This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 523

huhuhu ……

Lin Chuan wind whistling past the ears, and that silhouette in front of it carries this “blue flame net bag” through this Secret Realm.

This place is covered with blue mist, the blazing temperature is permeated, and the air seems to be burning at any time…

In the blue mist ahead, the outline of a mountain is faintly discernible, very Hurry up Lin Chuan to see the true face of this mountain.

It is a blue rocky mountain, and blue flames and mist are constantly gushing out, covering this piece of Secret Realm.

In that mountain, there was a roaring roar, and there seemed to be a huge machine operating, one after another on the mountain road, one after another black deer’s truck was shuttled, and all the cars were driving Black Dwarf.

This is the base of Black Dwarf Regiment? !

Lin Chuan was surprised secretly, and finally understood how the Black Dwarf Regiment came a few days ago, and how to retreat quickly, disappear without a trace.

It turned out that a stronghold of Black Dwarf Regiment was actually located in Shihai Mountain City. No wonder the major influences continue to expand the search range, and there is no trace of that Black Dwarf Regiment.

“This is’Illusory Flame Mine’!”

Suddenly, [Moon Core] called out, and it searched for some fragmentary information from the incomplete database.

According to these fragmentary news, this blue ore is only distributed in the Sealed Territory, and it is unexpected that there will be a mine here.

Looking at one after another truck, there are blue ore burning from time to time, one by one Black Dwarf is busy extinguishing the fire, [Moon Core] some hysterical roar: “These bastards Black Dwarf, made of wood This kind of ore is not smelted like this, it’s not stored like this, it’s wasted, it’s too wasteful…”

Listening to [Moon Core] such a rare humanized anger, Lin Chuan silently He was silent, he was still imprisoned, the swordman in front of him was at least the seventh boundary in strength, and he was exposed as soon as he opened his mouth.

Tai Gu is humbly asking for advice, asking about the origin of [Illusory Flame Ore] and related specific information.

“[Illusory Flame Mine]…In the original [Earth King Equipment], this precious ore was used. As for the specific method of smelting and excavating this ore…”


[Moon Core] originally said it well, but suddenly it got stuck because of missing information, it couldn’t get further information.

Lin Chuan and Tai Gu despised them for a while, and they had a fight for a long time. The disabled Smartbrain didn’t even know it. Why are you talking so much here?

“Be careful, if it is Black Dwarf, it will be very troublesome to negotiate with it!” Tai Gu warned like this.

Lin Chuan is slightly frowned. The reason why he doesn’t resist is because the person who shot is against him, so he should naturally know his identity. As long as he communicates well with each other, there will be no danger.

However, if it is the Black Dwarf group that is robbing people, that is another matter.

Black Dwarf and Human Race are deadly enemies.

The enmity between each other is probably deeper than the enmity between Eastern Continent and Western Continent.

After all, in those legendary stories, Black Dwarf is the incredibly evil incarnation, and Western Continent has at least some outstanding characters, which are recognized by the people of Eastern Continent.

In a moment–

The figure in front rushed into a passage and quickly entered the depths of the blue rock mountain, a huge cave.

With a bang, Lin Chuan was thrown to the ground. The figure sat at the stone table, pulled off the hood, and poured a pot of water.

Lin Chuan groaned pretending to be painful, and struggled to sit up, looking towards the man holding the Double Edged Strange Shaped Blade.

This man is slender and slender, to be precise, like a black stone stick.

Lin Chuan immediately understood that this is a Black Dwarf hybrid.

As he turned his eyes, he looked towards the long knife that this man was holding. The handle of the knife was very simple, and the Energy Crystal in it was blue.

The kind of blue flame blade light can inspire, presumably relying on this kind of blue Energy Crystal.

The man filled a pot of water, turned his head and looked over, his face was stern, said with a smile: “Hehe…, a Mechanic of Human Race, I heard from the intelligence that it is still a Mechanic Talent. A big gain! I don’t know if you are cut off, the Mechanic organization on Human Race will feel so distressed!”


This man raised his hand and took a long knife. With a wave, the “blue net bag” that imprisoned Lin Chuan disappeared. He one hand hold blade and stared at Lin Chuan with a sneer, just like a beast staring at a lamb.

Lin Chuan didn’t care about this malicious gaze. He tidied his clothes and got news from [Moon Core] that the man’s true strength should be the quasi seventh boundary.

Relying on the Double Edged Strange Shaped Blade, you can play the strength of the seventh boundary, coupled with the hybrid of Black Dwarf, and perhaps other amazing innate talents.

Lin Chuan got up and stood still, calmly said: “Your Excellency just now has a problem, I am Mechanic from White Dwarf Kingdom. Mechanic organization is not exclusively owned by Human Race, dwarf, Gnome, Eagleman, etc., There are Mechanic among these ethnic groups. What you said just now is suspected of discrimination. Your Excellency took me over here for other reasons, right? Let’s just talk about it.”

I was robbed for a while, this man stared at me. With big eyes, gu lu lu rang in his throat, but he didn’t know how to speak.

He can only hold the long knife tightly. It looks like he wants to raise his hand and kill Lin Chuan with a single knife, but he has scruples and hasn’t done it for a long time.

When Lin Chuan saw this, he was sure in his heart, secretly nodded, the man’s brain didn’t seem very bright and it was not difficult to deal with.

“Human Race kid, Master Theom, I hate listening to you, Uncle Daggo said, I can’t kill you! Then cut your mouth open and see how you are still there… …”

The man thought about it for a while. After he couldn’t think of any words, he thought of this method. He smiled triumphantly, waved the Double Edged Strange Shaped Blade, and walked over.

Lin Chuan frowned. Sure enough, as Tai Gu said just now, Black Dwarves has a problem with his brain circuit and it is troublesome to communicate.

originally thought This man is a Black Dwarf hybrid and should communicate better. It seems that his brains are stranger than Black Dwarf’s circuit.

Looking at the man named Theom stepping forward, Lin Chuan’s face showed horror, and he backed away, leaning on the wall of the cave, seemingly unable to retreat.

“hehe……, Mechanics has not always been proud? Master Theom thought that you wouldn’t be afraid at all……”

Look at this young Mechanic lose one’s head out of With the appearance of fear, Theom laughed, revealing his white teeth, which looked like a rare beast with a mouth wide open.

“Theom, what are you doing? Didn’t I tell you? Treat this Mr. Mechanic, be tempered a little.”

At this moment, a low voice came from the entrance of the cave. , A big guy came in, stared at Theom, and looked towards Lin Chuan, said with a sneer: “Furthermore, Mr. Mechanic is extraordinary. I don’t know what formidable power mechanical devices are on him. You can rely on that. Near, it is likely that you are oneself who will die.”

“Don’t go down yet!”

The big man yelled loudly, and the tall and thin Theom trembled, and he quit obediently. He went down and scratched his head and said, “Uncle Daggo, I’m sorry! I just don’t like Human Race’s speech, I want him to shut up.”

Lin Chuan’s face looked a little dignified, secretly. Looking at this eighth boundary expert who has been fighting Shi Hulie for so long.

The pair of forearms of this big man, covered with a thin layer of blue hand armor, gleamed in the fire of the cave, exuding strands of blue flame.

Lin Chuan saw this blue hand armor very clearly just now, it is a pair of armaments, after activation, it is a circle smaller than ordinary armaments.

This pair of blue flame arm armors are at least Seven Stars Level weapons, and they have special abilities.

“This type of arm armor, and the Double Edged Strange Shaped Blade of the fool Theom, are weapons of the same type! These guys should have mastered the technology of this type of weapon and be made with [Illusory Flame Ore] A successful weapon…” [Moon Core] said analytically.

Lin Chuan has some headaches. With the keen perception of [Mental Energy], he can perceive the strength of this big man, and his body within the body is full of a violent aura.

At this time, Lin Chuan regrets a bit. Just now he should immediately launch [Mental Energy] to contain Theom and escape silently.

With an eighth boundary expert with such a manic breath, Lin Chuan is not sure to retreat at such a close distance.

On the other side, the big man took two steps forward, squinted his eyes, looked at Lin Chuan, and said, “Introduce myself, I am the supervisor of this mine, the consultant of Black Dwarf Regiment, you can call me Daggo . Mister Lin Chuan, welcome to Black Dwarf Regiment, in the secret mine of Shihai Mountain.”

Daggo stared at Lin Chuan’s gaze very coldly, not as full of malice as Damme, but Lin Chuan forehead had a faint tingling, but he knew that this guy was very dangerous.

“Mister Daggo. Why did you bring me captive?” Lin Chuan asked straight to the point.

Daggo laughed, walked to the table, took a pot of water and poured it violently, and a steaming mist appeared on his body. The mist was blue, but it kept emerging from his pores.

Lin Chuan saw this and moved in his heart. He looked towards Daggo’s pair of armbands, then looked at Theom’s Double Edged Strange Shaped Blade, and a guess flashed in secret.

After drinking a pot of water, Daggo threw the pot on the ground, arms around his chest, and said blankly: “The reason why I asked Mister Lin Chuan to come over is actually very simple. I am very happy to do things that make Shi Hulie’s dog unhappy.”

Lin Chuan slightly frowned, said: “I just invited Shi Hulie to do some consultation in Shi Family territory, Mister If Daggo wants to make Shi Hulie unhappy and destroy his Experiment Base directly, then it will be fine? You catch me a Mechanic from the White Dwarf Kingdom. It is no good to offend both sides, right?”

hearing this, Daggo froze for a moment, then laughed, nodded frequently, and said: “Mister Lin Chuan is very keen! Well, it seems that your smart brain is not only in the mechanical domain, but also in other aspects. Since you are a smart person, then everyone sit down and have a good talk. Mister Lin Chuan, please sit down.”

Lin Chuan did not come to the table and sat on an equal footing with Daggo, but directly Sitting on the ground means that it is cool here, and it’s too hot near Daggo and Theom.

“hehe……, indeed, this mine is not only as simple as heat, it will catch fire every month……”

Daggo laughed, sat down, his voice was low Said: “I invited Mister Lin Chuan to ask about Shi Hulie’s dog stuff research. Can you really activate it?”

It turns out that this guy has an internal role in Shi Family. ……

Lin Chuan understood why Daggo was so accurate when he heard it. He and Shi Hulie were ambushed as soon as they walked out.

Obviously, in that Experiment Base, there is Daggo’s internal response, and it is a fairly high-ranking member in the Experiment Base.

As my thoughts turned, Lin Chuan nodded, said: “Give me half a month, it should be possible to do it, but that thing will be severely damaged.”

Bang !

Daggo hearing this, immediately patted the palm of his hand, the stone table all split up and in pieces under his palm, he suddenly got up and exclaimed in excitement: “Okay! That’s very good, it will take you away.” , Shi Hulie’s Old Dog plan is difficult to succeed. It’s really good!”

“It’s not futile that I have inserted that many internal responses in Shi Family, and it is finally effective. hahaha…, too Great, great…”

Looking at Daggo waving his arms, one after another Lan Yan rises up on his body, and the violent and hot breath keeps surging, it seems that he is going crazy with excitement. .

Looking aside, Theom was so scared that he shrank to the wall. Lin Chuan opened his mouth, but didn’t say a word. His forehead was a little bit painful. Originally thought Daggo could still negotiate and communicate.

Now it seems that this guy has a problem with his brain. Is it really just to add to Shi Hulie?

However, with Daggo’s strength on the eighth boundary, and the Shi Family, I want to block Shi Hulie, but there are too many ways…

Seeing Daggo’s eyes , Getting more and more frantic, the breath within the body is like a gushing lava, about to erupt, Lin Chuan even thinks about it again, directly revealing his strength, and flees with the forbidden move of Mental Energy that damages 70% of himself in the [Blood Spirit Ceremony].

An eighth boundary expert from Berserk, it’s not a joke, this mine may be destroyed…

Suddenly, Daggo yelled out of his pocket He took out an ice crystal-like object and swallowed it quickly.

Tzzzzzzz ……

A piece of frost spread from his mouth and quickly covered his body. Daggo’s whole person became an ice sculpture in an instant, and then, the blue flame rose, frost It turns into water mist and dissipates.

“huhuhu…, I was almost berserk again, sorry…, Theom…”

Daggo looked towards Theom, apologized towards Theom, the latter shook his head and body again and again The trembling means it’s okay.

Sitting there, Daggo calmed down for a while before looking towards Lin Chuan, said with a smile: “Sorry! Mister Lin Chuan, this is my fault. When I get excited, I just don’t care. Live oneself…”

Lin Chuan sat there, slightly nodded, saying it was all right.

Actually, he was swearing in his heart. From the creatures he negotiated in the future, he absolutely wanted to get rid of Black Dwarf, and the guys related to Black Dwarf. For example, this Daggo, which is obviously a Human Race, obviously has a big problem in his head…

For a long time–

Daggo recovered, said solemnly: “Mister Lin Chuan. I just said straightforwardly. Come on, I’ll invite you over. It’s really not just as simple as blocking Shi Hulie’s dog stuff, I’d like to ask you to help.”

Speaking like this, Daggo took out a controller, and after pressing it, An ice crystal device appeared deep in the cave.

Lin Chuan took a look and shook his head in secret. This ice crystal device is used for cooling, and there is a Light Screen inside.

Obviously, the environment of this Illusory Flame Mine is very bad. The energy leakage problem of Illusory Flame Ore cannot be solved by this group of Black Dwarves. They can only use this clumsy method to arrange some mechanical devices. .

The Light Screen flashed, and a picture appeared. Lin Chuan was stunned when he saw it. The picture was a secret laboratory. In the metal cabinet in the center, there was a [Earth King Equipment ]? !

The second [Earth King Equipment]? !

Lin Chuan face changed, turned his head and looked towards Daggo, “You have a second [Earth King Equipment]?”

Looking at this young Mechanic’s shocked expression, Daggo , And Theom on the side laughed triumphantly, seeing Mechanic’s mechanical surprise, and the two felt quite happy.

“It is not only Shi Hulie that Old Dog that can manufacture [Earth King Equipment], but the technology we have here is not weak, how about it?” Daggo grinned and said with a smile.

Lin Chuan maintains a look of shock on the surface, but secretly disdains. Daggo is obviously a layman and an expert.

With Lin Chuan’s eyesight, one can tell at a glance that the [Earth King Equipment] in the Light Screen is far more complete than the one in Shi Hulie’s hands.

Look at the equipment here again, as well as the rudimentary equipment for Black Dwarf mining [Illusory Flame Ore], as long as there is a related high Star-level Mechanic or Machinery Grandmaster, it can be very short In time, improve these equipment.

Daggo is here to talk about it, saying that this [Earth King Equipment] was made by them, and it is simply self-confessing its shortcomings.

Of course, Lin Chuan will not show this, but lowered his head and thought for a while, saying: “It’s okay, I will accept Shi Hulie’s invitation, and it is also to [Earth King Equipment] I’m more interested. Since you have Mister Daggo here, it’s the same over there.”


Daggo laughed and clapped his hands, and then said: “As for helping me The reward is Mister Lin Chuan for your safety. My family property is very poor, and I can’t get a good reward.”

Lin Chuan pretended to show a trace of anger, and then helplessly nodded. , Seems to be a compromise.

“Okay. Now that we both have a deal, let’s wrong Mister Lin Chuan first, stay here for a while, and wait until the matter is completed.”

“I am preparing for Mister Lin Chuan. I have a very good place to stay, and no one can disturb you.”

Daggo each minding their own business said, like a hospitable host, arrange everything.

Lin Chuan remained silent, as if he had already accepted his fate in this situation.

In fact, in his heart, he is thinking about what means he should use when he gets out of here, fiercely plot against Daggo this bastard.

At this moment–

Daggo took out another remote control, pressed a button, looked towards Lin Chuan, said with a smile: “Right. I still know, Mister Lin Chuan has accepted a beautiful female student. I have already sent someone to invite me. When Mister Lin Chuan finishes helping me, I will arrange for you to leave together.”

hearing this, Lin Chuan’s face Suddenly changed, always calm mood, a killing intent seldom welled up.


Suddenly, the ground under his feet opened, revealing a hole, Lin Chuan’s body was suspended and slipped down suddenly.


next moment, the hole was closed, and the ground was flat without a trace. Daggo looked at it and raised his head and laughed, “After so many years, I didn’t think of an opportunity for revenge, so I sent it to the door like this, hahaha… …, Shi Hulie, Shi Family, and you all person are all going to die!”

For a while, Daggo’s body rose again with blue flames, and Theom on the side screamed when he saw this scene. He rushed out rolling.

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