leading the army and, together with the previous Centaur Regiment Leader, cleared the non-farmed forces in the North… …” Lowden murmured.

At Lowden and Howya, the influence of eighth boundary experts such as Shi Family, but didn’t dare to jump like that. For this reason, at the time of the two Old Guys, only the owner of the azure teacup badge was known. But he didn’t even know the origin.

“Why do you fight for power and profit?”

Fowler sat beside a harp, stroking the strings, and the melodious music poured out, sighing: “Sit on the throne What about pointing the country for a hundred years? Everyday all is so worried and afraid, how many days have Northern King been happy in that position? After ninety years of his reign, is there a year of happiness? I think it would be good to have two or three months. Now.”

“Look at me…, since I was born, at least half of the time is extremely happy, this is life…”

Look at Fowler Shaking their heads and shaking their heads, the men here raised their middle fingers. The little girl Laknia and Lymira were looking at Fowler. For this romantic Uncle, the two girls were very criticized and did not understand why that many women would like him.

In contrast, the two girls think that Mister Chuan is the most attractive, but they seem to be less interested in the opposite sex.

Yes, you guy is extremely happy for half of his life. Now he has become a special Mechanical Puppet. It can be like this, and it is also a different kind…

Lin Chuan Turn Rolling his eyes, turning his head and looking towards the window, looking thoughtful, Northern King should be aware of the situation in Shihai Mountain City.

It’s not just knowing, I’m afraid it’s well-knowing, otherwise, Shi Family and Consecrate Gong would not be so secretive.

It’s right to think about it. After being able to sit on the Northern King seat for ninety years, the power that Northern King holds in his hands will surely deter these eighth boundary experts.

While thinking, a knock on the door sounded and the puppet walked in.

Seeing this silent young man, Lowden and the others were a little surprised. Isn’t the puppet supervising the construction progress of the Smelting Plant? Why did you come back suddenly.

“Sir. There is one thing, I want to report to you. Someone wants to be your student.” The puppet stepped forward and whispered.

Be a student? !

Lin Chuan looked towards Puppet, secretly thought Is this guy a wooden head? He never said he would admit students.

“Sir, you can see that person and you will understand. I think you would be happy to teach such students.” Puppet said softly.

Hearing this, everyone here was intrigued. They probably understood the meaning of the puppet. It should be that the people who came to apprentice were good enough that the puppet was willing to ask Lin Chuan’s consent.

Suddenly, a group of companions showed interest, and Six Arms, who had been sitting in the corner like a transparent man, also looked over.

Lin Chuan raised his eyebrows and stood up, “Go and see, where is that person?”

“It’s in the Guest Receiving Room downstairs…” The puppet bowed.

Immediately, Lin Chuan and the puppet moved towards downstairs.

As for a group of companions, they scattered and followed, wanting to see if the person the puppet said was really that good.


In the Guest Receiving Room, Lin Chuan’s eyes twitched slightly, and he began to doubt the puppet’s intentions. The latter was probably not introduced because of his mechanical talents. .

On the chair opposite the long table, sits a young girl wearing a Mechanic-style robe. However, with Lin Chuan’s eyesight, it can be seen at a glance that this is not even the Maintenance Man robe, but It is a high imitation product circulating on the market, and the inner lining does not have the special pattern of the Mechanic Association.

Even if she is sitting on a chair and wearing a large robe, there is a slender slender leg exposed from the bottom of the robe, it can be inferred that this girl has long legs.

She has a fair complexion, with a yellowish complexion characteristic of Northern Land, but she has a faint luster. Her hair hangs down to her waist and is tied into a tall bunch. There is a trace of black hair. golden-yellow.

The lights in the Guest Receiving Room shone down, and the girl was full of brilliance.

Lin Chuan has seen a lot of the stunning beauty of Northern Land these days in Shihai Mountain City, but there are really few who can have this girl with such looks and temperament.

“Are you the Teacher Lin Chuan from Mechanical Honeycomb?” The girl’s beautiful eyes widened slightly, seemingly surprised at Lin Chuan’s age.


Lin Chuan looked at the puppet and began to question that this guy simply fell in love with the girl.

Raised his hand for a gesture, Lin Chuan said: “This Young Lady, you have also seen, my age is the same as you, not enough to be your teacher. I just represent Mechanical Honeycomb, come here Going to Northern Land to negotiate business, you came to the wrong place and you found the wrong person.”

“No, I didn’t find the wrong person.”

The girl got up and took out one piece. Thing, put it in front of Lin Chuan.

“This is…”

Lin Chuan was taken aback for a moment, his complexion slightly condensed, revealing a cautious look.

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