This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 525

creak creak creak ……

The huge front teeth are like double-sided saws, gnawing frantically on the pillars of the vent, and pieces of fire star splash out, and the gnawing frequency is as fast as The chainsaw was rubbing frantically on both sides.

This scene is like the Six Stars Level Heart Origin weapon, which is frantically sawing, and the harsh sound falls in the ear, which really makes the scalp numb.

“Fresh flesh and blood! Very good, very good…, I haven’t tasted it for too long. It’s the flesh and blood of Human Race, that would be even better! Come here and let me take a bite of you The head of…”

The rare beast snarled frantically, and the saliva continuously flowed out of that big mouth.

However, no matter how rare beast bites, the pillars on the ventilation ducts did not even leave a trace.

Looking at it for a while, Lin Chuan leaned against the wall, sat down, and said, “Don’t bite, you can’t bite this pillar, so save some effort.”

He has already seen that the material used for the pillars on the ventilation ducts is very hard, even with Six Stars Level weapons.

creak creak ……

The rare beast still keeps biting, the huge front teeth are worn out, and they are still unwilling.

“Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Crazy appetite.

Lin Chuan did not speak. He has been observing this rare beast. [Moon Core] and Tai Gu are on the side to investigate and analyze, and he has roughly analyzed the whole picture of this rare beast.

Judging from the head on the ventilation duct, the size is at least ten meters, and the strength lies at the rare beast on the seventh boundary.

“The ominous beast on the seventh boundary is still common, but it is rare in this world!” Tai Gu murmured.

Even in the dark age, there are not many rare beasts like this, because a long time ago, those fierce rare beasts were slaughtered by powerful races.

The remaining rare beasts, in the dark age, only one or two can be found occasionally.

The ominous beast of the seventh boundary is just like the flying wolf mount of Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord. Its battle strength is stronger than that of the seventh boundary expert.

Such a rare beast is like rushing into a cage, the situation is unthinkable.

Even if Lin Chuan has all kinds of hole cards, facing such a powerful rare beast in such a cage, it is a bode ill rather than well.

But, the premise is that the rare beast can rush in. Now it seems that there is no need to worry about it.

“Mr. Rare Beast, stop staring at me, you can’t come in. Let’s talk…”

Lin Chuan said like this, taking out a bag of food, After taking it apart, a scent wafted out, making the rare beast’s eyes even more red.

“Food! Meat with such pure energy…”

The rare beast growled low, and a foot-long nail stretched into the vent, repeatedly hooking “throw Give it to me! Human Race, throw it to me, with this package of food, I can consider spare your life and eat only your limbs.”

shit, you still want to make me a stick Is it? !

Lin Chuan slandered secretly, but with a smile on his face, he threw the package of food over.

The package of food fell on the vent, the rare beast sharp nails came in, but the walls of the cage and the lines on the ground suddenly moved, buzzing, and a faint blue flame flashed past. , Cut off that nail.

The rare beast quickly retracted his nails, snarled angrily, and slammed into the vents, “Human Race! Cunning Human Race, you deliberately, you despicable fellow! To seduce like this Am I in the trap?”

Lin Chuan said he was innocent. He didn’t expect that there was such a device at the vent, and there was no abnormality when he checked it just now.

“This should be a special defense against this kind of rare beast. It seems that this kind of rare beast has always existed here.” [Moon Core] analyzed.

“Mr. Rare Beast, I don’t know the defense measures here are not intentional. Let’s do it…”

Lin Chuan took out another bag of food and tore it open, Take out a piece and threw it over.

This is Kitty Lan’s cat food. He always keeps a lot of it with him. The pure energy contained in it is very high, which is deeply loved by Little Brat before.

As for now, there are more people feeding this Little Brat, and Lin Chuan is generally not needed for feeding, but the habit of carrying cat food with you has not changed.

The piece of meat accurately passed through the vent and fell outside. Suddenly, there was a loud swallowed saliva sound.

Lin Chuan even had the illusion that if he hadn’t seen this rare beast, he would think that the tap outside was not turned off.

However, this rare beast has been swallowed saliva, but it hasn’t moved for a long time, and the piece of meat is lying outside the vent.

Lin Chuan was a little strange and asked, “Mr. Rare beast, what’s the matter? Is this food not to your taste?”


In response to Lin Chuan, it was a giant claw, fiercely slapped on the ventilation duct, then rare beast angrily roared: “You mean Human Race, you want to poison with poisonous food to death Me? You thought I was going to be fooled, you dreamed, I am very smart!”

With a brush, the piece of meat was shot back again and landed on the ground in front of Lin Chuan.

“Mr. Rare Beast. You suspect that you are too sick, and you are too prejudiced against our Human Race. This food is not poisonous, I just swear.” Lin Chuan looked at the piece of meat, sighed.

There is really no poison in it, but the problem is certain/affirm. In this piece of meat, he sealed a Mental Energy thorn.

A very small, invisible Mental Energy thorn.

Such a Mental Energy sting is not harmful to such a rare beast, and even to an ordinary person, it will not cause any harm.

However, if you eat ten packs or twenty packs of this kind of meat, it will be completely different.

With Lin Chuan now, with regard to the use of Mental Energy, he can manipulate such Mental Energy at will, deform arbitrarily in rare beast within the body, and create all kinds of unknown pain.

The rare beast of the seventh boundary, even in battle strength, is better than the expert of the same boundary.

However, the flaws in some aspects are their Achilles heel, such as the prevention of this Mental Energy.

This is Lin Chuan’s plan. Unfortunately, although it was not seen through, it did not work because of the rare beast’s vigilance against Human Race.

“Mr. Rare beast. I am very sincere. What you want is just fresh flesh and blood. After I go out, I can provide such meat continuously. The premise is that we can If you have a good talk…”

Confirm that this rare beast is indeed impossible to enter, Lin Chuan also relaxes and slowly induces this rare beast.

Immediately, at the vent, there was a harsh sneer and the sound of rare beast swallowed saliva.

In the dim light, you can see that rare beast’s upper and lower lips are split, and the sharp teeth are exposed between the flips, sarcasm said with a smile: “Go out? Human Race, you still Want to go out? After entering this cage, I haven’t seen anyone go out alive?”

“This cage has been detained for several decades, and no less than a hundred people have been imprisoned, and every one of them has died. Some have been imprisoned. I unloaded it and threw it out of this cage, and it became food for my damn elders…”

“These damn Uncles and Aunts, they will say in my ear every day, those The flesh and blood of the creatures are so delicious, but I haven’t tasted it. Isn’t it because I was born late, I can only eat the rough flesh and blood of the Black Dwarves in the mine…”

Speaking of here , This rare beast was crazy again, and he slammed his head against the vent, seeming to want to completely destroy the cage.

At this time, Tai Gu sent a piece of information about this [Illusory Flame Mine], which was once a rare mineral in Northern Land. Before the outbreak of the Continental War, it went back about a thousand years. This kind of mineral has been thoroughly mined in successive years of battle.

In the data, a rare beast living in [Illusory Flame Mine] is recorded. The ominous beast on the pattern looks like a giant mouse, with huge front teeth, sharp claws, and its tail. Like Six Stars Level drills, it can quickly drill holes in Illusory Flame Ore.

【Flame Mouse 】! ?

This is the name given to this rare beast in the data.

In the ancient Northern Land, during the period when [Illusory Flame Ore] was still being produced, [Flame Mouse] once caused great harm to the creatures of Northern Land.

This kind of terrifying ominous beast, the fecundity is not low, at most, the number is as many as 100,000.

The adult [Flame Mouse] is at least the strength of the fifth boundary.

One hundred thousand heads of [Flame Mouse] with battle strength above the fifth boundary is a terrifying disaster that is enough to subvert the entire Northern Land and even threaten the entire Mysterious Star Empire.

Fortunately, [Flame Mouse] has a fatal flaw. Its breeding ground requires [Illusory Flame Ore] as its nest.

For this reason, this rare ore is so quickly mined, there are also reasons to prevent [Flame Mouse] from being a disaster.

Looking at these materials, Lin Chuan looked towards outside the vent again, where this Flame Mouse rare beast was still roaring crazily, exuding a violent murderous aura.

“[Flame Mouse] As everyone speaks, is wisdom so high?” Lin Chuan muttered secretly.

For a moment, Lin Chuan said with a smile: “Mr. Rare beast, since you can’t come in, and you are worried that my food is poisonous, and you don’t want to talk to me, then leave. I was caught The overseer here caught him, a little tired, and want to rest.”

“You Human Race, you food, you still want to rest!? There is no door…”

When this Flame Mouse heard it, it became even more furious, and a paw hit the vent, making the pillar hum.

Then, its scarlet eyeballs turned steadily, suddenly inhaled, and then exhaled suddenly, spitting out a fishy breath, rushing into the cage.

Lin Chuan’s face turned black immediately. Although the Heart Origin Induction Helmet has anti-virus function, the strange smell of the [Flame Mouse] tone can still be smelled.

Moreover, the tone of this rare beast is very muddy, and some impurities can be seen with the naked eye, and it spreads in the cage. Lin Chuan thinks about it, and feels that he is going to fall into the poison qi cave.

It is true that he does not have such a strong habit of cleanliness, but such a situation makes Lin Chuan still get a layer of goose bumps, which is more uncomfortable than soaking in a stinking ditch.

“This damn [Flame Mouse], and Daggo…”

Lin Chuan forehead’s blue veins beating, it is both very angry and killing intent. He is in such a dilemma. This is the first time I have encountered it.

The weakness of [Flame Mouse] is fear of the cold? !

Thinking of the information about [Flame Mouse] in the information, Lin Chuan reached into the Mechanic robe and held the ball device in one of the pockets.

That is a ball made of ice Energy Crystal!

Equivalent to a Frost Bomb, this is a weapon made by Lin Chuan with extra materials when researching and cracking [Flesh and Blood Sudden Thunder].

Just use it here, try the formidable power, and see if you can explode this cage by the way…

At this moment, Lin Chuan’s mind is flashing one by One plan, after blasting the cage, how to deal with this 【Flame Mouse】, and then return to Shihai Mountain City, how fiercely and Daggo calculate this account.

At this moment–

A slight cry sounded, coming from the distance of the vent, Lin Chuan and [Flame Mouse]’s hearing is extraordinary, I heard it all simultaneously.

Lin Chuan’s heart jumped. He is too familiar with this call. Isn’t this Kitty Lan?

“Oh! How did Little Brat find this…” Lin Chuan was a little flustered.

However, at the next moment, just listen to the vents, and the [Flame Mouse] mournful scream on the other side rises, as if seeing something terrifyingly terrifying, wailing in fright and crying, “zhi zhi 叽叽”The flying away.

At the same time, there was Kitty Lan’s exclamation, and Little Brat seemed to be shocked.


At the vent, a small figure rushed in. It was Kitty Lan, Little Brat’s small face, full of horror, seeing Lin Chuan Immediately afterwards, he ran over meowing and got into the owner’s arms.

“Meow meow meow…”

Kitty Lan two front claws waved, describing the scene just now, it saw a mouse that was so big and so big, it was bigger than it Hundreds of times, it scared me to death.

Listening to Little Brat’s wailing, Lin Chuan pushed Kitty Lan’s back, and soon the little thing stretched out, calmed down, stretched out his body, and actually yawned.

“Meow…, Master, you don’t know, in order to find you, but this kitty is exhausted…”

Kitty Lan began to take credit, telling how it looked for Lin Chuan It’s hard work, it’s simply wading through the mountains and rivers, and experienced suffering untold hardships.

For Little Brat’s story, Lin Chuan doesn’t believe even a tenth, there is a special feeling between one person and one cat, and Tai Gu also notified that Little Brat can find it , With its small body, it won’t attract much attention at all.

The only thing that surprised Lin Chuan and felt heartwarming was that this little thing was really found, and it is worthwhile that he was so used to it.

In my ears, the voices of [Moon Core] and Tai Gu kept ringing. The two Smartbrains communicated from time to time, and the discussion became more and more exciting.

“Machine Lord, I know the weakness of [Flame Mouse]!” [Moon Core] shouted.

“I also know…” Tai Gu followed.

Lin Chuan listened to the two Smartbrains and came to the conclusion, so he looked towards Kitty Lan, waited for the little thing to take credit, and then asked: “So, you met the giant mouse rare beast. “

Kitty Lan kept nodded, her little paws covered Meow’s face, showing a look of horror, such a huge mouse is simply too big.

When it wants to come, and fortunately oneself is a mini cat, which is neither easy to attract attention nor enough for the giant mouse to clog the teeth, so the other party will let it go.

Otherwise, if it is swallowed by that giant mouse, it may become a rare case of being eaten by a mouse in the cat world, and it will be nailed to the pillar of shame.

“Master, did you drive the big thing away…”

Kitty Lan looked up and looked up at the master. At this moment, it felt that the master had never been like this , So tall and brilliant.

Lin Chuan curl one’s lip, this little thing has been a mini cat for too long, and has forgotten its essence, it is actually a mysterious and powerful beast.

This Little Brat has never thought about this [Flame Mouse] being scared away by it? Before that, this giant mouse was going to kill his master with his breath.


Listening to Lin Chuan’s explanation of the reason, Kitty Lan stared at the glass-like small eyeballs with a face of disbelief. It scared the one away. Giant mouse? This is impossible.

“Don’t believe it? It’s easy to verify it.” Lin Chuan smiled.

Kitty Lan suddenly had an extremely bad premonition. The owner hadn’t shown this smile to it for a long time. Lin Chuan often showed this in the White Arrow Port and White Dwarf Kingdom before. Smile.

Every time, it needs it to do dangerous things, this time, is it to face such a giant mouse alone?

No, this kitty won’t go…

Kitty Lan’s small head shook like a rattle, and his small paws were dragging Lin Chuan’s robe, and it wouldn’t die. Go, let’s forget about this method of death verification.

Lin Chuan smiled more brilliantly, and said softly: “Who said you were allowed to go, you can order that guy to come directly.”

Little Brat was taken aback and stared. Eyes, a look of doubt, how to order? It does not, and does not want to learn.

[Moon Core]’s voice sounded, “According to my judgement and Tai Gu’s judgment, Mister Kitty, your rank is above [Flame Mouse]. Although, Mister Kitty, you still Young, but between rare beasts, the suppression of rank is more thorough than the boundary suppression of martial artist.”

As part of the core of [Earth King Equipment], [Moon Core] Although most of the database is missing, the understanding of ominous beast seems to be instinctive, and it is very detailed.

The high-level ominous beast, how to release the breath, order the low-level ominous beast, [Moon Core] are all clear.

I will quickly explain how to release the breath, [Moon Core] Let Kitty Lan have a try.


Kitty Lan stood up and worked hard. After a while, she lay weakly on Lin Chuan’s lap and shook her head repeatedly. No, I can’t learn this method of releasing breath.

Lin Chuan squinted, stretched out his finger, and knocked the Little Brat down at once, and the little thing would be sloppy.

“Be serious. Reveal the true form!” Lin Chuan commanded with a straight face.

Looking at the master’s forehead, the terrifying pattern appeared again, and Kitty Lan was immediately discouraged and could only obediently follow the master’s words.


Little Brat exhaled, his head and the first half of his body swelled in a circle, becoming the size of a small dog.

As for her own changing form, Kitty Lan has been proficient in mastering even though she has neglected to practice.

Two front claws touched his enlarged head, Kitty Lan drooped his face, and tried to release his breath according to the method described in [Moon Core].

Next moment, Lin Chuan forehead’s eyeball pattern appeared, and he clearly saw that from Little Brat’s body, a ray of breath wafted out of the vent.

For a moment, a rush of footsteps sounded, and the big head of the Flame Mouse rushed over and hit the pillar of the vent.

“My lord, don’t let your breath go, take it back quickly, summon me, what can I do?” The Flame Mouse’s voice trembled.

Really effective? !

Lin Chuan and Kitty Lan were both stunned, and then one person and one kitty were overjoyed. It was a pleasant surprise to suppress a rare beast on the seventh boundary so easily.

Kitty Lan’s head was raised, his expression shook, and he was extremely proud. It suddenly felt that being a high-level mysterious beast, it seemed that it was not so unacceptable. thing.

After all, such a terrifying rare beast, bowing to a Kitty like it, should be an unprecedented record in kitty world, right?

Seeing that Kitty Lan started to be whimsical, Lin Chuan squeezed Little Brat, indicating that it should be a bit ruthless at this time.

Receiving the hint from the owner, Kitty Lan knows, the small head, the first half of the body has become bigger again, and it has filled most of the cage all at once.

“This is…, I…, zhi zhi…”

The Flame Mouse was shocked. After the Little Blue Cat deformed, just that The head is almost bigger than Flame Mouse’s entire body.

Not only that, the breath released by this huge Blue Kitty body is not a normal terrifying for Flame Mouse, as if the entire heaven and earth are covered, and it collapses all at once. On the ground, the body was shivered, and a water arrow sprang out from the lower body, and he was scared to pee on the spot, and a smell filled him.


Kitty Lan’s sense of smell is so keen, he can smell it right away, and when it grows bigger, his temper will be a bit grumpy, and the next time he slapped his paw on the vent.

Silk 叽叽叽……

Flame Mouse was so scared that it was spitting up and screaming. It fell to the ground and couldn’t even move it.

This scene makes Lin Chuan stunned. This is the rare beast of the seventh boundary! Kitty Lan just revealed its true form, and Flame Mouse is a little difficult even to move.

“This is normal…, among the higher beasts, the level of suppression is too significant, this Mister Kitty group, I am afraid…”

[Moon Core] muttered After that, there was a sound of zi zi electric current, and its database was damaged too much to obtain further information.

Lin Chuan came over, tore open a package of food, and threw pieces of meat out of the vent, said with a slight smile: “Mr. Rare Beast, I didn’t lie to you just now. If you want to kill You, I don’t need to rely on poisoning at all. Come, eat something to suppress the shock, let’s wait for the meeting to talk…”

gu lu lu ……

Be Kitty Lan terrifying With the suppression of the breath, this Flame Mouse was frightened and hungry all of a sudden, screaming in its stomach, and then smelling the delicious meat, its head was blank, its mouth was subconsciously opened, and its tongue stretched out and swallowed it. Several pieces of meat go down.

For a while, the smell of meat filled the mouth, and Flame Mouse burst into tears all of a sudden. This smell is really fragrant. Even if it is poison, it has to be cleaned. Anyway, its resistance Very toxic…

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