This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 520

“Old Ancestor forgive me, I am offended!”

Shi Di squatted his head again and again, and went crazy in his head, thinking about which sentence angered Shi Hulie and made Old Ancestor so angry.

You must know that Shi Hulie acted vicious and merciless when he was young. After entering the eighth boundary, he rarely gets angry. For so many years, few Shi Family children have been punished by his anger.

However, the end of those who angered Old Ancestor is without exception. Shi Di has heard of some secrets since he was a child, and in his heart he has the notion that Old Ancestor must not be offended.

Looking at Shi Di’s panic, Shi Hulie sighed and waved his hand: “Get up, you are not to blame for the problem of vision. You, Little Brat, is good at everything, just the Martial Way innate talent is bad. A little bit, the expert level of insight is too low to hinder your vision.”

Shi Di got up, stood with his hands down, and listened humbly.

“I ask you, do you know our Shi Family’s intention to study [Earth King Equipment] all these years?” Shi Hulie said solemnly.

Shi Di was a little stunned. Of course, he knew that if he could study the [Earth King Equipment] and wait and grasp the secrets of Centaur Regiment’s strength, the Shi Family in Northern Land would go further. Centaur Regiment sits on an equal footing.

Furthermore, Shi Family is a Human Race. Once it rises, it can greatly squeeze the living space of Centaur Regiment in Northern Land, and it can also be recognized by Mysterious Star Empire.

In this way, two generations later, perhaps no one mentions Centaur Regiment in Northern Land, but Shi Family which owns [Earth King Equipment].

Listening to Shi Di’s account of this, Shi Hulie sneered, disdainfully said: “This is the future of Shi Family you are looking forward to? That’s it…”

There are other difficulties Is it?

Shi Di is a bit at a loss. Of course, he is deep in one’s heart and he does have some wild hope. For example, Shi Family continues to grow and can sit on an equal footing with Northern Royal Clan, or if an accident happens, he has accumulated strength for a long time. The Shi Family can also unite forces outside Northern Land, such as a certain powerful influence of Great Mysterious Star Prefecture, and replace it…

These wild hopes are possible, but they cannot be controlled by him. Speak out of the mouth.

Squinted at Shi Di, Shi Hulie shook the head, and muttered: “Okay, I know what you haven’t said yet. In a way, it’s good for you to have these prospects. Yes, among the juniors of the family, it is really good. But, this is not the reason why I used the power of the entire family to study the [Earth King Equipment]. The real reason, in fact, I have already handed it to you, but it is a pity , You haven’t found it yet, which makes me a little disappointed.”

“Among these juniors in the family, including my family son, I didn’t give him the secret. Instead, I gave it to you. .”

Give it to me, what’s the secret…

Shi Di’s eyes widened, he thought about it, his forehead was constantly oozing sweat, he could not understand, what is Old Ancestor? What secret was handed to him.

After that, in Shi Di’s hard thinking, Shi Hulie took out a map and handed it over.

“This map…”

Shi Di suddenly widened his eyes. Of course he knew this map. This was a copy given to him by Old Ancestor when he was an adult at the age of 18. Gifts and keep them secret.

About this map, over the years, he has used it for research, and thinks it is a Treasure Map given to him by Old Ancestor.

However, he didn’t work out a reason. Later, he thought it was just an ancient map with collectible value. It was part of Old Ancestor’s collection, and he gave it to him as a birthday gift.

Now, Shi Hulie took out the same map again, Shi Di immediately understood that this map was not ordinary, and the secrets in it were beyond his imagination.

“This map is my real purpose.”

Shi Hulie smiled, took out a pot of blood, and deciphered the map just like Bayen did that day.

Looking at the completely different map, Shi Di’s eyes straightened. He recognized the location on the map, the Extreme Northern Land in Northern Land.

“It took me a lot of time to decipher this map before I finally made progress…”

Shi Hulie pointed to the marker on the map and talked about Sealed Territory matters, and his plans for several decades.

The origin of this map was obtained by Shi Hulie during an expedition to the Northern Land Ancient Battlefield ruins when he was young. He has always been interested in ancient objects and spent a lot of time. The ancient map was deciphered.

After that, he knew Sealed Territory and the key to open this place was [Earth King Equipment].

That Sealed Territory is the secret that Centaur Regiment used to be so powerful…

“Sealed Territory, where there are countless ancient treasures, [Earth King Equipment] was originally made from there Come out, if you master Sealed Territory, hundreds or thousands of [Earth King Equipment] can be easily manufactured…”

“When the time comes, master such an army, Northern Land Royal What is Clan? My Shi Family can even occupy Northern Land and do things that Northern King and Centaur Regiment did not do…”

“Relying on the treasures in Sealed Territory, I can even go further. Entered the ninth boundary and became a legendary expert of the continent. When the time comes, Shi Family is the real peak!”

Shi Hulie can’t help but become bloodshot with excitement when he speaks. yearn for something even in dreams.

At the time, it was precisely when he learned this secret, with such wild hope, that Shi Hulie’s strength and diligence made rapid progress, and finally set foot on the eighth boundary.

Ambition is the catalyst to become stronger!

Looking at Shi Di stunned, Shi Hulie laughed and said, “Shi Di, this is what I value you. What is the position of Family Head? Master Sealed Territory, you can step on the stage , Far beyond this family territory, this little Shihai Mountain City. Do you understand?”

“Old Ancestor, many thanks Old Ancestor for love!”

Shi Di kneels again The ground was trembling with excitement. He didn’t expect Old Ancestor to value oneself in this way. If he could really master Sealed Territory, how great his future would be.

Shi Hulie got up, walked to the courtyard, and looked at the peak of Shihai Mountain City in the distance. His eyes were unpredictable, said solemnly: “Now the success of the plan is only a few steps away. Just activate [Earth King Equipment], let this thing work for a while, that’s it.”

“I understand. Old Ancestor, I will contact Mister Chuan.” Shi Di nodded excitedly.

“Mechanic Talent of White Dwarf Kingdom, Lin Chuan’s teachers are Grandmaster Tieyin, Dean Takks, and Grandmaster Bassi of Mechanical Honeycomb? Is this identity really troublesome…”

Shi Hulie frowned, sighed, and reluctantly shook the head. If it is replaced by another Mechanic, even the Machinery Grandmaster, it can repair the [Earth King Equipment], just tie it directly.

Anyway, in Shihai Mountain City, Shi Family is the real master.

However, if it involves the Mechanical organization of the White Dwarf Kingdom, it is difficult to handle, especially, it also involves the Kingdom’s melting pot chief, the Dean of the Mechanical Academy, and the Mechanical Honeycomb one of the very best Mechanical Workshop. Vice Workshop Master…

None of these three parties is easy to mess with…

“Fine. Get in touch with that young Mechanic more and see if you can speed it up. He can satisfy any request. He has to speed up. The situation is a bit uncomfortable now…”

Shi Hulie ordered like this.

Shi Di was even nodded, keenly aware of what, and asked: “Old Ancestor, is our plan noticed? Or…”

About the experience in Experiment Base [Earth King Equipment] Shi Di knows the source of the structure diagram very well, and it is related to the tragedy that occurred in Shihai Mountain Mystical Place 12 years ago.

“Of course not. Even if our plan is noticed by others, we are only studying the plan of [Earth King Equipment] to construct the map.”

Shi Hulie frowned, “here Northern Land, the guy who really showed conspiracy is not our Shi Family, but the descendants of Noble Zhong, and the mysterious influence that caused the Royal City tragedy 11 years ago…”

sighed, he looked towards Shi Di, “The situation outside is very tense now. You are my most important offspring. I will tell you everything.”

“The king of Royal City, early Back then, when I was on the eighth boundary, I was very defensive to our Shi Family. However, our Shi Family has been very safe over the years. Therefore, Northern King did not take great precautions against us. That is why you can enter Royal City. Become a consultant of Third Royal Son Monte.”

“All of this development was originally expected…”

Speaking of which, Shi Hulie complexion is gloomy down, He slapped the table suddenly, and smashed the table and the tea sets on the table to pieces.

He gnashing teeth said: “At this critical juncture, Black Dwarf Regiment, Grey Rock Ridge the bastard Wolf Lord, and the two mysterious influences are coming to disrupt the situation and let the Northern King pay attention to our Shi Family. Suddenly aggravated.”

“This group of bastards…, when I master Sealed Territory, I must erase them from the world one after another!”

Look at one In the dust of the earth, Shi Di felt a cold sweat on his spine. He repeatedly said that he must share the worries for Old Ancestor, and will lead the family’s power to wipe out these influences in the future.

Waved his hand, Shi Hulie said again: “The current situation is really hard to say. I am worried that the Royal City person will suddenly attack before the birthday banquet. As the young person He’s temper, maybe he will secretly call Centaur Regiment together with Royal City Iron Guard, and suddenly a big vote. That’s troublesome…”

Speaking of the current Northern King, even Shi Hulie Wu Zhi eighth boundary, in charge of the huge Shi Family, sitting in Shihai Mountain City, still has a deep fear.

At the beginning, when Shi Hulie was a boy, he experienced the Northern King’s methods firsthand. Overnight, war broke out in three parts of Northern Land.

Centaur Regiment, Royal City Iron Guard, together with City Guards from all over the world, form a million Legion, three-line combat, and the Black Dwarf Regiment, which had just improved at that time, was beaten again.

The Sea Beast Regiment near the entrance of Senghamn City to the sea was all killed.

At the same time, some rebellious influence of Northern Land will be pulled up by the roots in just three months.

That war established the prestige of the young Northern King and also shocked those large and small family influences who began to stir.

Shi Hulie has also been very afraid of Northern King since then…

“The Royal City guy is best at violent noiselessness. Who will let us Shi? Family has been very low-key these years. Even if it is liquidated, certain/affirm will be the last. However, I am afraid that someone will come to the end…”

Shi Hulie sighed.

“So, we have to speed up the planning process and open Sealed Territory before the Royal City birthday banquet?” Shi Di said solemnly.

Shi Hulie glanced at the descendants approvingly, “Yes. In order to prevent changes, we must obtain the strength that can compete with Centaur Regiment as soon as possible, and it is urgent to control Sealed Territory.”

Shi Di nodded, chatted a few words with Old Ancestor, then turned and left.

Looking at Shi Di’s back, Shi Hulie turned his head and looked towards the flowing clouds in the sky, revealing a cold smile: “Wait until I take control of the Sealed Territory, I must make an [Earth King Equipment] that belongs to me 】, when the time comes, I can surpass the Northern Land eighth boundary expert and command Shi Family’s invincible Legion to sweep the northern border.”

“The Royal City person, if nothing else Means, only relying on the strength demonstrated over the years, then obediently roll down from the throne, this Northern King position, only the strongest expert is worthy to sit on.”

Turn around, Shi Hulie moved towards Deep Forest Walking everywhere, a breath surged, and a layer of azure mist filled the forest, isolating it from the outside world.


At the same time.

The newly built Smelting Plant in the northern part of the city.

This week, the construction of this Smelting Plant has begun to take shape, and some of the workshops and laboratories have been put into use.

For this Smelting Plant, Shihai Mountain Governance Hall, and Mechanical Honeycomb both moved very fast. Over the past week, Mechanical Honeycomb’s technical staff and related personnel have been coming and will soon The half-built factory is up and running.

At this moment, in the largest laboratory, Lin Chuan is standing by the workbench, pointing Kilfy to make two Star-level Heart-Origin Equipment.

“teacher. The production of the Two Stars Level Induction Helmet is so difficult…”

Kilfy frowned, looking at the failed product again, a little helpless.

Looking at the workbench, except for the poor appearance, the two Stars Level Heart Origin helmet is actually completely usable. Lin Chuan said: “Your innate talent in mechanics is very good. It’s all relying on innate talent to make it so fast. By now, slow progress is normal, and you’re pretty good.”

Before Kilfy could speak, Fowler on the side had already leaned over, carrying With a gentle smile, he saluted this beautiful girl: “Younger School Sister Kilfy, it’s been hard work. It’s already noon. I don’t know if it’s an honor to have lunch with you. I found a very good restaurant, where… “

Looking at the way Fowler was talking, Lin Chuan shook the head. This guy has been wandering around here since early in the morning. This situation has been going on for a week, and he still doesn’t give up.

“Uncle Fowler, I can’t walk away. If it is convenient, can you pack two copies?”

Kilfy smiled quietly and said this request, let Fowler’s The expression froze in an instant.

“Take two…” Fowler’s face twitched. He wanted to have lunch with the beauty, not as a food delivery person.

“Oh, that’s right…”

Kilfy looked at Kitty Lan, who was sleeping in the corner, and whispered: “I almost forgot Kitty. For lunch, it likes the smoked fish from the shop in the East District the most, Uncle Fowler, you can bring a copy here too.”

Where did you stop by?

Fowler was dumbfounded. The restaurant he was talking about was located in the South District, a district away from the East District. After buying it, it was already afternoon in the North District.

Opening his mouth, Fowler wanted to encourage his three-inch tongue to say something, but under Kilfy’s expectant pupil light watch, he walked out obediently and went to buy lunch.

“Huh…, Uncle Fowler is finally gone, teacher, then I will continue…” Kilfy relaxed and started another Heart-Origin Equipment production.

Looking at the student’s concentration, Lin Chuan didn’t say anything. He sat at the desk and turned on the Light Screen to further analyze the [Earth King Equipment] structure diagram.

Over the past week, all aspects have been progressing smoothly. I threw a restoration plan from [Earth King Equipment] to Shi Di, and breakthrough progress was quickly made over there.

As for other aspects, nearly a hundred experts of the descendants of Redbud have arrived in Shihai Mountain City. The weakest among these people is also on the fifth boundary, giving Lin Chuan a lot of confidence.

The restoration of [Void Bone Shadow] was also completed two days ago. Tai Gu is controlling it and is on the way.

All the arrangements are being carried out in an orderly manner, as well as the students who have just received a week.

Lin Chuan looked at Kilfy in front of the workbench, secretly nodded, this girl’s innate talent in Mechanical Domain was beyond his imagination.

This week, Kilfy has shown a very high innate talent in the manufacture of Heart-Origin Equipment. She has been in contact with Mechanic since she was a child. She has a strong foundation in this area, and Lin Chuan’s guidance has made progress. It can be described as rapid progress.

In just one week, it has been able to manufacture Two Stars Level Heart-Origin Equipment alone. Except for the foundation technology, it is still poor, and it is already very qualified in other aspects.

“This is an outstanding Mechanical Talent! Unfortunately, I can’t focus on Mechanical Domain…” Tai Gu’s voice sounded in the earphone.

“Life is like this, not everything is satisfactory…”

Lin Chuan said indifferent expression.

This week, the Pangun family in Senghamn City sent people over more than once to learn about this Smelting Plant and Lin Chuan.

Pangun Family Head even came and talked with Lin Chuan for a long time. On the one hand, he determined Lin Chuan’s identity, and on the other hand, he was worried that Kilfy would leave Senghamn City.

From the Pangun Family Head, the old Pangun, Lin Chuan also learned about Kilfy’s past. In terms of family transaction processing, this girl showed her superb wrist when she was 12 years old. She is not the same person at all.

“Take advantage of my time in Northern Land, so please give me some guidance…” Lin Chuan mumbled.

At this moment–

The communicator vibrates, and a message is sent, Shi Di.

“It seems that Shi Family has made progress. This time I should be able to see the [Earth King Equipment]…” Lin Chuan muttered as he looked at the news.

Immediately, he got up and sent a message to Fowler who was going to buy lunch, asking him to meet at the gate of Shi Family territory.

“teacher. Are you going to Shi Family again?” Kilfy looked up and took a look at the semifinished product in her hand. She was also going to finish this work soon for Teacher Chuan to comment.

“You work hard to study. Maybe you will need to be an assistant later,” Lin Chuan said.

Kilfy pupil light lit up, nodded, waving goodbye to Lin Chuan.

On the side, Kitty Lan raised her head, stretched her small body, looked at the owner, wanted to follow, but was too lazy to move, and finally lay there without moving.

This week, I have visited Shi Family several times, and Kitty Lan is very resistant to that place.

It’s not that the scenery of Shi Family’s territory is bad, but that it was targeted by the woman Shi Lanyi. As long as she goes, she will want to use it.

It’s actually nothing. After all, for a beautiful elder sister, whether it’s good or bad, from Little Blue Cat’s point of view, as long as the beautiful Young Lady loves to feed it, it’s no different.

However, Shi Lanyi is different. Every time he spends a long time with Fowler, his body is full of weird smell, so I want to use it. It’s disgusting!

Now, Kitty Lan doesn’t catch a cold there, so I won’t go if I can.

Watching the master walk out of the laboratory, Kitty Lan yawned, looked at the busy Kilfy, and rolled her small eyes. This is still so far, there are few beautiful women who have ignored its charm. Sister Lady.

It’s not that Kilfy doesn’t like it, but the interest of this stunning beauty in Northern Land. She is more interested in mechanical research, except for her leisure time, she holds her and feeds, and she stays all the time. On the workbench.

This woman, like Lin Chuan before, is addicted to mechanical research.


Kitty Lan called out, lying there bored, some miss Laknia and Lymira.

The two girls have followed Madame Die these days, and the latter is their teacher.

This is what Lin Chuan means, and it is also the wishes of the two girls. They hope to help a little bit.

Suddenly, Kitty Lan’s ears flicked, but he lay on his stomach and did not move, carefully converging the hair that was about to explode.

Its keen intuition, felt a dangerous breath, not in the vicinity, but near the southern area.

“Inner City Southern District…”

Kitty Lan’s little head wandered around, thinking that it seemed that among his companions, no one went to the Southern District today.

Meow…, don’t worry about it!

little kitty yawned and called out a few words habitually. Through the monitoring in the laboratory, he informed the owner of the news.

As for whether the owner receives it, it doesn’t bother to care about it.


On the other side.

Lin Chuan and Fowler have come to Shi Family’s territory. This time, they are not in Shi Di’s residence.

Fowler is a little disappointed about this. He still likes Shi Lanyi, Shi Family Young Lady. Although this woman has all the habits of aristocratic Young Lady, she has both style and sentiment, no matter On the bed, or under the bed, there are full of women.

Compared with the problems of the noble Young Lady, Shi Lanyi is a beautiful woman full of charm, which is enough for men.

“Unfortunately…, I heard that Young Lady Lanyi has a marriage contract and will marry a jazz from Royal City next year. I will get together one day and one day less…” Fowler whispered.

Lin Chuan really wanted to kick this love-type mechanical war puppet away. This guy was chased by Eastern and Western Continents. It really deserves it.

“You are safe, the situation in Shihai Mountain City is very strange now, don’t make trouble, it is difficult to get out…” Lin Chuan warned.

Fowler smiled, bowed and saluted, indicating that he was measured. For him, the situation in Shihai Mountain City was just a small battle. When he was in the Holy Federation, he was more dangerous than this battle. After much experience, he escaped safely.

“hehe…, that is, when you went to Shihai Mountain City, you just hooked up with a woman, or an unmarried woman. She will not expose your footsteps when chatting with other ladies at the banquet The truth about many boats, there will be no fly into a rage out of humiliation, and your husband in a green hat ordered to chase you…”

Lin Chuan squinted and said indifferently.

Fowler was speechless, and his face became dull, showing the rigidity of Mechanical Puppet, and he was instantly broken.

“Mister Chuan, I know these things so clearly…” Fowler said with a smile.

Lin Chuan has no expression on his face. He is angry when he speaks of this. At White Arrow Port, he browsed Fowler’s glory all night. At that time, he still admired this guy a little bit.

However, after seeing the daoist and getting along for a while, Lin Chuan also felt that this kind of passionate scourge should be beaten to death.

Thinking of the past about Wen Lingdun, Lin Chuan suddenly remembered what happened to the Temple Guarding Knight who chased him in the past.

Before asking, Shi Di has walked into the living room quickly, apologizing for being late.

“Mister Chuan. I have been waiting for a long time. I invite you over this time to get your help. As a consultant, I will test that thing myself…” Shi Di lowered his voice.

Lin Chuan smiled, nodded, dark fruit, as expected, and finally saw a sample of [Earth King Equipment].

“Let’s go, I have a lot of things, and I have to rush back later…”

Lin Chuan got up, and between words, it seemed that it was just this thing, as he was numerous One item in the itinerary.

Fowler stays in the meeting room without following. His task with Lin Chuan is to respond outside to prevent any accidents.

This week, for the corners of the Shi Family territory, Fowler has personally experienced the hardness of the ground there, but it couldn’t be more clear…

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