This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 524


Inner City North District, in the laboratory of the Smelting Plant.

Kilfy is still in front of the workbench, immersed in the manufacture and assembly of Heart-Origin Equipment, and a pile of finished products is already placed in front of her.

Compared with when Lin Chuan left during the day, she has made significant improvements in both speed and technique.

“Okay. This is the last one, Kitty, I will take you to the night market in the southern district later, and have a good meal.”

Kilfy patted, look Looking at the work of oneself in front of me, I am somewhat satisfied and nodded, and I am very satisfied with a few words of praise.


On the side, Kitty Lan called out weakly and glanced at the beautiful girl, sighed in her heart, considering whether she should go out to find food by herself.

It has been two hours since night fell. Kilfy will say this to Kitty Lan for every Heart-Origin Equipment manufactured.

“Wait…, I feel better again, maybe I should make another…” Kilfy suddenly said again.

hearing this, Kitty Lan couldn’t help rolling his eyes. He shouldn’t believe this girl. When Kilfy is immersed in making Heart-Origin Equipment, he can go out to find food by himself.

Little Blue Cat slandered secretly. It lamented secretly that the little girl Laknia and Lymira were not there. It had to do everything by itself, so I really didn’t want to move.

There is also the owner, who suddenly broke contact more than an hour ago.

However, Little Brat is not worried. From its point of view, the owner is almost omnipotent. What is the danger of impossible? I am afraid that it enters the depths of Shi Family territory and cuts off communication.

At this moment–

Kitty Lan’s body became stiff, he turned his head and looked towards the outside, and his keen intuition told him that there was an unexpected guest in the Smelting Plant.


Little Blue Cat got up, rushed to the small table aside, where there is its backpack, various mechanical devices, and the Smelting Plant Warning device switch.

“Meow…, is there a thief? Let you see, this kitty-sama and Mister Tai Gu developed a security device together…”

Kitty Lan Mi With small eyes, small paws leaned into the backpack, skillfully found a switch, kacha clicked it down.


At this time–

Outside the laboratory, three figures appeared silently, standing in the shadows, observing the surrounding situation.

One of the figures is holding a portrait with Kilfy on it.

Papa, papa…

A drop of saliva fell on the portrait, and was wiped off by the figure’s hand. The portrait was suddenly ruined.

“What a beauty! LZ’s life, the last time such a woman was able to be like this, it’s worth it to die…”

The figure opened her mouth, in a ray of light, revealing The face like black charcoal is a Black Dwarf.

“Supervisor Daggo said, to bring this woman back intact, we can’t touch it.” said another figure in a low, muffled voice.

“It’s intact…, we won’t be able to break her hands and feet, just the last one, it’s intact!” The third person said as he rolled his eyes.

The three of them had eyes shined and looked at each other, and they all showed YX smiles…

Suddenly, the exhaust pipe not far away sprayed out a cloud of icy frost, moved The three people rushed over.

The air all around condensed suddenly, and the ground was covered with hoarfrost. The feet of the three people were frozen, and the frost quickly moved towards the three people.

“Is this a security device?”

“How did we touch it?”

“Clearly, we have investigated the surroundings, what’s going on…”


The three of them were shocked, but they weren’t panicked. Their strength was extremely strong. Two of them had already stepped into the sixth boundary with half their feet. They didn’t take such frost seriously at all.

huhuhu ……

Three Black Dwarf experts simultaneously stimulate the power, one after another faint blue flame flickers, circling around for a while, instantly turning the frost into water droplets, and then The blue flame flickered, evaporating all these water droplets.

“This kind of Smelting Plant’s warning device can also guard against thieves…”

Three Black Dwarf experts smiled triumphantly and are about to rush into the laboratory , Take away the beautiful and unspeakable girl on the portrait, and by the way, see if you can do something indescribable.

At this moment, the three of them stiffened, and their bodies tremble involuntarily. They only felt the stinging pain from the skin and infiltrating into the body. In a blink of an eye, the whole body was trembling. Inside and out, there was pain like countless needle sticks.

“What kind of toxin is this…?!”

A Black Dwarf expert stared wide and felt unbelievable. They are Black Dwarf. The clans have a natural resistance to toxins. force.

In addition, their cultivation method has greatly enhanced the resistance to toxins, but how can they be unconsciously talking.

Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… After terrifying, the internal organs spasm uncontrollably.

Immediately, the three of them trembled and took out one after another potion from their pockets, without distinguishing the type. They stuffed their heads into their mouths, and they kept blowing blue flames. It took a long time for them to be within the The toxins in the body are removed.

“Why is this Smelting Plant’s warning measures so terrifying?!”

The three people flashed in a row and changed several hidden places in a row. They quickly checked the surroundings and found no After the other organs, I was relieved.

“Don’t delay, this Smelting Plant is very dangerous, hurry up and take that beautiful girl away…” one of the Black Dwarf experts muttered.

Immediately, the three of them stopped hesitating, swallowed two more potions, recovered a lot, and flew toward the laboratory ahead.

In the laboratory, Kitty Lan squinted her eyes with a sneer.

“Meow…, these three grandchildren, dare to come over after suffering, then give them something more cruel…” Kitty Lan moved his paw and stretched out another button.

It is very excited. The previous Frost Equipment had a mental thorn-like attack. This is just an appetizer.

Next, it was researching together with Tai Gu, the ultimate move against those powerful enemies.

Suddenly, Kitty Lan took a small body and felt a little wrong. Suddenly turned his head and looked towards the workbench. Kilfy stopped making Heart-Origin Equipment without knowing when. Pupil light was cold. Stared at the door.

Kilfy at this time was completely different from Mechanic’s usual appearance, with a cold expression on his face, and the breath exuding from his body actually made Kitty Lan feel some danger.

“Black Dwarf…Is this to deal with Teacher Chuan? Or is it to target me? It’s a bit strange…”

Kilfy murmured to himself, “However, regardless of the intention How, both Black Dwarf, and the teacher’s Smelting Plant, can’t let you go like this.”

Her large Mechanic robe moved, and there was a long with an ancient stone sheath in her hand. sword, stretch out a slender hand, flicks with the finger.

In the scabbard, the long sword screamed suddenly, and the ancient rock patterns on it were swimming, flowing layer by layer.

next moment, the long sword is unsheathed, a sword light flickers, leaving one after another dreamlike sword shadow in the air.


Kitty Lan’s hair suddenly exploded. What did it see? This is the seventh boundary sword intent.

I have been by Lin Chuan’s side, and the little things have nothing to do with Martial Way, especially during the period of Foca Tower, when Tai Gu and Eastglass City old Sword Grandmaster communicated, Kitty Lan was always On the side.

Seventh boundary sword intent, it has been seen a lot. The transformation from seventh boundary sword intent to eighth boundary sword intent can be seen clearly in Sword Grandmaster Heng Feng……

Kilfy’s sword may not have strong heart origin power, only the fifth boundary level, but its sword intent is a real seventh boundary sword intent.

Not only that, the sword light is very strange, it sprang out silently from the crack in the door, but did not destroy the door of the laboratory.


A faint sword light flashed, and three screams sounded outside the laboratory, followed by a roar of cursing…


Outside the laboratory, the bodies of the three Black Dwarf were pierced by the sword light. The wounds were small, but blood rushed out.

“This is…, the seventh boundary swordsman?!”

“There are peerless experts in ambush…”

“Go! Go…”

The three people reacted very quickly, immediately sprang up, moved towards and ran outside.

However, a sword light swiftly arrived, piercing into the heart of the last Black Dwarf, a blood arrow spurted out, and with a mournful scream, the Black Dwarf fell to the ground .

Seeing this scene, the other two screamed strangely, blue flames rose from their bodies, their speed increased sharply, and they disappeared into the night.

Next moment, the door of the laboratory opened, Kilfy walked out lightly and checked the body of Black Dwarf on the ground, frowning slightly.

“Shihai Mountain City is now so tightly guarded, why these Black Dwarf can sneak into Inner City again and again? Could it be that their stronghold is near this city…” Kilfy murmured .

Kitty Lan sprang out, and when he saw this scene, he was a little shocked. It was really hard to believe that this was what Kilfy did.

“Oh…, Kitty, I’m sorry! I scared you, you shouldn’t have come here, this corpse will scare you, elder sister will take you to eat delicious food in a while…”

Kilfy stretched out his hand, hugged Kitty Lan in his arms, covered his eyes, and softly comforted him while smoothing his hair.

Kitty Lan secretly stated that it would not be intimidated by Black Dwarf’s corpse, but by Kilfy’s strength.

At this time, the sound of footsteps came, and the guards of Smelting Plant rushed over.

For a short while, Lowden and the others also rushed there and brought a bad news that Lin Chuan was taken away in the Shi Family territory.

“The teacher was taken away…” Kilfy’s face sank.

Lowden and the others looked at this young genius, and they were all shocked. This Black Dwarf expert was killed by Kilfy with a single sword.

The strength of this girl’s Martial Way is not ordinary terrifying……

“Shi Family has promised to find the whereabouts of Mister Chuan before tomorrow. The shot was on the eighth boundary. Expert, this is really…” Howya grabbed her hair in a hurry.

Today’s [Redbud Organization], Lin Chuan’s importance is self-evident, and Leader Mister Gu’s reliance on this young Mechanic is even more regarded as [Redbud Organization] hope for future prosperity.

For this, other descendants of Redbud also recognize that such a Mechanic Talent, over time, must be an extremely outstanding Machinery Grandmaster. For any influence, the importance of such a Mechanic is self-evident.

If Mister Chuan had an accident here, Howya didn’t know how to explain to Mister Gu.

“I will also use the power of family to help search for the whereabouts of the teacher!”

Kilfy said that there is an inexplicable power between her words, which makes everyone present feel relaxed A lot.

Madame Die stared at Kilfy, there was surprise in pupil light. This girl’s temperament can not be cultivated by a rich family. Her origins are in the end…

Just when the entire group was anxious, Lowden’s figure shook, pressing his ears, he heard Mister Gu’s communication.

After a while, Lowden hung up the communication, relaxed, and whispered to a group of companions, “Mister Chuan is fine for the time being, let us not worry, but let us keep it secret and make a full search.”

Everyone is hearing this, although they are still a little worried, but since Lin Chuan has news that it is okay, there is a high probability that it will be okay.

The entire group didn’t even notice. When they were discussing countermeasures, Kitty Lan received a communication from Lin Chuan and left quietly.


The time goes back one hour.

In the depths of the Illusory Flame Mine, below the cave where Daggo is located, along a straight down passage, at the end is a cage.

A metal cage!

The walls and the ground are glowing with a slight blue flame, all around are densely covered with strange patterns, and you can feel the heat of the strands. This is a cage made of Illusory Flame Ore stone.

The furnishings inside are quite complete, and everything for food and clothing is available here.

The only trouble is that the communication is completely cut off here, this kind of metal cage can isolate the signal.

Lin Chuan’s communicator has no signal, and even the strengthening type earphone that is in contact with Tai Gu has no sound at all.

Looking at this metal cage, [Moon Core] immediately gave a judgment. With Lin Chuan’s strength, it is not difficult to break through here.

The trouble is that Daggo outside is dealing with the eighth boundary expert. Although Lin Chuan has a lot of cards, it is as dangerous as walking a tightrope on a cliff.

Wandering all around, Lin Chuan inspects the cage. He is mainly curious about the strange patterns on the walls and the ground. This is a special metal extracted from Illusory Flame Ore, carved and carved. Into the lines.

This pattern can isolate the signal of the communicator. Lin Chuan wants to study whether it is the metal or the reason for the pattern to isolate the signal of the communicator.

After studying carefully, Lin Chuan surprisingly discovered that this metal itself has the function of isolating signals, but after carving into this kind of pattern, the effect of this kind of isolation will increase exponentially.

“Weird skills, many skills of previous races are really extraordinary…” Lin Chuan exclaimed.

“This is a long time ago, the race that the Northern Land survived. It opened up a kind of cage that can isolate everything from the outside world.”

The voice of [Moon Core] sounded. In the database, it searched for some small pieces of information, and then it added: “Of course, the isolation of everything from the outside world refers to the time. Now, the isolation of this kind of metal cage is not so high…”

Confirmed that there is no other monitoring in this metal cage, Lin Chuan picked up the communicator and began to modify it.

To find out the structure of this pattern and bypass the barrier of this special pattern is a very simple technical modification for Lin Chuan.

“Daggo, is this the attitude of asking someone to help…”

Lin Chuan sat in a chair, sneered slightly, Mechanical Arm switched to a miniature workbench, and proceeded The modification of communicator.

For a moment, the communicator has been refitted, and after a while, Lin Chuan refitted the earphone in his ears.

Tzzzzzzz…, the earphone is switched on, and Tai Gu’s voice immediately sounded: “That Daggo, when I get to Shihai Mountain City, I must use [Redbud Sword] to kill him!”

Suddenly lose contact with Lin Chuan, Tai Gu is in a hurry, but unfortunately [Void Bone Shadow] hasn’t arrived in Shihai Mountain City yet, otherwise he has controlled it and killed it while holding [Redbud Sword].

“Okay. You save the time, Your Excellency Tai Gu, [Void Bone Shadow] has only been repaired. Don’t damage it as soon as it arrives in Shihai Mountain City.” Lin Chuan opened the mouth and said.

Tai Gu hummed a few words, immediately connected to Lin Chuan’s Heart Origin goggles, and probed the situation of the metal cage. This Smartbrain was very angry. Rarely treated people outside the Black Net Organization. Produced a strong killing intent.

“This Daggo, when the time comes, you have to deal with him…” Tai Gu coldly said.

Lin Chuan was contacting Kitty Lan. After the connection, when he learned of the situation on the Smelting Plant, he couldn’t help but froze.

“Kilfy, seventh boundary sword intent……” Lin Chuan whispered secretly, and suddenly thought of something.

At this moment, the door of the metal cage slammed and vibrated violently, and there was a tingling grind the teeth/argue sound outside the door.

At the same time, a sound like a knife rubbing against a rough rock sounded, “Oh…, there is a person in the Phantom Flame Cage, which is surprising, who did that Human Race lunatic put in? , Let me take a look…”

Along with a rushing sound, a pair of scarlet beast pupils suddenly lit up on the side of the metal cage, like a vent, staring at him.


A hot wind rolled up, and accompanied by the smell of blood-reeking qi, it poured out from the vent.

dong dong dong ……

The fierce impact sounded, and the weird hoarse voice roared in the vent: “Human Race, it is a fresh and tender Human Race, it is fresh flesh and blood. Very good, I want to eat you, eat your Human Race……”

Feeling the oppression of assaults the senses, Lin Chuan stepped back to the wall and saw clearly in the vent, this thing Looks like.

It was a huge beast head, but the head was stuffed with a one-meter-diameter vent, and black hairs glowing with blue flames, like sharp needles.

The head hit the vent frantically, and the blazing wind was actually its tone. For a while, the whole cage was filled with a suffocating stench, as well as the shocking fierceness of this giant mouse. breath.

“shit, this is the seventh boundary rare beast!?”

Tai Gu and [Moon Core] cursed at the same time, this situation is really bad…


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