This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 527


It rained in Shihai Mountain City, and the icy rain flowed everywhere in this mountain city, which also brought down the temperature of the Illusory Flame Mine in the Secret Realm.

In the cave, Daggo raised his head, looked at the skylight on the top of the cave, and watched the raindrops falling in the night sky, his mood gradually calmed down.

After that, he went to the depths of the cave, pressed the mechanism, opened a passage, and walked in quickly.

At the end of the passage is a secret room, with a metal cabinet placed in the center, and what is stored in it is another [Earth King Equipment].

To be precise, it is just an empty shell of [Earth King Equipment].

However, compared to the one from Shi Family, this [Earth King Equipment] is obviously more complete, there is no gap in the connection, the whole body exudes a shining luster, and a heavy mountain wave assaults the senses.

In the secret room, Theom has been there for a long time, recording the data on the instrument.

“Uncle Daggo, you’re awake…”

When Theom saw Daggo, his body trembled first, and then he noticed Daggo’s expression, which was relaxed.

At night, when Daggo is most awake, Daggo is the most harmless at this time.

If it was during the day, when Daggo was in a madness, everything would be done, the Black Dwarf miners in this mine would have been killed by Daggo in a thousand.

Staring at the data on the instrument, Daggo squinted his eyes, and said: “Is this empty shell activated, is there still no progress at all?”

Theom grimace, shook the head, he is not a professional Mechanic, how do I know how to activate this thing?

Although the empty shell of this [Earth King Equipment] is very complete, it is said that it is the original replacement shell of [Earth King Equipment], but let a layman study it, even if it’s a hundred years of research, It won’t come to the fore.

“It seems that it is really impossible to rely on us.”

Daggo’s eyes flashed and murmured, “We can only let that Lin Chuan come, but this guy He has a special identity. If you successfully activate [Earth King Equipment], should you keep him or kill him…”

“If you kill him, it will offend the three of White Dwarf Kingdom Machinery Grandmaster……”

“If you leave him, this time, I can be regarded as fiercely offending him. Such a Mechanical Talent will become an enemy to me in the future, it will be a big trouble.”

As I thought about it, Daggo’s face gradually cooled down, said with a malicious smile: “Since I am offended, I still have to get rid of it. No one knows anyway. I kidnapped him. Wait until it activates. Start [Earth King Equipment] and get rid of him directly. Who will know that I killed him? Huh…, just do it…”

Hearing Daggo’s mutter, Theom waved The Double Edged Strange Shaped Blade in hand, excitedly said with a smile: “When the time comes, let me do it…, a Mechanic of Human Race, I am happy to chop off his smart head.”

Black Dwarf has a deep hatred for Human Race, and Mechanic of Human Race is what they want to kill most.

After all, in Human Race, Mechanic has a higher status than nobles. Killing a Human Race Mechanic is something Black Dwarf can be proud of.

And he, Theom, is a mixed-race Black Dwarf. In the Black Dwarf tribe, he is not very popular. Killing a Human Race Mechanic is a deed that Black Dwarf respects.

Daggo nodded, it’s even better if Theom starts. When the time comes, he has an excuse to shirk.

At this moment–

There was a dull roar, and the whole secret room shook. Daggo was not surprised, and was preparing to charge ahead to find out what happened.

Suddenly, a hot breath gushes out from the ground, and the temperature of the entire chamber rises rapidly.

This situation caused Daggo and Theom complexion to change, swearing simultaneously, and quickly moved towards the two Freezing Cabins in the corner of the secret room.

“[Illusory Flame Ore Heart] is rioting again?”

“Why is there a riot in such weather, is there any illegal operation by those Black Dwarves…”


Daggo and Theom foul-mouthed, the two of them were already ablaze with blue flames, burning their clothes clean.

kacha, kacha…

The Freezing Cabin opened, and the two naked people rushed in, busy pressing the close button, as the temperature dropped sharply, Daggo, Theom Simultaneously issued a comfortable moan.

“This damn Illusory Flame Ore poison, when I kill Shi Hulie and avenge my revenge, I will travel to Western Continent to find a way to detoxify. I will never suffer from this poison anymore…”

Daggo gnashing teeth screamed, but his complexion became more and more peaceful, and the ardent pain on his body was disappearing.

In my mind, a section of thoughts emerged. Daggo thought of more than 40 years ago, when he looked through the relics of his big brother, and accidentally found a book that recorded a magical cultivation method.

The cultivation of this cultivation method relies on the high temperature released by Illusory Flame Ore for cultivation. Tempering itself can quickly improve its strength and is expected to be among the ninth boundary within a hundred years.

So, he found the Illusory Flame Mine according to the record in the book, and reached an agreement with Black Dwarf to mine Illusory Flame Ore while secretly cultivation.

As recorded in the classics, his rapid progress in strength, in just forty years, he flew from the third boundary to the eighth boundary, at such a speed, even his big brother Lindon, who was Known as the Northern Land Royal Clan number century rarely seen genius, it is also only this.

However, the drawback of this cultivation method is clearly stated in this book, that is, it has to withstand the erosion of the Illusory Flame Ore poison from time to time. When it reaches the eighth boundary, the mineral poison is already deep, even if it is The cultivation base of the eighth boundary is also difficult to force it out of the body.

If this continues, I am afraid that when he reaches the ninth boundary, it will be the day of his fall.

It’s no wonder that his big brother Lindon has never cultivated this cultivation method…

“Alright, soon, when everything is over, I will leave Northern Land and be cured The injury on the body. When the time comes, you can start another chapter in your life…”

His thoughts also calm down, and he wants to fall asleep at any time.

However, at the next moment, Daggo woke up suddenly, suddenly opened his eyes, he found a strange dark green appearing on his body, from the position of the limbs, rushing to the torso and head, all of a sudden, it was already spreading. To the whole body.

Freezing Cabin is poisonous! ?

As soon as this thought came up, Daggo was awake immediately, running his whole body strength, raising his hand, blasting the Freezing Cabin through a hole, and he flew out.


In the secret room, the blazing aura is still spreading, the dark green on Daggo’s body, touching the frantic energy fluctuations of [Illusory Flame Ore Heart], suddenly ignited .

In an instant, Daggo became a flaming man, his skin was burning, his blood was boiling, his body was burning from the inside out, and the flames were soaring over him. The burnt smell permeated.

“What’s the matter? Who is it that is plotting against me…”

Daggo screamed again and again. He was both frightened and extremely painful. Within the body, he not only suffered With the burning pain, his internal organs still felt like countless needles pierced and pierced wildly. The pain made his whole body tremble violently, jumping up and down.

Rao is the strength of Daggo, it has reached the eighth boundary, but the Illusory Flame Ore poison within the body has long penetrated into every corner of the body, and it is impossible to force this mineral poison on its own strength. come out.

In the freezer compartment, the toxin of jade green detonated the poison of Daggo within the body, and its lethality increased hundreds of times.


Daggo uttered a mournful scream, but finally he couldn’t hold it, and fell to the ground. The whole body was already blackened, and no part of the body was intact, like A charred corpse.


The door of the secret room opened and Lin Chuan walked in. He stood at the door, staring at Daggo silently, as if confirming his life and death.

Looking at it for a while, Lin Chuan laughed softly and said: “Mister Daggo, don’t pretend to be dead. The hands and feet I made on you will not kill you. Let’s get up and continue to lie down like this , Illusory Flame Ore, if the poison further erodes your brain, you will become a lunatic.”


The scorched body on the ground suddenly moved, and there was an angry roar from the secret room. Daggo disappeared suddenly, and at the speed of a ghost, he rushed to stand by the door, looking no Any defensive Lin Chuan.

In an instant, a violent wind rolled up in the secret room, the blue flame hurricane circling, and wherever it passed, a black trace was melted on the extremely hard ground.

This is Daggo’s best effort. He knows that oneself’s physical condition is very bad, and his body is burned inside and out, with only such a blow.

Because of this, he did not leave his hand in this blow. The violent blue flame hurricane is like a blue flame dragon. Facing such a blow, even Shi Hulie, who is also the eighth boundary, dare not dare. Hard connection is the only way to avoid it.

As for Lin Chuan, in Daggo’s view, this is just a Mechanic, and Martial Way is not eye-catching at all. This attack does not need to be real, this youngster will become ashes.

However, Lin Chuan, who stood at the door, was not afraid, even laughed, with a strange smile on his face.

This situation made Daggo vigilant, but this blow has already been issued, and he has no time to consider other things.

At this time, Lin Chuan raised his hand and greeted him like this, as if he wanted to take the blow.

Next moment, Lin Chuan’s palm collided with this blue flame hurricane. The palm of the former was not melted by the high temperature of this blow as Daggo expected.

The palm of this youngster is indeed changing, but it is scattered all at once, turning into thousands of Mechanical Bees, hiding the sky and covering the earth towards Dajia.

Buzz~ Buzz~ ……

These Mechanical Bee’s tail needles constantly spray one after another jade green liquid, sticking to Daggo’s charred body, making him The burning pain keeps magnifying.

“Ah…, this is…”

Daggo screamed and backed away quickly.

But there was a bang, the door of the secret room all split up and in pieces, and a shadow of ten Dumo/meters called “Chiji” came over, four paws with a diameter of half a meter. , Peng~ peng~ peng~ hit Daggo, making him dizzy and blood spurting in his mouth.

“Eat the invincible flying claws of my Big Mouse…”

Big Mouse roared wildly, and the four claws were like flying, constantly banging on Daggo’s body.

A fleshy body of an eighth boundary expert, if it is fully defensive, Big Mouse’s claws are sharp, and Flame Mouse is a strange force, and it’s also hard to shake.

However, Daggo has been injured, and his body is burned inside and out. Now he is like a diamond full of cracks, perhaps a fifth boundary expert, or even a sixth boundary expert. Not enough to pose a threat to damaged diamonds.

But Big Mouse is different. It is a rare beast on the seventh boundary, and the fleshy body is so powerful that it is definitely difficult to rival in the seventh boundary.

On the eighth boundary expert, relying solely on physical strength, Big Mouse will not be inferior.


Big Mouse wailed strangely, and the ten-meter-long rat tail rolled out and instantly wrapped around Daggo’s coke-like body. This tail quickly tightened and tightened. All of a sudden, Daggo was spitting blood all over his body.

“Stop! Mister Chuan. I was wrong. Let’s sit down and have a good talk.”

“The previous offense was my fault. You need any compensation. I can pay it to you.”

“I am very rich. This Illusory Flame Mine is extremely valuable. If you need it, I can give it to you.”


Daggo screamed bitterly. He understood his situation and knew that if he continued like this, he might really be going to die, so he quickly begged for mercy.

Lin Chuan didn’t respond. He walked to the freezing compartment of the Black Dwarf Hybrid Theom and pressed the button to directly increase the freezing effect tenfold, ensuring that the Black Dwarf Hybrid would not wake up.

Of course, if the freezing effect is increased tenfold, whether there is a mortal danger, that is not a question Lin Chuan needs to care about.

After that, he visited this secret room. On Induction Goggles, [Moon Core] and Tai Gu continued to transmit information about the various institutions in this secret room.

According to this information, Lin Chuan lifted the defensive measures in the secret room one after another, and checked the data of the [Earth King Equipment].

“This is the replacement shell of the original model of [Earth King Equipment], which is much better than the Shi Family…”

[Moon Core] suddenly became excited, If it is implanted in the empty shell of this [Earth King Equipment], it can be used directly, and it will exert extremely strong battle strength.

Of course, this requires [Moon Core] to have been repaired. With its current incomplete state, it is impossible to drive such a piece of [Earth King Equipment] for fighting.

“The original model…”

Lin Chuan nodded, walked to the table and sat down, watching Daggo silently, but said nothing.

In the center of the secret room, Daggo was tied up by a rat’s tail and beaten up and down. He was already smashed to the ground, blood spurted wildly, and his appearance was extremely miserable.

Big Mouse stopped, took a breath, looked towards Lin Chuan, stood up almost ten meters long, bowed first, but found that it was too high, and looked down at Mister Chuan and Master Kitty. , Too disrespectful.

Suddenly, Big Mouse got down and apologized repeatedly.

“Mister Chuan. Sorry, I am too oblivious. I just wanted to ask Mister Chuan and Master Kitty to allow me to do one thing.”

Look at this Flame Mouse Being so humble, Lin Chuan was not pleased, and he couldn’t say anything. He said, “If you have anything, just tell me…”

The eyes of Big Mouse shined immediately, and the two paws gestured. With Daggo hanging from his tail, he threw it up and down, and exclaimed excitedly: “Taking pictures! I heard that there is something like taking pictures outside. Take pictures of wonderful moments. I want to take pictures of this moment!”

Lin Chuan and Kitty Lan are a bit speechless. This big mouse’s request is really, quite up to the trend…

When I heard this remark, Daggo’s eyes widened. If this scene is caught When photographed, even if he is dead, he will become a laughing stock.

In the future, when talking about him, Daggo Marlunk, the outside world will definitely say-Marlunk Family, the bad luck egg that died in the hands of a giant mouse, is the most bad luck and most awkward eighth boundary expert in history? ?

Such a post-mortem evaluation is simply an incomparable shame, which Daggo absolutely does not allow.

“Mister Chuan. I was wrong. If you have any request, I can agree to it.” Daggo collapsed and wailed.

Lin Chuan’s complexion was a little cold, but when he was restraining Daggo, he was thinking of letting Big Mouse kill him directly, so that killing the enemy altogether was the criterion he had always believed in.

Give the enemy a way out, then it may leave oneself with a dead end…

However, seeing this [Earth King Equipment] initial model empty shell, he knows If you want to know the relevant information, you also need to get it from Daggo.

At the beginning, the seven peerless genius entered the eighth boundary of the truth, and afterwards, the explosion of the Centaur Race Experiment Base and other related secrets…

For a moment, Lin Chuan With the decision, he raised his hands, and faint blood brilliance spread across his fingertips.

Waving both hands, like painting in midair, a strange pattern quickly formed…

“This is…”

Daggo sees it, burnt black His body trembled suddenly, and he screamed in panic, “[Materialized Mental Energy]!? And the forbidden technique on the Blood Spirit Ceremony……”

He is from a distinguished family and is also an eighth boundary expert, Naturally, I know the missing secret tome of the Blood Spirit Race and the forbidden technique that requires [Materialized Mental Energy] to activate.

Lin Chuan waved his hands together, and the strange pattern quickly condensed, like a scroll quickly unfolding, moved towards Daggo swept away.

zi zi ……

This picture formed by Materialized Mental Energy, like no entity, passes directly through the tail bound by Big Mouse and merges into Daggo within the body.

For a while, the situation of Daggo within the body naturally appeared in Lin Chuan’s mind. As soon as his thoughts moved, he heard a scream. Daggo fell to the ground, screaming ten times more screaming than before.

“[Blood Spirit World Lock]!?” Daggo spoke weakly, his voice full of fear.

This is a terrifying forbidden technique in the Blood Spirit Ceremony. In the history of the Blood Spirit Race, there was a legend that the expert of the forbidden technique of cultivation used this technique to control the number A great expert whose name is far superior to his own, caused a civil strife and finally won the throne of that term Blood Spirit Race.

This rumor, [Blood Spirit World Lock] casts a variety of mysterious colors. Because of the characteristics of this forbidden technique, which is somewhat similar to [Heart Origin World Lock], it was named [Blood]. Spirit World Lock].

Actually, the starting conditions of this forbidden technique do not require the strength of the eighth boundary.

But from a certain aspect, the conditions for launching are more stringent than the strength of the eighth boundary, and it requires [Materialized Mental Energy].

Now, this forbidden technique actually appears in a Human Race Mechanic. Daggo is really unbelievable. The genius with [Materialized Mental Energy] is actually a genius Mechanic. Who would believe this? .

Lin Chuan closed his eyes and felt the [Blood Spirit World Lock]. This was also his first time to use it.

Such a forbidden technique is very detrimental to Mental Energy, and he never wanted to try it before.

It is worth using this forbidden technique to control an eighth boundary expert.

“About 40% of Mental Energy is consumed. This forbidden technique is really expensive!” Lin Chuan muttered secretly.

However, the harvest is also huge. As long as he activates the [Blood Spirit World Lock], Daggo will be completely under his control.

“Now, Mister Daggo, let’s have a good talk…”

Lin Chuan lost a box of potion to Big Mouse, letting the latter heal him.

As for Big Mouse’s request to take a photo, Daggo forced it to death. This Flame Mouse can only give up.


Half an hour later——

The heat of the Illusory Flame Mine riot gradually subsided. Daggo wore a large robe and went out to give orders. After a while, he returned to the secret room again.

In the secret room, Lin Chuan was looking at the data on the instrument, shaking his head again and again, if this [Earth King Equipment] empty shell fell in his hand, it should be less than a year, he even the core Parts can be made.

In Daggo’s hands, for a full sixty years, this guy was stunned that he couldn’t even start the activation.

On the side, Daggo stands with his hands down. He is covered with bandages and a thick layer of potion. The injury just now is too serious. With his strength, he has enough senior potion, no two weeks. , Can’t exert true strength anymore.

“Mister Chuan. This [Earth King Equipment] empty shell is in my hands. If it is exposed, I am afraid I will not survive for three days. Even if I reach the eighth boundary, it will end in the same way. But the original model of [Earth King Equipment] is empty…”

Daggo defended oneself.

Lin Chuan didn’t say anything. He walked to the table and sat down and stared at Daggo. Indifferently said: “Mister Daggo, tell me what’s going on. If you can tell us useful information, I will Consider saving your life. I honestly tell you that I don’t like you very much. If it weren’t for this [Earth King Equipment], you would have died just now.”

“You want to survive, Or if you survive, regain your strength, and avenge Shi Family, you need to prove your worth.”

Daggo stood aside, looking at Lin Chuan with a bitter face. He was nodded and had been making trouble for so long. , He has already recalled.

The purpose of this young Mechanic to Northern Land is not so simple on the surface. It is only to build a Smelting Plant, and its purpose is also to [Earth King Equipment], or something behind [Earth King Equipment].

I learned from a famous school, and I have such a terrifying Mental Energy, a pet with a seventh boundary rare beast, and the Blue Kitty……

I took a look at Lin Chuan On the shoulder, that mini blue Kitty, Daggo is very upset, how can such a terrifying person be taken into captivity like this? Didn’t this bring a tiger directly into the house?

breathes deeply, Daggo sorted his thoughts, opened the mouth and said: “Mister Chuan. My Life Source Daggo Marlunk, a member of the Northern Land royal branch, my big brother, called Lindon Marlunk. Maybe Mister Chuan , You are very new to the name Lindon, but my big brother 60 years ago was expected to be the future leader of Northern Royal Clan, and his prestige may reach the level of Northern King now…”

Listening to Daggo’s detailed speaking of which, Lin Chuan listened silently without interrupting.

As for the eighth boundary competition of the seven peerless geniuses, Lin Chuan already knew almost, but after all, he had to listen to the full version from the person’s mouth to get the full picture of the matter. .

In this storm, Daggo spoke very quickly, but it took half an hour to finish it all.

“So, the mystery of your big brother Lindon is the Mysterious Star Empire royal family and the descendants of Noble Zhong. These two are the masterminds. Other accomplices include the Gong Family branch and Shi Hulie. There may also be people from Northern Land Royal Clan who contributed to the flames…”

Lin Chuan looked at Daggo, “Because Illusory Flame Mine is very close to Shi Family, you chose to attack Shi Hulie, right?”

Daggo opened his mouth and was about to answer “yes”. The word came to his lips, but he suddenly stopped. As an eighth boundary expert, he felt a chill on his back, and an inexplicable sense of horror came to his heart.

“No, it’s not…, there are other reasons…” Daggo quickly changed his words and shook his head.

“You…, you are still honest.” Lin Chuan released his hand under the Mechanic robe.

If Daggo says “yes”, he will immediately activate [Blood Spirit World Lock] to obliterate it.

Daggo’s back was soaked in cold sweat, wet and soaked in bandages instantly. He was also a smart person, and immediately understood that he had just walked on the edge of life and death. This young Mechanic is not about these secrets. Know nothing, but may know very clearly.


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