This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 521

The depths of the Shi Family territory.

In a large secret room, Lin Chuan stood in front of a transparent wall, watching a huge Experiment Base appearing inside.

The visibility of this transparent wall is one-way. He can clearly see the scene in the Experiment Base, but the people inside cannot see him.

Looking at the center of the Experiment Base, in the cylindrical metal cabin, the nearly fully enclosed Heart-Origin Equipment, densely covered with rock patterns, and the Centaur/troops emblem on the helmet, shows The origin of this Heart-Origin Equipment.

【Earth King Equipment 】! ?

“Is this [Earth King Equipment]? Your Shi Family has successfully produced such a Heart-Origin Equipment……”

Lin Chuan’s complexion shakes and he has witnessed it with his own eyes. The feeling brought by Earth King Equipment is stronger than expected.

Even if there is a wall, it can’t stop at all. Lin Chuan’s Mental Energy explores, the threads of Mental Energy see through the wall, and you can feel the strong energy on the [Earth King Equipment] fluctuation.

Even if this [Earth King Equipment] has not actually started yet, Lin Chuan can predict that this weapon must be activated and what formidable power it can exert.

At least…, heavy Heart-Origin Equipment close to Eight Stars Level quality!

This is just an imitation!

Yes, an imitation…

Lin Chuan breathes deeply, from [Moon Core], he knew that the real [Earth King Equipment] was almost a thousand years ago Half ruined.

After all, without the core part, just like the same Smartbrain without a real operating center, can [Earth King Equipment] still be called invincible equipment?

Naturally not!

Centaur Race until now, the [Earth King Equipment] that is trying to repair is almost a shell.

And that shell, 12 years ago, would blow up in that Experiment Base.

Now, on the opposite side of the wall, the [Earth King Equipment] in the metal cabin is the Shi Family who picked up the wreckage from the Centaur Race Experiment Base, and then re-assembled it and repaired it according to the mechanical composition. .

This [Earth King Equipment] is not even the outer shell. It can only be said to be an imitation repaired with some original parts.

However, even if it is such an imitation, the power fluctuations it emits are comparable to the Heart-Origin Equipment of Eight Stars Level.

If it were the original, the perfect 【Earth King Equipment】, what amazing formidable power could be exerted.

“Mister Chuan, this [Earth King Equipment] can be started initially, thanks to the restoration plan you provided.”

Shi Di explained with a smile on the side that he wanted to put Lin Chuan brought him into the Experiment Base, but considering that Lin Chuan said that he didn’t want his identity to be revealed, he brought him to this secret room.

Lin Chuan nodded, but secretly sneered. After all, Shi Family is too guarded and worried about bringing him into the Experiment Base. There will be no accidents.

After all, 12 years ago, the Experiment Base of Centaur Race was blown up silently. The Shi Family was naturally vigilant to avoid repeating mistakes.

However, Lin Chuan doesn’t need to go in either. [Moon Core] has quietly informed that it has been associated with the [Earth King Equipment] inside.

“The researchers of Shi Family are all waste. This [Earth King Equipment] uses half of the original materials. Their 10-year research progress is only so little, it is simply waste in waste… …”

[Moon Core] Rare, such a humane attack, devalued the researchers and Mechanics in the Experiment Base to nothing.

Lin Chuan didn’t speak, and he couldn’t respond. He stared at the [Earth King Equipment] silently, seeming to be studying the structure of this thing.

In my ear, there was a discussion between [Moon Core] and Tai Gu, evaluating the performance of this [Earth King Equipment].

“This empty shell is generally repaired. If it is activated, it can play up to 50% of the original formidable power. Also, as the core part, I cannot assist fighting, about 50% or 40% of the formidable. I can’t even play with power……”

[Moon Core] Such an evaluation.

“You don’t need your assistance in fighting, as long as it can be started, right, can only Centaur Race be worn?” Tai Gu asked Lin Chuan what he wanted to ask.

“Of course not. The meaning of Centaur Race to [Earth King Equipment] is actually the key to opening Sealed Territory after being worn.”

“Generally speaking, this [Earth King Equipment] Earth King Equipment] With my assistance, Machine Lord can also be worn.”

[Moon Core] explained.

Lin Chuan’s heart is shaken, if he can put on 【Earth King Equipment】, he will gain leapfrog battle strength.

After all, even if this [Earth King Equipment] can only play less than 50% of the formidable power, for Lin Chuan, it is enough to make his fighting power change qualitatively.

Of course, this is not the most important thing. Lin Chuan thought in his mind, now that he can use the [Earth King Equipment], find a chance to take this powerful weapon along.


There was a clear sound in my ears. To Lin Chuan, this sound has never been so sweet. In a short period of time, [Moon Core] has With the specific structure of [Earth King Equipment], all the data are scanned.

In other words, as long as Lin Chuan has enough materials in his hands, he can make an [Earth King Equipment].

“Mister Chuan, do you have any way to activate this thing?”

When Shi Di saw Lin Chuan, he just looked at the information and didn’t have a word. I felt a little anxious. Said: “As long as this [Earth King Equipment] can be activated, even if it can run for half an hour…”

“It seems quite difficult, I will try to calculate it first… “Lin Chuan looked at Shi Di, browses frowned, then sat down at the table and performed calculations on the Light Screen.

Looking at the densely packed beating data on the screen, Shi Di stood by, but he did not even dare to gasp.

He anxiously waited, hoping to get a good result from Lin Chuan, which is related to his future.

For a long time——

Lin Chuan stopped, listed three options on the Light Screen, clicked and said: “This [Earth King Equipment] strictly speaking, that’s An empty shell, or an incompletely repaired shell, is a little difficult to activate. You can try these solutions.”

Pass the Light Screen to Shi Di, and Lin Chuan motions to him Go ahead and debug this empty shell of [Earth King Equipment] to see how it works.

If Shi Di got the Supreme Treasure, he immediately jumped out with the Light Screen. After a while, he appeared in the Experiment Base opposite the transparent wall.

Immediately, the researchers in the Experiment Base gathered and were full of doubts about the plan on the Light Screen. A tall man looked at the badge as the Chief-In-Charge of the Experiment Base, and more It was a sneer to refute Shi Di, asserting that these three options were not useful.

Being confronted by Chief-In-Charge of Experiment Base, Shi Di’s face was a bit unbearable, especially when he knew that Lin Chuan was in the secret room behind that wall, watching all this, more I feel that my face is lost.

The two sides quarreled, and the scene was fierce, and there was quite a fight.

In the secret room, looking at such a lively scene, Lin Chuan laughed secretly. The researchers at this Experiment Base were actually quite good, and could immediately see the problems with these three options.

It’s true that these three schemes are useless at all. I want to rely on these three schemes to activate this empty shell of [Earth King Equipment], which is impossible.

He listed these three plans, just to do it intentionally…

At this time, in the Experiment Base, Shi Di was stimulated by a group of researchers to jump his feet. He both eyes Spitfire, growled: “You said these three plans are useless, then come up with a feasible plan? This thing can be started initially, is it your credit?”

For a while, There was absolute silence in the audience, and the faces of the researchers were blue and white, and Shi Di was stabbed in the pain.

The initial launch of this [Earth King Equipment] took these researchers nearly two years, and there is still no progress.

But Shi Di didn’t know where he got from, and got a restoration plan, and it was initially activated all at once.

This incident has completely lost the face of the researchers of the entire Experiment Base. Now, Shi Di has come up with these three impossible solutions, saying that they can activate the [Earth King Equipment]. It’s simply humiliating them face to face.

“Young Master Shi Di, this thing was initially launched before, and I admit that your restoration plan is valid.”

Experiment Base Chief-In-Charge with a serious face, he said in a deep voice “However, these three schemes are totally unworkable. If something happens, [Earth King Equipment] is damaged, can you bear the responsibility?”

Shi Di has no face Expression, said with a sneer: “I actually want to ask, Mr. Chief-In-Charge, do you meet Old Ancestor’s requirements within the specified time limit?”

hearing this, base Chief-In-Charge The whole body trembled, complexion ashen, and did not answer any more, letting other researchers cooperate with Shi Di.

Immediately, the researchers present with a sneer, began to debug [Earth King Equipment], and operated according to these three plans. They looked at Shi Di with sarcasm and waited to see the layman making a fool of himself.

Lin Chuan looked at all of this, tapped his finger on the desktop, indicating that [Moon Core] can start.


There was a dull sound, the surface of the [Earth King Equipment] in the metal cabin, exuding dense gray-yellow rays of light, turned into one after another. The entire Experiment Base.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

one after another Light Screen burst, the data on the instrument jumped in disorder, the scene was very messy for a while, and everyone’s exclamation sounded one after another.


In the metal cabin, the [Earth King Equipment] moved, and the carapace on the front chest suddenly fell off and a beam of light popped out, directly piercing the metal cabin. Hole.

Suddenly, the violent and powerful energy fluctuations could not be concealed anymore, and they spewed like a tide.

This scene stunned everyone present. Shi Di backed back again and again. His legs were shaking. There was obviously no one in this [Earth King Equipment], but there was a kind of like. The pressure of the mountains assaults the senses.

“What’s going on?!”

A scream sounded, the secret passage of the Experiment Base opened, and a figure flew by. Shi Hulie noticed the abnormal movement here. , Rushed over with all his strength.

With a bang, the breath of the eighth boundary expert permeated, and quickly enveloped the entire Experiment Base, pushing the gray-yellow-like rays of light back into the 【Earth King Equipment】.

kacha ……

The powerful equipment shook, and then calmed down, and the mountain-like power fluctuations dissipated.

“This is…, [Earth King Equipment] is activated…” Experiment Base Chief-In-Charge exclaimed, then his expression changed, his face flushed like pig liver.

“Successful, really activated…” Shi Di’s eyes widened and he was incredibly surprised.

In the secret room, Lin Chuan laughed without a trace. Although these three schemes are all useless, [Moon Core] can directly start this empty shell of [Earth King Equipment], where What plan is needed, but it’s just a way of doing it.

Now, Shi Hulie came directly, but Lin Chuan saved a lot of things. In this way, the researchers of Experiment Base will not have any trust in Shi Hulie’s mind.

This is the purpose of Lin Chuan’s list of the three plans.

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