This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 522

Tzzzzzzz ……

In the huge Experiment Base, the current is spreading, and many mechanical instruments are smoking. The researchers present are rushing to repair these instruments. The information and data inside are their painstaking efforts. This ruined.

Many people looked towards the metal cabinet. The [Earth King Equipment] looked very complicated, and their faces felt a little bit painful.

Especially Chief-In-Charge of Experiment Base, his face is full of gray. He knows the situation just now and has lost all the trust of Shi Hulie.

“Why is this plan effective? I have clearly calculated it, but simply won’t work!”

Experiment Base Chief-In-Charge is puzzled about this. Could it be that they These people have worked hard for nearly ten years here, but are they not as good as the few days of a Mechanic Talent?

This reality really makes Experiment Base Chief-In-Charge unacceptable, and even the researchers present can’t accept it.

For this situation, Shi Hulie and Shi Di are too lazy to manage. Their purpose is to activate [Earth King Equipment]. As for who does it, it makes no difference.

At this time, Shi Hulie was sitting at the table in the secret room, personally holding a cup of azure teacup, and handed it to Lin Chuan, with a smile on his face like a spring breeze, like an amiable elder.

“Your Excellency, is the leader of Shi Family now?”

Lin Chuan drank tea and praised a good tea. For Shi Hulie, it is like a mountain like a mountain The breath is ignored.

In his heart, he was secretly surprised. [Moon Core] and Tai Gu analyzed Shi Hulie’s strength, at least as an expert above the eighth boundary Fourth Stage.

This kind of strength is too little in Mysterious Star Empire. If it is passed out, it will be enough to reshuffle the ranking of the Mysterious Star Empire Peak expert.

Looking at Lin Chuan, Shi Hulie smiled and said: “Young Mister Chuan. It’s really young and promising. At this age, there is such an accomplishment in Mechanical Domain. I am afraid that the future achievements will be in Mechanical Domain. In history, there will be a lot of pen and ink.”

“Old Mister Shi praised. You came to me personally, it should be because [Earth King Equipment] can run for a long time?” Lin Chuan put down the teacup , Knocked on the wall of the teacup, a crisp voice sounded, and he said slowly.

Shi Hulie’s complexion moved slightly, his eyes looked a little muddy, but there were slivers of brilliance flickering, not a trace of it leaked out, like lightning covered by dark clouds.

He looked at Lin Chuan and looked at Mechanic’s too young face. He was deeply sighed and nodded: “Yes. Young Mister Chuan, I’m from Northern Land. I don’t like procrastination when doing things. Let me put it straight. Within half a month, I need this [Earth King Equipment] to run for half an hour. I wonder if Young Mister Chuan can do it? If it can be done, Shi Family is willing to pay any price and accept anything from Young Mister Chuan. Request.”

Any request…

Lin Chuan looked at Shi Hulie, keen perception, and could feel the terrifying power like an abyss from him.

Negotiating with such a powerful existence, to be honest, Lin Chuan is very reluctant. If Shi Hulie suddenly gives birth to Evil Thought, even if he has various means, it will be difficult to escape at such a close distance.

Of course, this probability is very small. Even if Shi Family hid the sky with one hand in Shihai Mountain City, they will not engage in evil with the Mechanic organization for no reason.

Lin Chuan showed the color of thinking, turned on the Light Screen, and performed a series of calculations, seeming to be estimating time.

For a moment, Lin Chuan stopped and frowned: “Old Mister Shi. Your request is actually not difficult, but there is a big problem. The time of half a month is too rushed, and it is forced to activate. Running [Earth King Equipment] may cause irreversible damage. Can you accept this kind of loss?”

Hearing this, it is Shi Hulie’s city house that I can’t help but show a trace of excitement. He needs this [Earth King Equipment] to activate and open the Sealed Territory portal.

As long as you open it there, even if this [Earth King Equipment] is completely destroyed, there is no problem.

Amidst the turmoil, Shi Hulie deserves to be a figure of become shrewd with age. After a straight face, he converged his mind and kept silent, seeming to be weighing the gains and losses.

After thinking about it for a while, Shi Hulie sighed, and said: “As long as the thing can be activated and operated within half a month, it will last more than half an hour. I can bear such a loss.”


Lin Chuan is nodded, but he is a little more wary of this Old Guy in his heart.

As for Shi Hulie’s plan, Lin Chuan was very clear. He suddenly heard that Sealed Territory’s portal could be opened. This Old Guy is still so deliberately mystifying, which shows its cunning nature.

However, when it comes to deliberately mystifying, Lin Chuan is also best at it.

“That’s it. Young Mister Chuan wants any remuneration, don’t hesitate to mention, as long as we Shi Family can get it, it will definitely satisfy you.” Shi Hulie said with a smile.

Lin Chuan nodded, discussed some details with Shi Hulie, got up and prepared to leave.

“Young Mister Chuan, why not use our Shi Family laboratory? In terms of advanced level, our equipment here is not inferior to any continent laboratory.” Shi Hulie made this suggestion.

Lin Chuan knew what Old Guy had made when he heard it. The activation of [Earth King Equipment] was too important for Shi Hulie. He naturally wanted all the processes to be carried out under his nose.

“Old Mister Shi, what about this Experiment Base? The hardware here is good. As for here people, one is that they may not welcome me, and the other is, in my opinion, they even Not as good as my new student assistant.”

Lin Chuan said casually, with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

hearing this, Shi Hulie, Shi Di are blushing a little, this young Mechanic is really rude, but it is truthful, which makes people unable to refute.

Shi Hulie hit a haha, turned off the topic, and personally sent Lin Chuan out.

One old and one young was walking on the forest path, Shi Di followed. This scene almost made the eyes of the guards in the woods protrude.

These guards are elites selected by Shi Family. Some of them have been employed here almost 20 years ago. Over the years, Shi Family, the Old Ancestor, has come out of his residence a handful of times. .

Not to mention, they are also walking side by side with a youngster, talking and laughing like this.

What is the identity of this youngster?

While Shi Hulie and Lin Chuan were talking in a low voice, suddenly the former’s face was slightly startled and looked towards the southern part of Inner City in the distance.

“Old Mister Shi, what’s wrong?” Lin Chuan was taken aback and asked in surprise.

Shi Hulie frowned and shook his head slightly. He felt a faintly discernable terrifying atmosphere in the southern district of Inner City, but it disappeared again.

Suddenly, Shi Hulie complexion changed, a flash of light suddenly rose from his body, which turned into two shields in a blink of an eye, and Lin Chuan and Shi Di were protected in them.

His figure flickered, and immediately became fuzzy, raised his hand and pointed out a finger, an azure finger strength came out, fiercely stabbing into the shadow of a big tree not far away.


The power of the eighth boundary expert, even if it does not rely on the excitation of Heart-Origin Equipment, is still terrifying astonishing. The shadowy ground exploded directly, exposing a pit with a diameter of ten meters.

A emptiness shadow rushed out, like an invisible wind, suddenly moved towards this side.

“Shi Hulie, you have been a doggie for so many years, and you can’t think of your strength and diligence again, hahaha…Do you still recognize me?” The shadow-like man laughed and greeted him.

“Who? The guy who hides his head and shows his tail, doesn’t he dare to show his face?”

Shi Hulie frowned, Bing coldly shouted, but he waved his hands repeatedly, shooting like electricity, moved towards this People rush away.

At the same time, around the body, a cyan ray cover emerged, a defensive cover formed purely with heart origin power, which protects it, which can be described as attack and defence an integral whole.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

In an instant, the two sides fought dozens of times. There was only a dull collision sound, but not even a bit of strength was leaked.

This is not because the two sides are restrained, but Shi Hulie tried his best to control and eliminated the enthusiasm of the two sides.

This is the territory of Shi Family. This shadow-like person is very terrifying in strength, and is also at the eighth boundary level.

When the two eighth boundary experts clash, if they collide with a few at random, this mountain will collapse in half…

“hehe…, dog stuff, are you very embarrassed? , For fear of fighting at your door and ruining your Shi Family’s territory?”

The attacker smiled triumphantly, and his shot became more and more fierce. Between his fists, his fists seemed to burn. When he got up, the faint blue flame was beating, and his fist was like lightning, moving towards the front with a frantic blast.

For a time, a whirlwind of blue flames appeared in this area. Once the surrounding things were involved, they were burned by the blue flames, or they were crushed by terrifying fist strength.

This scene, Lin Chuan’s eyelids are jumping wildly. Neither Shi Hulie nor this powerful sneak attacker uses Heart-Origin Equipment. However, the formidable power of each move is so great. It has exceeded the scope of Seven Stars Level Heavy Heart-Origin Equipment.

This is Shi Hulie deliberately suppressing, otherwise, let alone this forest, within a kilometer of a radius, it has become a flat ground.

“Shi Hulie, Old Guy, what defensive shield is there…”

Lin Chuan glanced, [Moon Core] has already scanned the defensive shield quickly just now, you need The power of the seventh boundary expert can break open.

If this shot breaks open, Lin Chuan’s strength will be exposed, but without breaking the shield, being in the vortex where the eighth boundary expert is fighting, the danger is also self-evident.

Suddenly, Lin Chuan had a headache. He asked himself to be cautious enough that he had fallen into such an embarrassing situation because of an accident.

On the side, Shi Di, who was also in the defensive shield, was even more scared to face pale. His body trembled like a sieve, and both eyes turned straight, seeming to faint at any time.

A few days ago, in the chaos of Inner City, Shi Di had just walked on the brink of life and death. In just a few days, he fell into such a dangerous situation again.

Furthermore, the situation at this time is more terrifying than the previous days. The two eighth boundary experts are fighting each other. Is that a joke?

In the war, when the eighth boundary expert meets, both armies will retreat, vacating an area of ​​the city as the battlefield.

Now, at the center of the hands of two experts, it is simply that one foot has stepped into the quagmire of death.


The extremely sharp finger strength collided with the blue flame fist strength and made a loud noise, and the ground sank suddenly, exposing the rock formations of the mountain.

The whole ground trembled. People who were close to each other even felt like The earth shook and the mountain quivered. Shi Hulie’s complexion changed and shouted: “If your Excellency is here for me, let’s find one The place, please settle it down?”

“Shi Hulie, you dog, do you think I’m stupid? Since it’s directed at you, it’s naturally aimed at you Shi Family, you want me to leave? You? I thought I was as stupid as the guy back then, so I’m a shield for you…”

The shadow-like man shouted with a smile.

Shi Hulie’s face twitched violently, unable to keep calm anymore, and his face changed abruptly. It seemed that the attacker had said that it touched the big secret in his heart.

“You…” Shi Hulie stared at this man, seeming to want to see who he is.

It was too steep, his face changed again, and he couldn’t make a secret call. Turning his head to look, he saw a figure leaping out in the other direction silently, holding a strange form with a double-edged blade. With a light wave of the knife, a blade light of faint blue flame flew out, like cutting vegetables, cutting open the defensive shield.

Then, a roll of blade light confines Lin Chuan. The strange form long knife is like a big bag tied with Lin Chuan moved towards the other direction.

“You are so courageous! Dare to kidnap the distinguished guests in my Shi Family!”

Shi Hulie was furious, the killing intent in his chest could no longer be suppressed, and he shot out boldly , Moved towards The figure wielding the knife took a palm.

hong long!

His palm swelled continuously, forming a shadow of a giant palm, which was grabbed by the mountains and the sea. Everywhere he passed, the woods and rocks were shattered to pieces.

However, the shadow-like person flashed and greeted him with a punch, blasting the giant palm through.

“Dog stuff, it seems that you value this guest very much! Then, we will take this person away, he he he……”

The shadow-like person Loudly shouted, both fists were raised together and blasted out suddenly, the blue flame whirlwind around the body suddenly exploded and turned into a flame mist, covering the place.

Shi Hulie angrily snorted, swinging his palms in succession, smashed the flame mist away, but there is still the figure of the attacker.

As for the person who kidnapped Lin Chuan, he ran away without a trace a long time ago, and he couldn’t catch up…

“Who is it?! Why…”

Shi Hulie clenched his fists, his teeth creaked, and his heart was extremely angry.

Originally, the activation of [Earth King Equipment] is expected. His plan for several decades will be successful.

Now, Lin Chuan has been taken away. The targets of these two sneak attackers are clearly the young Mechanic at first.

Not only that, but what made Shi Hulie very scared was the shadow-like man who broke a big secret from the past.

The secret, Shi Hulie has been buried in his heart for several decades, and has never been mentioned to anyone, why this sneak attacker has broken it all at once.

Suddenly, Shi Hulie was angry, and a shadow was cast in his heart.

At this moment, Fowler hurried over and screamed in horror when he saw this scene.

“What about Mister Chuan? What…, was kidnapped…”

“What can I do?! No, I have to contact the local Mechanic Association branch… “

Fowler took out the communicator, but Shi Hulie raised his hand and pressed it before he dialed up. The communicator all split up and in pieces.

“You…” Fowler complexion pale, seemingly shocked.

“Are you Fowler? I heard Shi Di talk about you. Young Mister Chuan was taken away in Shi Family. Naturally, my Shi Family will try my best to retrieve it. Give us 2 hours and it will definitely be There is the whereabouts of Young Mister Chuan.” Shi Hulie said solemnly.

Fowler moved his mouth, seeming to want to say what to do if he couldn’t find it, but noticed that Shi Di was shaking his head secretly, showing helplessness, nodded agreed.

Actually, Fowler is only acting. His [Foca No. 1] body has already received the position of Lin Chuan.

“All that, please Shi Family…” Fowler sighed, said.


At the same time.

Wrapped in the web of blue flame blade qi, Lin Chuan is in mid-air, dragged by the mysterious swordsman, and quickly enters the depths of Shihai Mountain.


Ahead, on a mountain wall, the man directly slammed into it, but it was like jumping into the water, ripples appeared, and Lin Chuan was also taken Went in.

This is…, a Secret Realm? !

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