This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 519

The thing on the table is a section of Heart Origin Induction Gloves, the cut surface is very complete, it looks like it was cut with a sharp knife.

Lin Chuan knows very well that this glove was not like this before, but it was tattered, because this was what he did.

Two days ago, in the workshop of Smelting Plant, he made a whim and tried to implant a kind of leather produced in Shihai Mountain City into Heart Origin Induction Gloves.

In the manufacture of Heart-Origin Equipment, Lin Chuan not only has extremely high technology, but also has high requirements for appearance. He knows very well that if the leather produced in Northern Land can be well implanted in Heart -On Origin Equipment, that sales volume will surge to an astonishing number.

It is true that the product design is not what he needs to do. However, as a transmigrator, I have seen more fancy things on Earth. Look at this World’s most Heart-Origin Equipment. Mediocrity.

If you say it sounds nice, the appearance is mediocre, if you say it ugly, it’s actually-ugly!

Lin Chuan can’t tolerate this. The Heart-Origin Equipment made by oneself is so broken in appearance.

Unfortunately, that experiment was unsuccessful, and Lin Chuan destroyed the pair of Heart Origin gloves and threw them away as rubbish.

Didn’t expect, one of the Heart Origin gloves was in the hands of this woman, and the restoration was complete.

Not only is it complete, the surface of this glove is embedded with the texture of one after another animal skin, which fits in with the wearing style of the people of Northern Land.

This appearance is exactly what Lin Chuan wants.

“Is this repaired by you?”

Lin Chuan looked towards this girl, who was nodded again and again. She originally heard that a Smelting Plant in the North District is under construction, which is Mechanical A Mechanical host of Honeycomb wanted to come over and ask for a recommendation. She would like to worship a Machinery Grandmaster as a teacher at Mechanical Honeycomb.

But didn’t expect, I was shocked when I saw a section of Heart Origin Induction Gloves at the garbage disposal office.

“Mister Chuan. Did you make these Induction Gloves? It’s amazing, whether it’s the energy thread stitching on the outside or the inside…”

The girl opened her mouth, I couldn’t stop, I talked about the structure of the Induction Gloves, and then asked: “Why would Mister Chuan destroy such a perfect Two Stars Level Heart Origin Induction Gloves?”

Lin Chuan sat upright, looked at the girl, and said, “If you are not satisfied with the production, it will be destroyed. For this, you want to worship me as a teacher?”

“Of course…I I have also seen a lot of high-star Mechanic, and Machinery Grandmaster has also seen a few, none of them can match your skills, so can you accept me as a student?”

“My name is Kilfy, yes Shihai Mountain City is not far away, from Senghamn City. Teacher Chuan, when we first met, please give me some advice!”

After this story, this girl has already regarded herself as a student.

Lin Chuan looked at half of the Heart Origin Induction Gloves on the table, then looked at Kilfy, staring at that beautiful face, and said: “I’m sorry. Young Lady Kilfy, I can’t accept you. For a student. You worship a teacher in private like this, do your original teachers know? You do this, which is not in accordance with Mechanic’s rules.”

“Besides, I am only One Star Level Mechanic, and I get Star-level. I haven’t been eligible for a few months, and based on my age and seniority, I am not eligible to accept students.”

In this way, Lin Chuan has got up and let the puppet see off the guests.

Admittedly, with Lin Chuan’s vicious eyesight, from the restored half of the Heart Origin Induction Gloves, it can be seen that this girl Kilfy has a very high mechanical talent, which he has only seen in his life.

However, if such a Mechanic Talent wants to turn to another teacher, it needs to follow strict procedures.

Lin Chuan, for example, went from Grandmaster Tieyin, then became a student of Dean Takks, and then became a student of Grandmaster Bassi. All of this needs to be recorded with the acquiescence of the previous teacher.

Similar to Kilfy, when he suddenly came to the door, he had to worship a Mechanic as a teacher. This is too unruly.

If Lin Chuan teaches at a mechanical academy, it makes sense. It’s impossible to admit students alone.

Seeing Lin Chuan place an Expulsion Order, Kilfy was anxious and shouted: “Mister Chuan. Don’t drive people like this. I’m here and I’m a teacher. It’s very compliant. I don’t have a teacher. ……”

No teacher? !

Lin Chuan was stunned. Through the monitoring, Lowden and the others who heard this were also stunned…

“Are you self-taught?” Lin Chuan looked at Kilfy, Identify the authenticity of his words.

Kilfy nodded, said: “It’s not self-study. I have been interested in mechanics since I was a child, but my family didn’t let me study, so I secretly consulted Mechanic who came to my home in my spare time. Machinery Grandmasters, this is not self-study, but it is not a teacher.”

“In another two years, my family will let me take over the family business. If I don’t take advantage of this period of free time , System, I’m afraid I won’t have the chance to learn mechanical technology in the future. Teacher Chuan, you accept me as a student…”

Looking at the pupil light that the girl begged for, with the soft language characteristic of the Northern Land accent , Fowler in the monitoring room clutched his chest and muttered: “My heart is about to melt, Mister Chuan, promise her! How can you refuse the intellectual curiosity of such a beautiful girl with mechanical innate talent!” “

Bayen, Lowden and the others are also nodded again and again. If they are replaced, they have already nodded to agree. If they do not agree, it would be too unreasonable.

Furthermore, Kilfy is obviously a Mechanic Talent, and so stunning, Lin Chuan’s refusal is simply not a man.

Lin Chuan, who was criticized as “not a man”, sat on a chair, looked at Kilfy, his brows stretched slightly, and asked the girl’s family background to confirm whether she was lying.

“Senghamn City, Pangun Family…”

From the Light Screen, Lin Chuan quickly found the girl’s family background, just as she said.

Senghamn City, a second-tier city in Northern Land, is incomparable in scale with Shihai Mountain City.

However, this city is connected to the only seaport in Northern Land, which is very prosperous. Pangun Family is one of the three families of Senghamn City, which controls the seaborne trade of that city. Land is quite influential.

Kilfy has demonstrated commercial talent since he was a teenager and was designated as the family’s heir. Two years later, he will inherit the family business.

A business genius is also a Mechanic Talent……

Lin Chuan looked at the searched information and shook the head. I have to say that some people in this world are so affected by heaven. Favor, these two kinds of talents fall on one person, so that ordinary people don’t know how much envy and hatred they are.

Looking at these materials, Lin Chuan also understands the authenticity of what Kilfy said. With the influence of Pangun Family, she has seen many Mechanics and Machinery Grandmasters since she was a child. This is normal.

And a family that masters the Northern Land maritime trade, naturally will not allow its designated heir to change careers to learn mechanical technology.

After all, for such a big family, a good heir will be related to the livelihood of thousands of people in a family.

Which is more important, for a family, it is natural to make a choice.

“Do you want to take advantage of these two years, secretly learn mechanical technology, at least become a Mechanic?” Lin Chuan asked.

Kilfy nodded, she can’t go against the decision of her elders, but she also doesn’t want to give up her hobby.

Turn on the Light Screen, Lin Chuan called up an exam paper, and said: “Within one hour, finish the exam paper. If you pass, I will accept you as a student.”

“Okay. Teacher Chuan.”

Kilfy glanced at the test paper, sat down, and quickly entered the state to answer the questions.

On the side, Lin Chuan is like a teacher invigilating, sitting there quietly, waiting for an hour to pass.

The puppet stood aside and glanced at the test papers on the Light Screen from time to time. After reading two questions, he felt dizzy and eyes blurred. Regarding mechanics, even if Tai Gu had been trained specifically, he didn’t know anything about it.

On the other side.

In the monitoring room, Fowler and the others adjusted the angle of the screen, looked at the test paper on the Light Screen, one by one called, and cursed Mister Chuan for deliberately making things difficult. They couldn’t answer any of these questions.

“these all are subjective questions! When the time comes, how many points are given, is not Mister Chuan in charge?”

Fowler has an ancestor of the Legendary Machinery Grandmaster. Seeing some doorways, he shook his head vigorously, expressing doubts about Kilfy’s chance of passing.

Lowden and Howya sighed. They felt that Mister Chuan had a prejudice against women as a mechanical certain/affirm, so they made it difficult.


One hour’s time will soon pass……

Kilfy has finished the test paper, she checked it carefully before putting Light Screen is handed to Lin Chuan.

“Teacher Chuan. Take a look.” Kilfy bowed and said.

Lin Chuan took the Light Screen and looked at it silently, as if he was carefully examining the question.

In fact, he did not examine the question, but in his ears, Tai Gu and [Moon Core] yelled.

“This little girl is really self-taught? Her basic mechanical skills are solid…” Tai Gutsk tsk sighed.

“It is not surprising that there are enough innate talents, coupled with enough love for Mechanical Domain, active learning is inherently more efficient than passive acceptance, and the efficiency is more than ten times higher…” [Moon Core] Comment like this.

The questions on this test paper were actually produced by Tai Gu and [Moon Core]. These two Smartbrains witnessed Kilfy’s mechanical technology and were very curious about this girl’s mechanical innate talent.

So, the two Smartbrain searched the data in the database and quickly generated this test paper.

Yes, this test paper is not written by Lin Chuan, but a masterpiece of two Smartbrain.

“Excellent, she is very comprehensive in terms of mechanical creativity, basic skills, or other aspects. Unimaginable, she is self-taught.”

“Machine Lord, This will be a very good student. From all aspects of evaluation, her innate talent is only inferior to Machine Lord you.”

About this test paper, [Moon Core] gave such an evaluation.

Tai Gu’s evaluation is even simpler. He has seen many Mechanic talents, including Cromwell, Kilfy, and the mechanical innate talents, which definitely belong to that level.

“Such a mechanical talent, don’t bury it! It would be unwise to give up the mechanical domain because you are in charge of a family. With this girl’s innate talent, you can actually have both ends ……” Tai Gu said like this.

In short, both Smartbrains insisted that Lin Chuan accepted the student.

Of course, if Lin Chuan is unwilling, Tai Gu has a compromise method. Let Lin Chuan teach it for a few days and wait until the [Void Bone Shadow] restoration is completed, and when it comes to Northern Land, Tai Gu will collect it. Download this student.

Lin Chuan shook his head secretly, put down the Light Screen, and said: “The test paper is very good, you are passing.”

Kilfy smiled, got up and saluted, in the manner of the students, Introduce oneself.

“teacher. I may not be able to focus on Mechanical Domain, but I will definitely work hard to become an excellent student.” Kilfy said softly.

Lin Chuan was a little uncomfortable sitting there. Even at Mechanical Honeycomb, he taught a lot of internships and learning mechanics, but it was the first time that he accepted a student alone.

This feeling of becoming a teacher is quite strange…

Lin Chuan waved his hand and said, “I don’t have any requirements for you, and you don’t have that many requirements for oneself. , Your situation is special and you are destined to be unable to focus on the Mechanical Domain, so let’s go with the flow.”

“Usually you are fine, you can go to the Smelting Plant laboratory, or here, what’s the matter? You can also directly ask me questions. As for other knowledge about mechanics, let’s talk about it after a while…”

Kilfy nodded with a smile, and thanked the puppet.

Before Lin Chuan can say anything, the door of the Guest Receiving Room has been opened, and Fowler and others are pouring in. Congratulations to Lin Chuan for accepting a good student.

“Beautiful Young Lady Kilfy, I am Fowler. From Foca Tower, I am also a student of Mister Chuan to some extent. You can call me Senior Schoolmate Fowler.” Fowler bowed, graceful The salute, said softly.

Lowden and Howya grinned their old teeth, and secretly raised a big middle finger to Fowler, a shameless guy. This guy’s method of deceiving women is really shameless, and it’s also Senior…

Lin Chuan’s mouth twitched and wanted to cut off Fowler’s energy device directly. He could have confiscated such an old student.

“Hello. Uncle Fowler.”

Kilfy smiled, but Fowler’s face was dull when he spit out words from his lips.

For a moment, the girl and Fowler, Lowden, and Howya met each other, but Bayen did not come out. The majestic Centaur/troops had a special identity and could not see the light.

“Okay. Don’t delay here, do your own work, Kilfy, you come with me to the laboratory…”

Lin Chuan got up and ordered like this , Opened the door and walked out.

He entered the role of teacher very quickly. Since he has accepted the student, he will give him a guide. Besides, if Kilfy’s performance is as good as the answer sheet, he will also be a good assistant in vain. .


In seven days.

Shihai Mountain City, the deepest part of the Shi Family territory, within a cliff, about a kilometer away, a huge space has been excavated here.

This is Shi Family’s Experiment Base, which has a precision high-end mechanical device. Its large scale and advanced equipment are not inferior to the top-level Experiment Base of any mechanical organization.

There are as many as 10,000 personnel here, and the number of Mechanics is as many as 1,000. At this time, these Mechanics one by one are running back and forth, looking anxious and excited.

In the center of the Experiment Base, inside a cylindrical crystal cabinet, there was a crisp sound. A five-meter-high, full-body Heart-Origin Equipment with rock patterns on the surface was activated. The helmet crystals The screen lights up.

This scene drew a burst of cheers from Experiment Base’s personnel, and some even weeped, muttering “After so many years of hard work, there is finally a breakthrough, this thing can finally be started…”


In the base office, Chief-In-Charge received the news and immediately took the communicator and dialed a number, which was the direct number of Shi Family Old Ancestor.

“Mister Hulie, [Earth King Equipment] has started!” Chief-In-Charge exclaimed excitedly.

On the other end of the communicator, the long breathing paused, and Shi Hulie’s voice sounded: “Has a breakthrough been achieved? Is it the result of your research, or is it relying on the plan that Shi Di gave you?”

Suddenly, Chief-In-Charge’s complexion stagnated, and his excited expression solidified on his face, as if he was enjoying a delicious meal, and suddenly it was as uncomfortable to eat a fly.

The thoughts turned, Chief-In-Charge suppressed the idea of ​​striving for merit, and reported: “Mister Hulie, we have used the plan handed over by Young Master Shi Di for reference, and our previous research results Compare each other…”

Before he finished speaking, Shi Hulie interrupted on the other end of the communicator, indifferently said: “I understand. It’s been a lot of work, and everyone is a hard work. Now that breakthrough progress has been made, Then come on. Time is tight. How long will it take for this [Earth King Equipment] to actually start? Can it be done before the Royal City birthday banquet?”

“I don’t need [Earth King] Equipment 】Have fighting power, as long as it is really started, it runs for an hour, or half an hour…”

paused, Shi Hulie emphasized his tone, solemnly asked: “You, and the Experiment Base Those people, can they do it this month, before the Royal City birthday banquet? I want to listen to the truth.”

Chief-In-Charge’s heart is pounding and he knows that if you are sloppy at this time, Once the Old Ancestor’s request cannot be fulfilled, waiting for his end will be very miserable.

“Mister Hulie, I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult. If Mister Shi Di can contact me and give the Machinery Grandmaster of this restoration plan, it may be possible…” Chief-In-Charge thought about it. Immediately, said carefully.

On the other end of the communicator, Shi Hulie didn’t say anything, but instead hung up the communication after a few words of encouragement.

In the office, Chief-In-Charge touched his neck. His neck and back were filled with cold sweat. Every time he talked with Shi Family, the Old Ancestor, even if it was through the communicator, All feel great pressure.

Is this the oppression of the Peak expert in the world?

Chief-In-Charge slumped in a chair, and the excitement just extinguished in half. The breakthrough progress of this time is actually based on a research plan sent by Shi Di. Really started [Earth King Equipment].

As for going further, easier said than done, Chief-In-Charge estimates that after three or five years, [Earth King Equipment] cannot really start activation at all.

“hmph…, I don’t believe it. The Machinery Grandmaster whom Shi Di contacted can really restore [Earth King Equipment] mobility.” Chief-In-Charge wiped. In a cold sweat, there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth.


Shi Family territory.

In that azure wood, Shi Hulie sits in the courtyard, looking at Shi Di standing aside, waving his hand, said with a smile: “You kid, what are you doing while standing? Sit down. ……”

“In front of Old Ancestor, I’d better stand, I really want to sit down, and I’m going to be controversial again.” Shi Di stood with his hands down and responded with a smile.

This is the Shi Family’s rules, one generation apart, juniors cannot sit on an equal footing with them.

Of course, Shi Di can sit on the ground, which is not a bad rule, but it is too unsightly.

Shi Hulie nodded, poured a cup of green tea, waved his sleeves, and the teacup floated up and fell in the air in front of Shi Di, hovering slowly, the nose assaults the senses.

“many thanks Old Ancestor.” Shi Di took it with a smile and drank it.

“This time, you did a great job.”

Shi Hulie poured another cup of green tea, while drinking tea, while complimenting: “These juniors in the family are the best I’m not worried about you. If it’s not for your father’s eccentricity, you should sit in the position of the next Family Head.”

Shi Di smiled and shook his head, indicating that he didn’t have the position of Family Head. Interested. He has developed very well in Northern Land Royal City. If he competes for important positions in Royal City in the future, it will be fine if the family can help.


Suddenly, Shi Hulie complexion changed with a bang, and the teacup was thrown on the ground, fragments splashing everywhere.

Shi Di suddenly fell to his knees in fright, looked pale, and didn’t understand why Old Ancestor suddenly became angry. Did his words and actions touch Old Ancestor’s taboo?

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